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Chapter 646: Why do I continuously seek death?
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When he opened his eyes, Su Clan's Seven thought he was dreaming.

He was sleeping at Medicine Master's place yesterday, but when he woke up now, he unexpectedly found himself inside a coffin? As if that wasn't enough, he discovered that he had a slight headache, just as though he had a hangover.

However, he and Medicine Master didn't drink yesterday...

Of course, there was no way this coffin could stop Su Clan's Seven. He stretched out his hand and pushed slightly, pushing aside both the lid of the coffin and the layer of soil above.

After getting out of the coffin, he discovered that there was a grand gravestone set up as well. The following words were written on it: 'The grave of my dear friend Su Clan's Seven—built by Thrice Reckless Mad Saber'.

At that moment, Seven laughed.

The sound of his angry laughter echoed in the surrounding area, appearing very scary.

There was another grave next to Su Clan's Seven, twice as big.

The following words were written on the gravestone of that grave: 'The grave of my dear friends, Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist, husband and wife.'

As before, there was still a 'built by Thrice Reckless Mad Saber' written next to it.

When Seven got out of his grave and laughed angrily, Medicine Master also got out of his coffin. The shy and bashful Riverly Purple Mist, whose purple eyes were shining brightly, also got out alongside him. The enchanting Riverly Purple Mist was very angry that she had been buried inside a coffin together with Medicine Master. However, she was also a little happy.

After getting out of the grave, Medicine Master first glanced at the coffin and then at his gravestone. The sound of the small bells tied to his hair was constantly echoing as he angrily shouted, "Thrice Reckless, I won't rest until I kill you! I'll refine you into a human medicine!"

The nearby Riverly Purple Mist lowered her head and gazed at the words written on the gravestone. After she read the words 'Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist, husband and wife', the resentment she felt for Thrice Reckless Mad Saber disappeared without a trace.


Su Clan's Seven clenched his teeth and said, "I'm going to catch Thrice Reckless and bring him back here."

However, he was unable to understand what had happened. Although he was staying at Medicine Master's place yesterday and his vigilance wasn't as high as usual, Thrice Reckless had dug two large holes, set up a gravestone, and brought over two coffins without him noticing! Afterward, he even placed him, Medicine Master, and his disciple inside the coffins! How come neither he, Medicine Master, nor Riverly Purple Mist noticed what was happening?

One had to know that Su Clan's Seven's keen senses allowed him to detect the wind blowing and the grass moving even while he was sleeping!

But yesterday, he slept like a dead pig and didn't notice anything at all!

Was it possible that Thrice Reckless Mad Saber drugged him yesterday without him noticing? Or perhaps he had some kind of special magical treasure that allowed him to do all this?

Anyway, regardless of the reason... Thrice Reckless was a dead man now!

Medicine Master clenched his teeth and said, "I'll trouble Brother Seven to catch Thrice Reckless. I'll prepare more than ten types of experiments that can cause one so much pain that they wish they were dead. When the time comes, I'll let Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless have a good taste of the pain as I carry out the experiments on his body."

Thereupon, Su Clan's Seven started tracking Thrice Reckless.


During the night, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber fled very far away... but Su Clan's Seven still managed to find and catch him.

Afterward, Seven used his golden rope magical treasure to tie Thrice Reckless Mad Saber up like a rice dumpling.

It couldn't be helped. Who told him to be weaker than Su Clan's Seven?

Thrice Reckless' strength was very high. He had already reached the peak of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, being only one step away from the Sixth Stage Realm. However, he still couldn't defeat Seven.

His Seventy-Two Swift Saber Strikes were swift and ruthless, and his footwork as fast as lightning. But as before, he still couldn't defeat Seven.

He was known as 'Mad Saber', and whenever he went mad, he himself would also be afraid. But as before, he still couldn't defeat Seven!

Thereupon, he lost and got tied up like a rice dumpling, ending up wriggling on the ground like a worm.

"Brother Thrice Reckless, where do you want to run off to this time?" Su Clan's Seven said as he put on a fake smile.

Thrice Reckless had started panicking at this time.

His dao name was 'Thrice Reckless Mad Saber', and the number 3 wasn't only an auspicious number but also a reminder!

It was a reminder that he couldn't make the same mistake more than three times!

Therefore, as long as he didn't seek death for more than three times on a single topic, he wouldn't really die. It was the 'bottom line' he had set while happily seeking death.

But recently, the number of times he sought death while facing Seven had surpassed three. Therefore, he was screwed now that he got caught!

Why did I have to seek death?

Thrice Reckless was also aware that he would die for real if he kept seeking death in front of Su Clan's Seven... but yesterday, he woke up in the middle of the night very hungry. Therefore, he got up and headed toward Medicine Master's pill refining room while half awake and half asleep, opening a gourd he found there.

When he opened the gourd, white mist sprayed out. Thrice Reckless Mad Saber got a scare and immediately stopped breathing. He revolved his spiritual qi to resist the effects of the white mist and closed the gourd.

However, the white mist had already filled the air, and a small layer of mist that had now shrouded Medicine Master's entire house.

Thrice Reckless was startled and hastily looked for Medicine Master and Su Clan's Seven to wake them up.

As for what happened afterward, everyone could guess it.

The white mist was a very powerful anesthetic. After inhaling it, even a cultivator of the Fifth Stage would get KO'd.

Thrice Reckless saw that Medicine Master and Su Clan's Seven had fallen into deep slumber. No matter how much he shouted and shook them, they just wouldn't wake up. It was at that time that his death-seeking tendencies resurfaced once more and started to cause trouble.

Although he kept reminding himself in his heart: 'Thrice Reckless, Thrice Reckless, you can't seek death more than thrice!', his hands and body were out of control, moving on their own.

That very night.

Since it was dark outside, Thrice Reckless dug two holes in Medicine Master's backyard and went out to buy two coffins, one big and one small. Then, he personally carved two gravestones.

Afterward, he hugged Su Clan's Seven and Medicine Master like two princesses and placed them inside the coffins. While he was at it, he also placed Riverly Purple Mist next to Medicine Master.

After completing his task, Thrice Reckless fastened down the lids of the two coffins.

Last but not least, he still burned some joss paper 1 as an offering to the dead, with all the papers being 'bank notes' of 100,000,000 RMB.

He felt very happy while burning the joss paper. It was the first time this year that he was this happy after seeking death.

But just as he was done seeking death, Thrice Reckless started to worry about the consequences.

Thereupon, he fled Medicine Master's house while it was still dark.

It was regrettable that he got caught by Su Clan's Seven after fleeing for the whole morning!


"Hmm~ hmm~" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber wriggled with all his might.

He had a bad premonition after seeing Su Clan's Seven's sinister smile. Too bad he couldn't speak, since he had a gag in his mouth. Besides, he couldn't even use the secret sound transmission technique because Su Clan's Seven's golden rope magical treasure had sealed all the spiritual energy in his body.

"Don't worry, Brother Thrice Reckless. I promise I won't hack you to death." Su Clan's Seven laughed strangely. Then, he grabbed Thrice Reckless Mad Saber with one hand and threw him on his saber.

The calmer Su Clan's Seven was, the more Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was getting restless. "Hmmmm~"

"I'll bring you back to Medicine Master's place. Fellow Daoist Medicine Master has several experiments that he would like to carry out on your body. More than ten, actually. Hehehe..." Su Clan's Seven said with a smile.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber opened his eyes wide and started to struggle.

A woman's heart was the most poisonous one— no, wait, that wasn't it! In this case, the most fitting one was: 'A wise alchemy master would be very skilled in using all sorts of poison and torture as well'!

If he were to fall into Su Clan's Seven's hand, he would at most receive a good beating and flesh wounds, which he wasn't that scared of.

But if he were to fall into Medicine Master's hands, he would be screwed for good!

Now, I can only hope that the trump card I left behind yesterday will save my life! Thrice Reckless Mad Saber prayed in his heart.

When he was happily seeking death yesterday, he still left behind some room for maneuver. He buried Miss Riverly Purple Mist and Medicine Master together and even wrote on the gravestone that they were husband and wife.

If Miss Riverly Purple Mist saw the gravestone and found it pleasant, perhaps she would find him a little pleasing to the eye as well?

At that time, if she were to help him in secret, he might be able to survive even after falling into Medicine Master's hands.

While seeking death, one always had to leave behind some room for maneuver. It was the same concept as tying a rope around one's feet while performing bungee jumping.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's ego was satisfied.


After throwing Thrice Reckless on the saber, Su Clan's Seven used more than ten sealing techniques on his body and put away his golden rope magical treasure.

Next, he controlled the flying saber and headed back to Medicine Master's place. On the way, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Scholar Xian Gong's phone number. "Senior Xian Gong, I'm done dealing with things on my end. You said you had some news about Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram, is that correct?"

Today, Su Clan's Seven really felt like the garbage collector of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, catching and getting rid of the two biggest death seekers of the group.

"According to the information I obtained, Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram has already quietly reached space," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile.

Su Clan's Seven asked, "Senior, do you have his precise position?"

"Yes!" Scholar Xian Gong faintly smiled. He contacted little friend Song Shuhang again this morning and asked him for more information about Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram's situation.

Amidst the information he obtained, there was one piece of information that could allow them to lock onto Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram's position accurately.

Scholar Xian Gong replied, "According to this reliable source, Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram is currently in the same place as Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain's little Doudou. In other words, as long as one can find little Doudou, they will be able to find Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram as well, and Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain just happens to have a method to lock onto Doudou's coordinates."

"Senior Xian Gong, I'm extremely grateful for this information!" After saying this much, Su Clan's Seven lowered his head and glanced at Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. Thrice Reckless didn't have to worry, because he would soon have someone to keep him company!

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber mumbled, "Hmmmmm~"

At this time, Scholar Xian Gong asked another question, "Right. Seven, do you have free time in the next few days?"

"If we are talking about the next few days... I should have some free time, but I need to take care of something around the end of this month," Su Clan's Seven said. Su Clan's Sixteen would try to transcend the tribulation again around that time, and he had to make preparations in advance.

"It should be fine, then. I'm planning to surround and capture a demodragon in the Jiangnan area in the next few days. Therefore, I wanted to request Fellow Daoist Seven to lend me a hand. As for the reward, freely speak your mind and tell me what you want. I only need the blood of the demodragon. As for the others materials found on the body of the demodragon, you can divide them with the other helpers. How does that sound?" Scholar Xian Gong said.

"In the Jiangnan area? What a coincidence." Su Clan's Seven nodded his head and said, "If it's in the Jiangnan area, there shouldn't be any problem."

He remembered that Dharma King Creation brought away Sixteen yesterday for that live broadcast of his. The fact that Dharma King Creation had streamed his concert, sending more than 300,000 people in the hospital, was already well known in the world of cultivators.

Anyway, from what Seven remembered, Dharma King Creation had brought Sixteen precisely to the Jiangnan area.

Therefore, he might as well take a look at how Sixteen was doing while he was at it.

Afterward, Seven clenched his fists. This time, he had to help Sixteen transcend the tribulation safely.


At the bottom of the sea, inside Immortal Cheng Lin's ruins.

Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly opened their eyes one after another.

The time to leave the ruins had come.

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