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Chapter 644: Gao Moumou: Secret Face Typing Technique!
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"300,000 people?" Song Shuhang got a scare. Holy shiet, we were talking about 300,000 people! In ancient times, that number was enough to form a large army.

Senior Creation wasn't the Soul King for nothing. While one needed money to listen to songs of other people, they had to use their souls as the price while listening to his.

A confused expression appeared on Su Clan's Sixteen's beautiful face as she asked, "Senior Creation started a live broadcast? When did that happen?"

"Eh? Fellow Daoist Sixteen, you don't know? Yesterday, weren't you and Fairy Firefly singing before Senior Brother Creation started his live broadcast? With Fairy Dongfang Six dancing to create the ideal atmosphere?" the fair-skinned, fat Great Master Swallow Cloud asked in return, somewhat confused, inadvertently backstabbing Dharma King Creation while he was at it.

"Ah?" Su Clan's Sixteen's finger couldn't help but touch the hilt of her saber. She really wished she could slash Senior Creation to pieces at this time!

"Restrain your grief." Yu Jiaojiao used her small claw to pat Sixteen.

Su Clan's Sixteen snorted and said, "After I reach the Fourth Stage Realm, I'll fly to challenge Senior Creation to a contest of saber techniques whenever I have the time!"

What Dharma King Creation practiced was the ❮Warring Buddha's True Body❯, which allowed him to turn into a Super Saiyan Dharma King. The strength of his physical body was comparable to that of a Sixth Stage True Monarch.

Aside from the ❮Warring Buddha's True Body❯, he was also skilled in staff techniques. The ❮World Overturning Staff Technique❯ of the Warring Buddha Sect was known as one of the most powerful staff techniques in the world.

But if we were speaking of saber techniques, Dharma King Creation knew at most basic saber techniques. As such, if Sixteen was planning to challenge him to a contest of saber techniques, did she want to strike at the weak spot of the enemy using her strongest weapon?

"Fellow Daoist Sixteen, you have my support!" Great Master Swallow Cloud gave the thumbs up and said, "If you want to challenge Senior Brother Creation, I can send you his coordinates so that he can't hide from you."


After a short exchange, Yu Jiaojiao opened the door of the villa and said, "Great Master, please come in... I'll go to see whether or not the boy in charge of writing the story of the movie has woken up. If he's awake, you can directly talk to him. He was really looking forward to talking to a real screenwriter."

She was also looking forward to something! Yesterday night, after getting Gao Moumou drunk, she told the servants to place him in front of the computer. Now, the night was already over. She was curious to see if Gao Moumou had woken up in the middle of the night, writing several thousands of characters.

Thereupon, after making Great Master Swallow Cloud come in, Yu Jiaojiao used an illusory technique on her body, assuming her mother's appearance and happily heading toward Gao Moumou's room.

Inside Gao Moumou's room.

His girlfriend, Yayi, had yet to wake up after getting drunk and was still soundly sleeping. Next door, Tubo and Yangde were also dead drunk and asleep.

Gao Moumou lay on the desk of the computer, with drool coming out of his mouth and falling to the ground.

A new writing page had been opened on the screen of the computer, but there wasn't any character written on it.

He didn't write anything? Yu Jiaojiao was somewhat disappointed.

Then, she arrived behind Gao Moumou and glanced at the number of the newly added characters between yesterday and today that was displayed on the writing program.



There are unexpectedly 100,000 characters?!

He wrote 60,000 characters yesterday and another 40,000 today?

Is it possible that Gao Moumou woke up in the middle of the night yesterday and started writing?

Yu Jiaojiao's mood immediately improved, and her eyes shone. As expected, getting Gao Moumou drunk and throwing him in front of the computer had been a success!

'Now then, let's see the content of the chapters that Gao Moumou wrote yesterday. I'm really itching to know how many things happened in these 100,000 characters!' Yu Jiaojiao stretched out her small claw and grabbed the mouse, switching to the pages full of characters that Gao Moumou had written yesterday.

After a short moment...

Yu Jiaojiao was dumbstruck.

She saw that the actual content of the 100,000 characters was something like... "dafojgthepjeonfdppppppppppppp1422sgpjf98djsmeoghzbe..."

Yu Jiaojiao refused to accept the fact and grabbed the mouse, scrolling downward. But the following content wasn't any different. There wasn't anything that vaguely resembled the Chinese language there, and some letters were repeated continuously, forming long strings. There were also some numbers mixed within.

What the hell was this? Yu Jiaojiao could recognize the single letters, but had no idea as to what they were supposed to mean after they were put together!

Had Gao Moumou used some secret code to write after getting drunk?

Just as she was in deep thoughts, she unintentionally saw Gao Moumou's face after bending over. It was at that time that she discovered the truth.

Gao Moumou's face was full of keyboard marks...

Such being the case, there could be only one truth. Gao Moumou had written those 100,000 characters of pure nonsense with his face while asleep.

Yu Jiaojiao was deeply hurt at this time. She felt that she had been scammed for good.

From the looks of it, throwing Gao Moumou in front of the computer to have him write characters had ended up in complete failure.

Actually, Gao Moumou had indeed written characters, and 100,000 of them at that... too bad that the content of the stuff he had typed with his face made no sense!


The disappointed Yu Jiaojiao left Gao Moumou's room and returned to the living room.

In the living room, Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, and Daoist Priest Horizon were silently looking at Great Master Swallow Cloud.

At this time, there were more than ten mobile phones placed in front of Great Master Swallow Cloud, with each of them continuously ringing.

Great Master Swallow Cloud was currently busy answering the calls he was receiving as fast as possible.

He would receive a call, quickly answer, saying a few sentences, and hang up. Afterward, another phone would ring. He would pick it up, give a few orders, and hang up again. This kept happening over and over again, like an endless cycle.

In the time it took Yu Jiaojiao to come downstairs and reach the living room, Great Master Swallow Cloud had received at least six calls.

What was going on with Great Master Swallow Cloud?

Was it possible that he was working part-time at China Mobile's customer service aside from being one of the best screenwriters in the country to be this busy?

After arriving next to Song Shuhang, Yu Jiaojiao asked in a low voice, "What is Great Master doing?"

"Great Master is dealing with the aftermath of Senior Dharma King Creation's live broadcast from yesterday. Something like 300,000 people were sent to the hospital. The consequences far exceeded the expectations of the Warring Buddha Sect. Therefore, Great Master Swallow Cloud and many of his fellow disciples are currently busy dealing with this matter," Song Shuhang replied in a low voice.

The elders of the Warring Buddha Sect hadn't expected that Dharma King Creation would set up a honey trap before starting his live broadcast!

According to the estimations of the Warring Buddha Sect, if a manly man like Dharma King Creation were to start a live broadcast, he would get 2-3 viewers at most. Therefore, they mobilized several thousand layman disciples, with each of them registering ten fake accounts, to boost the number of viewers until 10,000 and give Dharma King Creation some support. With this setup, even if Dharma King Creation started singing, the damage would be very limited.

But little did they expect that Dharma King Creation would use three beautiful fairy maidens as bait and attract 300,000 viewers! What a despicable plan!

This caused the number of casualties to skyrocket. The elders of the Warring Buddha Sect were truly regretting their actions.

The nearby Su Clan's Sixteen sighed with emotion and said, "The great masters of the Warring Buddha Sect are going through a lot of trouble."

After hearing these words, Great Master Swallow Cloud took a deep breath through his nose and, filled with emotion, said, "Not only we're are going through a lot of trouble— ah, I mean, it happened because we took things too lightly. Senior Brother Creation was truly wicked to use a honey trap. In addition, Miss Sixteen and the others two fairy maidens were simply too beautiful and ended up attracting 300,000 viewers!"

Su Clan's Sixteen laughed, embarrassed.

"Anyway, this matter has been taken care of for now... but what worries me is that Senior Brother Creation has become a celebrity on the Internet after this live broadcast." Great Master Swallow Cloud paused and then also added, "And although it seems inconceivable, at least 500,000 people registered an account on the streaming site that Senior Brother Creation used. According to the rumors, they are waiting for Senior Brother Creation to stream again!"

"What?" Song Shuhang couldn't believe what he heard.

He was well aware of the strength of Dharma King Creation's voice. Back when he was on the sickbed, he experienced firsthand the singing voice of the Soul King.

After hearing the song, Song Shuhang felt that the world had lost its colors. That sentence 'It's easy to dodge an open spear~ but hard to ward off a hidden arrow~' kept reverberating in his mind for a very long time. The melody didn't stop echoing in his head even after a week!

After hearing Dharma King Creation sing once, he pledged that he wouldn't listen to one of his songs a second time. But now, 500,000 people were unexpectedly waiting for Dharma King Creation to sing again?!

"500,000 was only according to the early estimations. At this time, a lot of people on the Internet are curious as to how terrifying this voice that can cause one to faint and foam at the mouth really is. The curiosity of people is the root of the problem. In addition, there are several people in this modern era that don't find life exciting enough. It's the main reason that sports such as bungee jumping or amusement rides like roller coaster were born. Senior Brother Creation's live broadcast can rely on this factor as well. The majority of those 500,000 people is looking for a thrill," Great Master Swallow Cloud explained.

As soon as he heard the word 'bungee jumping', Song Shuhang felt his knees becoming soft.

In short, these bored modern people that had nothing to do wanted to feel the thrill and were thus looking forward to seeing Dharma King Creation stream again.

If one looked at things from another perspective, they could say that modern people had a certain tendency to seek death embedded in their DNA.

"Beyond that, there are some recordings of Senior Brother Creation's concert circulating on the Internet. But these recordings don't have the same feeling. The voice is somewhat unpleasant to the ear, but that power capable of raping one's ears, impregnating them, and making them have a miscarriage is missing. As such, more and more people are getting interested in Senior Brother Creation, with more and more people wishing for him to stream again. I'm very worried at this time... with the number of people continuously increasing, more than one million people might be sent to the hospital the next time Senior Brother Creation starts his live broadcast. I really have no idea how I will deal with the situation then," Great Master Swallow Cloud added.

If more than a million people were sent to the hospital, wouldn't it cause a sensation in the whole country? No... 300,000 people getting sent to the hospital was already enough to cause a sensation.

But how could they deal with this matter? Was it possible that they would have to prevent Dharma King Creation from singing?

But he had managed with much difficulty to become famous on the streaming platform; it wouldn't be an easy task to stop him.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and suggested, "Perhaps we can convince Senior Creation to go stream in some foreign country? They should have similar platforms abroad."

Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes. "That's right. Better them than us!"

Great Master Swallow Cloud was dumbfounded. Then, he patted his thigh and said, "That's truly an ingenious plan!"

Letting the voice of Senior Brother Creation reverberate under the skies of a foreign land was a really good plan...

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