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Chapter 637: What are my wildest inner desires?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

After finding Senior Phoenix Slayer, he could try to borrow his CPU again...

At the same time, he wished for Senior Phoenix Slayer to advance in realm quickly without a hitch. With that, he could look for him and borrow his CPU even after reaching the Fourth and the Fifth Stage Realm!

Cough... perhaps he was going too far right now. Moreover, it wasn't going to be easy to convince Senior Phoenix Slayer to lend him his CPU. He had to find a way to convince him first!

Song Shuhang started to giggle while in deep thoughts.

The nearby Su Clan's Sixteen almost thought that Shuhang had gone mad.


Half an hour later.

Song Shuhang, Yu Jiaojiao, and Sixteen sat in the living room of the villa, waiting for Senior Brother Three Realms' arrival.

Song Shuhang's three friends, as well as Gao Moumou's girlfriend, were delivered back to their respective rooms... actually, Gao Moumou wasn't sent back to bed. Yu Jiaojiao had someone place him in front of the computer.

She wanted to see if Gao Moumou was going to write several thousand characters if he were to wake up in the middle of the night and see the computer before his eyes, getting a sudden inspiration.


"Buzz, buzz, buzz~"

RIght at this time, the cry of a sword echoed outside the villa.

"Has Senior Brother Three Realms arrived?" Song Shuhang quickly looked outside.

Then, he saw a white-haired daoist priest with a ruddy complexion descend from the sky. It was Daoist Priest Horizon.

"Eh? All of you are here already?" After passing ten years' worth of pure strength to Lady Onion, Daoist Priest Horizon didn't have to worry about the heavenly tribulation for a while. His current state was very good.

At this time, he was holding in his hands two large jars of liquor, whose intoxicating aroma spread in the room as soon as he entered.

"You came back just in time. How about having a big drinking contest tonight? During the past few days, I freeloaded your food and drink, which was a bit embarrassing, cough. Therefore, I got some good alcohol from Immortal Fairy Bie Xue today, and we can drink until daybreak!" Daoist Priest Horizon said with a smile.

This time, Daoist Priest Horizon came back for Lady Onion.

He felt that the little monster known as Lady Onion was a hidden gem.

Therefore, he wanted to take her in as a disciple.

Although Lady Onion had become the 'disciple in name' of that other fellow daoist acquainted with little friend Song Shuhang, it wasn't official yet, and Lady Onion had yet to acknowledge them as her teacher. Therefore, he was still in time to lure her away with an attractive offer.

Lady Onion was a talented little monster that had managed to learn an excellent cultivation technique of the Second Stage in a little over ten minutes! If he were to miss such a talented disciple this time, he might not be able to find another for a lifetime!

Thereupon, Daoist Priest Horizon thought about this matter for one whole evening and thickened his face, coming over to the villa again.

"Daoist Priest... you are a little late. I just finished having a drinking contest." Yu Jiaojiao's whole body emitted the smell of alcohol. Actually, as soon as she smelled the intoxicating aroma coming from the jars Daoist Priest Horizon was holding, she thought of drinking again... however, she had serious matters to attend to this evening!

"It doesn't matter. We can simply have another contest. Miss Jiaojiao seems to have sobered up already, and little friend Song can drink as well. As for that miss on one side, you can also come to drink with us if you want. Oh, forget what I said, it was inappropriate. It's not a good thing for minors to drink alcohol." Daoist Priest Horizon laughed. Of course, Daoist Priest Horizon could easily tell that Su Clan's Sixteen wasn't a minor. But after seeing Sixteen's cute little face, he couldn't help but tease her a little.

Whenever elderly people saw little kids, they would turn into lovely grandpas and start teasing the kids, enjoying the love and joy that came from it.

Daoist Priest Horizon's current state was very similar.


Su Clan's Sixteen raised her head and stared at Daoist Priest Horizon. At the same time, her right palm turned into a blade, itching to get into action.

Song Shuhang quickly said, "Daoist Priest Horizon, about that... I'm sorry, but we have something important to take care of this evening. How about drinking again in a few days?"

Just as he was speaking, the cry of another sword echoed outside.

Midair, a figure come over while riding the flying sword. This time, it was Senior Brother Three Realms.

His voice echoed before he even reached the destination. "Little friend Song, are you ready? If you are ready, we'll immediately set out."

"Yes, I'm ready, Senior Brother. I'm planning to bring two people along, Yu Jiaojiao and Sixteen. Is that fine?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Sure, no problem. Come over; I'll bring you to the Jingang Immortal Cave as fast as possible. We have no idea when the ancient well in the immortal cave will stop erupting. Therefore, it's better to get there as soon as possible," Senior Brother Three Realms said with a cool smile on his face.

Song Shuhang grabbed Sixteen and faced Daoist Priest Horizon, cupping his hands. "In that case, Daoist Priest Horizon, let us bid farewell."

"The Jingang Immortal Cave? So you were planning to go to that immortal cave belonging to Great Master Profound Principle that the Jingang Sect left behind!" Daoist Priest Horizon said with a laugh. "Such being the case, I'll accompany you guys as well."

After saying this much, Daoist Priest Horizon placed down the jars of liquor and took out his own Jingang token of authority, waving it around complacently.

Next, Daoist Priest took out a cloud-type flying magical treasure and said, "Guys, get on board. I'll bring you to the immortal cave. It will be much faster than you lot riding your flying swords by yourselves."

But right at this time, just as Senior Brother Three Realms landed and saw Daoist Priest Horizon's appearance clearly, he called out in alarm, "The Frenzied Strength Imparter!"

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

Su Clan's Sixteen also reacted after hearing Senior Brother Three Realms call out in alarm. "The 'Frenzied Strength Imparter' Daoist Priest Horizon? No wonder I found this dao name familiar... Shuhang, let's run for our life! Seven said that one must run away as far as possible when they get a glimpse of Daoist Priest Horizon! We absolutely can't allow him to catch us! Otherwise, something very scary will happen!"

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

Daoist Priest was very saddened at this time. He felt that the world had instantly lost its colors.

"Cough, cough." Song Shuhang quickly explained, "You don't have to worry. Daoist Priest Horizon won't be able to impart strength within a short period of time. He passed ten years' worth of strength to a monster onion just the day before yesterday."

After hearing these words, Sixteen and Senior Brother Three Realms relaxed a bit. However, they were still vigilantly gazing at the Daoist Priest Horizon.

Daoist Priest Horizon was deeply hurt at this moment.


At last, the group of people sat on Daoist Priest Horizon's flight-type magical treasure and headed towards the Jingang Immortal Cave.

When Daoist Priest Horizon, who was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, operated the flight-type magical treasure, he was much faster than Senior Brother Three Realms riding his flying sword. At this moment, time was money... or spirit stones in this case.

Very soon, the group reached the Jingang Immortal Cave, and Daoist Priest Horizon put away his flying magical treasure.

After arriving in the proximity of the Jingang Immortal Cave, everyone felt the mysterious energy all around.

It wasn't similar to the true qi or spiritual energy of cultivators. If one wanted to classify it, it was something more similar to mental energy... or maybe soul energy?

Under the effects of this soul energy, several illusory pictures appeared before the eyes of Song Shuhang and the others.

Amidst these pictures were the various conditions and forms of life. After cultivators entered the Jingang Immortal Cave and accepted the trial of the heart-tempering ancient well, the desires and ambitions hidden deep inside their hearts would resurface. Now that the ancient well was erupting, its energy had given birth to these strange pictures.

Senior Brother Three Realms carried Song Shuhang and the others along, entering the immortal cave.

Daoist Priest Horizon showed his own Jingang token of authority and handed over the fee to enter the immortal cave.

Song Shuhang handed over the fee for three people and entered the immortal cave together with Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao.


At this time, there was a lot of disciples inside the immortal cave. Most of them were disciples or layman disciples of the Faraway Wandering Temple.

There was an ancient well inside the immortal cave, and the water of the well would spurt out like a fountain from time to time.

The nearby cultivators, who were sitting around in a circle, were using the strength of the ancient well to temper their mind and heart.

Yu Jiaojiao and Sixteen hadn't practiced the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯. Therefore, there was no need for them to try to grasp the mystery of the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯. After entering the immortal cave, they followed Senior Brother Three Realms' instructions and found a place next to the ancient well, sitting down there. Then, once the ancient well was quiet again, they would glance at the water inside and start the heart-tempering process.

Daoist Priest Horizon held his chin and pondered for a moment. Then, he also decided to start the heart-tempering process. He was a regular customer of the Jingang Immortal Cave. Since he was frequently avoiding the heavenly tribulation, he would often come here and take advantage of the heart-tempering effects of the ancient well to keep a normal and peaceful state of mind.

The heart-tempering effects of the ancient well benefitted Su Clan's Sixteen the most. Thanks to the heart-tempering, she would be able to keep a calm state of mind while facing the heavenly tribulation the next time, not getting influenced by her previous failure.

Song Shuhang strolled around the immortal cave a bit, taking a look at the records regarding the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯ that the experts of the Jingang Sect had left behind in the ancient immortal cave. This alone allowed him to obtain long-lasting benefits.

After a short moment, he headed towards the mural hiding the secrets of the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯ and started to comprehend the technique.

After a long time, Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

He felt that he had a great affinity with the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯, and even when he was learning the technique back then, it didn't take him much time to understand it.

Nevertheless, it seemed that learning cultivation techniques from murals or paintings wasn't his strong point.

Whether it was the painting of the 'mysterious sword technique' of the Chu Family or the mural of the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯ before his eyes, Song Shuhang felt that they were simply too abstract.

He gently touched the size-reducing purse in his clothes. Hopefully, he would be able to obtain some benefit by relying on the power of the enlightenment stone.

Anyway, Song Shuhang decided to put off the matter related to the comprehension of the technique until later and headed toward the heart-tempering well first.

He wanted to take a look at the mysteries concealed within the erupting ancient well.

He approached the ancient well and entered the range of the heart-tempering zone.

The mysterious energy of the ancient well shrouded Song Shuhang's body, starting to stimulate his inner desires and evil thoughts. Song Shuhang didn't try to ward off this energy. Instead, he allowed it to take effect.

No man in the world was perfect, not even the so-called sages. They would always have their desires and aspirations. Actually, it was something pretty normal. If one didn't have any wish or aspiration, what was the difference between them and a dead fish?

According to what Senior Brother Three Realms had said, Song Shuhang had to wait for the ancient well to finish spurting water and look at the water in the well after it had restored its calm.

After he looked at the surface of the water, Song Shuhang's own image was reflected within.

What is that I wish for? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Before entering the Nine Provinces Number One Group, the things that Song Shuhang wished were obviously related to the mortal world.

But what now that he had stepped on the path of cultivation? What did he wish for?

A ripple formed on the surface of the water in the ancient well...

Then, Song Shuhang saw something!

He saw the picture of himself dressed up as a scholar, looking incredibly handsome, with scholarly texts floating next to his body. The voice of the Sage was spreading from these scholarly texts.

Ahaha, now then, that's the style I like!

Then, in front of the 'him' dressed up as a scholar was a creature that emanated an evil and foul aura from all over the body.

From the looks of it, there was a great battle going on.

It is possible that I want to become a righteous warrior specialized in killing monsters and vanquishing demons?

No, wait a moment... there is something wrong with the 'me' dressed up as a scholar!

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