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Chapter 631: 300,000 patients in urgent need of medical treatment!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"Martial Uncle Creation is truly awesome! It's actually the performance dance of a fairy maiden!"

Such being the case, the layman disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect that were scattered all over China and the world decided to turn the audio on. Loudspeakers, headphones, sound amplifying equipment, everything was turned on!

In the next moment, the pleasant voices of two fairy maidens echoed in their ears. One of the voices was sweet and gentle, the other clear and melodious.

Soon after, the disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect started to match the sounds they heard to the three fairy maidens on the screen.

There were three fairy maidens on the screen.

The fairy maiden in the forefront was wearing a colored skirt and long-sleeved dance clothing. Her long black hair was flying up and down in the air, and a light smile was hanging on her face. She looked like a colorful butterfly dancing amidst flowers.

Then, two fairy maidens in the back were warming up their voices. One was a beautiful mature woman wearing a red-colored ancient skirt. That sweet and gentle voice that was blowing in one's face like spring breeze belonged to her.

The other fairy maiden was a petite cutie, who also happened to be wearing red clothing. Nevertheless, what she was wearing was modern style clothing, a short red jacket, and a short red skirt. A scarf was tied around her waist, covering up her lower abdomen, and two adorable sandals were worn on her feet. That clear and melodious, and also a little icy, voice belonged to her.

"That dancing fairy maiden is super good! I have decided; I want a file with all her pictures."

"Idiot, that petite fairy maiden in the back is our true love. She is so cute; both her voice and person are exquisite. Flat is justice!"

"I prefer that mature fairy maiden wearing a red skirt! That gentle voice echoing beside one's ear is capable of making even bones go soft. I want to marry her!"

"Which song are they singing? I can't hear it clearly. However, the voices of those two fairy maidens are really great!"

"It seems they are still warming up and practicing. In addition, there is some distance between them and the camera. That's why the lyrics aren't too clear. We should be able to hear them clearly as soon as the main event starts in a while."

"We should seize the opportunity and call for our other fellow disciples before the main event starts!"

"Such a beautiful event should be shared with everyone!"

The first wave of viewers that the live stream got was mainly composed of layman disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect. These layman disciples immediately got into action and spread the link of the live stream through their various channels.

"Quickly tune in to Martial Uncle Creation's live broadcast. Martial Uncle is really the best! He didn't sing personally but found several fairy maidens to perform in his live broadcast! The voices and dancing skills of those three fairy maidens are excellent!"

"This the link of the live stream. Quickly tune in, you'll regret it otherwise!"

The layman disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect spread the news at extremely high speed.

However, this phenomenon wasn't limited only to them. The other users of the streaming platform also got curious and came over to take a look.

Nowadays, as long as there was something big going on, and it had the capacity to pique people's interest, a large crowd would automatically gather.

The news that three incredibly beautiful women were live streaming quickly spread amongst the users of the site.

Thereupon, even more people tuned in to the stream after they got wind of the news.

"Here I come!"

"This is just the practice, right? It's going to be a delight when the true live broadcast starts in a while."

"Wait a moment. Am I having hallucinations? Are the hands of that dancing beauty glistening? We aren't in the post-production stage yet, is this the work of some special equipment used for light effects? It has such good effects even during daytime? These guys seem professionals!"

"What's the matter with this dance? The more I look, the more I feel like I'm getting enchanted by it."

Modern people got to experience all kinds of dances on the Internet, which included: old dance, modern dance, rap dance, weeb dance, and even flirting dance.

But the dance moves of that fairy maiden in the live broadcast didn't belong to any of the above-mentioned types. However, they had the power to resonate with one's heart.

There was only one thought in the hearts of the spectators at this time. They wanted to keep looking, looking, looking... looking until the end of time.

In addition, what they were looking at was just a live stream and were thus seeing the dance steps of the fairy maiden through the screen.

How shocking would the effects be if they saw the scene in person?

While she was dancing, Fairy Dongfang Six's charm increased by hundreds of thousands of times. At this time, she was extremely dazzling, and people just couldn't look away from her.

Then, the voices of those two beauties in the back, one small and one big, were also very good. One of the voices was sweet and gentle, the other clear and melodious. When the two beauties sang together, the resulting outcome was truly refreshing.


Just as Su Clan's Sixteen and Fairy Firefly's coordination got better and better, they relaxed a little and stopped controlling their voices. As such, bits and pieces of the lyrics leaked out and echoed in the ears of the viewers.

Mist curling up into the hazy rain~ With towers shrouded in the misty rain~


I stop and lean against the eaves~

Waiting for you to open your umbrella and pass by my side...

"I can finally hear what they are singing. I feel as though my ears are about to melt. I wish I could immerse myself in this heavenly sound forever." Exaggerated comments started to appear in the chat of the streaming site.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the three of them start their performance officially!"

All sorts of tip notifications filled the screen.

All the viewers were immersed in the wonderful dance and heavenly singing.

The viewers started to spread the news about the stream on their own by calling their friends and sharing the link with other people. The number of viewers skyrocketed and was just like a rolling snowball, getting bigger and bigger as it rolled.

Very soon, the stream surpassed 10,000 views... but the number was continuously increasing.

Of course, the disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect were fanning the flames, but the strength of the other spectators couldn't be taken lightly, either.

After around an hour, the number of viewers had already surpassed 100,000.

After seeing the numbers, Dharma King Creation's heartbeat sped up. 100,000 people... there were already 100,000 watching the stream! In his whole life, he had never sung before 100,000 people!

He was somewhat excited at this time.

At the same time, the corner of his mouth rose, turning into a bright smile.


Around ten minutes later, Fairy Dongfang Six, Fairy Dongfang Six, and Su Clan's Sixteen finished their rehearsal and decided to take a small break to discuss how to coordinate in a while.

Dharma King Creation took a deep breath. Now was the time!

He enthusiastically led the three fairy maidens toward the rear of the palace, where he had already told someone to arrange a resting room with snacks, tea, and rare celestial fruits.

After helping the three fairy maidens settle down, Dharma King Creation found an excuse to leave the room. Before leaving, he quietly activated the soundproof formation of the room.

After the preparations were complete, Dharma King Creation slowly arrived in front of the broadcasting equipment.

Within short ten minutes, the number of viewers had doubled, surpassing 200,000.

Dharma King Creation smiled—he was very pleased.

He started to fiddle with the broadcasting equipment and said, "Hello, everyone. The three fairy maidens are currently taking a break. However, you don't need to worry; their rehearsal is almost over, and you'll be able to appreciate their dance steps and singing again in a short while."

"We want the fairy maidens to come on stage! Please, tell them to hurry up!"

"Please, don't be impatient. I'll take advantage of this break to ask you guys if you have any song to recommend. I'm in charge of the statistics," Dharma King Creation said with a smile.

"Those fairy maidens can sing whatever they want. Everything they sing is very pleasing to the ear. Please, just tell them to hurry up and get on stage quickly!"

"My wallet is itching to get into action. I'll start tipping as soon as they sing something."

"Both my eyes and ears are ready. I want to taste this audio-visual banquet!"

"No problem. No problem," Dharma King Creation said with a smile... that was exactly what he wanted to hear!

After a look, he noticed that the number of viewers had surpassed 300,000.

The number was high enough.

Dharma King Creation said, "Since you guys don't seem to have any preference, is something like 'Water Melody' fine?"

"Old songs are the best!"

"Water Melody is good."

"I also approve of Water Melody."

"Everything the fairy maidens want to sing is fine!"

A barrage of messages flooded the chat.

"Ahaha. Such being the case, everyone should get ready to hear the song," Dharma King Creation said.

Thereupon, the viewers started to adjust the quality of the sound. Someone increased the volume to the max, someone started using headphones, and someone even started recording. In short, all the viewers were getting ready to enjoy the upcoming audio-visual banquet.

Only the disciples of the Warring Buddha Sect felt that something was amiss. Didn't he say that the three fairy maidens were coming on stage to sing 'Water Melody'? Such being the case, what was Martial Uncle Creation doing in front of the screen, why hadn't he left already?

Was it possible that he... no, that couldn't be, right?

Some quick-witted disciples stretched out their hands toward the volume keys, getting ready to lower it.

But right at this time, Dharma King Creation started his attack!

Dharma King slightly opened his lips and said, "When will the moon be clear and bright~? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky~ In the heavens on this night, I wonder what season it would be~?"

He could bring others to their knees by just opening his mouth!

He wasn't the 'Soul King' for nothing. His voice couldn't only conquer the ears of humans, but could directly seep into their bodies and conquer their soul.

The 300,000+ viewers immediately felt their knees going soft.

The voice of the Soul King was full of destructive power. It was so scary that words alone weren't enough to describe it.

As soon as Dharma King Creation opened his mouth to sing, the sound wave spread like the shock wave of a nuclear bomb, ignoring all defenses and annihilating everyone in its path without making distinctions between friends and foes.

The fearsome sound wave was full of deadly power even after passing through the electronic equipment. The sound wave that Dharma King produced while singing wasn't something that science could explain.

The sound waves spread from the broadcast studio and ultimately reached the viewers through their headphones, mobile phones, and other acoustic equipment.

The devilish sound flooded their minds.


The viewers felt as though they were helpless small boats fighting against the raging sea, swinging left and right amidst the rainstorm and ready to capsize at any time.

The devilish sound kept causing a mess inside their heads, turning their minds upside down.

All the viewers felt as though they were facing death.



"Help me, someone take off my headphones! Heavens... noooo! Mom, save me!"

"Martial Uncle, show mercy! It's me, Xu Gang! Please, don't sing... we are on the same side! This is bad... my head is spinning, I feel like throwing up... all the strength in my body is gone. There is only the distance of a palm between my finger and the volume button of the loudspeakers, but I don't have the strength to reach it..."

"Save me! I feel as though my ears are getting raped! I feel dizzy, and I'm about to puke... not only my ears, my entire body is also getting raped..."

"I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying! My ears are melting!"

"I want to die, die, die, dieeeeee!"

Too bad that Dharma King Creation couldn't hear any of their complaints!


Dharma King Creation was getting more excited as he was singing. "I'd like to ride the wind to fly home. Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me. Dancing with my moonlit shadow, it does not seem like the human world."

300,000 people were listening to his stream, whole 300,000 people were hearing him singing! It was wonderful!

At this time, Dharma King Creation really felt like a superstar. The more he was singing, the more he was getting this feeling.

"Cease fire! Quickly cease fire! Martial Uncle, it's me... Xu Yuan! Your most illustrious martial nephew, Xu Yuan~"

"Damn, my ears are about to have a miscarriage!"

"My brain is melting and leaking out of my ears!"

"Mom, I still want to be your son in the next life!"

"Little Nan, I love you..."


Luckily, Dharma King Creation had decided to stream his concert on the Internet. That voice of his that had the power to conquer the soul of humans was restricted for the most part by headphones and loudspeakers, not reaching the users on the other end at the peak of its power.

The only thing that was transmitted over was that lethal sound wave that science was unable to explain yet.

Otherwise, if ordinary people were to hear him sing in person, they would likely turn into idiots!

"The moon rounds the red mansion. Stoops to silk-pad doors~ Shines upon the sleepless, bearing no grudge. Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? People experience sorrow, joy, separation and reunion. The moon may be dim or bright, round or crescent-shaped. This imperfection has been going on since the beginning of time. May we all be blessed with longevity, Though thousands of miles apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together!" Dharma King Creation reluctantly stopped after finishing the song.

At this time, except for a few quick-witted users that had managed to turn the audio off in time, the eyes of the remaining 300,000 viewers had turned completely white.

They felt dizzy, had blurred vision, were on the verge of throwing up, and had no strength in their body left. They didn't even have the strength to take their headphones or earphones off their heads.

All the 300,000 viewers seemed to have undergone a mental breakdown. They were weakly lying on their chairs, tables, or beds, collapsed in all kinds of positions.

The scariest thing was that some people that were watching the live broadcast in Internet cafès or similar places even turned the volume of the loudspeakers to the maximum.

Afterward... well, there was no afterward. All the people there were wiped out.

However, it was finally over.

"Hehe... hehe..." Amongst the 300,000 viewers, some started to laugh absent-mindedly. They had finally escaped that hell; the singing guy had finally stopped. They wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

They started to accumulate their strength, and once they had recovered a bit, they would mute the loudspeakers or take the headphones off their heads.

But right at this time, Dharma King Creation said something from the broadcast studio.

Dharma King Creation said happily, "Ahaha, I didn't sing too well just now. I was a beat slower with several syllables."

The 300,000 viewers rolled their eyes in contempt. Who the hell would even notice if there was something wrong with your syllables?!

Their heads were buzzing for the whole time he was singing. In addition, they felt as though they were constantly experiencing roller coaster rides, bungee jumping, flying around on trapeze, and other such deadly stimulations.

Dharma King Creation also added, "Therefore, I think it's better if I sing another time. I ask everyone to prick up your ears to prepare for the second round. Please, silently sing together with me!"

The 300,000 viewers the live stream: "F*ck, he still wants to sing? _(´ཀ`」∠)_"

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