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Chapter 626: Fairy Lychee is in Africa?
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How wonderful would it be if Daoist Priest Horizon's 'Strength Imparting Technique' didn't have those fearsome consequences? If that were the case, Song Shuhang wouldn't mind getting strength imparting a few times himself!

Right at this time, Daoist Priest Horizon asked, "Child, did you familiarize with your true qi?"

"Yes," Lady Onion said excitedly. With the enlightenment stone inside her body, it took her only a few seconds to understand how to revolve her true qi. Now, she could easily revolve the true qi inside her dantian and forward it to the several nearby meridians.

But since she hadn't studied any cultivation technique of the Second Stage, she could revolve the true qi only nearby her dantian area. She didn't dare to push it too far so as to avoid the true qi going crazy in her meridians and causing her harm.

"In that case, let's proceed with the next step. Get ready; it's time to accept the remaining six plus years' worth of pure spiritual energy." Daoist Priest took a deep breath and started spinning again.

This time, he was using a different posture. Now that Lady Onion had advanced to the Second Stage, things weren't as simple as pouring energy into her five apertures. He had to pour energy into her meridians first and then shift it to her dantian. Such being the case, he had to change his posture while imparting the strength.

Lady Onion sat cross-legged again according to Daoist Priest Horizon's instructions. However, her hands were pointing toward the sky this time.

Daoist Priest Horizon pressed his palms against Lady Onion's palms and his head against hers. Therefore, as soon as Daoist Priest Horizon started spinning, Lady Onion also started spinning.

Both of them were spinning and spinning. The scene was incredibly weird.

Song Shuhang felt the corner of his eye twitch. Hmm, it had to be because he strained his eyes yesterday and surely not because of the posture that Lady Onion and Daoist Priest Horizon had assumed! Yup, that had to be the reason!


The strength imparting process started. Daoist Priest Horizon said in a grave tone, "Use the cultivation technique you practice and revolve your true qi. C'mon, coordinate with me."

"The meditation technique?" Lady Onion asked.

"No, I'm talking about the true qi revolving cultivation technique of the Second Stage!" Daoist Priest Horizon said.

"..." Lady Onion.

Lady Onion panicked.

She hadn't studied any cultivation technique of the Second Stage!

Back then, the buddhist nun Nine Lanterns captured her and locked her in the Heavenly Dragon Temple. Afterward, she studied a set of basic body tempering techniques, the ❮Heavenly Dragon Temple's Basic Finger Technique❯, and a meditation technique while locked there.

As for techniques of the Second Stage to revolve one's true qi... no one ever taught them to her!

"Pull yourself together and quickly revolve your true qi. Coordinate with me. I'll help you immediately break through the first dantian of the Second Stage, the Dragon Tail Dantian, and transmit over some more pure energy!" Daoist Priest Horizon said.

Lady Onion said with a pained expression on her face, "Speaking of which, Daoist Priest... I didn't study any cultivation technique of the Second Stage."

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.


Although he considered all kinds of circumstances, he forgot to keep in mind such a simple thing!

Lady Onion only knew a foundation establishment technique of the First Stage and hadn't studied any cultivation technique to revolve her true qi!

As a result, what breaking through did they want to carry out? After pouring true qi into Lady Onion's body, it would accumulate in her Sea of Qi Dantian until bursting it open. The only thing breaking would be Lady Onion's body!

What could he do now? What was the best course of actions? It was truly a worrisome matter!

Lady Onion probed out and asked, "Perhaps Daoist Priest can teach me a cultivation technique on the spot?"

Now that she had the enlightenment stone with her, her comprehension skills should be very good. She could definitely use a cultivation technique while still learning it, to the point that she might practice the cultivation technique to a very high level if she were to borrow one from Daoist Priest Horizon... probably.

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

Do you think this is compulsory school education, imparting strength for free and gifting cultivation techniques too?

In addition, how could it be so easy to teach others the cultivation techniques of his sect? If Daoist Priest Horizon wanted to instruct a disciple, he first had to complete the official procedure to receive a disciple and register their dao name in the register of the sect. Only afterward could he start teaching the disciple. He couldn't afford to bear the consequences if he was caught passing down privately cultivation techniques to others.

Beyond that, learning a cultivation technique wasn't as easy as eating a meal! One couldn't just learn it because they said so.

Daoist Priest Horizon furrowed his brows.

Did it mean that the strength imparting process was going to end like this?

However, he hadn't even imparted four years' worth of strength yet. In his current situation, it was still very dangerous if there was only a difference of four years. The heavenly tribulation looming over his head might still rain down. He had to impart at least ten years' worth of strength to be safe.

Thereupon, Daoist Priest Horizon slowly stopped spinning, and his vision fell on Yu Jiaojiao and Song Shuhang.

"You two fellow daoists, listen to me for a moment. I still have more than six years' worth of high-quality strength left. How about dividing it between the two of you? It's all free of charge!" Daoist Priest Horizon said.

"Daoist Priest, I just finished breaking through. I don't really need it at this time!" Song Shuhang said as he forced a smile. It wasn't a good idea to receive more strength in his current situation. Otherwise, he would have clenched his teeth and prepared himself for a strength imparting session. After all, Daoist Priest Horizon was influenced by the heavenly tribulation precisely because he thought of helping him...

"I also don't need it at this time." Yu Jiaojiao vigorously shook her head.

Lady Onion shouted, "I want it! Give it to me!"

Daoist Priest Horizon sighed and said, "Even if you want it, you haven't studied any cultivation technique of the Second Stage. If I pass more strength on to you, your dantian will explode."

Lady Onion's heart ached. She had just experienced the beautiful feeling of breaking through, and now, she had to stop? There was still six years' worth of high-quality strength waiting for her!

After seeing Lady Onion, Song Shuhang secretly sighed.

If he had a cultivation technique with him that belonged only to him, he wouldn't have minded giving it to Lady Onion.

After all, he ended up owing her several green onion sprouts during the past few months. In addition, perhaps due to her melting in the hot medicinal bath he was taking in the golden coffin the last time, Song Shuhang felt a heart-warming feeling coming from Lady Onion after returning to Earth.

It felt as though there was a blood relationship between the two, just as if Lady Onion was his daughter... Perhaps this analogy wasn't too appropriate, but it was a similar heart-warming feeling.

Unfortunately, the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ was something he had obtained from Venerable White, and didn't belong to him. If he wanted to teach it to someone, he had to ask for Venerable White's permission first. It was one of the fundamental rules of the world of cultivators. Back then, when Medicine Master introduced Song Shuhang to the path of cultivation, he carefully explained to him all the rules of the world of cultivators.

In addition, one needed the matching spirit beast crystals to practice the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯, and Song Shuhang didn't have any extra spirit beast crystal at this time.

Actually, there were several techniques handed down in Yu Jiaojiao's family. Her father was an established True Monarch, and there was hope for him to break through the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm. He was also an old friend of Venerable White.

However, her cultivation technique was correlated to her flood dragon bloodline, and one couldn't learn it unless they had the bloodline of a flood dragon.

In addition, her cultivation technique was also something that couldn't be handed to others so easily.

Daoist Priest Horizon sighed. Was it possible that he would have no choice but to seal his strength in the end?


After seeing the distressed expression on Daoist Priest Horizon's face and Lady Onion's dumbfounded expression, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

Aside from the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯, there was another cultivation technique recorded down in his memories. The power of that cultivation technique was pretty good and could allow the user to reach the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm!

He wasn't thinking of the 'sword technique' he found in the secret room of the Chu Family. There was no fate between Song Shuhang and that technique, and he wasn't able to comprehend it in the end.

The cultivation technique Song Shuhang was referring to was the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ he had seen in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion not too long ago. It was a cultivation technique that Senior Sister Ye and her teacher had created.

Song Shuhang read the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ once and was influenced by it, ending up crying very aggrievedly.

However, the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ didn't belong to him, either. It was something that belonged to Senior Sister Ye.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang took out the 'wooden token of authority' that Pavilion Master Chu gave him back then. He could get in touch with Senior Sister Ye Si with this token.

Song Shuhang poured his true qi inside the token, and Senior Sister Ye's voice was transmitted from within after a short time.

"Hello? Shuhang, is that you? Sob, sob, sob~" Senior Sister Ye's crying voice carried a hint of happiness.

"Yes, it's me," Song Shuhang said. "Ye Si, how come you are crying?"

"Sob, sob, sob. Yesterday, a friend of yours and a puppy called Doudou came to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. That friend of yours gave me a very kind and familiar feeling. As soon as I saw her, I felt as though I had just met my mother. It really made me reminisce of the past. Then, when I went to sleep earlier, I dreamt about my mother and me during my childhood and started crying," Ye Si replied while crying.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. This friend of his and Doudou went to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and this friend reminded Ye Si of her mother? Who was this friend?

"Which fellow daoist is this friend of mine you are talking about?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

"Her name is Fairy Lychee, and she's a guest here right now. She's really a gentle fairy maiden, and she's very pretty as well." Ye Si stopped crying with much difficulty and asked, "Shuhang, did you need something since you contacted me?"

"Yes, it's like this... there is a small monster onion here with me, and I wanted to see if she could learn the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯. Can I teach it to her?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Sure, no problem. If you want to teach it to someone, you can go ahead and do so. There is no need to make these distinctions between us," Ye Si said while sobbing. Then, she also added, "Pavilion Master Chu said that I have to go to Earth within a few days to complete a mission. I'll look for you at that time."

The reason Ye Si gave her permission so easily was that she had this strange thought deep inside her heart, or nearly obsession if we wished to call it as such... she wanted to pass down all the techniques of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion! She couldn't allow the inheritance of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to disappear.

"Good!" Song Shuhang replied. Since Pavilion Master Chu had decided to allow Ye Si to come to Earth, she must have found a way to stop others from signing a contract with her, right?

"If that's all, I would like to go cry some more because I really feel like crying at this time. I'll contact you when the time comes," Ye Si said as she started sobbing again.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Now then, Fairy Lychee unexpectedly gave Senior Sister Ye Si the same feeling as her 'mother'? Was it possible that there was a blood relationship between the two of them?

Song Shuhang casually took out his phone and looked at it.

Coincidentally, Fairy Lychee had just sent a selfie in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Amidst the vast grassland, Fairy Lychee was wearing a camo short-sleeved shirt while taking a selfie. In the rear was a yawning lion.

Fairy Lychee: "I just reached the Serengeti Plain in Africa. It's already my sixth time taking a group selfie with lions in recent years. Each time I come here, there are small variations. It's very interesting."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Fairy Maiden just arrived in Africa? I've heard that several small dimensions appeared there. Fairy Maiden, did you already take a look at them?"

Fairy Lychee: "Northern River, I was just preparing to take a look at those dimensions. That's the main reason I came to Africa 😊"

Soon after, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group started to discuss those dimensions and Fairy Lychees's selfies.

"..." Song Shuhang.

What the hell, Fairy Lychee is in Africa?

In that case, who is the person that went to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion together with Doudou?

Song Shuhang felt as though he had come to a sudden realization...

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