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Chapter 625: Bamboo-copter edition Daoist Priest Horizon
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang looked at the strength imparting scene before his eyes. At first, he thought that the scene would be similar to the ones seen in martial arts movies where the powerful grandpa would place his hands on the back of the main character and operate his strength at full power, continuously passing it on to the main character. After that, the complexion of both the main character and the grandpa would change with their faces becoming red, even with some steam rising from their bodies. Soon after, the strength imparting process would end and the strength of the main character increase. But little did he expect that the actual strength imparting process would be carried out with the two of them having their heads pressed against each other...

This posture seemed incredibly tiring! Was Lady Onion's neck sore? After all, she had to bear Daoist Priest Horizon's whole weight.

After the strength imparting process started, dazzling light was emitted from Daoist Priest Horizon's body. Daoist Priest's strength imparting was the real deal and definitely not a scam.

He was the disciple of a daoist sect that followed the correct path. Therefore, the strength he was imparting was both gentle in nature and of high quality.

Origin spiritual energy came out of Daoist Priest Horizon's Golden Core and ultimately gushed out from the top of his head, pouring into Lady Onion's body.

He carefully controlled the flow of spiritual qi so as to avoid Lady Onion's body exploding. After all, her strength was really low.

After the spiritual energy poured into Lady Onion's body, one portion started to strengthen her body under Daoist Priest's control. As for the other portion, it dispersed and turned into 'true qi'. Afterward, it dispersed again and turned into 'qi and blood energy'. Lady Onion was still a small monster of the First Stage Realm, and she could only absorb qi and blood energy as of now.

The nearby Yu Jiaojiao said, "The strength imparting process requires an outstanding control of one's energy. If too much energy is poured into the body of the person on the receiving end, the meridians will explode due to the high load and the person turn into a cripple. But if the amount of transferred energy is too low, it will lead to unnecessary consumption and eventually waste the origin true qi or origin spiritual energy."

From the looks of it, even the person imparting the strength has to face certain danger... Song Shuhang secretly nodded.

"However, Daoist Priest Horizon has been imparting strength to others for many years now and is very skilled in this field. It's unlikely for problems to arise if he's the one imparting strength," Yu Jiaojiao added.

Song Shuhang nodded once more. As expected, he wasn't the Frenzied Strength Imparter for nothing!


Right at this time, Daoist Priest Horizon—who was currently passing his strength on to Lady Onion—slightly furrowed his brows.

His 'Strength Imparting Technique' had been improved through careful research and could impart strength to members of the monster race as well. Generally speaking, even if a monster could assume human form, the structure of the meridians inside their body would still be different than that of human beings.

But when he passed his strength on to Lady Onion, he discovered that the structure of the meridians inside her body was the same as that of a human being, to the point that he had started to wonder if he was passing his strength on to a human cultivator or a monster!

However, now wasn't the time to investigate this matter. One couldn't afford to get distracted during the strength imparting process.

Daoist Priest Horizon concentrated and started to pass his strength on to Lady Onion.

In the next moment, Lady Onion's strength started to increase very quickly!

She was currently receiving the strength of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor. The power that was transmitted over was spiritual energy of the Fifth Stage rank that was later converted into 'qi and blood energy' of the First Stage. Therefore, one could easily imagine how big the total amount of energy was.

In less than two minutes, Lady Onion broke through the fourth aperture, the Ear Aperture. The strength of her constitution increased, and her hearing became much sharper.

In addition, thanks to the enlightenment stone inside her body—which was constantly strengthening her comprehension skills—Lady Onion was able to grasp a few small tricks to revolve the 'qi and blood energy' while she was receiving the strength imparting.

It was like killing two birds with one stone.

This is great! I trained so hard for 300 years and could only reach the First Stage Third Aperture Realm... but now, I was able to break through within just a few minutes! If this continues, perhaps I can really catch up to Song Shuhang's realm! Lady Onion was extremely excited at this time.

"Keep your calm and continue quietly operating your meditation technique. Don't get distracted," Daoist Priest Horizon immediately warned when he saw Lady Onion getting distracted.

Lady Onion immediately concentrated and started to quietly use her meditation technique.

Around five minutes later, along with the pure energy continuously pouring into her body, Lady Onion broke through her fifth aperture, the Mouth Aperture.

In the next moment, Lady Onion awakened the innate skill of her Mouth Aperture!

The innate skill was—the Illusory Sound!

Lady Onion became clear of the effects of this innate skill as soon as she awakened it. It was an innate skill that added illusory properties to her voice. When used, it could allow the user to make people fall into an illusion with mere words.

Lady Onion just happened to have with her the volume of a buddhist technique, the ❮Roaring Lion's Technique❯. Although she left the original copy to Song Shuhang, Lady Onion still remembered the contents. Once she was done with her practice and managed to combine the technique with the Illusory Sound, the effects surely should be excellent. The ❮Roaring Lion's Technique❯ + Illusory Sound would give birth to a roar that would shake people to the core.

However... why did she find this innate skill of the Mouth Aperture—the Illusory Sound—so familiar? Lady Onion was unable to momentarily recall where she had heard about this innate skill.

Well, it wasn't important now. The only thing that mattered was that this innate skill was very suited to her.

Now then, would she able to confuse Song Shuhang if she were to display the 'Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster'—which was part of the '200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive'—now that she could integrate the Illusory Sound within?

She was looking forward to trying it!

Lady Onion really wished she could give a try to this innate skill immediately. Unfortunately, she was in the middle of the strength imparting process and could only put it off until later.

Even though Lady Onion broke through two small realms in a row, the amount of energy that Daoist Priest Horizon had passed on to her wasn't even equivalent to one year's worth of strength. Daoist Priest Horizon planned to impart her ten years' worth of strength in total, but he had passed on to her only one-twentieth of that amount up till now.

At this time, the five apertures inside Lady Onion's body were all open. Next was the last step of the First Stage!

Now that her five apertures were open, the qi and blood energy inside her body linked her Ear, Nose, Mouth, Eye and Heart Apertures. It was a sign that she would have to jump through the dragon gate soon.

After jumping through the dragon gate, the qi and blood energy inside her body would turn from intangible to tangible, from illusory to material... in short, it would turn into true qi and make the cultivator advance to the Second Stage True Master Realm!

"Focus your mind. You are going to break through the bottleneck soon. Steel your mind and keep your heart calm, don't stop the meditation technique even for a second!" Daoist Priest Horizon said in a grave tone. The words directly echoed inside Lady Onion's ears thanks to the secret sound transmission technique.

Daoist Priest Horizon was unable to open his mouth and speak now that the strength imparting process had reached a critical moment.

He was going to consume quite a bit of origin spiritual energy to help Lady Onion break through the bottleneck of the dragon gate. Using the origin spiritual energy of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor to help a little monster of the First Stage advance in realm was like using cannon fire to kill a mosquito. Daoist Priest Horizon's heart twitched in pain.

Lady Onion quickly focused her mind and operated her meditation technique.

At this time, Song Shuhang noticed that Daoist Priest Horizon, who was currently upside-down with his head pressed against Lady Onion's, suddenly started spinning!

Yes, he literally started to spin! The scene was the same as those guys practicing break dance and spinning on their heads. While his head was pressing against Lady Onion's, his legs were slightly bent, and his hands were pointing toward the sky. The speed he was spinning at was very fast, definitely faster than an electric fan.

Song Shuhang felt that he was unable to look at this embarrassing scene further. Perhaps it would be bearable if it was a black uncle with a strong build doing it, but when an old daoist priest, who was supposed to have high integrity and bearing, was doing it, it was a bit...

Daoist Priest Horizon kept spinning, his speed constantly increasing.

"It's there! I can see the dragon gate!" Lady Onion said happily. It seemed that a big and tall dragon gate had appeared before her eyes. If she could successfully jump through the dragon gate, she would advance to the Second Stage Realm.

Her cultivation level was shooting up like a rocket! This feeling was simply wonderful!

"Coordinate with me. I'll help you jump through the dragon gate!" Daoist Priest Horizon said in a grave tone.

Lady Onion focused and operated all the qi and blood energy in her body, coordinating with Daoist Priest Horizon.

Right at this time, the origin spiritual energy inside Daoist Priest Horizon's body suddenly rose, and close to one year's worth of strength poured into Lady Onion's body.

Lady Onion's body started to float up slowly. She was now hovering midair while sitting cross-legged.

On the top of her head, Daoist Priest Horizon was quickly spinning, and his legs were now wide open due to the high speed. His current posture was almost identical to Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick.

By looking at the scene from afar, it seemed as though Lady Onion had a giant bamboo-copter on her head, the same as Doraemon.

The scene was rather funny.

But this funny scene was making the qi and blood energy inside Lady Onion's body rise, rise, and rise again!

Strength erupted once more from Daoist Priest Horizon's body. Afterward, another pure stream of energy was transmitted over. Inside this stream of energy was two years' worth of pure spiritual energy.

Lady Onion jumped through the dragon gate in one go!

All the qi and blood energy inside her body started to flow backward and poured into her lower abdomen area, the place where her dantian was located. Soon after, all the qi and blood energy inside her dantian changed from illusory to material, transforming into true qi.

Lady Onion had practiced for 300 years, but was able to reach the Second Stage Realm only today after cheating.

At this time, she felt that her eyes started to tear up.

To help Lady Onion jump through the dragon gate in one go, Daoist Priest Horizon had consumed whole three years' worth of pure spiritual energy. He felt incredibly sad at this time.

After helping Lady Onion advance to the next realm, Daoist Priest Horizon stopped spinning.

Lady Onion also stopped hovering midair and fell to the ground. At this time, Daoist Priest Horizon was still on the top of her head, not moving in the slightest.

Don't relax just yet. I still have to pass onto you more than six years' worth of strength. Immediately revolve your meditation technique and get familiar with the true qi inside your body. I'll make you break through at lightning speed through the various small realms of the Second Stage and help you open your dantians. Daoist Priest Horizon's voice was transmitted over again.

Lady Onion was very happy.

There was still six years' worth of strength left. Perhaps she could directly reach the Third Stage Realm and get as strong as Song Shuhang?

Lady Onion immediately tried to familiarize herself with the true qi inside her body.

So that was true qi? It was completely different than qi and blood energy. A person could control qi and blood energy and it would bring the user a warm feeling whenever it was used. For example, if one wanted to transfer the qi and blood energy to their arm, they would feel a warm feeling spreading from their Heart Aperture, or other apertures, and finally pour into their arm.

True qi was different. When it was revolving inside the meridians of the body, a cool and refreshing feeling would be transmitted over. Moreover, one could feel its presence through their sense of touch while it was moving in the meridians. The degree of control and sensation one could get from true qi far surpassed that of qi and blood energy.

Wonderful! Wonderful!

From this day onwards, I'll be an onion spirit of the Second Stage! Lady Onion thought to herself as she was controlling her true qi and making it revolve through her meridians.


"She reached the Second Stage just like that?" Song Shuhang couldn't understand. Was it really so easy? When he was experiencing how to jump through the dragon gate back then, Doudou ate him and swallowed him in his belly. The fear of Doudou's sharp teeth piercing his flesh was still lingering in his mind. That was one scary memory. Then, the mark of the 'disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition' was imprinted on his chest, and he ended up flying high up in the sky. Then, he shared his senses with Yu Jiaojiao and experienced the 'shapeshifting dragon gate' together with her. Finally, he even had to disguise as a woman and fight on the Grievance Settling Platform.

Only after experiencing all sorts of tribulations was he able to reach the Second Stage Realm.

But Lady Onion only had to place on her head the bamboo-copter edition Daoist Priest Horizon to break through... Only those that had experienced it knew about the wonders of the Strength Imparting Technique!

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