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Chapter 618: My friend, is it really fine for you to seek death like this?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Yesterday evening, just as he was drinking, Gao Moumou suddenly got up and went to write more than 50,000 characters. Relatively speaking, he was the one that drank the least, and coupled with the fact that his capacity for alcohol was quite good, he managed to wake up rather early.

After coming to his senses, he took the manuscript with the plot and started looking for Song Shuhang.

He couldn't wait to show Song Shuhang this 'amusing' plot.


At this time, Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao—who had currently assumed her mother's appearance—were on the balcony of the villa, chatting about the important things that one had to keep in mind while transcending the tribulation.

Song Shuhang was already a cultivator of the Second Stage Seventh Dantian 'Dragon Head Dantian' Realm, and he was very close to facing the heavenly tribulation. Therefore, he needed to gain some extra understanding of the whole process.

At this time, he felt that cultivating was not so different than going to school and studying.

After all, cultivation was exactly like studying. The objective was to increase one's strength and knowledge during the course of time.

Then, the heavenly tribulation one had to face after each big realm was something similar to the high school entrance examination or university entrance examination students had to face. Just like with those exams, to transcend the tribulation, one had to practice hard and make thorough preparations.

At this time, Shuhang felt as though he was about to take the university entrance examination again.

Yu Jiaojiao told Song Shuhang about her own experiences, telling him of the time she transcended her tribulation of the Second Stage.

"However, you can only use my experience as a reference, and that's it. After all, I'm a half flood dragon and half monster fish. The heavenly tribulation I faced back then is surely going to be different than yours. In addition, my father was with me at that time, and he had prepared several items to help me transcend the tribulation. Your best option is to go into the Nine Provinces Number One Group and ask some of the human seniors about this matter. They surely have a deeper understanding than me about the process. You have to pay particular attention to the items human cultivators need to prepare to guard against the heavenly tribulation," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"Thank you, Jiaojiao," Song Shuhang said.

Now then, what items did a human cultivator need to prepare to guard against the heavenly tribulation?

Song Shuhang was planning to wait for Senior White to come out of the ruins and ask him about this matter. In case Senior White was late, he would go to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and ask the opinion of Senior Northern River's Loose Cultivator or some other human cultivator.

This matter about transcending the tribulation was making him feel very anxious.


Just as he was in deep thoughts, the sound of footsteps was transmitted from the rear.

Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao stopped chatting about the matter of the heavenly tribulation and turned their heads around.

In the next moment, they saw Gao Moumou coming over with a thick manuscript in his hands.

"Shuhang, here you are! Eh? Miss Jiaojiao is also here. That's even better." Gao Moumou smiled and arrived at the balcony, pulling a chair and sitting down.

"Old Gao, were you looking for me?" Song Shuhang smiled and glanced at Gao Moumou. He had already heard from Yu Jiaojiao that the drunk Gao Moumou had given his all yesterday and written over 50,000 characters.

Whenever he thought about the dead drunk Gao Moumou frantically typing on the computer, Shuhang found the scene rather funny.

Of course, he was also sad that his friend had to write characters even after getting drunk... therefore, Shuhang observed three seconds of silence for Gao Moumou.

"I wrote the initial part of the plot. Come here and take a look." Gao Moumou poured himself a cup of tea and gave the manuscript to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang took the manuscript in his hands, and a surprised expression appeared on his face. F*ck. Not only did Gao Moumou write 50,000 characters yesterday, he also wrote the initial part of the plot. And that's not all, he even put it in order and printed it!

After getting drunk yesterday, Gao Moumou really turned into Super Gao Moumou!

Song Shuhang looked at him with admiration and observed another three seconds of silence for Gao Moumou before starting to read the manuscript.

Yu Jiaojiao also stretched her neck out and read the text.


The story was set in the future of a parallel world.

According to the plot, Earth had suffered a surprise attack from incredibly powerful and mysterious enemies. The human race suffered severe casualties, and the world had now entered an apocalyptic state.

But right at that time, another mysterious organization made its appearance. This organization had been protecting the human race all along and prevented the destruction this time.

The members of this other mysterious organization were none other than the immortals mentioned in legends, their power unparalleled. The strongest of them could move the mountains and drain the seas, as well as ride the clouds and fly on the mist.

To ward off the surprise attack of these mysterious enemies, cultivators joined forces and started to recruit disciples en masse, not hiding anymore and finally walking in the sun.

"Not bad, not bad. This world building is ingenious. It feels very natural," Song Shuhang said.

"That's a given," Gao Moumou said complacently while sipping his tea. He was looking forward to looking at Shuhang's expression after he had read the next part.

Song Shuhang kept reading.

The plot finally unfolded.

The main character was the disciple of a medium-sized sect of a cultivation faction. Just as Song Shuhang had requested, the main character was delicate and pretty, with an elegant air around him.

"Not bad, not bad." Song Shuhang nodded his head. Venerable White was surely going to like such a main character.

But just as he kept reading, Song Shuhang's expression became a little strange.

The scene that officially gave start to the play was a martial arts competition inside the sect.

The competition was between the main character and his senior brother, 'Gao Sheng'.

Afterward, the handsome and cool main character got beaten in all possible ways by that Gao Sheng.

They competed in saber technique, sword techniques, fist techniques, foot techniques, and so on... but the main character was unable to defeat Senior Brother Gao Sheng in any of them.

The scene where the handsome and delicate Senior White got beaten by this senior brother called Gao Sheng resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples, and the mental energy between his eyebrows also started acting up, making him feel as though someone was pounding his head with a hammer. However, that pain was still nothing compared to the pain he felt after reading this section of the plot.

"Gao Moumou, can I ask you something?" Song Shuhang said.

"Sure thing," Gao Moumou said complacently while sitting with one leg on the other.

Song Shuhang asked, "Who is going to play the role of this Senior Brother Gao Sheng?"

"Why are you asking the obvious? It's obviously going to be the handsome me!" Gao Moumou said complacently.

As soon as he finished speaking, he noticed that the look in Song Shuhang's eyes changed.

Song Shuhang was looking at him with a gaze full of 'compassion', and it seemed there were traces of pity as well.

Gao Moumou didn't know if it was just his misconception, but he saw golden light scattering around Song Shuhang's body just as though he was the reincarnation of the Buddha, with that light of virtue full of pity and compassion shooting in all directions.

"Don't look at me like that. I told you earlier that I was going to create this role even if you didn't agree with it. It was the condition for me to write the plot," Gao Moumou said firmly.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Don't worry. I won't object the creation of this role. I won't object at all."

After saying this much, Song Shuhang stretched his hand out and gently patted Gao Moumou's shoulder, sighing.

Then, he said to Yu Jiaojiao via secret sound transmission, "Jiaojiao, what's the cost of a spot in that underwater graveyard of yours? I think I should reserve a spot for my dear friend there."

"?" Yu Jiaojiao was confused.

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and said, "The main character of this story... is Venerable White!"

Yu Jiaojiao finally understood what was going on.

"Are you two done flirting with your eyes?" Gao Moumou said, "If you have something to say, just say it!"

"It's nothing, it's really nothing. Let's look at the rest of the plot," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Of course, he was just joking earlier. Senior White's tolerance wasn't that low. He should be fine with such a plot. After all, it was just an act!


Song Shuhang kept reading Gao Moumou's plot.

Senior Brother Gao Sheng kept making things difficult for the main character and started to compete with him in sabers, spears, staffs, cudgels, and so on for a total of eighteen different types of weapons.

For some reason, Song Shuhang found the scene somewhat familiar.

Afterward, a certain resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind.

"Little White, where did you run off to, I thought you lost your way."

"Little White, shall we practice fist (saber, sword, staff, spear) techniques?"

"Little White, carefully watch the saber (fist, sword, staff, spear)!"

"Little White, come again!"

"Aye aye, Little White, today's training concludes here. I'll look for you tomorrow and we can play together again!"

The ting-ling sound coming from the bell of a horse was echoing in the background...


It reminded me of that young man wearing green clothes that rode a white horse in the desert!

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang looked strangely at Gao Moumou. He felt that his dear friend was unconsciously seeking death big time!

Should they really use this plot?

If they were to use it, Gao Moumou wouldn't be the only one to suffer the consequences!

If Senior White were to see this plot, wouldn't he think that Song Shuhang was secretly firing shots at him?

At that time, Song Shuhang might get backstabbed due to the death-seeking tendencies of his dear friend Gao Moumou!

Forget it. I should read the whole plot before judging.

After rubbing his temples, Song Shuhang took a deep breath and kept reading.

In the story, after the main character was abused in all ways by Senior Brother Gao Sheng, a beautiful senior sister appeared and applied medicine to his wounds.

This setting wasn't too bad. When this senior sister made her appearance, she gave off the impression of being one of those gentle and kind elder sisters that helped others. Not bad.

But right after, the plot took a sudden turn and developed rapidly.

That senior sister was ready to get married... but the bridegroom wasn't the main character?

Luckily, that senior sister and the main character had an agreement: 'Come to look for me the day of the marriage. As long as you come, I'll give up everything and marry you.'

Now, according to how things normally went, the main character should rush to the place of the wedding and cause havoc, ultimately marrying the senior sister, right?

However, Gao Moumou decided not to follow the usual route.

Just as the main character was heading toward the place where the wedding was held, he was attacked by the members of the mysterious enemy organization. As a consequence, he was forced into a coma for several days and missed the wedding of his senior sister.

By the time he woke up, that senior sister had already become someone else's wife...

Afterward, Gao Moumou described the heart-breaking scene of the main character losing himself in sorrow over the loss of his senior sister. That type of deep grief and remorse that couldn't help but make one cry rivers.

Is it really fine to seek death like this?

Song Shuhang glanced at Gao Moumou once more.

"That part was something Daoist Priest Horizon suggested. It's truly a masterpiece," Gao Moumou said with a smile. While speaking, he pointed at one corner of the manuscript where he had noted down: 'Material that Daoist Priest Horizon provided'.

Song Shuhang felt his head ache a little.

As expected, it had been a big mistake allowing Daoist Priest Horizon to get inside the villa!

Dammit. If Venerable White has something to say about the plot, I'll immediately sell out Daoist Priest Horizon, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Song Shuhang kept reading.

After losing his senior sister, the main character tried to drown his sorrows in wine... but after the paragraph, the main character met his second love.

It was a very good-looking woman that liked reading books, liked squatting together with the main character in the library to read books, liked freeloading books, liked looking at the setting sun together with the main character, and liked eating chicken legs.

For this second love, Gao Moumou had used all of Song Shuhang's hobbies as a base!

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