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Chapter 39: Don’t worry, just a broken leg would suffice!

In everybody’s view, the lecture room door was opened. A tall and lean man appeared in the doorway, and was in the midst of making a door pushing action.

The man was approximately 1.8m tall, with a mohawk hairstyle that raised towards the sky, this type of hairstyle was top notch even amongst visual kei hairstyles.

His eyes had deep dark circles, this seems to be called smoky-effect makeup? It was very fashionable years ago, there was a beautiful world-class celebrity with this style as her signature.

Everybody in the lecture room stared at this man, with nary a blink.

Embarrassed by their gazes, the man scratched his head, and said with a smile, “You’re in the middle of a lesson, huh, my apologies for disturbing all of you.”

“Who are you?” The chalk in Professor Smith’s hands snapped into pieces, the professor was incredibly angry, there would be serious consequences!

“Caucasian?” The tall man waved his hand, “Go stand at a side for now, I’m looking for someone and will leave after that. I won’t be bothering you guys for much longer.”

The veins on Professor Smith’s forehead popped up, he was about to give this lean and tall man a taste of what he’s made of.

But after the tall and lean man waved his arm, Professor Smith suddenly discovered that he couldn’t move, it was like he was fixed in place. It wasn’t just his limbs, even his mouth and tongue were immobile. Even his eyes couldn’t move! In the end, even his thoughts began to freeze.

The visitor then looked around the lecture room, seemingly looking for someone.

All of the students stared at him, stupefied.

The only exception was Song Shuhang, who was looking at the lock that was blown away when the door was being ‘pushed open.’ He had a premonition that someone who could blast away a lock just by opening the door definitely wasn’t an ordinary human being.

At the very least, it had to be a cultivator who had ingested the Body Tempering Liquid before, to be able to do this.

This guy, he can’t possibly be Medicine Master, right?

Shuhang immediately shook his head in rejection of that idea.

It can’t be, it definitely can’t be! Senior Medicine Master from the Nine Provinces (1) Group, although he he rarely speaks, it can be seen that he’s a reliable senior, how could he possibly be this visual kei in front of my eyes?

Regretfully, in life, what you’re afraid of always comes true.

“Little friend Song Shuhang, come on out, I’m Medicine Master!” The tall and lean man’s gaze was fixed on Shuhang. He laughed out loud and waved.

Immediately, all of the students looked at Song Shuhang.

Their gazes were sharp and complicated……

Song Shuhang covered his face with his hands; these days would be difficult to pass.

Also, why does Medicine Master know he’s here without even making a call? Could it be that he used some magic to locate his position?

In the end, Song Shuhang still endured the embarrassment and walked over.

“Teacher, I’m requesting leave for two lessons.” Song Shuhang said to Professor Smith in an embarrassed manner.

Professor Smith didn’t even blink, as of that moment his thoughts were already frozen. When he returns back to normal, he would only feel like he was blankly staring at something for a moment… he wouldn’t even realize that there was a student who left right in front of him.

“What are you uttering so much rubbish for, quickly, come with me.” Medicine Master dragged Song Shuhang away.

“Tubo, help me pack my textbooks.” Song Shuhang shouted at Tubo who sat all the way back, and was dragged away by Medicine Master.

At the back of the classroom, Tubo was puzzled, “It can’t be another courier delivery guy, right?”

“Doesn’t seem like it.” Gao Moumou pushed his glasses, “Come to think of it, that person the last time didn’t seem like a courier either.”

Along the way, Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Medicine Master, how did you find me?”

“Cellphone location services, as long as I input your number, I can locate your position. Then all I need to do is to check who in the lecture hall had experienced ‘Body Tempering’. With that, I’d know which one is you. After using the Body Tempering Liquid, the difference between you and ordinary mortals is very obvious.” Medicine Master boastfully/proudly said.

Song Shuhang’s delusions were once again torn apart. So it was a cellphone function, and not the use of magic that allowed him to locate me from miles away?

But thinking about it, doesn’t he require my permission from my phone before being able to make use of that location sharing function? Could it be that Medicine Master is also a top class hacker or something, able to bypass the need for permission from my phone and forcefully obtain my location?

Song Shuhang said, “I never expected you to dress so fashionably, Senior Medicine Master.”

“Fashionably? Which aspect are you referring to?” Medicine Master was puzzled.

For example, your mohawk hairstyle? Said Song Shuhang

“Oh, you mean this. This is actually because I used a flying sword to fly directly from Hai Bei Province to the Jiang Nan Region, I went over two provinces. Adding to that the stronger winds at high altitudes, my hair was blown till it became like this.” Medicine Master said with an embarrassed smile.

“…….” Song Shuhang remained silent for a moment, but he didn’t give up and said, “Then what about Senior’s smoky effect makeup?”

“Smoky effect makeup? Oh oh, I know about this, my disciple often brings this up, there’s a celebrity named Avril, a little girl who uses that type of makeup, right? But this isn’t smoky effect makeup, this is just ordinary dark circles. As a pill master, we often spend entire nights to concoct pills, sometimes I don’t eat or sleep for weeks. Over time, these dark circles developed. Because I’ve still been spending over ten days to refine them frequently, these dark circles didn’t fade away. Perhaps I would need to make a breakthrough for these dark circles to disappear.” Medicine Master heartily laughed.

In his heart, Song Shuhang could only feel thousands of ‘grass mud horses’ galloping everywhere.

[TL: ‘Grass mud horses’ is a form of cursing in chinese.]

Compared to the Medicine Master whose words were as rare as gold, the Medicine Master in reality was very chatty, loves to laugh heartily, and very open. His previous image was completely wrecked.



Males’ dormitory.

“This is where you stay, huh, where’s the pill refining room?” Asked Medicine Master.

“Pill refining room…… this is as close as it gets.” Song Shuhang pointed at the kitchen.

“Isn’t this the kitchen?” Medicine Master kneaded his brows, “That’s right, you said before that you used an induction stove and a hot pot to refine the Body Tempering Liquid, so it could only be the kitchen.”

The kitchen huh, sigh. Medicine Master suddenly felt very melancholic, and involuntarily made a deep sigh.

But he very quickly lifted his spirits back up.

“Little friend Shuhang, can you refine the Body Tempering Liquid for me to see?” Enquired Medicine Master.

Through a way similar to pill refining, he simulated the process Song Shuhang experienced yesterday when refining the Body Tempering Liquid yesterday. This gave him some interesting findings by accident.

But simulating was just simulating after all, there were many details that were neglected. So he wanted to personally witness Song Shuhang refine the Body Tempering Liquid once, to confirm some details.

“Right now?” Song Shuhang looked at the time, the third lesson was already more than half done, it was already past 9.30.

“Is there a problem?” Medicine Master asked doubtfully.

“There doesn’t seem to be enough time, another half an hour later, the morning classes would come to an end. After that, it would be lunch time.” Song Shuhang explained.

“Oh, I nearly forgot, ordinary mortals need to eat. So troublesome, if it’s cultivators, a pill would be enough to solve these trivial matters.” Medicine Master murmured, then asked again, “Then does little friend Shuhang have time in the afternoon? How about we both try refining Body Tempering Liquid at the same time during the afternoon?”

“Afternoon… I still have lessons?” Song Shuhang said; actually he could take leave, moreover he had already prepared the procedures for taking leave.

“You have lessons? I nearly forgot that you’re a student. So, who is your teacher for your afternoon class?” Medicine Master asked in a natural manner.

This question, it doesn’t give me any peace of mind!

“Senior, forgive me for asking. Although I believe Senior is an upright person, I still have to ask this. Senior, you aren’t planning on sending the teacher for my afternoon lessons to the hospital, right?” Song Shuhang seriously asked; the damage done by Soft Feather was just recovered from yesterday! No, it was practically yesterday night.

“Ahahaha, you’ve thought of this idea too? It’s a great idea isn’t it, as long as your teacher is sent to the hospital, you would have free time in the afternoon, right? Don’t worry, I can control the severity of the damage done, just a broken leg would suffice.” Medicine Master said as if it was a matter of course.

Sending someone’s teacher to the hospital with a broken leg without even batting an eyelid, is this a fine tradition of the Nine Provinces (1) Group?

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