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Song Shuhang and company successfully found the plane that crashed, as well as its passengers.

Fortunately, they did not encounter any scary monster beasts that might try to chase or kill them on their way there.

When Song Shuhang found the passengers, they seemed to him like Spartans.

Fifty-plus gorillas were seen surrounding approximately twenty passengers… and the twenty passengers were forced to stand in four neat lines.

In front of these twenty passengers, there was a strong gorilla… that was doing the ❮Times are Calling❯ calisthenics—it was leading the exercise.

Nearly twenty passengers wore perplexed expressions while following the gorilla in performing calisthenics at the same time!

What kind of image was this... Song Shuhang almost wanted to jab something into his eyes to render them blind. Even gorillas that became spirits would not be as human-like as the troop of gorillas before his eyes, right?

Behind the troop of gorillas were a black uncle, a slightly plump middle-aged man, an old professor, an air hostess, as well as Song Shuhang’s disciple in name, Joseph. They were currently tied up like rice dumplings by the gorillas and thrown onto the ground.

"What exactly is happening?" Gao Moumou stood on an elevated ground, his eyes squinting into two lines. He had myopia, hence objects afar looked very blur and indistinct to him, but if he used his mind to think and fill in the gaps, he would still be able to find out what was happening in front!

"The gorillas are teaching the passengers calisthenics radio music?" Tubo secretly took out his phone in a bid to record the scene before his eyes. Unfortunately, it was too far away, so all he captured was a bunch of black dots.

"Are they filming a movie?" Yayi muttered—after all, it was extremely outrageous that the gorillas were teaching human beings how to do calisthenics.

Just as the audience was chatting away… suddenly, amongst the people doing calisthenics, a little boy couldn’t quite keep up with the rest and fell behind on a couple of steps.

At this time, one of the gorillas from within the troop that was surrounding the human beings pounced ferociously towards the passengers and grabbed the little boy. It tied him up skilfully and dragged him behind the troop, putting him together with the black uncle, the professor, the air hostess as well as Joseph.

"There is even punishment?" Tubo felt as though his beliefs were completely shattered after today’s episodes.

Gao Moumou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "Is this War for the Planet of the Apes?"

The scene before their eyes was as science fiction as it gets.

The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched before he said softly, "You guys stay here, don’t move. I will go there to take a look."

"You’re going alone? Let me accompany you!" Tubo clenched his teeth.

"Exactly, if you wanna go, all of us go together." Likewise, Gao Moumou clenched his teeth.

"It’s fine, I can go there alone. If there’s any danger, I will escape back here immediately. You guys know this too, I’ve been training recently, hence I run fast." Song Shuhang gave a thumbs up.

Gao Moumou and Tubo thought about it and agreed—previously, Song Shuhang took the first place in their school’s long-distance race. If both of them tagged along, they might end up being a hindrance instead.

"You must, by all means, be careful. I’ve heard that gorillas can erupt with a very high speed for short distances. You must pay attention to your own safety," Gao Moumou said carefully.

Song Shuhang nodded. "You guys hide well, don’t let them find you."

Thereafter, he approached the troop of gorillas at high speed.

While approaching, Song Shuhang secretly used the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯ and brought his mental energy to its maximum.

Speaking of the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯, it must be said that the image of his True Self had completely changed recently.

In his sea of consciousness, his True Self was still firmly sitting cross-legged as before.

Perhaps because he had practiced the ❮Virtuous Man’s Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯, his True Self’s hair was tied up into a bun like that of scholars in ancient times, his face looking auspicious and peaceful—he had the manners and air of a scholar.

How should it be put… Song Shuhang was rather pleased with the changes appearing in his True Self from the neck up.

But from the neck down, his body suddenly became extremely ripped, similar to bodybuilders’ physique—huge chunks of muscles, strong, sturdy, veins popping out.

Indistinctly, his True Self’s ‘muscles’ would sparkle with golden light. This was the result of practicing the ❮Immovable Body of the Buddha❯.

Additionally, his True Self’s upper body had no clothes or accessories, and his lower half was wearing four-toned pants.

As for the appearance of his True Self, Song Shuhang was in absolute despair… He only had one goal at the moment—after he had leapt through the dragon gate, and transformed what was illusory into reality, turning the qi and blood in his body into true qi, he would definitely search for several daoist sword arts and also techniques from the Erudite School to practice.

I must change the image of my True Self back!

Very quickly, Song Shuhang had already approached the troop of gorillas.

As he was approaching them, another five, six more passengers had their arms tied behind the back with the rope looped around their necks by the gorillas and thrown to Joseph’s side because they couldn’t keep up with the gorillas’ calisthenics.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath, his hand holding the treasured saber Broken Tyrant tightly—his opponents were fifty gorillas, he dared not be careless; he feared that when the gorillas went berserk, they might accidentally kill the passengers.

After getting to an appropriate distance, Song Shuhang revealed himself abruptly with the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in one hand.

At the same time, he activated a mental energy trick, ‘spiritual pressure’, and transformed the mental energy that had been accumulated for a long period into pressure power, directing it towards the fifty gorillas!

Also at the same time, his finger spun the pendant, ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’ that was hung on his chest. A layer of green spiritual energy surrounded Song Shuhang’s entire body, increasing his speed to the maximum.

Song Shuhang needed the gorillas to reveal a moment of weakness before he could eliminate most of them while the Green Breeze Speed Boost was still in effect.

Like that, the passengers would be able to safely get out of danger. By then, the remaining gorillas would slowly be eliminated.

He used the might of his spiritual pressure on all of the gorillas at the scene, and also around all the ordinary passengers. At such a critical moment, Song Shuhang had absolutely no time to differentiate and specifically target the enemy.

Under the might and pressure of his mental energy, all the gorillas stiffened.

In the next moment, just as Song Shuhang was about to perform the ‘Flaming Saber’ to exterminate the majority of them, they all suddenly let out a strange cry and fled in all directions.

They fled tremendously fast—in the blink of an eye, not a single one was left.

Song Shuhang also stiffened; he had activated the Green Breeze Speed Boost and was ready to fight these gorillas, but instead, they chose to flee suddenly. At this time, he felt as though he had punched a pile of cotton, quite annoyed.

Don’t tell me my ’spiritual pressure’ skill had another breakthrough? Song Shuhang suspected.

"Teacher! Teacher!" At this time, Joseph, who was tied up like a rice dumpling, started cheering loudly upon seeing Song Shuhang’s appearance. He was like a worm, wriggling happily towards Song Shuhang.

And the passengers who were forced to do the ❮Times are Calling❯ radio exercise once again fell weakly to the ground—some of them cried out loud, some of them laughed as hard as they could, some of them fell to the ground as their legs gave away... they used various kinds of methods to vent their emotions.

"It’s Shuhang." Likewise, Lu Fei and her sister sat weakly on the ground without caring for their image, looking at Song Shuhang’s figure.

Even though they did not know why the troop of gorillas suddenly fled in all directions when Song Shuhang appeared, it was good that they left.

Song Shuhang looked at the supplementary technique ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’ on his body, and carefully took a step forward. Under the support and protection of the Green Breeze spiritual energy, his body seemed to have escaped the gravitational pull—his entire body floated exaggeratedly… his legs also seemed as though they were equipped with springs, there was an invisible energy supporting him, causing him to bounce.

Thereafter, in the eyes of several surprised passengers, Song Shuhang was hopping like a grasshopper towards Joseph.

What was Mr. Song Shuhang trying to do? The majority of the passengers could not understand why he was hopping and what he was trying to do.

Song Shuhang finally hopped to Joseph’s side with much difficulty, wiped his forehead and squatted down before undoing the ropes.

He then helped the other people next to him to undo their ropes as well.

After getting his ropes undone, the black uncle cried tears of joy—he assumed that he was definitely gonna die, and didn’t expect to escape death. The rest of the people who were tied up felt the same way.

After he saved the people who were tied up, Song Shuhang waved at Lu Fei and her sister, who were among the passengers.

Lu Fei and her sister got up from the ground and went to Song Shuhang’s side.

Song Shuhang asked, "Lu Fei, Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Zhongyang aren’t with you guys?"

Lu Fei shook her head. "Both of them seemed to have separated from us. I initially thought they were with you."

"Oh." Song Shuhang rubbed his brows… The people on board seemed to have been separated into several groups, what a headache.

"I was together with Tubo, Gao Moumou, and his girlfriend. The Zhuge siblings were not with us; firstly, I will bring you guys somewhere safe. Thereafter, I will think of a way to find Zhuge Zhongyang and the rest," answered Song Shuhang.

After he finished his sentence, he glanced once again at the passengers.

Every single one of them lacked outdoor survival experience in the wild—after their narrow escape from death, they did not keep their guard up. All of them lay weakly on the ground, resting and recovering some energy.

Apart from those passengers, Song Shuhang himself did not have any outdoor survival skills either—at most, all he did was watch outdoor survival television programs.

Forget it, I have to first get Lu Fei and co., the passengers, as well as Gao Moumou and the rest to the ancient city before deciding my next course of action, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Everyone, please quiet down." Song Shuhang clapped his hands.

It was Song Shuhang’s arrival that scared the gorillas away. Hence the passengers quieted down and looked towards him.

"Ahem, as everyone had seen, the wilderness is not safe—apart from the gorillas, there are other ferocious beasts here. Earlier, my friends and I saw an ancient city in that direction. If you are willing to come with me, I will bring everyone to that ancient city," said Song Shuhang loudly.

The passengers glanced at Song Shuhang—some were happy, some were grateful… but, inevitably, there would be some people who were suspicious and doubtful. Everyone had their own opinions.

But Song Shuhang couldn’t care any less at this moment. He would look out somewhat for those who were willing to follow him. Otherwise, he was not going to force anyone to come together with them. He might be a good person, but he wasn’t someone who would beg others to let him help them.

Right now, he could only do his best… after all, forcing things would not bring about anything good.

"His level is that of a cultivator of the First Stage Five Apertures Realm, with his Ear Aperture opened.

"He is someone who cares deeply about friendship, a very meticulous person.

"Oh, he even took the initiative to search and help the remaining passengers? A person of good nature?"

"Argh… the stain of my life, welcome to the ‘Heaven Island’!

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