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Coincidence: a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without an apparent causal connection. From the ninth volume of the ❮Slapping the Table in Amazement❯: "Such a coincidence can only be the will of Heavens."

The person Zhuge Zhongyang sent finally picked up Song Shuhang and brought him to the airport.

After getting out of the car, he took his backpack and shot a look around.

He saw Zhuge Zhongyang, Zhuge Yue, Gao Moumou, Yayi, and Tubo.

On another side was Miss Lu Fei with her impressive stature as well as a maturer version of her, likely her elder sister. She was Zhuge Zhongyang’s target this time.

Earlier, Gao Moumou made a bet with Song Shuhang. He said that if left alone, Zhuge Zhongyang and Lu Fei’s elder sister wouldn’t endure more than three minutes before starting to quarrel! Zhuge Zhongyang’s temperament was so bad that he wouldn’t be able to find a girlfriend for a lifetime!

At the time, after seeing Gao Moumou’s self-satisfied smile, Song Shuhang wanted to remind him that if Zhuge Zhongyang couldn’t find a girlfriend, he would continuously bother him.

But seeing his friend in such high spirits, Song Shuhang didn’t have the heart to tell him this cruel truth.

"Eh?" After gazing at everyone, Song Shuhang’s look returned to Zhuge Yue’s body.

There was something wrong with Zhuge Yue today. It was very rare to see her (him) embarrassed and shrinking behind Zhuge Zhongyang and Gao Moumou, not willing to come out.

What was happening?

What made Zhuge Yue turn this quiet?

What could have happened?

Song Shuhang looked at the people next to Lu Fei.

And then… he saw someone he would have never expected to see.

It was a middle-aged foreigner with a strong build and a ruddy face.

And beside this foreigner was a blonde girl of mixed blood. The blonde girl was having a pleasant chat with Lu Fei; it seemed that they had a very good relationship.

When he saw that stocky foreigner, Song Shuhang wished he could immediately run away and hide in the car he had come out of!

Because... that foreigner was none other than Joseph ‘Guy’ Maupassant.

Perhaps not everyone remembers this name. After all, his screen time was really too short. But if we mention the peerless martial technique the ❮Times are Calling❯, then you might be able to guess the identity of this man!

How can there be such a coincidence?

Song Shuhang thought that he wouldn’t meet this ‘nominal disciple’ of his, Joseph, again. After all, Jiangnan College Town was very big and had a huge number of students. With such numbers, what was the probability of meeting the parent of a student twice?

However, he still met him!

Joseph ‘Guy’ Maupassant was standing next to Lu Fei, calmly smiling.

At this time, Song Shuhang understood why Zhuge Yue was acting this way, not willing to show herself—it was due to the video she had sent on the website of the campus.

The title of that video was: ‘Wahaha, I laughed so much that I thought I was going to die! This is our Chinese Kung Fu seen through the eyes of a foreigner’.

And the main character of the video was a drunk Joseph ‘Guy’ Maupassant.

Song Shuhang unconsciously reached out to the magical brooch on his chest that Soft Feather had lent him; he was thinking of changing his appearance.

However… it was too late.

As soon as he came out of the car and went toward Gao Moumou and the others, the originally calm Joseph revealed an astonished look on his face. Afterward, it changed into one of happiness!

"Teacher! Teacher!" Joseph rushed toward Song Shuhang as though he was running a 100m race, calling out in a rather weird Mandarin.

Then, he gave Song Shuhang a warm bear hug.

"Teacher, I didn’t think I would see you here! There is really fate between us!" Joseph heartily laughed.

"Ahaha, indeed. What a coincidence!" Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh—it was indeed fate… ill fate!

The world was so big, and there were billions of people. And yet, he still managed to meet Joseph once more… just how much of a coincidence was it?

When Gao Moumou, Zhuge Zhongyang, and the blonde girl saw Joseph cheerfully run toward Song Shuhang, they were temporarily at a loss.

Gao Moumou and Tubo were confused. As his roommates, not even they were this happy after seeing Shuhang. Just what was the relationship between Shuhang and Joseph?

But when they heard him shout ‘teacher’, they understood what was happening.

"Pfff!" Gao Moumou spurted out the water he was drinking, spurting it on Zhuge Zhongyang face who was standing next to him.

In the video, Joseph said that he met a martial arts expert at the athletic meeting in his daughter’s university… and now, it seemed that this ‘expert’ was Song Shuhang!

They didn’t think that Song Shuhang was such a wicked person. Teaching someone a set of the ❮Times are Calling❯ fitness exercise and passing it off as a peerless martial technique.

In the back, Zhuge Yue covered her red face; she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

Because she was the one that put the video online, and just now, Joseph’s daughter grabbed her and brought her to a side, reprimanding her.

If Joseph’s daughter had a fiery temperament and had shouted curses at her, she would have probably felt better.

But Joseph’s daughter was a very kind girl and had a gentle disposition—she was the type with a lot of patience. Therefore, she didn’t curse after grabbing Zhuge Yue. On the other hand, she started to complain and release all her pent-up bitterness, reprimanding her for more than twenty minutes.

Zhuge Yue was terrified of her. She (he) wasn’t too good at dealing with this kind of people!

"Teacher, the technique you taught me was really incredible. I practiced every day, and I feel that my body has become much stronger," Joseph said warmly to Song Shuhang.

From the looks of it, Joseph had yet to realize that the ❮Times are Calling❯ was just a set of calisthenics radio music...

It seemed that his gentle daughter didn’t have the heart to destroy her father’s dream. Moreover, doing exercise every day was healthy for the body.

And unless someone told him, Joseph wouldn’t realize something was amiss—because he personally saw Song Shuhang practicing in the middle of the abandoned classroom.

Every time he was sending out a punch, the air would explode with crackling sound! It was nothing like those special effects in movies; it was real Chinese Kung Fu!

Therefore, someone like Joseph that had dreamt of learning kung fu since little firmly believed in this technique.

"Ahahaha! It’s all thanks to your efforts." Song Shuhang bitterly smiled. But when he hugged Joseph, he discovered that his constitution had become much stronger!

Moreover, this growth could be felt very clearly!

Just how many times one has to perform this exercise in a day to strengthen their body to this extent?😳

Song Shuhang felt a bit sorry for this ‘nominal disciple’ of his.

However, he was also helpless. He couldn’t teach others the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯, the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯, and the ❮Immovable Body of the Buddha❯ without Great Master Profound Principle’s permission.

And right now, he had no means to pay that price.

Senior Scarlet Heaven didn’t say that he couldn’t teach to others the ❮Flaming Saber❯ he learned in the dream. However, this saber technique was surely hiding some deep secret… and Shuhang didn’t want to teach it to others before uncovering this secret.

Recalling things to this point, he realized that he was really useless as a ‘teacher’...

"Thanks for the praise, Teacher. Unfortunately, my time is limited, and I can practice only thirty times a day. Ah, yes. Teacher, when will I start to feel the warm current flow in my body?" Joseph asked expectantly. He really wanted to be like Song Shuhang, punching the air creating crackling sounds!

If he could also do it, he would have really no regrets left.

"Ahaha, I can’t say for sure. After all, everyone has different talent and different ways to practice. Therefore, the time they need is also different." After finishing his sentence, Song Shuhang sighed with emotion. "Moreover, you missed the best period to practice. As a result, you’ll need to practice for more time."

It wasn’t only Joseph, Song Shuhang had also missed the best period to practice. When practicing, he had to put in double the effort while obtaining only half of the result.

"I understand, Teacher. Then, I’ll just have to practice harder!" Joseph said while patting his chest. Then, he enthusiastically pulled Song Shuhang toward the blonde girl. "Come, Teacher. I’ll introduce you to my daughter. She also studies at Jiangnan’s university!"


Joseph’s daughter is also here?

It was like a bolt from the blue for Song Shuhang, with lightning raining down on his head—It’s over. This time, it’s really over.

The blonde girl quietly stood there, waiting for her father to bring the ‘main culprit’ in front of her.

"Teacher, her name is Shuangxue Maupassant. As for the Chinese one, she took her mother’s surname, Ji Shuangxue!" Joseph proudly introduced his daughter to Song Shuhang.

"And Teacher’s name is… wait? Teacher, what’s your name?" Joseph scratched his head and turned around with an embarrassed look on his face.

The last time, he unexpectedly forgot to ask his teacher’s name...

"Hello, fellow schoolmate Song Shuhang," Ji Shuangxue said gently, stretching her fair and tender hand toward Song Shuhang—she had already learned about Song Shuhang’s name from her other schoolmate, Lu Fei.

"Hello, fellow schoolmate Ji Shuangxue." Song Shuhang bitterly smiled and stretched his hand, shaking hands with Shuangxue.

The nearby Lu Fei wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to; her face was all red. But Lu Fei’s elder sister, who didn’t know what was happening, was standing on the side with a baffled look on her face.

When Song Shuhang’s gaze fell on Lu Fei, she stuck out her tongue, making a funny face.

Song Shuhang’s smile became even more forced.

When Heaven sends calamities, there is hope of weathering them; when man brings them upon himself, there is no hope of escape!

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