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"Zhou Li, let go!" said Doudou to Zhou Li.

"Hehehe… in your dreams! There is no way I’ll let you go now that I’ve caught you!" Zhou Li pulled the entirety of the chain out of his sleeve—there was a pointed hook on its other end.

This was Zhou Li’s preferred weapon and also the reason he was nicknamed ‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li. Other than killing his enemies, this chain with a pointed hook allowed him to capture them alive—this was one of the main reasons he was in charge of capturing Doudou. No matter if it was a human or a dog, Zhou Li was an expert at capturing them.

"Right, I won’t let you escape, monster!" the girl above also shouted with her child-like voice.

"Benefactors… I’m dying… ugh…" The small monk started to foam at the mouth. He couldn’t bear it anymore and softly fell downward.

The small monk had completed his Foundation Establishment not too long ago, and before leaving the temple, he had opened only his ‘Eye Aperture’. The current strength of his body was even inferior to that of Song Shuhang.

Therefore, he reached his limit and passed out after having that chain coiled around his neck for so long. Next, the monster hunter girl pulled him down from Doudou’s back.

"Aaaaaah!" An ear-piercing cry echoed. However, it wasn’t the small monk that screamed, it was the monster hunter girl.

The cultivation of this girl was too low, and she had no means to fly.

When the small monk was pulled away from Doudou’s back, she also fell from the sky. At the same time, the chain coiling around the small monk’s neck finally loosened up.

Zhou Li lightly shouted, and the chain attached to the girl’s body gently moved, coiling around the small monk and the girl like a giant snake.

Then, the chain brought them to Zhou Li’s side. At this time, it was swaying left and right in the sky like a huge snake.

A cultivator of the Fourth Stage had the ability to control and ride a flying sword, and since Zhou Li’s weapon was a hook, he could ride and control a flying hook.

Although such a weapon had many wondrous uses when capturing someone, its speed was quite slow when compared to a flying sword or a flying saber.

But it didn’t matter that much in the end. After all, no one ever said that a cultivator could only have one weapon!

A sword orb flew out of Zhou Li’s left sleeve and changed into sword light.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain had specially prepared this sword orb so that Zhou Li could easily chase after Doudou. However, it didn’t have great use in battle; its only strong point was its weirdly high speed.

"Doudou, don’t even think about running away! The small monk has also fallen into my hands, do you really think you can escape?" Zhou Li shouted.

Doudou stopped and turned around his body, revealing a human-like smile. "I let you pull him down on purpose. He had a chain coiling around his neck, and I couldn’t free him while he was still on my back."

"Hehe… whatever, you can forget about escaping today!" Zhou Li said in a grave tone—for the sake of his beloved, he had to catch Doudou and deliver him to Song Shuhang’s place. After that, he could finally pass seven beautiful days with his girlfriend!

It was a week long vacation! In those seven days, he could do whatever he wanted.

After thinking this much, Zhou Li’s blood started to seethe in excitement, and even his eyes became bloodshot.

He stepped on the sword light and tightly held onto his chain, eyeing Doudou like a hunter eyeing their prey. He seemed to have locked every possible route Doudou could use to escape.

"Don’t be in a hurry. I have something good to show you." Doudou raised his left paw and waved it, his face still wearing a human-like smile. Then, he used his other paw to take a mobile phone out of his fur and logged onto a certain account.

Zhou Li vigilantly looked at him, afraid that he would pull some tricks.

Next, Doudou revealed a weird smile and started to read some lines aloud, "Cough… My dear, I miss you so so so so much! I think of you every night, to the point that I can’t even fall asleep! My dear, I already can’t wait to be with you and protect you forever! ...Ugh, This is too disgusting, I can’t keep reading."

When Doudou finished reading these lines, the excited Zhou Li made a strange face. He closely looked at the phone in Doudou’s hands.

"Should I keep reading? Oh, this one is from last night... Ah, my dear! I think of you 365 days a year~ Soon, I’ll catch Doudou and leave him to a young fellow daoist. Then, I’ll be able to obtain seven days of vacation! My dear, I can’t wait to fly by your side and pass seven beautiful days with you! I’ve already decided the place where we’ll build our happy memories, hehehe..." Doudou continued to read.

A hint of surprise flashed through Zhou Li’s eyes. Soon after, he said with indignation, "Doudou, from where did you get those chat logs?!"

This was the lovey-dovey conversation between him and his girlfriend on his secret account. Did Doudou—this shameless fellow—take a screenshot of his chat logs?

He hadn’t added this secret account to the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Moreover, he didn’t add any other fellow daoist either. As a result, it wasn’t particularly protected, and it wasn’t that difficult to crack down.

"Do you really think that I hacked your account?" Doudou said with a smile, "Too naive!"

Then, Doudou showed the mobile phone to Zhou Li, letting him see the account.

This account had a beautiful fairy maiden as its profile picture. Moreover, one could see all the sweet messages sent by Zhou Li in the chat.

"Now, I’m sure you think that I hacked the account of your sweetheart…" Doudou evilly smiled. "But you’re still too naive!"

"Now, I’ll make you understand how cruel the world is. From the very beginning, that sweetheart with whom you were chatting online, sending sweet messages to, talking about your future, and sharing your happy moments with... it was me, Doudou!" Doudou loudly laughed, his face self-satisfied.

Zhou Li was dumbstruck.

"Impossible! I met her in real life!" Zhou Li howled.

"Hehehe… by relying on my charm, I just need to go to a random sect and cutely roll in the arms of a fairy maiden to convince her to help me with a small matter. Do you remember the first time you met her? She only revealed a sweet smile and immediately said she could accept everything, right? However, it seemed that she didn’t want to talk about the things you usually chat about in the group chat, am I right?" Doudou smiled like a demon.

"Impossible! You’re deceiving me!" Zhou Li clenched his teeth.

"Hehe, do you really find it impossible? Zhou Li, you’re really too naive!" Doudou threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Do you really think that there is a woman that could bear with someone like you? Someone that doesn't have time to accompany her and is chasing after a pekingese every day, leaving her alone all the time?"

After saying this much, Doudou weaved the phone in his hands. "There isn’t such a woman in this world. And even if there is, it’s either a dream or someone is deceiving you! This is the truth!"

Zhou Li was dumbfounded.

And while he was in a confusional state… Doudou approached him as fast as lightning and held the small monk in his mouth, quickly running away.

The small monk, who was now with Doudou, looked at the dumbstruck Zhou Li with a worried look on his face.

"Senior Doudou, weren't you too cruel to Senior Brother Zhou Li?" the small monk cautiously asked. He felt that Zhou Li was a very pitiful person.

The fairy maiden he loved was just Senior Doudou’s fake account... After imagining the scene of Zhou Li sending sweet messages to a pekingese, the small monk felt that he would have gone mad if he were in Zhou Li’s shoes.

"Hmph… others shouldn’t pity him but feel jealous." Doudou coldly snorted. "He chases after a pekingese every day and still has a woman willing to wait for him silently. This circumstance that should appear only in dreams and tricky situations... really occurred to this fool. This is the truth. Who knows how many men are envying that idiot."

"Ah? Senior Doudou, isn’t that woman just a fake identity you created?" the small monk asked, somewhat confused.

"Do you think that I’m someone who would send disgusting messages to Zhou Li every day? I managed to get a hold of her account because I went to her house and acted cutely for a few days." Doudou laughed.

"Senior Doudou, I think there is a very high chance that you would do something like this," the small monk said firmly—if it were someone else, the small monk wouldn’t dare to be 100% sure of it, but if it was someone like Senior Doudou, he was more than capable of doing something so shameless and mean.

"Moreover, you shouldn’t tell lies, Senior Doudou. Otherwise, you’ll be spanked," the small monk said earnestly.

"..." Doudou.

"Would you believe me if I were to say that I’ll throw you down from the sky?! Bastard, it was exactly to save you that I said that lie!" Doudou roared.

"Please forgive me!" The small monk quickly admitted his mistakes. But after a while, he earnestly said, "Still, telling lies is not a good thing."

At this time, Doudou was wondering if he should have left the small monk behind...

Zhou Li was absentmindedly standing on the flying sword, his face pale.

"Uncle, don’t cry," the monster hunter girl said cautiously.

"Hehe… Doudou… Doudou! So, you were playing with my feelings all along..." Zhou Li strangely laughed. "We need to have a good chaaaat!"

The layer of light lit up and Zhou Li dashed forward with the monster hunter girl, chasing after Doudou.

"Uncle, don’t give up. We’ll kill that wicked monster dog!" the monster hunter girl said with her child-like voice.

"KILL, KILL, KILL!" Zhou Li howled.

Wenzhou City, Song Shuhang’s house.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes—he had just finished today’s meditation.

‘Still no news of Senior White. Will he be able to bring Doudou and Guoguo back by tomorrow?’ Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Moreover… I wasn’t able to practice this morning. I’ll have to go out and practice after my parents go to sleep. The quantity of qi and blood in my Ear Aperture is increasing at a faster pace than what I originally thought. Tomorrow at most, I’ll be able to break through." Song Shuhang muttered.

Would he get an innate skill related to the Ear Aperture after opening it?

While opening the Eye, Nose, Ear, and Mouth Apertures, there was a chance to obtain an innate skill and Song Shuhang was hoping to obtain a useful one!

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