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Song Shuhang gave Venerable White a simple explanation of what had happened over the past two days.

Starting from the ‘Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist and the meteorite incident’, which happened after the start of Venerable White’s secluded meditation, to ‘the hand-guided tractor accident’. Then, ‘the meteorite exploding and destroying the hand-guided tractor with it too incident’ to ‘the appearance of the enlightenment stone’. Next, ‘Lady Onion’s attempt at stealing the enlightenment stone incident’ before finally ‘the lamb meat with a 300 years old fried green onion spirit incident’.

"Within the two days of my secluded meditation… so many things happened? You had quite a splendid two days, huh," Senior White said. Then, his expression suddenly turned sad as though he was experiencing some sort of heartache. "Wait a minute, earlier you said that the hand-guided tractor exploded?"

"That was because when the meteorite suddenly exploded, and the hand-guided tractor was within the range of the explosion and got hit." Song Shuhang felt sorry and consoled him, "Don’t worry about it, Senior. If you really liked the hand-guided tractor, when we get back we can request for another one from True Monarch Yellow Mountain! I think that Senior Yellow Mountain would surely be able to get us the exact same hand-guided tractor as the one before."

"That’s true… right, we can ask for a few more!" Senior White’s eyes lit up.

The hand-guided tractor was his most favorite vehicle to operate, especially when it trembled upon starting up—Senior White would get some sort of high from it.

Shuhang asked out of curiosity, "Why do you need a few more?"

"I suddenly thought of the ‘flying sword competition’ earlier, and I thought that perhaps I could look for a few fellow daoists to come together to organize a one-time ‘hand-guided tractor competition’—every participant would receive a hand-guided tractor before making their own modifications, and then race each other to see who is faster. It should be very interesting." Senior White pinched his chin.

Song Shuhang was speechless and quietly turned his head around, not wanting Senior White to see his current expression—the moment he tried imagining the scene of a group of fairy maidens, daoist priests, and great masters operating the hand-guided tractors, racing and drifting on track at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour, Song Shuhang didn’t know what facial expression he should use to express the current state of his mind, which was in uproar.

"In a while, notify True Monarch Yellow Mountain to prepare around 30-40 hand-guided tractors. It’s been quite a long time since I got out of secluded meditation, it’s about time for me to look for an opportunity to gather my fellow daoist friends who are still alive; the hand-guided tractor competition is a pretty good opportunity." Venerable White made up his mind.

Song Shuhang went speechless.

If Venerable White was for real, the image in his mind would most likely become reality!

When that happened, he hoped that they would hold the competition in a place where there were no human beings around.

Or else, if they get caught by the police… and the police officers were to see a bunch of daoists priests, monks—as well as men dressed like ancient scholars and beauties in ancient costumes—racing on hand-guided tractors, wouldn’t they be extremely traumatized?

"The hand-guided tractor’s issue is then settled. Tell me more about the enlightenment stone. There is a small onion sprout on it, is this the 300 years old onion spirit you told me about?" Venerable White used his finger to lightly flick the onion spirit.

The leaves of the onion spirit quietly recoiled—when she was in Song Shuhang’s pocket, she would secretly stretch out her leaves to see what was happening outside.

At that time, she saw the whole process of how this extremely formidable senior reached out his palm and destroyed a Second Stage cultivator—that Second Stage cultivator directly transformed into a handful of golden sand. When she thought of that scene, she felt that her roots went a little weak.

"It is exactly this small onion spirit," Song Shuhang answered.

"This little onion spirit is pretty interesting… were you able to fill your Ear Aperture with qi and blood because you ate her leaves? If that’s the case, nurture her with care! After you open your Ear Aperture, this little onion should have already grown quite a bit. At the time, you could directly pluck the upper part of the green onion and eat it, filling your Mouth Aperture with qi and blood. Even if it didn’t get filled up, eating it a few more times should do it. It’s a treasure!" Senior White smiled at Song Shuhang.

The Lady Onion immediately felt her vision go black…

"Actually, I was going to ask you to seal off her memories about the ‘enlightenment stone’ and let her go. This onion spirit… had a miserable past, I felt that her life wasn’t easy," Song Shuhand said. His good nature was acting up.

The moment Lady Onion heard this, her eyes immediately lit up!

"But, this onion spirit seems to have grown on top of the enlightenment stone… I can’t seem to pull her out. If I forcefully pull at her, I’m afraid I would hurt her roots, and by then she might really end up dying," Song Shuhang sighed.

Upon hearing this, Lady Onion’s eyes immediately started tearing up—why did her brain cramp the other day, making her climbing into Song Shuhang’s other pocket onto the enlightenment stone? Look what happened now, she ended up growing on top of it!

"Taking root on top of the enlightenment stone was her having good luck," Venerable White said. "Before we find a solution, you should nurture her with care… the enlightenment stone is very beneficial to her growth. Thereafter, over a period of time, she will start growing leaves—you can take them as a form of remuneration to you for taking root on the enlightenment stone.

The Lady Onion’s vision went black again—ultimately, she still couldn’t escape the fate of being sliced.

"Then, Shuhang, you mentioned before that the enlightenment stone was etched within the meteorite, and there were both Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s and my sword qi there, right?" Venerable White lightly stroked that piece of enlightenment stone.

After it got separated from the meteorite, the aura of Venerable White, as well as Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s sword qi on the enlightenment stone, became much weaker, and they were still dissipating continuously.

Approximately within two days’ time, the last bit of their auras and sword qi would completely disappear.

"I was thinking, could it be that after your disposable flying sword was shot into space, it might have left some of its sword qi on the meteorite?" Song Shuhang speculated.

"It’s not the disposable flying sword." Venerable White smiled. "Even if it was my own sword qi, because the technique was different, the aura left behind would also be different. If I’m not mistaken, this sword qi should belong to that of the ‘Heavenly Peng’s Flying Technique’. That kind of flying sword technique is one I have never used on any disposable flying swords before."

"The Heavenly Peng’s Flying Technique?" The name of that technique sounded familiar to Song Shuhang. He tried recalling a little and suddenly remembered. "What about the helicopter we took to space?"

"It is exactly that." Venerable White nodded and said, "The enlightenment stone is a very strange and unusual stone. Its strange power doesn’t belong to the world of cultivators. Before it saw the light of day and was still hidden within the meteorite, even if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to detect its presence—who would have thought that the inside of a randomly chosen meteorite to take a few pictures would have an enlightenment stone hidden in it."

All Song Shuhang was thinking right now was only one thing: This luck of Venerable White is genuinely heaven-defying!

"Now that you have the enlightenment stone and the onion spirit, Little Friend Shuhang, everything is ready for you. You just have to practice hard and quickly break through the First Stage Realm, jumping through the dragon gate and transcending mortality, becoming a True Master."

As they were speaking, Senior White looked outside the window, smiled and nodded slightly, before snorting softly.

On a roof somewhere outside the window, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was drenched with sweat from shock.

"Did I get found out?" he muttered. Earlier, when Venerable turned his head over and shot a glance, he felt as though he was looking directly at him.

Luckily… Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist didn’t have evil intentions. 

Or else, he would end up in the same plight as the masked man, being transformed into golden sand.

That masked man’s cultivation was only at the Second Stage, and the difference between his capabilities and that of Venerable White’s was worlds apart. Because of such a huge, huge difference, the masked man had absolutely no means of detecting the frightfulness of Venerable, who was in the midst of secluded meditation.

Hence, that masked man had such huge guts to barge in and intrude Song Shuhang’s room to bring about his own destruction.

But when one has reached Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s realm, they would be able to at least faintly detect Venerable White’s formidable power.

I should stop thinking about the enlightenment stone temporarily… I should just set my mind on getting an apartment near little friend Shuhang’s house, and become neighbors with him. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist thought to himself.

He slid the sword orb out from his sleeve and transformed it into a layer of light. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist stepped on the layer of light and flew far away in the direction of Wenzhou City—he had no money… if he wanted to get an apartment, he’d better look for a way to get some money. 

As for how and where to get money? Penniless Thief Sect members never had to worry about being unable to deal with such problems. There was no need to worry.

Not far behind Daoist Cloudy Mist, in a shadow in the corner, there was a figure that was weakly lying on the ground—he didn’t even have the strength to get up.

He was a chubby middle-aged man; however, this middle-aged man was just a puppet that was being controlled.

A fine golden hairpin was pricked into the back of his head, covered by his hair. It was almost not visible. It was a type of possession-like spell used to control ordinary human beings from afar.

"It’s indeed scary... even from such a long distance away, he could actually detect my presence? Luckily, this time I’m only borrowing the body of an ordinary human, or else, earlier on, it wouldn’t be as simple as just a mental shock. What I’d get would be an offensive spell, or even a flying sword to directly come over to retrieve my severed head, perhaps?" the middle-aged man muttered.

Furthermore, even though he used an ordinary human body as a puppet, the mental shock still almost managed to break his mental energy that was used to control the chubby middle-aged human, and even followed through to his own body, causing it to receive a certain amount of impact.

"With such a formidable figure guarding day and night, it’s no wonder Jing Mo failed. At this rate… is there still a chance to get the Blood God Crystal back?" The middle-aged man laughed bitterly.

He kept feeling that he took every single step needed, advancing towards his goal—from the beginning when he started scheming, everything was in his hands. Everything under the sky was all pawns in his hands; didn’t Su Clan’s Seven also end up being adequately exploited by him?

However, ever since this asshole ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ forcefully inserted himself into his plans, everything got disrupted.

Right now… he felt that his hopes of him getting back the Blood God Crystal were bleak.

"However, I won’t give up that easily," the middle-aged man said softly… After all, I’m Grandpa—ugh… Young Master Hai! And I never give up until the very end!

He reached out his hands and tore the piece of white paper he was holding.

That was a command to pursue and kill, belonging to the ‘Limitless Demon Sect’, similar to an order to capture a criminal for reward. The target was ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’.

Of course, this command to pursue and kill was fake… a powerful sect like the Limitless Demon Sect did not require a ‘command to pursue and kill’ to deal with Song Shuhang, a newbie that was still at the First Stage.

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