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Sure, one couldn’t use a single hand to clap, but it was enough to form a fist and punch people!

"Little White, carefully watch the saber!" The youth in green clothes revealed a dazzling smile. It didn’t matter if Song Shuhang had a saber in his hands; the young man tightly grasped his own and rose into the sky. Then, he aimed at Song Shuhang’s forehead with a mountain-splitting slash.

If he didn’t evade, this saber would chop Song Shuhang into two halves.

"Bastard!" Song Shuhang rolled to a side, evading the blow.

Is there an old grudge between the two of us or something? It’s the first we meet, and you’re already using such violent methods?

A gentleman uses his mouth instead of his fists. Can’t we just have a good chat?

When speaking of fist techniques, Song Shuhang could rely on his

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