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Chapter 1761 Fated to meeThe Dragon Network Assistant replied, [Replying to Administrator Tyrannical Dragon. Although the Black Dragon World has its own spirit plant masters and beast taming masters, they can’t separate themselves from the ‘Dragon Network System’. In this regard, perhaps we truly are unable to help you.]Almost every system had professions or occupations that dealt with spirit plants and beast taming; at most, they would be called differently.

Magical treasures, spirit plants, pills or medicine, and spirit pets were almost indispensable to every system.

However, the training system of the Black Dragon World was different. Before reaching the Ninth Stage and transcending the Dragon Network, the techniques of its practitioners hugely relied upon the Dragon Network.

After leaving the Black Dragon World, the abilities of these spirit plant masters and beast taming masters would be reduced by over 80%.

“That’s a pity,” said Song Shuhang.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [Lady Fat Ball said that she’s willing to let Administrator Tyrannical Dragon bring away as many resources as you need and bring them back to the main world to use for exchanging for spirit stones or other things you need.]

Song Shuhang felt slightly embarrassed, and awkwardly laughed a few times.

Although he knew that it was impossible for him to hide what he was doing from the Will of the Dragon Network, Lady Kunna, it still felt rather embarrassing to have the other party talk about his plans to his face. His face was just too thin.

“Alright, I’ll go check on that Dragon Network Node. But if it’s too dangerous, I’ll be retreating,” said Song Shuhang. Most of all, they had just beaten up Demon Emperor Hezhi, and quite viciously at that.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [If there is danger, and the degree of danger is too high, Administrator Tyrannical Dragon may retreat as soon as possible. Protecting yourself is of utmost priority. I will be standing by to come to your aid at any time to ensure your safety.]

Song Shuhang asked curiously, “Why are you being so kind?”

[Because only while Administrator Tyrannical Dragon is still alive and well it’s possible to get the support of the person currently taking over the Ancient Nether World.] The Dragon Network Assistant was very honest.

“…” Song Shuhang.

At this time, what can I do besides look at the sky?

No wonder Senior White Two hasn’t left the Ancient Nether World yet, so he was actually planning on occupying it?

Song Shuhang asked, “Okay, let’s go. Now, where exactly is the Demon Emperor’s node?”

Previously, Lady Kunna had drawn the Ninth Stage lightning tribulation and added an ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will Fragment’ to it in order to turn the heavenly tribulation into Heavenly Punishment. By doing so, she was able to ruin the Demon Emperor’s node.

Despite all that, Song Shuhang still didn’t know the specific location of the node.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [I can directly open a spatial gate to the Demon Emperor’s node for Administrator Tyrannical Dragon. Please get ready.]

“Okay, I’ll get ready.” Song Shuhang got up, and stretched his body.

“Tribal chief, we’re heading out. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Little Yinzhu,” said Song Shuhang. Little Yinzhu also had Fairy Creation with her, so there shouldn’t be a problem with regard to her safety.

The old tribal chief patted his chest, and said, “No problem, leave it to me.”

The old tribal chief was delighted that someone had finally asked him to help them with something. Ever since he entered a semi-retired state, he’d been lounging around the Dragon Blood Tribe all day long, and he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to.

Song Shuhang asked, “Soft Feather, do you want to go with me?”

Soft Feather’s eyes lit up. “Is it something big, Senior Song?”

“Mm-hm, we’re going to go and take a look at the lair of an Immortal, the Demon Emperor,” said Song Shuhang. As he said this, he stopped the hamster wheel.

Soft Feather jumped up excitedly. “I’ll go, I’ll go!”

She jumped out of the hamster wheel, stretched out her hand, and recalled her inner demon into her shadow.

“Doudou, how about you?” Song Shuhang asked—no matter what was said, he was still his steel dog friend.

“No, I don’t want to go.” Doudou looked at the hamster wheel. “If Soft Feather isn’t playing, then it’s my turn. In addition, I can help watch over Little Yinzhu if I stay.”

He heard words like ‘Demon Emperor’ and ‘Immortal’ come from Song Shuhang’s mouth, and since it seemed like he was going to do something big again, he felt like he shouldn’t go with him.

Song Shuhang said, “Alright then, you can play with the wheel if you want. I’ll put it on loop mode so you can answer all 300 questions if you play enough.”

Afterward, he brought out Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword and Lady Onion.

In a while, if he had to deal with the traps left behind by the Demon Emperor, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword would be his trump card. As for why he was bringing Lady Onion, that was because the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber was pretty good at combat as well.

In his original dantian, the ‘Holy Sword of the End’ and the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ were both receiving nourishment in the huge Spirit Lake.

Although there was no ‘Lake Soul’ in his Spirit Lake, the fat whale golden core seemed to carry the function of the Lake Soul. As it rose and fell, it continuously produced ‘weapon yuan’ that could strengthen magical treasures, nourishing his life-bound magical treasures.

In addition to the two sets of life-bound magical treasures… the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, the Fourth Stage Black Iron Godly Armor, the God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon, the Third Stage [Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush] he got from the scholarly faction, the silver dragon puppet that was nearly useless now, and the ‘Fake Almighty Merchant’s Sheet’ had been moved into his small Spirit Lakes.

Many of these magical treasures were no longer useful. However, Song Shuhang had just too many Spirit Lakes, and it would be a waste to leave them idle. As such, regardless of the level of the magical treasure, he threw them all into the lakes for nourishment.

After having them nourished for some time, he could consider giving those magical treasures that were no longer useful to him to his disciples or Lady Onion.

Everything was ready.

The Dragon Network Assistant opened a spatial gate by Song Shuhang’s side that could directly reach the vicinity of the Demon Emperor’s Dragon Network Node.

Song Shuhang said, “Soft Feather, follow me.”

At the same time, he brought out the Tyrant King Expert’s Shield, Giant Golden Crab’s Shell, and Fairy Jade Rabbit’s Cloak from the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ set, and put them on Soft Feather.

Their two figures went through the gate and disappeared.

In the main world, deep underground somewhere in Africa.

Young Master Hai had a secret cave here.

At this moment, he entered this immortal cave with a solemn gaze.

After confirming that he had ‘activated’ the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, he’d returned to Earth.

Originally, he’d planned on returning to the Limitless Demon Sect first and winning a good position in the sect with his ‘eight-dragon-pattern golden core’ as that would be conducive to his plans.

But today, the Demon Emperor’s inheritance had autonomously unlocked the next inheritance seal.

In order to avoid the aura of the inheritance from being noticed, Young Master Hai temporarily changed plans, and went to his secret immortal cave first.

After all, this was the inheritance of the Demon Emperor. If people in the Limitless Demon Sect were to find out, those Demon Venerables and Demon Sages would definitely not mind coming over to take the inheritance away.

He took off his gloves, and looked at the inheritance pattern that flickered quietly.

“Although the inheritance has been activated, how am I supposed to receive it?” Young Master Hai pondered for a moment, pouring his mental energy into the pattern.

While he was in thought, his consciousness seemed to have been drawn into an illusory space.

It was a world completely different from the main world.

And this world was in desperate, apocalyptic times.

Explosions covered the earth, cracks filling the ground, and deep chasms formed nonstop, all while cries filled with despair rang out.

The sky was collapsing, shattering into pieces, and falling towards the ground. It felt so unreal yet so realistic.

It was quite clear that he was here in his spiritual body, but Young Master Hai felt as if he had all five of his senses.

He could smell the stench coming from this world. The smell of rotting corpses piled up on the battlefield, the mucus overflowing from the mouths of demonic creatures, and the excrements of beasts all merged to form a nauseating stench.

The air seemed to have become viscous due to the stench.

Young Master Hai frowned; he didn’t like this feeling very much.

Looking around, he saw that the world was ash-gray, littered with corpses and filled with death.

At this moment, among the piles of rotting corpses, pillars rose up.

These were the ‘demonic god pillars’ of the Demon Emperor.

Each demonic god pillar possessed different styles, representing the different powers and laws of the Demon Emperor. There were demonic god pillars that were hideous, ugly, or distorted, but there were also demonic god pillars that were incomparably beautiful, luxurious, and majestic. The positive and the negative coexisting represented the acme of the demonic path.

When the demonic god pillars rose, the piled corpses disappeared, all of them becoming nutrients for the pillars. The sky stopped collapsing, now supported by the demonic god pillars. The ground also stopped cracking, now suppressed by the demonic god pillars.

The grayish death aura transformed into a demonic flame. This place, which was originally filled with death, transformed into a Demon Empire as the demonic god pillars rose one after the other.

Young Master Hai said softly, “Wherever demonic god pillars stand tall is the territory of the Demon Empire.”

This was true power!

This was the mighty power that could bring about the end of the world with the raise of a hand, or quell the end of the world with the descent of a hand. It was the pinnacle of the demonic path, and it was the inheritance he was about to receive.

And he had higher requirements for himself. One day in the future, he would even surpass the Demon Emperor, and build a larger Demon Empire.

Although this future would sound like a joke to most, didn’t dreams always tend to be somewhat unrealistic?

But even if it might be unrealistic, people should always have dreams as this drove them towards something. No matter how absurd his dream might seem, Young Master Hai was going to fight for it—he would either live through to see it realized or die fighting.

This was the outlook that he, Demon Monarch Anzhi, and Zheng Neng shared.

“Now then, how do I receive the Demon Emperor’s inheritance? Where is the test?” He looked at the demonic god pillars thoughtfully.

Young Master Hai’s spiritual body wandered the Demon Empire, looking for where he might be able to receive the inheritance.

“I don’t seem to feel the existence of a ‘time limit’ for this test,” Young Master Hai said softly. As he walked through the Demon Empire, he studied each of the different demonic god pillars.

After all, each demonic god pillar could bring him new knowledge and new understandings.

Perhaps each of these demonic god pillars is an inheritance? Young Master Hai thought to himself.

As he walked, he eventually arrived before a huge demonic god pillar. This demonic god pillar was ten times taller than the others.

For some reason, he had not noticed it when roaming the Demon Empire.

“Hidden deep in the Demon Empire, this must be the real inheritance!” Young Master Hai arrived beside this demonic god pillar and couldn’t hide his excitement.

As he approached the demonic god pillar, the pillar sensed his presence, and a demonic flame blazed.

In the demonic flame, a huge figure was projected out.

The figure stood high, looking down at Young Master Hai. Just seeing the projection caused Young Master Hai to feel a terrifying pressure that made his soul tremble.

Is this the Demon Emperor? Young Master Hai thought.

“Yo, hello, Young Master Hai. How do I say this… It seems we truly are bound by fate.” At this time, a slightly childish voice sounded in Young Master Hai’s mind.

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