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Chapter 1759 Senior Song, it“s all your fault!The Dragon Network Assistant was really great: even when ‘Lady Kunna’ fell into a dormant state, it could still manage the entire Black Dragon World in an orderly manner.Song Shuhang, the Administrator, had almost nothing to do; he just had to make decisions on some major issues.

However, the Dragon Network Assistant only had a 20-day time limit, after which it would be recycled by the Dragon Network.

Can I take advantage of this period when I still have some authority to port the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ to my Inner World, and then have it take care of the Inner World?

Song Shuhang’s current Inner World was a bit messy.

There were fragments of the Ancient Heavenly City, new areas that the Inner World had generated, the living spring, and even the ‘Death Forest’ that had been transplanted into the Inner World by Senior White last time.

Song Shuhang hadn’t really planned ahead when placing things in his Inner World. He simply stuffed them wherever he could, which led to the now messy-looking world.

In addition, there were various spirit plants, spirit beasts, the invisible sword insects, and a lot of treasures that were all stuffed messily into the Inner World.

Song Shuhang asked, “Dragon Network Assistant, can I port you into my ‘Inner World’ on the last day?”

Dragon Network Assistant responded, [Insufficient Authority].

Song Shuhang asked, “Is there any way to bypass this limit of authority and achieve a similar effect?”

It might be due to Lady Inner Demon’s ability, but he felt that his inner desires really seemed to have gotten more proactive. There was a strong desire in him to get the many things he wanted.

The Dragon Network Assistant shook its head. [No alternatives found.]

Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and began to think.

At this moment, Lady Onion suddenly asked, “What kind of entity is the Dragon Network Assistant? Is it a program with a fixed structure? Or is it a clone of the Dragon Network?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It should be some kind of assistant protocol setting made by the Dragon Network, a materialization of its energy.”

Lady Onion replied, “Then, can’t you make a copy of it? Since the Dragon Network Assistant’s main body cannot be moved out, then why not just make a copy of it with similar functions, and then pack it away? Wouldn’t that work just fine?”

Song Shuhang turned his head, and looked at the Dragon Network Assistant. “Is it feasible? Can you use my Administrator Authority to create a ‘Dragon Network Assistant Two’?”

The Dragon Network Assistant became silent, and began to try to execute Song Shuhang’s command to test out whether it could be executed successfully.

After a while, the Dragon Network Assistant replied, [Test complete. It is possible to create a ‘Dragon Network Assistant Two’, but the core program cannot be copied. It will be a weakened version.]

Song Shuhang asked, “Will the weakened version be able to manage a small world for me? Can it act as a housekeeper?”

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, [That should not be a problem. Would you like to make a ‘Dragon Network Assistant Two’? Yes/No.]

“Does it even need to be said? Of course, I choose Yes,” Song Shuhang said. “In addition, change its name from ‘Dragon Network Assistant Two’ to ‘Inner World Assistant’.”

After all, it would be inappropriate to transfer ‘Dragon Network Assistant Two’ into the Inner World and still call it ‘Dragon Network Assistant’.

The Dragon Network Assistant said calmly, [Executing command.]

“Thank you.” Song Shuhang turned around and patted Lady Onion lightly.

Lady Onion said, “Shuhang, I want to discuss something with you.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

Lady Onion said, “How about we sign a part-time job contract?”

Song Shuhang echoed, “Part-time job contract?”

Lady Onion elaborated, “Yes, I will work for you, and you will pay me benefits. Benefits like the training resources and game currency, as you provided me in the past.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

In this case, what is the difference between now and before? Was all that talk about ‘freedom’ just for show?

Lady Onion said nervously, “Is it not okay?”

Song Shuhang replied, “No, it’s okay.”

Back during the Invisible Death Tribulation, Lady Onion had wrapped everyone with her green onion sprouts. After Song Shuhang woke up and saw the green onion sprouts next to him, he immediately understood what had happened. Although he didn’t say it out loud, he felt moved by her actions.

In fact, even when Lady Onion had been staying by his side in the past, he wasn’t bothered by it.

“Since you want to stay by my side, then we should set a small goal for ourselves,” Song Shuhang said to Lady Onion. “You must not waste your Wielder-of-the-Will-level talent. We must both work harder and practice diligently.”

Lady Onion was someone who got through the Invisible Death Tribulation. This meant that her talent, her potential, and her aptitude had all been recognized by the heavenly tribulation.

Song Shuhang said, “The next time we meet Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven, I want him to see a powerful Lady Onion.”

“…” Lady Onion.

The Dragon Network Assistant: [Copy created. Should the ‘Inner World Assistant’ be materialized?]

Song Shuhang said, “Yes.”

The Dragon Network Assistant stretched out its small hands and clapped lightly.

In the next moment, a miniature ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ appeared.

It had the same appearance as the black-skinned Lady Kunna, but it was only the size of half a palm.

The Inner World Assistant said, “Good morning, the Inner World Assistant greets Administrator Tyrannical Dragon.”

Song Shuhang stretched out his palm.

The Inner World Assistant fell gently on Song Shuhang’s palm. She lifted up her long skirt, and curtsied towards Song Shuhang.

Lady Onion said, “She’s about as big as a figurine.”

Doudou remarked, “If it’s a figurine, there’s a certain area I’m very curious about… Does your Inner World Assistant wear panties?”

The Inner World Assistant turned around, and answered Doudou’s question seriously. [Yes, Mister Doudou.]

“…” Lady Onion.

“When it comes to this kind of question that’s borderline harassment, you can refuse to answer them next time,” Song Shuhang said. “Now, I will send you to my Inner World, and then I will give you the authority to manage it. At that time, you can plan and adjust the Inner World in my place.”

The Inner World Assistant replied, [I will give it a try.]

Song Shuhang’s Inner World did not have something like the ‘Dragon Network’, so the assistant was unsure whether it would be able to manage it like how the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ managed the entire Black Dragon World.

And so, the Inner World Assistant was transferred to Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

Song Shuhang tried to provide partial administrator authority of the Inner World to the Inner World Assistant so as to make it possible for it to divide and move most areas of the Inner World.

The process of giving authority was not difficult, and the Inner World could perfectly execute Song Shuhang’s orders as long as it wasn’t hiding.

After the Inner World Assistant entered the Inner World, it did not act immediately. It floated in the air, first observing the overall framework of Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

At the same time, the lotus projection of the Inner World appeared. The roots of the lotus extended, making contact with the Inner World Assistant.

After the two parties fully made contact, the Inner World Assistant experienced a change.

Its black skin began to change, the pitch black turning pure white. The dragon wings on its back also disappeared, replaced by a blooming white lotus that went to support its body.

This showed that a certain degree of integration had occurred between the Inner World Assistant and the Inner World.

The Inner World Assistant said softly, “The living spring area is the core, and the Heavenly City Spiritual Springs are merely subsidiary. Then, there is the spirit plant area which can be arranged into the same area as the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beast Department Toilet’ and the spirit beast area.”

It began to plan the layout for Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

“In addition, the number of spirit plants is too low, and their quality is low as well.

“The number of spirit beasts is also insufficient.

“The Heavenly City Spiritual Springs can be moved to create a lake in the open space of the Inner World. In that lake, aquatic spirit beasts or special beasts can be raised.

“The Death Forest can be further strengthened.

“The fragments of the Ancient Heavenly City can be arranged around the Inner World’s living spring.

“The ​​Inner World is still small. It needs to expand its area as soon as possible, and acquire more ‘usable area’ so as to allow for more plans.”

…Although the fragments of the Ancient Heavenly City could be directly moved into the Inner World and increase the overall area inside the world, fragments such as the ‘Palace of Winter’ and the ‘Virtuous Palace’ were already complete structures. As such, unless they were flattened, they could only be used for their original purpose.

“In addition, we need some personnel to take care of the spirit beasts, spirit plants, and the living spring. These staff won’t need much intelligence.”

A general frame had emerged in the mind of the Inner World Assistant.

Then, it began to communicate with Song Shuhang and the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’.

Insufficient spirit plants, insufficient spirit beasts, these were not big problems.

This was especially so right now as Song Shuhang possessed the administrator authority in the Black Dragon World.

The Black Dragon World couldn’t be said to be big, but it wasn’t small, either. Within the Black Dragon World, there were a lot of wild spirit plants, as well as a lot of rare demonic beasts with relatively docile natures.

The Inner World Assistant intended to get Song Shuhang to transfer in a batch of precious spirit plants and beasts through the ‘Dragon Network’, as long as it didn’t affect the operations of the Black Dragon World.

Song Shuhang said, “Wonderful!”

Afterward, he simply went and did so.

Through the Dragon Network Assistant, he could use the ubiquitous Dragon Network to search for precious spirit plants, as well as some beasts that were gentle and suitable to raise. After determining their coordinates, he simply had to capture them, and transfer them into his own Inner World.

This was the true use of authority.

Song Shuhang thought, The biggest problem now is getting a group of reliable personnel to take care of the spirit plants and spirit beasts…

Originally, he was going to make reasonable use of his disciples, and let them take care of the spirit plants and spirit beasts.

However, according to the grand plan of the Inner World Assistant, the area for spirit plants and the number of spirit beasts would be so huge that his disciples would be unable to take care of them on their own.

“Soft Feather, does Spirit Butterfly Island have an area for nurturing spirit plants and spirit beasts? How does Senior Spirit Butterfly deal with the matter of getting personnel?” Song Shuhang asked aloud.

Soft Feather responded, “We have many monster butterflies on Spirit Butterfly Island. After transforming, they are regarded as my father’s disciples. They would then take care of the matters on the island. There are also some jobs that even monster butterflies which have yet to transform can handle. In addition, my father also has numerous ordinary disciples. Ah… damn, I was answering a question!”

A dignified voice sounded inside the wheel. [Wrong Answer! The speed of the wheel has increased.]

Soft Feather had turned to answer Song Shuhang’s question while she was in the middle of answering a question from the wheel, thus leading to her getting the question from the wheel wrong.

“Senior Song, it’s all your fault!” Soft Feather burst into tears, feeling aggrieved.

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