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Flames raged on the blade, their momentum ferocious and threatening.

However, these flames were not ignited by Song Shuhang.

The ‘Flaming Saber Technique’ passed on by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven in the dream might look simple and unimpressive, but in reality, it was a saber that embodied the concepts of ‘great principles are of ultimate simplicity’. With just one attack, this saber was sufficient to incinerate all the creation in this world, with no exceptions.

Even if Song Shuhang had one hundred times his actual talent, he wouldn’t be able to learn it just by seeing and practicing it once.

Moreover, before this, he had never laid his hands on any saber technique. The most he did was mindlessly use the treasured saber Broken Tyrant to cleave and slash. Additionally, even if he wanted to be able to ignite flames on the saber, he had to at least reach the Second Stage for his qi and blood energy to become true qi first.

At this moment, the flames on his saber could only appear because of the ancient bronze ring on his finger.

The ring contained a Second Stage fire magic ‘Flame Saber’—this was a fire magic added by the ring’s original owner, Li Tiansu.

As a matter of fact, an ordinary ‘Flaming Saber Technique’ would not have been able to raise the combat effectiveness of Li Tiansu, who had already condensed his Golden Core. The reason why he kept this saber technique was in remembrance of his benefactor ‘Scarlet Heaven’, and also a kind of symbol of his aspiration.

Originally, before Scarlet Heaven and Li Tiansu parted, the former suddenly used a branch in place of a saber and cleaved with the ‘Flaming Saber Technique’. In an instant, the burning flames burned the entire towering, huge tree into nothing but charcoal. This sight greatly impacted and shook Li Tiansu’s heart.

As Li Tiansu’s strength and abilities gradually increased, he wanted to look for a way to use this ‘Flaming Saber Technique’ as an offensive spell by attaching it to the bronze ring. As long as the ring’s owner assumed the stance for ‘Flaming Saber technique’, it would activate the magic within the ancient bronze ring, allowing him to execute the ‘Flaming Saber Technique’.

Previously… when Song Shuhang turned his body with the saber, he was actually in the stance that would activate the Flaming Saber Technique. Additionally, when the qi and blood energy within the Heart Aperture and the Eye Aperture were seething, another condition to activate the magic within the ancient bronze ring was fulfilled!

Even though it didn’t have the same immense power as the ‘Scarlet Heaven’ Song Shuhang had seen in the dream, the flames on the saber were certainly capable of dealing significant damage like that of an attack made by a Second Stage cultivator.

The flames on the saber turned into heat waves, and headed for the enemy!

Cultivator Sunflower could feel the heat waves charging towards him, but he had nowhere to hide—the ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’ he activated made him too fast, thus he was unable to stop his movement towards the waves even if he wanted to!

As they say, exceeding the speed limit can be dangerous.

Just like that, he, who lost control of his body’s momentum, ended up smashing into the incoming flaming waves of heat.

Within the flames, a sharp saber light flashed.

Cultivator Sunflower’s huge body got cut in half, and was mercilessly consumed by the flames thereafter.

It was over!

Shuhang had a dizzy spell—he had used simply too much of mental energy.

At this time, Doudou suddenly appeared next to Cultivator Sunflower’s body, reached out his paws, and lightly tapped it.

Two small porcelain vases and a locket-shaped protective talisman got taken by Doudou.

After that, Cultivator Sunflower’s stocky figure got entirely consumed by the flames of the ‘Flaming Saber Technique’, leaving none of his remains behind.

Doudou’s eyes smiled as he tossed these three things to Song Shuhang, "For you. Spoils of war. Would be a pity if they got turned to ashes."

The small porcelain vase contained qi and blood pills of a pretty decent quality.

As for that protective talisman, it was the low quality magic treasure ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’ used by Cultivator Sunflower in the battle previously. If used well, it could produce extraordinary effects.

Song Shuhang sat down on the ground and accepted all three items as he panted heavily.

The innate skill of the Eye Aperture had almost fully depleted his mental energy, and at the end, he had even activated the ‘Flaming Saber Technique’ within the bronze ring. This time he had really squeezed every bit of his strength out.

"Ha… Doudou, let’s go back?" Song Shuhang smiled at Doudou.

At this time, a figure suddenly stood up in a corner gradually, and said, "Hahahaha, such an interesting battle."

It was a First Stage Two Apertures underling of Altar Master who’d previously received hits from Song Shuhang’s

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