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Chapter 1723 Group ascensionSenior Yellow Mountain kept watch on Soft Feather and Doudou’s heavenly tribulation while also beginning his research on the Dragon Network.

Multitasking by doing two things at once was something as simple as breathing for cultivators of his level.

Venerable Yellow Mountain was currently at Spirit Butterfly Island. However, he could make use of ‘Song Shuhang’ as a node to connect to the ‘Dragon Network’.

A portion of his consciousness dove into the network, and found itself in the outermost layer of the Dragon Network.

Venerable Yellow Mountain thought, Normally speaking, as long as one enters this type of network and fulfills certain requirements, they should be able to advance further.

At this time, Song Shuhang, who was transcending the tribulation, received another prompt from the Dragon Network Assistant. “Administrator Tyrannical Dragon, your friend ‘Mama Yellow Mountain’ is studying the structure of the Dragon Network and trying to advance to the next level. Would you like to give him the permission to advance?”

“Senior Yellow Mountain is interested in the Dragon Network? Then he can try researching it. Give him permission. Also, do I need to transfer ‘magical power flow’ to Senior Yellow Mountain?” Song Shuhang asked.

The Dragon Network Assistant reminded him, “You can assign a specified amount of the Dragon Network’s energy to ‘Mama Yellow Mountain’ through your authority, and allow him to advance to the next level.”

It truly was wonderful to have authority. Not too long ago, he still needed to accumulate ‘magical power flow’ if he wanted to level up.

“Will transferring him some of the Dragon Network’s energy affect the normal operations of the Dragon Network?” Song Shuhang asked. He couldn’t just go about killing the chicken that laid the eggs, after all.

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, “As long as the amount being transferred is limited to a certain amount, it will not affect the operations of the Dragon Network.”

After thinking it over for a while, Song Shuhang said, “Then as long as it doesn’t affect the operation of the Dragon Network, set aside a certain amount of the Dragon Network’s energy, and distribute it equally to my friends. This should allow them to familiarize themselves with the Dragon Network. Is it possible to distribute 5,000,000 units of energy to each of them?”

Since he could take advantage of his authority, then he would naturally do so to provide his seniors from the Nine Provinces Number One Group some convenience.

“Providing each of your friends with 5,000,000 units of the Dragon Network’s energy is no problem at all,” the Dragon Network Assistant said.

5,000,000 was too little to even be considered a sliver of the Dragon Network. If it wanted, it could directly issue trillions of units of energy at once.

“Then send them 5,000,000 each for now. After that, reissue them more if the need for it arises,” Song Shuhang said.


The heavenly tribulation in the sky had turned into a flood dragon, unceasingly attacking Song Shuhang.

The evolution of the heavenly tribulation was very speedy.

After tinkering with the personified heavenly tribulation, it immediately extended its reach to divine beasts and other fierce beasts, taking on new forms.

The heavenly tribulation flood dragon remotely bombed Song Shuhang for a long time, but it never left the tribulation clouds.

From how things currently stood, it was the wave that had lasted the longest among all the waves of the heavenly tribulation.

Song Shuhang said, “Right, is there a way I can send Lady Onion, as well as my two disciples Chu Chu and Little Cai in the main world, a projection of the QR code?”

In fact, he was interested in sending a picture of the QR code not only to his two disciples, but also to Loli Shi and Loli Zhu, as well as Guoguo and Senior Brother Three Realms.

The virtuous lamia blinked after hearing his words.

She then patted her tail lightly, summoned the ‘virtuous fat whale mount’, and sent it to Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

After he got permission from the Dragon Network, his connection with the Inner World was restored.

The virtuous fat whale delivered Song Shuhang’s QR code to Lady Onion, Senior Turtle, and Pavilion Master Chu’s head.

Then, Fairy @#%× took out Song Shuhang’s phone, and sneaked it into the Virtuous Network. Through the connection between the Virtuous Network and the main world, she sent a picture of the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ to Little Cai and Chu Chu.

Fairy @#%× was very active today.

It seemed like she was in a very good mood?


On Spirit Butterfly Island.

While Venerable Yellow Mountain was studying the Dragon Network, he suddenly received a message.

[Beep~ The Super Administrator Tyrannical Dragon has allocated 5,000,000 units of Dragon Network Energy to you.]

“???” Senior Yellow Mountain.

Tyrannical Dragon?

The style of this daoist name… It can’t be that this is little friend Shuhang, right? He is the Super Administrator of the Dragon Network?

He couldn’t have done something big again, could he?

While he was in thought, Senior Yellow Mountain found that his account in the ‘Dragon Network’ had started moving quickly. The [Yellow Mountain] ID, which represented him, quickly moved from the First Level Area to the Second Level Area of the Dragon Network.

When he entered the Second Level Area, he received a small amount of mental energy from the Dragon Network, which slightly strengthened his divine sense.

Afterward, his consciousness was brought inside the ‘Dragon Network Heavenly Tribulation Realm’. A majestic and ferocious black dragon appeared in front of him.

The black dragon opened its mouth, preparing to spit out its breath at Venerable Yellow Mountain.

However, while its dragon breath was still brewing in its throat, Venerable Yellow Mountain stepped up to it, blasting its head with a punch.

It was only a Dragon Network heavenly tribulation of the First Level; although it looked majestic, it was actually very fragile—at least in front of a Seventh Stage Venerable.


The entire process of Senior Yellow Mountain transcending his ‘tribulation’ was transmitted back to Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang had received the scenes from the point of view of the ‘heavenly tribulation black dragon’. After all, he was the Administrator of the Dragon Network.

It honestly felt rather embarrassing for a heavenly tribulation to be destroyed before being able to do anything.

When the main world’s heavenly tribulation encounters ‘Senior White’, does it feel the same way as I did just now? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Perhaps I should treat Uncle Heavenly Tribulation better. It seems that things aren’t that easy for him, either.


Venerable Yellow Mountain easily blasted the black dragon to nothingness, smoothly entering the Second Level Area.

Afterward, with his mental energy having met the conditions, and as he possessed sufficient ‘Dragon Network Energy’, his [Yellow Mountain] ID rushed to the Third Level Area.

For the Dragon Network heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage, there were five black dragons, and they weren’t spewing out any breath, but large and powerful light beam attacks instead.

But just like before, Venerable Yellow Mountain had already punched them all to oblivion before they could even start moving.

After he finished transcending this tribulation, his ID reached the Third Level Area.

His divine sense received benefits once more, getting slightly strengthened again. At this time, only a small part of the 5,000,000 units of Dragon Network Energy he had received had been consumed.

Senior Yellow Mountain concluded, “Overall, the ‘areas’ of the Dragon Network should work in the same way as the ‘realms’ of us cultivators. It’s just that the Dragon Network is more focused on the mental energy aspect.”

Perhaps this was a gift to everyone from little friend Shuhang.

And so, Venerable Yellow Mountain opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and began to summarize his research on the Dragon Network, preparing to send it to the group.

At this time, in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, everyone was talking about the 5,000,000 units of Dragon Network Energy they had been given by ‘Tyrannical Dragon’.

Everyone was guessing as to what the use of this energy was, and they were making various attempts at it.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator secretly let out a breath of relief. He was the one who had forcibly brought up this topic of the 5,000,000 units of Dragon Network Energy.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber could temporarily escape the center of attention this way.

However, the key word here was ‘temporarily’.

What was to come would come in the end, and he could only buy Thrice Reckless some time so that the latter could mentally prepare himself. This way, when he eventually faced Fairy Lychee, he wouldn’t be too miserable.

As a friend of Thrice Reckless, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator tried his best.

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “I’ve already tested out how to use the Dragon Network Energy. And you can all try it out as well.”

After saying that, he posted the information he had compiled regarding the ‘Dragon Network Levels, ascension method, and difficulty of transcending the tribulation’ to the group for their reference.

Venerable Yellow Mountain said, “You can try reaching a ‘Dragon Network Level’ corresponding to your realm. The mental energy that is transmitted back in the initial stages might not be much, but in the later stages, it should be pretty good.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “As expected of Senior Yellow Mountain.”

As the founder of the group, Senior Yellow Mountain could always stay calm at critical times.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator immediately took advantage of this opportunity, and began to lead the discussion. “Then everyone should give it a try. Rush to the Dragon Network, and see what level you can reach. There might be some unexpected gains to be had from this. I have a feeling that this Dragon Network might just surprise us.”

When the Bright Moon Appears: “By the way, can any of you send me the QR code? I have just left for a while, but when I went to look through the backlog of messages, I could no longer find it. Without the QR code, I can’t add Song Shuhang as a friend, nor can I enter the Dragon Network.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber laughed, and said, “Haha, Old Northern River, let’s give it a shot. Although I’m in the Fifth Stage Realm, my mental energy should already be at around the Sixth Stage. I feel that I might just be able to rush to the Sixth Level Area in a single try.”

“…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

Medicine Master: “When a cultivator is at the Fifth Stage Realm, they can condense a Golden Core. If so, will one be able to get something interesting when they reach the Fifth Level in the Dragon Network?—PS: This is Riverly Purple Mist typing.”

Voice messages tended to be ignored when the group chat was being bombarded with text messages. Therefore, Medicine Master would let Riverly Purple Mist type for him sometimes when the speed at which the chat was moving was relatively fast.

Occasionally, he would use the speech-to-text feature, but it wasn’t that good at distinguishing between words, and had a tendency to make mistakes.

Fairy Lychee said, “I vaguely remember Shuhang mentioning that one of his Golden Cores was related to a new, small world. Could it be that it was related to this Dragon Network?”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “If one really can condense another Golden Core, that would indeed be very interesting.”

Fairy Lychee’s speculation had detonated the interest of the fellow daoists in the group.

For cultivators, practicing and increasing their strength were of utmost importance.

The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group who were stationed in the Dragon Network entered a ‘Leveling Competition’.

The group suddenly became quiet once again.

When the Bright Moon Appears: “Is anyone still there? Can anyone send me the QR code?”

After another moment.

When the Bright Moon Appears: “Did you all go to the Dragon Network? Is there nobody left to talk to me?”


On Spirit Butterfly Island.

Yellow Mountain was the first in the group to enter the Fifth Level Area.

He was also very curious—what interesting changes would there be once he entered the Fifth Level Area despite him having already become a Seventh Stage Venerable?

While he was in thought, Yellow Mountain discovered that his body seemed to have been struck by Fairy Firefly’s skill as he began to rise into the air uncontrollably.

Under his feet, a white cloud had appeared.

It was like the legendary ‘ascension to the heavens’ in novels.

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