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Chapter 1706 Linked upThe last message conveyed from the tear gem instantly crushed the emotion in Song Shuhang’s heart!

Originally, Song Shuhang had been immersed in the grief and sorrow that Slow-Witted Song had felt when the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was destroyed, with it filling his mind with many thoughts.

Thoughts such as if he had enough power, he would absolutely not let any harm come to those he regarded precious to him… Or that he should strive to live a fulfilling life, with no feelings of regret similar to Slow-Witted Song’s… Those and many other thoughts flashed through his mind.

But in the end, the emotions he had been relishing in, as well as the thoughts which filled his mind, were all crushed instantly.

If he got the chance to ever meet Slow-Witted Song in the future, he would definitely send him a group of alpacas[1], send Slow-Witted Song tens of thousands of alpacas wildly running day and night.

Fairy Creation tilted her head, and asked, “Song~ No longer cry?”

Song Shuhang wiped the tears from his face, and replied, “Thank you, Fairy and Senior White. The sorrow has finally stopped.”

Fairy Creation retracted her little hand regretfully.

Senior White’s clone said, “Your seven small golden cores have all already become lustrous, right?”

It appeared that it was about time for Song Shuhang to draw the composition for his life-bound whale core.

“Mm-hm.” Song Shuhang nodded. “It seems that I’ve still got quite some time. For the next two, three days, I’ll be focusing on consolidating my realm. After that, I’ll start on making the Whale Core Composition.”

For the composition of his Whale Core Composition, he planned on integrating the Heavenly City Composition, the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and all his valued seniors and fellow daoists into it.

After consolidating his realm, he planned on spending a few more days to finalize the details of the composition. After that, he would attempt to complete his Whale Core Composition.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword reminded, “After today, you have 22 days left.”

“That’s fine. I feel that’s plenty,” Song Shuhang said.

Along with my experience of finishing seven Golden Core Compositions, and with the experience from when the Heavenly Emperor drew his Golden Core Composition, I’ll definitely be able to do well with the composition for my life-bound whale core!

This wasn’t him planting a flag for himself; this was his confidence in his abilities!

Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was lying on Song Shuhang’s lap, said, “Start to close up properly, and stop doing reckless things.”

“Of course,” Song Shuhang said.

Subsequently, the Scarlet Dragon Cave went back to how it was previously.

Song Shuhang sat cross-legged, Scarlet Heaven Sword lay on his lap, Fairy Creation sat with her back against his, and Senior White’s clone found a comfortable sleeping position and fell asleep.

Peace and harmony had returned to the Scarlet Dragon Cave.


Night fell.

The old tribal chief of the Dragon Blood Tribe once again strolled in front of the Scarlet Dragon Cave.

There was nothing that could be done about it; he was simply too idle.

In the past few days, apart from hosting Lady Kunna and occasionally holding a lecture on magical techniques, the Dragon Blood Tribe did not need his assistance for any of the tasks around the tribe.

The old tribal chief felt somewhat like a mascot.

Perhaps it’s about time for me to consider retiring, the old tribal chief silently thought to himself.

Whether he retired or not, it looked like there wouldn’t be a difference either way.

After strolling in front of the Scarlet Dragon Cave, he was able to sense that Mr. Song Shuhang’s, Mr. White’s, and Lady Creation’s aura were all still there. After checking on them, the old tribal chief walked away at ease.

“Mr. Shuhang’s cultivation system is really amazing. He can survive several days without eating or defecating,” the old tribal chief said in admiration.

He thought that he would be able to catch Mr. Shuhang being unable to endure and sneaking out to eat or play around, but looking at it now, it seemed that Shuhang could really go on for an entire month without eating or drinking…


The next day.

The sky of the Black Dragon World had lit up slightly… Unfortunately, the little sun that everyone was looking forward to seeing remained nowhere to be seen, and perhaps it would never reappear in the future.

In the Scarlet Dragon Cave.

Song Shuhang’s seven small golden cores were constantly adjusting their frequencies in order to resonate with one another. It seemed like they were searching for a resonance frequency that was suitable for all of them.

Finally, the frequency of the seven small golden cores stabilized as they found one that allowed them to resonate with each other.

Afterward, the seven small golden cores began to let out sounds.

“Holy City, Impregnable,” the first small golden core said to Song Shuhang. From the small golden core, a karmic thread stretched out; the other end of the line was connected to Senior White’s main body.

Song Shuhang saw the ‘karmic thread’ again. But unlike previously, he could only see the karmic thread that extended out from his small golden core.


“Holy Sword, World-Ending,” the colorful monster core then uttered. It had a karmic thread that extended from it, pierced the void, and connected to the Senior White Two.


On the virtuous diamond ball, the Sage opened his mouth, and said, “Holy Sage, Universal Education.”

Along with that, a karmic thread was produced. This karmic thread stretched out, and pierced the void.

But halfway through, the karmic thread broke.

“???” Song Shuhang.

A broken karmic thread meant that the party at the other end was dead.

Was this karmic thread supposed to link to the Scholarly Sage?

Was that why this karmic thread was broken?


“Holy Blood, Limitless Curses,” the ‘royal blood demon core’ said in a deep voice with endless sadness and frightful hatred. This sadness and hatred were the exact same as those of Slow-Witted Song’s back then. Similarly, from ‘The Limitless Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’ composition of the blood demon core, a karmic thread stretched out.

This karmic thread was also rather strange, because halfway… it split.

The karmic thread split, half penetrating the void and connecting to Pavilion Master Chu Two, while the other half turned back around and pierced Song Shuhang to connect to Pavilion Master Chu, who was in Song Shuhang’s Inner World.


“Holy Core, Star of Destruction.” The mechanical core reactor also spoke. The voice that came from it was that of Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation ‘№ Tyrannical Tyrant’.

Subsequently, from the four-grid comic ‘Star of Creation and Destruction’, a karmic thread also extended out.

Is the karmic thread of the core reactor connected to Doudou? Or is it the blonde girl? Or maybe the mysterious princess of the Star Nation? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

While he was in thought, a half-black, half-golden karmic thread stretched out. This karmic thread looked like a combination of two spirally wound lines.

Song Shuhang’s heart suddenly had a bad premonition.

Black karmic threads represented enemies, while gold karmic threads represented fellow daoists who had good relationships with him. Since this was half-black, half-golden… A false friend? Someone that would backstab him?

The karmic thread eventually connected to the ‘Heavenly Emperor’.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This was the result he least wanted.

Could it be because the ‘small sun’ is in her possession that the karmic thread linked up to her?

What are the reasons behind this karmic thread?

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking about it, the karmic thread that connected with the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ changed again. After the karmic thread passed through the Heavenly Emperor, it stretched out and pierced into the void.

However, Song Shuhang couldn’t sense who was on the other end.

Was it the Star Nation Princess?

[1] Alpaca is written the same as ‘F*ck You’ in Chinese.

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