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Chapter 1704 While the things remain, the people are no more

Immediately afterward, Song Shuhang received another message: [Pavilion Master Chu Two added you as an ally and remarked, (You owe me a head).]

Why does even Pavilion Master Chu Two have access to more functions than I do?

Even she can send her friends remarks, yet I, the owner of the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’, don’t have any authority!

Am I really the owner of this ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’? Doubts arose in Song Shuhang’s mind.

In addition, Pavilion Master Chu’s remark made Song Shuhang feel a little flustered… Didn’t I already give Pavilion Master Chu Two a head? Why do I still owe her a head? Could it be that she’s still interested in my head?

One more thing… The group in which Pavilion Master Chu Two was put was the same one as that of the Will of the Dragon Network, who’d changed its name to ‘Fat Ball’.

What were the rules behind these groupings?

[Ding~ Pavilion Master Chu Two has remotely transferred 0.0001 seconds’ worth of strength to you. Please check the transaction carefully.]

As the prompt sounded, Song Shuhang felt a pure, directly absorbable spiritual energy enter his body. Pavilion Master Chu Two was in the Immortal Realm, so she dared not send too much strength at a time for fear of Song Shuhang being unable to handle it.

When he saw Pavilion Master Chu Two transfer strength over to him, Song Shuhang could already guess what she was planning to do.

And sure enough, Pavilion Master Chu Two, just like the Heavenly Emperor, had access to the functions of ‘imparting strength’ + ‘attaching a message’. In the next moment, Pavilion Master Chu Two sent him another short burst of strength, along with the message: [Is Lord still safe?]

“…” Song Shuhang.

The wording of this message was extremely strange.

What happened to Pavilion Master Chu Two? Did her mind get corrupted by the evil energy while she was in the Netherworld?


Pavilion Master Chu Two sent Song Shuhang a small bit of strength, along with a message: [Ignore the last message.]

“…” Song Shuhang.


Pavilion Master Chu Two has sent another message: [I got a message from her. You’re about to add the ‘finishing touch’ to your Golden Core Composition, right? Then, let me ask you a question.]


Pavilion Master Chu Two: [The question is very simple… If you were there when it happened, the day when the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was destroyed, would you be willing to move to save the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?]

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

Senior Chu, I am different from you. I don’t have the option to remotely transfer strength, and I don’t have any way to send you any messages.

Each of you has access to more functions than me. This really makes me feel quite down.

While he was in thought…


[Pavilion Master Chu Two has sent you a ‘request for strength transfer’, requesting you to remotely transfer strength to assist her? Yes/No.]

Something like this is also possible?!

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked up at the sky—this action helped him exercise his neck, and it is recommended that fellow daoists who sit in front of their computer for long periods of time every day do this as well.

With a thought, he stretched out his hand and chose the ‘Yes’ option.

Then, he sent one second’s worth of strength to reply with the message: [Yes.]

Without adding any meaningless nonsense, he felt that what Pavilion Master Chu Two wanted was a concise answer.

This word was filled with his greatest sincerity.


Pavilion Master Chu has remotely transferred strength, along with a message: [I feel like your message has no sincerity at all. Your reply is too short. I feel that you need to expound on your reply.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

My dear elder sister!

I’ve discovered that I really can’t figure out what’s going on in any of your minds.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “It looks like it’s time to show off my amazing composition skills. No matter what, I’m someone who scored full marks on a composition exam.”

Just wait for me to write my elaborate and profound 800-word essay filled with emotion and magnificence to show you just how sincere I am.


At this time, Pavilion Master Chu transferred her strength over again, along with a message: [However, this is enough. Don’t forget what you said just now.]

After she sent that, Song Shuhang felt a wave of spatial fluctuations right by him.

A large, palm-sized spatial passage appeared beside Song Shuhang.

It was a spatial passage that Pavilion Master Chu Two had directly opened.

Is she coming over to assist me with my finishing touch?

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking this, the spatial passage suddenly let out a cracking sound.

In the next moment, under the special rules of the Black Dragon World, the space passage opened by Pavilion Master Chu Two was forcibly closed and collapsed.

The Black Dragon World was cut off from the ‘main world’, and even a ‘spatial passage’ created by an Immortal would be regarded as trespassing.

And with that being the case, the Black Dragon World opted to directly destroy the spatial passage.

The space passage collapsed, and Pavilion Master Chu Two wasn’t able to come over. However, a drop-shaped ‘gem’ did fall out of the spatial channel, falling right beside Song Shuhang.

Is this treasure sent by Pavilion Master Chu Two supposed to help me with my finishing touch? Song Shuhang picked up the gem.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was lying on Song Shuhang’s knees, lazily said, “Which big shot did you provoke this time?”

When Song Shuhang was in seclusion just now, Scarlet Heaven Sword sensed the aura of an ‘Immortal’ flashing from time to time.

“This time it was Pavilion Master Chu Two,” Song Shuhang said after picking up the gem. “I feel that she’s still interested in taking my head. When I encounter her in the future, I need to be extra careful.”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Boy, can’t you properly go into seclusion for a period of time?!

After Song Shuhang picked up the gem, he looked it all over, and couldn’t see what was special about it.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Was this gem sent to you by Pavilion Master Chu Two?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Mm-hm, it should have something to do with the opportunity for my last small golden core’s ‘finishing touch’. However, I can’t seem to find what’s special about this gem.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “I can’t tell, either. Why not ask Fairy Creation?”

Fairy Creation blinked. “Song~ Stupid~”

Well, it looked like Fairy Creation was back to her day-to-day personality, so he shouldn’t place his hopes on her being able to help him.

“Sure enough, I’ll have to use the ‘secret appraisal technique’ again.” Song Shuhang took off his glove, and entered his ‘smoky mode’, stretching out his hand and laying it on the gem.

[This is a gem born from extreme sadness. While the object remains, the person is no more. Tears are first shed before words can be shared.]

“???” Song Shuhang.

Did the secret appraisal technique make a mistake today?

[This is a tear that comes from Slow-Witted Song. It is 1 of the 8 special tears among the 100 that he shed across his life. The other 92 tears were tears he shed after having been beaten up. Only 8 of his 100 tears were shed because of his own emotions, making them the most precious. In the end, this precious tear was given to Pavilion Master Chu as a gift by Slow-Witted Song.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

No wonder I felt that there was something wrong with the secret appraisal technique. It turns out that the problem lay in the thing that was being appraised.

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