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Chapter 1669 Three years… Three years!

According to the historical records that had been passed down by senior big shots, a normal Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation would consist of three separate tribulations.

The first tribulation, Transcending Mortality, allowed a Profound Sage to give birth to a Tribulation Transcender’s Vitality within their body.

The second tribulation allowed a Profound Sage to create a ‘Tribulation Bone’ within their body, which would, in turn, give them the ability to shuttle through space.

The third tribulation was called the ‘Tribulation of a Thousand Days’, and this was usually the last tribulation. After successfully transcending this tribulation, the Tribulation Transcender’s primordial soul gained the ability to survive in the void through the creation of a ‘life-bound star’ with the laws they had comprehended. From that point onward, the Tribulation Transcender’s power would no longer be restricted to their body. Even after crushing the Tribulation Transcender’s body, it could still prove very difficult to kill them.

And this tribulation, just as its name implied… lasted 1,000 days.

Over 80% of the Eighth Stage Profound Sages fell under this tribulation when they were ascending to the Tribulation Transcender Realm.

At this time…

In mid-air, Sage Monarch Melon Eater called out to the sky, and the deafening whale cry resounded throughout the entire Tribulation-Transcension Space.

The tribulation clouds in the sky that tossed and turned, and the five-element tribulation lightning that boomed, seemed to be Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s soundtrack.

Song Shuhang continued to look at the sky.

If Fairy Creation was here, would she take advantage of this opportunity to play background music for Sage Monarch Melon Eater?

He turned his head and looked at Li Yinzhu.

Little Yinzhu flipped over and continued to have her beautiful dream. It looked like she was dreaming of being at the Immortal Feast—Song Shuhang had come to this conclusion since Li Yinzhu would call out ‘Immortal Fairy Biexue’ from time to time, and she would also suck on her fingers with relish.

“…” Song Shuhang.

After Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s cry faded, the ‘Tribulation Bone’ in its body finished forming.

Its Tribulation Bone was carved with the most mysterious spatial laws rune, and it was larger than the ones produced in the bodies of Profound Sages who transcended ordinary Ninth Stage heavenly tribulations—after all, the ‘Supergiant Lightning Palm’ just now was nothing to scoff at.

The strength of the heavenly tribulation one faced corresponded with the strength of the Tribulation Bone one got. The heavenly tribulation was very fair in this regard.

On the whale, the virtuous lamia lightly exhaled.

The waves of pain had finally ended… Afterward, a Tribulation Bone had also appeared in her fat whale mount. Compared with Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s bone, this small bone looked like a bean sprout against a large cabbage.

However, this small bone was a Tribulation Bone nonetheless. Although it might be a lot weaker, it served the same purpose.

She had not suffered the pain in vain.

In addition, the virtuous lamia felt that the reason she was able to endure that wave of pain was Song Shuhang’s endurance. After all, she was just a mass of virtue while Song Shuhang was the main body. Moreover, enduring pain was Song Shuhang’s specialty.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater swam slowly in the air.

It was slightly exhausted mentally. The wave of violent pain had exceeded its limit and almost made it faint just now.

However, it had no time to rest.

The third tribulation was coming.

As Sage Monarch Melon Eater wandered around, a gale blew in the Tribulation-Transcension Space.

The sheet on Song Shuhang’s body was hit by the wind, causing him to feel cold and start shivering. As expected of the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation, the third tribulation had not even started, yet he was already cold all over.

Song Shuhang tightened the sheet around his body, using this thin sheet to bring a trace of warmth to himself.

In the sky, Sage Monarch Melon Eater said, “Little friend Tyrannical Song, the last tribulation is coming.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “This is the last tribulation?”

The number of waves of the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation was so low?

If that was the case, as long as he could survive this last tribulation, he’d become Song ‘Survived Another Day’ Shuhang!

However, if the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation only had three waves, then this third wave would definitely be very powerful.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater slowly said, “According to the seniors, this third tribulation is called the ‘Thousand Days Tribulation’.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

When he heard its name, he got a bad feeling.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater solemnly said, “This third tribulation should last for about 1,000 days; sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter. If one survives, they step into the realm of the strongest group of cultivators in the universe. If one fails, they will be completely wiped out, dying without any chance for resurrection.”

There was no chance of resurrection under the ‘Thousand Days Tribulation’!

Once one’s body died here, death was absolute. It was similar to the ‘Heavenly Punishment’ in that there would be no chance for resurrection when put against it.

“1,000 days…” Song Shuhang looked up at the sky, complicated feelings filling his heart.

The first and second tribulation which had only taken a day had already seemed like they had barely given any leeway for life.

How was he supposed to endure the third tribulation, which was supposedly going to last 1,000 days?

Should I write a will first?

Moreover, it felt rather coincidental… because three years later would be when he was set to graduate university. If he managed to get out of this alive, would he be able to attend his graduation ceremony?

Three years later, my sister should be about two years old. She should look very cute, right?

Three years later… that fellow Young Master Hai would have definitely already ascended successfully. I wonder if I will be able to catch him at that time…

Song Shuhang’s thoughts jumped around again.

In the sky, Sage Monarch Melon Eater slowly said, “This is why although Wintermelon’s ‘path of defense’ might seem extreme, with him nearly abandoning all forms of attack to strengthen his defense, I feel that when he transcends the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation in the future, he will have an advantage.”

Sage Monarch Wintermelon’s tortoise-shell-like passive defense was suitable for protracted combat.

It was as if the Thousand Days Tribulation was tailor-made for Sage Monarch Wintermelon.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater called out, “It’s here!”

In the sky, the tribulation clouds became thicker and heavier. Even the sky seemed to have moved several layers down.

The tribulation lightning in the sky formed a sea. Electric arcs filled the sky, illuminating the entire world.

Then, there was a loud bang; tribulation lightning descended from the sky.

However, when the bolts of tribulation lightning were halfway down, they strangely came to a stop.

They gathered together, countless bolts of tribulation lightning joining up with one another while electric arcs crackled.

“Is it going to release 100 ‘City-Level Carpeting Bombing Lightning Palms’?” Song Shuhang had a bad feeling.

Was this the opening act of the Thousand Days Tribulation?


Thunder roared.

The tribulation lightning condensed into a ball, and finally got a color of black and purple.

This black-and-purple tribulation lightning was full of pure destructive power. It appeared to be the natural enemy of cultivators.

The hidden attribute of this tribulation lightning was ‘damage to cultivators transcending the tribulation +100’.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater slowly said, “Purple Night Divine Lightning… It’s said that it appears only when peerless figures capable of carrying the will of the heavens transcend the heavenly tribulation.”

When it came to such peerless figures, each and every one of them walked uncommon paths. When they were at the Eighth Stage, they had the strength to directly face off against big shots at the Ninth Stage. As long as they ascended to the Ninth Stage, every single one of them was able to step onto their own path and reach the ‘Immortal Realm’.

While they were talking, the Purple Night Divine Lightning in the sky had already descended.

Every bunch of Purple Night God Thunder was the size of an island, about the same size as Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s body. In addition, there were over a billion of those thunderbolts in the sky.

But fortunately, with the ‘Thousand Days Tribulation’ only having just begun, the Purple Night Divine Lightning had not all descended together at once!

Fairy @#%× shouted, “Virtuous Palace!”

The projection of the Ancient Heavenly City’s ‘Virtuous Palace’ was condensed and projected in the air.

With sufficient energy, the projected ‘Virtuous Palace’ was incomparably huge, completely covering Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s huge body.

However, the Virtuous Palace projection couldn’t block everything. Ten bolts of the ‘Purple Night Divine Lightning’ had descended, and the Virtuous Palace projection was blasted apart.

“Tenfold Virtuous Palace!” Fairy @#%× was calm and composed.

As soon as the single-layer Virtuous Palace projection was blasted apart, a 10-layer Virtuous Palace projection emerged to replace it.

However, for the Purple Night Divine Lightning, there wasn’t much difference between a Virtuous Palace with 10 floors and one floor.

In an instant, the 10-layer Virtuous Palace was also blasted apart.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater inwardly asked, Will Fairy @#u0026× be able to handle it?

“It’s time to get serious!” the virtuous lamia said in a very emotional female voice. Song Shuhang had no idea where she got this line from.

The virtuous lamia raised her head.

The pattern on her forehead at the middle of her brows shone brightly.

This was the pattern that she had acquired after her previous evolution.

It was beautiful, and it contained an innate ability. However, the virtuous lamia had never used it.

The pattern slowly opened, like an eye.

Although Song Shuhang couldn’t see anything from where he was, since he and the lamia were one, he could sense what was happening to her.

A third eye… Song Shuhang couldn’t help but think of the Sage. When he was walking with the Sage above the clouds, there had been an extra eye between his brows.

Not good, my belly feels like it’s swelling up.

The virtuous lamia said, “Emerge, Jade Lake Immortal Realm!”

Sage Monarch Melon Eater felt more than half of the energy within its body get drawn out in an instant.

In the next moment, a projection of Empress Cheng Lin’s ‘Jade Lake Immortal Realm’ appeared.

It was not the ‘Jade Lake’ that was on the brink of collapse back during the adventures of Song Shuhang and Senior White; instead, it was the Jade Lake Immortal Realm in its most prosperous period.

The Jade Lake Immortal Realm was huge, especially the ‘Jade Lake’ itself—it was as vast as the ocean.


All of the ‘Purple Night Divine Lightning’ that fell was received by the Jade Lake.

One by one, the island-sized cluster of Purple Night Divine Lightning fell into the Jade Lake. Like clay entering the sea, they were all swallowed, disappearing without a trace.

The virtuous lamia had never used this innate ability of hers before—it wasn’t that she didn’t want to use it, but it was that she couldn’t use it.

The energy in the flat imperial hat was exhausted, and Song Shuhang could not provide so much energy. Therefore, this ability had been idle for a long time, and today was the first time that it had been brought out for the world to see.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater murmured, “Amazing, but… I can’t learn it.”

The energy drawn out by the virtuous lamia was only at the level of the Eighth Stage. However, the Jade Lake Immortal Realm projection displayed power at the level of the Ninth Stage.

Unfortunately, Sage Monarch Melon Eater couldn’t learn how it worked.

In the sky, thunder continued to boom.

The heavenly tribulation seemed to have sensed the changes in those transcending the tribulation, and it began to adjust.

In an instant, over 10,000,000 bolts of Purple Night Divine Lightning descended at the same time.

Followed by 50,000,000 more.

And immediately afterward, 100,000,000 more.

The number rose step by step.

“F*ck you!” the virtuous lamia said angrily using Song Shuhang’s voice.

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