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Chapter 1615: Song ‘Another Treasure Lost’ Shuhang

Besides Senior Sage Monarch Melon Eater, Song Shuhang had also seen the Almighty Merchant connect with the Virtuous Network to access some information.

After linking the two together, Song Shuhang felt that this Black Dragon World was rather strange. When the structure of the Dragon Network was compared to the Virtuous Network’s structure, it felt like there were many things in common between the two.

So, did the creator of the Virtuous Network use the structure of the Dragon Network for reference? Or was it the other way around?

Song Shuhang’s right hand was itching to move; he was thinking of using the secret appraisal technique on the ‘Dragon Network’.

But at this moment, the virtuous lamia’s fingers stopped moving.

The entire ‘Ancient Nether Dragon Soul’ was filled with dots and lines. All the dots and lines converged in one location, which was also their origin.

When the virtuous lamia’s fingers arrived here, she paused.

This was the most important point. It was the core of the Virtuous Network, and the place where the final stroke was.

The virtuous lamia regretfully stopped her finger. The final stroke did not belong to her, and was not hers to complete.

It was another Golden Core Composition that lacked the ‘final stroke’.

At the moment it was produced, Song Shuhang became aware of its name—The Connected World.

At first, he thought that the name of this Golden Core Composition would be something like ‘The Omnipresent Virtuous Network’.

After all, the names of the first few Golden Core Compositions gave him this vibe. For example: The Forever Impregnable Holy City and The World-Ending Holy Sword.

Unexpectedly, the style of the name was different this time.

The Connected World—it was like the Virtuous Network, and it connected many worlds.

The virtuous lamia’s tail rolled, and she moved back a small distance. She glanced at her work with satisfaction, and then got up and left the space of the ‘Golden Core Composition’.

In Song Shuhang’s Dragon Horn Dantian, the ball-like Ancient Nether Dragon Soul stretched out, becoming the fat whale version of Song Shuhang. It was just that there were now countless dots and lines on its body, making it look particularly weird. It was like it had been smeared by the worst tattoo artist.

The Ancient Nether Dragon Soul sat in the Dragon Horn Dantian, and sent out a strange message.

This message could only be understood by Song Shuhang.

The message it sent said ‘Tyrannical Dragon’.

The Ancient Nether Dragon Soul seemed to be identifying itself. Tyrannical Dragon was originally Song Shuhang’s account name in the Dragon Network, and it was inextricably related to the Ancient Nether Dragon Soul. As such, it was understandable that it chose to be ‘Tyrannical Dragon’.

The actions of the Ancient Nether Dragon Soul seemed to have started something.

Song Shuhang’s first small golden core, the Forever Impregnable Holy City, also sent out a message—’Tyrannical Saber’.

These two words came from the daoist name that Senior White had assigned to Song Shuhang. It was also the only daoist name that he intended to keep for himself. It held a very special meaning to him.

The colorful monster core [The World-Ending Holy Sword] was unwilling to be left behind, and it vibrated slightly—’Tyrannical Song’.

The virtuous diamond ball [The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times] naturally followed with the name that best fitted it—’Tyrannical Scholar’.

The Golden Core Composition on the royal blood demon core had yet to be completed. The ghost spirit fairy maiden was still happily painting, and only the heavens knew when she would finish.

This core also seemed to want a title that fitted it, but since its Golden Core Composition was still incomplete, it couldn’t speak.

The mechanical core reactor’s reaction was the strangest as its previous reincarnation was Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation, which had its own name—Tyrannical Tyrant.

Although it had no Golden Core Composition, its name as ‘Tyrannical Tyrant’ had already been decided.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

All his names related to the word ‘Tyrannical’ had been assigned. The cosmic demon core and ancient divine witch blood core did not have any fitting names for now.

In addition, whether it was a daoist name or Sage Name, neatness was very important as it would make things look more refreshing.

Song Shuhang looked at the mechanical core reactor. Although ‘Tyrannical Tyrant’ also had the word ‘Tyrannical’ in it, it was rather disruptive of the rhythm. He kept on getting the feeling that the steel manifestation had taken advantage of him.

If he had the chance, he should change this name.

Anyway, since the virtuous lamia didn’t draw the ‘Ancient Heavenly City’ on the Ancient Nether Dragon Soul, should I draw it on the core reactor or the ancient divine witch blood core? Song Shuhang thought.

Just now, he had already decided that the Golden Core Composition for the ‘life-bound whale core’ was going to be something of his own.

Therefore, the Ancient Heavenly City composition could be given to one of the small golden cores.

Song Shuhang squeezed his chin, and thought, Which small golden core would it be better to draw it on?

In fact, he felt that the Ancient Heavenly City Golden Core Composition was not suitable for either the core reactor or the ancient divine witch blood.

The core reactor was a product of science, while the ancient divine witch blood belonged to the witch system.

“Actually, if we’re talking about the core reactor’s composition, I have something in mind that is very suitable.” Song Shuhang thought of the ‘big-eyed planet’ and Senior White Two’s No. 1 battle pet ‘You’re Busy T233’.

They had complex structures, and were both very much in line with the sci-fi style. It would be fitting to use them as references for the composition of the ‘core reactor’.

However… Song Shuhang did not know much about the structure of these two big shots, so he could not draw them properly.

He suddenly thought of something, and then said, “At the end of the day, the core reactor is still one of my ‘clones’. How about I have it draw a ‘Golden Core Composition’ for itself?”

Even the ghost spirit fairy maiden and the virtuous lamia could paint a Golden Core Composition for him. Perhaps the ‘steel manifestation’ could also make a Golden Core Composition?

After receiving Song Shuhang’s order, the core reactor moved slightly, and a lot of light spread out from it.

However, it did not act.

These rays of light were the channels through which the core reactor delivered energy, and it was now also functioning as the ‘paint’ for the composition. However, it did not have the ability to paint a composition on its own.

Song Shuhang was slightly disappointed.

In the end, the steel manifestation was only a ‘pet-type’ manifestation, and its intelligence level wasn’t that high.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s decided then. I’ll be using the Ancient Heavenly City composition on the core reactor. No matter what, it’s better to use it and make up the numbers.”

While saying this, his consciousness moved right beside the ‘core reactor’. After that, he recalled the memories and feelings of the Heavenly Emperor as he painted the Heavenly City.

At this time, in Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

The beautiful pattern on the back of Skylark’s body started condensing.

This body of Fairy Skylark was smuggled into the main world by the ‘fat ball’. It had been planning on tricking Song Shuhang while pretending to be Skylark, but it didn’t expect Senior White Two to attack its main body in the Netherworld Realm.

As a result, the fat ball failed on both sides and even lost Skylark’s body, which it had worked on for a considerable amount of time. It was only able to carry the small piece of the ‘bone of eternity’ back to the Netherworld Realm.

Later, this Skylark’s body was struck by Song Shuhang’s ‘Impregnating Gaze + Embryonic Gaze’ combo, giving birth to a seed.

Inside the seed was something that looked like a small liquid metal ball.

Frightened by the prestige of the fat ball, Song Shuhang did not dare to plant this seed in his Inner World. He negotiated with Senior White Two, and prepared to plant this seed in the ‘world of the black lotus’ next door.

At that time, even if it did grow into a fat ball, Senior White Two would be there, so he had no need to worry about any accidents.

This seed had been in the Inner World all along, and it hadn’t been moved next door yet.

At this time, the connection between the Inner World and Song Shuhang had been affected by the laws of the Black Dragon World. After being blocked, the Inner World underwent a change.

Although the seed wasn’t planted, it sprouted and bore fruit.

The pattern on the back of Skylark’s body burned to provide nourishment for the seed.

The seed germinated, bloomed, and bore fruit quickly.

This seed had no roots, so it didn’t need to be planted. As soon as the time came, it would grow.

In the end… a drop of ‘liquid metal’ was born.

Skylark’s body began to burn, turning into ashes in a short time.

The pattern on her back was projected and materialized in the Inner World, and it unceasingly stretched.

The pattern supported the drop of ‘liquid metal’, and began to communicate and connect with Song Shuhang’s main body.

In an instant, the pattern broke through the blockade of the Black Dragon World, emerged from the Inner World, and appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang, who was preparing to paint the Heavenly City Composition on the ‘mechanical core reactor’, instantly had his consciousness return to his main body.

He opened his eyes and looked to his side.

A beautiful pattern squeezed out of the void. A drop of ‘liquid metal’ gleamed and rolled on top of the pattern.

Song Shuhang’s eyes widened in an instant.

The fat ball!

For a moment, he thought that the fat ball had come all this way to cause him trouble.

But soon, he sensed something was wrong with this drop of ‘liquid metal’.

Although it appeared to be a physical entity, if one were to carefully sense it, they would find that it was actually something illusory.

“It should’ve been born from that ‘seed’!” Song Shuhang quickly understood.

This drop of ‘liquid metal’ actually broke through the blockade of the Black Dragon World, and forced its way here from the Inner World?

The energy in the beautiful patterns was exhausted, which caused it to disappear.

The drop of liquid metal that looked ‘illusory’ also fell from the air.

It was illusory, but it seemed to be real at the same time.

Its existence was a collection of contradictions.

Song Shuhang’s heart thumped. He took out the spear of a Celestial from his cosmos bag, and gently used it to poke the drop of ‘liquid metal’.

He didn’t dare to touch it with his hands. After all, it was something related to the fat ball.

At the same time, Senior White’s clone also dashed over.

While taking a bite off a pastry, he stretched out his hand, and quickly cast a ‘seal-type’ magical technique on the drop of liquid metal.

Although this thing was only a small drop, its existence felt inconceivable to those who saw it.

A dozen or so seal-type magical techniques and formations fell on the liquid metal ball.

Senior White’s clone said, “Still too late.”

“?” Song Shuhang.

On the spear, the drop of liquid metal began to vaporize and disappear…

Inexplicably, Song Shuhang felt a tinge of pain in his heart.

Song ‘Another Treasure Lost’ Shuhang.

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