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Chapter 1570: Fairy Dongfang Six and Dharma King Creation will arrive at the battlefield in five seconds

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

Just now, he had been believing that ‘today was destined to be a peaceful day’. However, in the blink of an eye, the heavens had used Doudou to slap him in the face at the speed of light.

The sixth sense of man, as expected, is as unreliable as the divination skills of Senior Copper Trigram.

Song Shuhang asked, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you there with my treasured saber. But… that formation is a demonic cultivator’s formation, can you use it?”

“Yes. After some slight modifications, I should be able to use it. During the day, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were discussing this. I participated in that discussion, and because of this, I will be able to modify it to my needs.” Doudou sighed with a constipated expression.

Grandpa Heavenly Tribulation had directly taken away his chastity, leaving him in despair.

“Great, let’s set off right away then.” Song Shuhang brought out his Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades and said to Doudou, “Lay down on the twin blades.”

Doudou leaped slightly and lay down on the blades.

“Blade Dragging Technique!” Song Shuhang yelled. He then grabbed a handle of the twin blades with each of his hands and used the fastest saber flying technique he had currently mastered, the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯.

With the two blades in front—and with Doudou laying on top and Song Shuhang at the back grabbing onto their handles with both hands—they rushed out through the window.

The saber light of the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯ was shaped like a shuttle.

Song Shuhang adjusted his body based on the mathematical formula tailored for him by Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue. He took note of the volume of the twin blades, the square area of the saber light produced by the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯, and his and Doudou’s weight, height, body width, and other data, placing all of these in the formula. After doing some calculations, he got the best and most aerodynamic posture for the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯.

“Whoosh~” The Blade Dragging Technique brought them rushing forth to the outskirts of H City.

Doudou squatted tightly on the treasured saber, his eyes closed as he meditated. He was currently trying his best to suppress the churning monster energy in his body.

Soon, Song Shuhang had brought Doudou beside the tribulation-transcending formation.

Doudou said, “You need not worry about the illusion formation. Shuhang, lend me all of the spirit stones you have. After I transcend my tribulation, regardless of whether I live or die, I’ll have Yellow Mountain repay you.”

The pressure exuding from his heavenly tribulation was becoming heavier and heavier; it was ready to descend at any moment.

Time was running out, and he needed to modify the tribulation-transcending formation into one suitable for him before the lightning descended.

Song Shuhang handed over all the spirit stones that he’d extracted from the tribulation-transcending formation the day before to Doudou. There was also the portion of spirit stones they got from Demon Monarch Anzhi, as well as some spirit stones that had yet to be consumed by the immortal boat, all of these were taken out and handed over to Doudou.

Song Shuhang didn’t have even half a spiritual stone on him now.

Doudou quickly entered the tribulation-transcending formation, took out all the spirit stones he was carrying, and stuffed them into the formation.

Song Shuhang asked, “Is there enough spirit stones?”

“It’s barely enough. Fortunately, I brought some spirit stones with me this time.” Doudou gritted his teeth—when he came out this time, he’d prepared to stay with Song Shuhang for around ten days. Therefore, he carried a large number of spirit stones on his person.

After throwing all the spirit stones into the tribulation-transcending formation, Doudou opened his mouth, took out the ‘Blood God Crystal’, and placed it in the formation.

This Blood God Crystal could increase the strength of his monster core if he successfully transcended the tribulation.

In the Fifth Stage Realm, the number of patterns on a cultivator’s golden core determined their strength.

As for a monster core, what was used to determine its strength was its ‘radiance’. After a monster core was formed, the more light it emitted, the greater the strength of the monster core.

In addition, some half-blood monster cultivators or those monsters that practiced special cultivation techniques would have something similar to dragon patterns emerge on their monster core when they condensed it.

As the Blood God Crystal could increase the number of dragon patterns of a cultivator’s golden core, it could also increase the strength of a monster core.

“Right, I’ve also got this.” Song Shuhang took out a small bottle from a ‘cosmos bag’ and threw it to Doudou.

This cosmos bag belonged to Demon Monarch Anzhi, and it was one level higher than the ‘size-reducing purse’. It was a genuine spatial treasure.

Song Shuhang intended to use this ‘cosmos bag’ as a year-end reward for his disciples. After the end of this year, the disciple who made the most progress would obtain this ‘cosmos bag’.

The rest of the disciples could only use the storage bottles that he got from the Celestials.

Lady Onion and Little Yinzhu were also included among his disciples.

Doudou questioned, “What is this?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It’s a liquefied pill made from the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit. After you succeed in ascending to the Fifth Stage, swallow this liquefied pill. It will allow your monster core to be even stronger.”

After getting the liquefied pill, Song Shuhang used the ‘secret appraisal technique’ to appraise it. The secret appraisal technique was extraordinary as always, and it even managed to appraise the formula that Young Master Hai used to produce the liquefied pill.

Song Shuhang currently had a seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit on him, which had been given to him by Uncle Zheng De from the Immortal Farming Sect.

Zheng De had given out two seeds back then, one of which went to Sixteen as a form of apology, while the other was given to Song Shuhang. It was given to him in hopes that Song Shuhang would, one day, bring them the news of Young Master Hai’s destruction.

In other words, this Seven Colors Wonder Fruit seed was a sort of investment Zheng De had made to obtain his revenge.

After Zheng De gave the seed to Song Shuhang, he had thought that Song Shuhang would only be able to avenge the Immortal Farming Sect after several decades or even several hundred years…

Anyway, Song Shuhang had planted this seed in his Inner World to see if it could bear fruit. If it could, several of his disciples would be able to use it when they ascended to the Fifth Stage in the future.

“Shuhang, you’re truly my good brother, woof!” Doudou stored the medicinal pill bottle away. “From today onward, you can call me Brother Dou, and I will love you as if you were my real brother.”

Song Shuhang replied, “On second thought, I want the liquefied pill back.”

“In your dreams. How can you take back something you’ve already given away?” Doudou laughed. Afterward, he quickly rushed into the tribulation-transcending formation, starting to modify it into a formation suitable for him at the fastest speed.

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you need any help?”

He still had Senior Turtle in his Inner World, who was a Ninth Stage big shot even if in a sealed state.

Doudou said confidently, “There’s no need. I’ve already long figured out how to adjust it. I’ll be done immediately. Shuhang, stand back a bit and don’t get involved in my tribulation.”

Then, he continued to tinker with the formation at breakneck speed.

“Okay.” Song Shuhang tapped his right foot on the ground lightly, and his figure floated outside the tribulation-transcending formation.

The virtuous lamia emerged from behind him. She opened her mouth and spat out Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked in puzzlement, “Why are you back at the tribulation-transcending formation?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Doudou is about to transcend his tribulation.”

“Oh, that cute little dog?” Scarlet Heaven Sword glanced at Doudou in the illusion formation. “This little dog has a good foundation, so it has a very high chance of succeeding in transcending its tribulation. But first… Shuhang, it would be best for you to move further away.”

Song Shuhang: “???”

“I think you have the hidden ability to always get involved in other people’s heavenly tribulation. This hidden ability is even more likely to be activated when your friends transcend their tribulation. For safety’s sake, you should move further back. It will decrease the likelihood of you getting involved in the heavenly tribulation.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword rent Song Shuhang’s heart viciously in the calmest tone.

Song Shuhang: “…”

In the end, he retreated further away from the scene.

This time, I will absolutely not get involved in the heavenly tribulation!

No, wait. I shouldn’t plant flags for myself.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, the formation Doudou modified should be fine, right?”

The reason he’d summoned Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was to have it take a look at Doudou’s formation.

“I’m just a divine sword, so I haven’t studied formations that much.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword raised its body and ‘looked’ towards Doudou’s position. “Mm-hm, the modifications done on the formation aren’t bad. It looks like this little dog was able to adjust the formation well. Was there an expert that gave it advice?”

Song Shuhang said, “This should be the result of him having discussed the subject with the seniors of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.”

It was a pity that the puppet maiden took Yinzhu and went who knows where.

Otherwise, he would have asked her to teach Doudou the ‘crouching down while holding one’s head’ secret technique to increase his chances of successfully transcending the tribulation.

Song Shuhang took out his phone again and opened the chat software.

As soon as he went online, he found that Fairy Dongfang Six had sent him a private message.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Little friend Shuhang, are you still at Medicine Master’s building? I’ve got something to do at noon, but I’ve got some time to spare right now. I’m coming over so that we can research how to modify your mecha immortal boat.”

Song Shuhang replied to Fairy Dongfang Six, “Fairy Dongfang, I’m in H City in the Jiangnan area at the moment. I’m at the tribulation-transcending formation from yesterday. Doudou suddenly had to transcend his tribulation, but he wasn’t ready for it. As such, I could only bring him here and have him use Demon Monarch Anzhi’s tribulation-transcending formation.”

“Doudou is transcending his tribulation?” Fairy Dongfang Six was taken aback. “I’ll be there soon! Tell the daoists in the group, especially Senior Yellow Mountain. Ask him about what to take note of.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Okay, I understand.”

I almost forgot to notify Senior Yellow Mountain…

Song Shuhang clicked on the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Tyrannical Song: “***@Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire,*** Senior Yellow Mountain, Doudou got a sudden inspiration, which caused his realm to soar. He’s about to transcend his tribulation. What should I pay attention to?”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “😩”

Medicine Master: “💊”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Medicine Master. Can you prepare some stomach medicine and heartbeat-calming pills when you have the time? I feel that I’m really in need of them.”

Medicine Master: “Ok!”

Senior Yellow Mountain: “Little friend Shuhang, Doudou has troubled you again. Anyway, when Doudou transcends his tribulation, first of all, you must be careful not to get involved in the heavenly tribulation. I remember that during your previous tribulations, other fellow daoists from the group would always be involved. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety this time.”

Song Shuhang’s heartache value +10.

Senior Yellow Mountain continued: “I’d prepared a lot of tribulation-transcending methods for Doudou, but now, I’m afraid that there won’t be a chance to use them. 😩 The only item that still has some use is that collar. Shuhang, tell Doudou that a short-duration berserk-type magical technique is engraved on the new collar on his neck. When needed, he can activate it to gain a sudden burst in power. The password is Doudou’s birthday.”


Fairy Dongfang Six was driving and quickly approaching the location Song Shuhang had mentioned with Dharma King Creation…

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