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Chapter 1563: Fellow Daoist Anzhi, believe in yourself. You can do it!

Back then, Song Shuhang was a young man who yearned for the ‘blue sky’. He had fantasized about himself touching the skies countless times.

He fantasized about himself riding a plane, or perhaps an eagle, to cross the four seas.

Or again, learning the sword flying technique, and then riding on a sword through the sky with his hands behind his back, looking natural and unrestrained.

However, he had not thought that his first time realizing his dream would be after being kidnapped by Demon Monarch Anzhi, and then dragged away like he was a weak chicken.

There was no natural and unrestrained look. Instead, there was only nausea, feebleness, and the feeling of wanting to vomit.

Song Shuhang’s first experience of touching the blue sky was a huge black mark in his history.

Song Shuhang had even suspected that the reason he developed a fear of heights afterward was probably due to the trauma from that experience.

All of these were the ‘blessings’ of Demon Monarch Anzhi, who was currently transcending a tribulation below.

Song Shuhang said, “Sure enough, it’s fate.”

“Fate is so wonderful.” Doudou nodded in agreement.



One person, one dog, their laughs especially synchronized and harmonious.

“…” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

F*ck, why are these two laughing so villainously? It suddenly regretted continuing to stay with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said, “I have to find a way to surprise him.”

Sixteen had sworn to kill Young Master Hai and his group of three. Now that Song Shuhang had a chance to accomplish a part of that, he didn’t want to let the opportunity pass.

Doudou asked, “I like messing things up, but what should we do? This guy is currently transcending a heavenly tribulation. If we get too close, we might get involved in the tribulation as well.”

Song Shuhang said, “Actually… we don’t need to get too close. We just need to sit on the edge of the tribulation-transcending formation, keep our distance, and then cheer for our old acquaintance loudly.”

Just think about it. When a person was transcending their tribulation, how would they feel when they found that two of their old acquaintances suddenly appeared and cheered them on as they watched and ate melon seeds by the side?

Doudou responded, “Great idea!”

Song Shuhang has really been contaminated by the people in the Nine Provinces Number One Group… He used to be such a simple and kind person, but now he has become the same as the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Doudou, I feel like you’re slandering me in your mind.”

Doudou said, “F*ck, have you learned the mind-reading technique?”

“So you really were slandering me.” Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It’s because you had a bothered look on your face just now, but there was a smirk at the corner of your mouth.”

“Actually, I’m indeed quite bothered,” Doudou said. “The Nine Provinces Number One Group is really a big mess. You were just a little newbie when you first joined, yet now you’ve been tainted by the group’s style.”

“That isn’t right, Doudou. My character has always been like this. It’s just that… I might have become a lot more lively compared to before.” Song Shuhang laughed.

He felt that he hadn’t changed that much—he was still very kind to his friends and normal people. As for when it came to grinding boss mobs, he was still as passionate as before.

Doudou responded, “Ptui, shameless. If you want to seek death, then go ahead. Don’t use an excuse like liveliness to cover up for your death-seeking actions.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword laughed. “Hahahaha.”

The little dog’s words hit the nail on the head.

Its words were very much to Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s liking.

Song Shuhang said, “Let’s head down. If we’re too late, our old friend’s heavenly tribulation might come to an end.”

After saying that, he went and plunged straight down from the air.

His speed was extremely fast, just like a javelin being shot downward in the air!

“F*ck, why are you going down like this?” Doudou was taken aback—What happened to his fear of heights? Has it already been cured?

“Aaaah~” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but suddenly shout. “F*ck, it seems that my fear of heights hasn’t completely disappeared.”

He thought that his fear of heights had been cured, so he wanted to take the opportunity to try speeding downward. Unexpectedly, halfway through the jump, he started to panic again.

It seemed that if he wanted to cure his fear of heights, he had to put the immortal boat in its mechform, activate its crazy escape mode, and go back and forth several times.

“…” Doudou.

He had no idea from where he should start ridiculing Song Shuhang.


Most of Song Shuhang’s body plunged straight into the ground, creating a terrifying crash and causing the earth to vibrate.

Falling from this height was something that his physical body, which was strengthened by the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ and ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯, could easily handle it.

There wasn’t even the slightest injury on his body.

“There aren’t any injuries at all. My physical body is much stronger than I expected. It looks like I don’t need to care about falling from such a height.” Song Shuhang leaped slightly, pulling his body out of the ground.

“…” Doudou.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Song Shuhang had descended from the air with great momentum, attracting the attention of Demon Monarch Anzhi, who was within the tribulation-transcending formation.

It had originally thought that it was an earthquake, so it didn’t pay it any mind and even thought that it was a good sign.

Unexpectedly, it was a human cultivator descending from the sky.

While fighting the modernized tribulation, Demon Monarch Anzhi glanced at Song Shuhang.

Falling from a high altitude, but emerging unscathed—was this a cultivator who focused on body strengthening?

However, since Demon Monarch Anzhi was ‘blind’ when it came to human faces, it did not recognize Song Shuhang at a glance.

For Demon Monarch Anzhi, humans were just like little rabbits. It could recognize their skin tones at best, but it could not distinguish between their appearances at all. It couldn’t even distinguish between men and women.

Even when it came to its two partners, Young Master Hai and Zhengneng, it took a lot of work for it to remember them thoroughly.

If it had been given some time to get a good look at the other party, it might be able to recognize Song Shuhang, who was the first Sage in 1,000 years. However, it was currently in the middle of transcending its tribulation, so how could it have the time to spare to take a good look at the cultivator who had fallen from the sky?

Demon Monarch Anzhi glanced over. After discovering that it was a Fifth Stage human cultivator and a Fourth Stage monster dog, it did not pay them any more mind.

The other party might have just fallen there accidentally. As long as the other party wasn’t seeking death, they shouldn’t be stupid enough to break into its tribulation-transcending formation.

“Did he just glance at us?” Doudou asked—Doudou’s dog eyes were shining at this time as he was using a kind of illusion-breaking magical technique.

“Mm-hm,” Song Shuhang replied. He hadn’t learned any powerful illusion-breaking magical techniques, but he did have the Sage’s eye. The virtuous lamia, who was currently listlessly attached to Song Shuhang’s back, was summoned out to have his eye switched out.

Now, changing eyes was just like changing glasses for Song Shuhang; he was very familiar with it.

In the future, when his mastery of illusion techniques reached a higher threshold, he would be able to see through illusion techniques with his ‘mirage energy monster core’ without the need to use the Sage’s eye.

Doudou said, “Is he ignoring us?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Mm-hm… I remember now. This guy has facial blindness. When he was trying to catch Sixteen, he caught me instead.”

Perhaps it had not recognized them.

Song Shuhang suddenly felt a little lost in his heart. He couldn’t help but think of the Sword Sage Sober King of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Fortunately, I have the ‘Sage Seal’.

As long as I am willing, I can make use of the effect of ‘nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me’.

You want to ignore me? Don’t even think about it!

Song Shuhang stretched out his left hand, brought out the ‘Tyrannical Song Sage Seal’, then stretched out his right hand, and brought out the ‘Tyrannical Scholar Demon Seal’.

Fellow Daoist Demon Monarch Anzhi, please take a look over here~ Do you prefer this Tyrannical Song model on the left? Or do you prefer this Tyrannical Scholar model on the right?

It was said that you should not interfere in other people’s heavenly tribulations lest you become careless and accidentally become involved in it. At that time, it would be a bad thing for everyone.

However… it should be fine to stay on the sidelines and watch the show, right?

While watching the show, I’m merely bringing out my two Sage Seals and 21 Apes to cheer for my fellow daoist, what’s wrong with that?

“Fellow Daoist Anzhi, believe in yourself. You can do it!” Song Shuhang yelled—Song Shuhang didn’t know why, but because these lines went against his actual feelings, he felt very strange when he cheered for Demon Monarch Anzhi.

After all, I am not a real actor, so I’m not really good at saying things that don’t conform with my feelings.

“Woof~” Doudou yelled in agreement, attracting Demon Monarch Anzhi’s attention.

At the same time, 21 Holy Apes appeared behind Song Shuhang.

The one large and 20 small Holy Apes were arranged in an arrow formation with the large Holy Ape in the lead. At this time, they all opened the scriptures in their hands, and began reciting loudly.

Their recital was catchy, mellow, and rhythmic.

However, if one listened carefully, it was as if they were all just shouting ‘666’.

Inside the tribulation-transcending formation, Demon Monarch Anzhi heard the calls of Song Shuhang and Doudou.

These guys know my daoist name?

Could it be an enemy of mine got word that I was soon going to transcend a tribulation, and came to surround me?

However, are they thinking of stopping me with just a Fifth Stage human cultivator and a Fourth Stage monster dog?

How naive.

After I finish transcending this tribulation, I will have a golden core with at least seven dragon patterns. At that time, I will absolutely have no problem escaping from a Fifth Stage cultivator even if I can’t beat them!

A mere Fifth-Rank golden core cultivator, do you think that I would be afraid of you?

Demon Monarch Anzhi felt very calm.

After blocking a wave of heavenly tribulation cannonballs, it turned its head and looked at Song Shuhang and Doudou again.

When it glanced over this time, it suddenly froze. “Tyrannical… Tyrannical Song!”

Why is he here?

I confirmed beforehand that Tyrannical Song had left the Jiangnan area. And I even quietly confirmed that the ‘Tyrannical Song’ who was in the school recently is actually a monster tree in disguise.

Demon Monarch Anzhi had repeatedly confirmed this for a long time, and it finally decided to place its tribulation-transcending formation in H City.

Moreover, it had gone about this very secretively this time.

Even Young Master Hai and Zheng Neng didn’t know where it would transcend its tribulation.

Then why? Why was Tyrannical Song here?


While transcending a tribulation, how could there be time for one to be distracted?

While it was distracted, the heavenly tribulation took the opportunity to increase its output. And so, over a dozen cannons appeared in the sky, blasting violently at Demon Monarch Anzhi.

If it weren’t for the stable layout of its tribulation-transcending formation, it would have been forced to kneel from this wave.

Song Shuhang and Doudou simultaneously smiled as they watched this.

This was the result they wanted.

He and Doudou didn’t have to do anything. As long as they sat on the sidelines, and let Demon Monarch Anzhi know that they were there, they could make the other party feel tremendous pressure.

Moreover, when the ‘inner demon tribulation’ phase appeared, they could perhaps become the other party’s inner demons.

“This… Is it my inner demon?” Demon Monarch Anzhi’s heart suddenly thumped. Perhaps it was just the inner demon trying to damage its soul.

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