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Chapter 1558: Taking the enemy’s head from a thousand miles away

Ye Si added, “I suddenly feel that keeping things like this isn’t that bad… It’s as if it was always our first time meeting. Every time I meet him, his response feels very novel, but also good enough to be placed in a tragic plot. Not knowing what’s going to happen also feels quite nice.”

Fairy Cheng Lin: “…”

Is there any saving my girl?

I feel that I can’t let her continue reading those strange books.

I should replace her tragic stories with other kinds of stories.

But what should I replace them with?

Given Ye Si’s personality, which made her identify with the stories she’d read… Was there a book that would suit her?

Fairy Cheng Lin began to feel distressed.

When Doudou drove the immortal boat back to Jiangnan University Town and then Medicine Master’s building, it was already the morning of the next day.

October 20th, Sunday. There were three more days before the resurrection CD went down.

Song Shuhang stored the immortal boat in his Inner World.

Doudou shook his body and exclaimed, “I’m going to rest for a while. I’m so tired.”

Song Shuhang said, “Sure, just look for a room to rest in. Don’t disturb Scholar Drunken Heaven.”

Doudou retorted, “Scholar Drunken Heaven is not Chu Chu. Why would I bother him if there wasn’t anything important?”

After saying that, he swaggered into Medicine Master’s building to look for a room at random and go to sleep.

Song Shuhang followed into the building and he spread his divine sense, sweeping across the entire place.

Song Shuhang said softly, “Eh? The puppet maiden and Little Yinzhu haven’t come back yet?”

Weren’t they having too much fun outside?

“It seems that I should have them get a phone so that they’re easier to contact.” Song Shuhang sat down in front of the computer and skimmed through the latest news casually.

Recently, there was more news about mysterious flying objects, UFOs, mirages, etc.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Is it because of the loosening of the passages within the universe?

After reading some of the latest news, Song Shuhang logged into his chat account again and entered the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

As soon as he entered the group, he received a notification from Senior Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “@everyone, I’ll be sharing a secret mental technique to detect Celestials, the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯. This secret technique is a modified version of the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯, specialized in screening and locking onto the Celestial Race. This can be used by fellow daoists at the Fifth Stage and above. If any fellow daoists need it, feel free to download it.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Eh? Senior Yellow Mountain, you’re sharing this cultivation technique for free?”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “This cultivation technique is being spread by the ‘Cultivator Alliance’ in order to make it easier for everyone to find Celestials when hunting them. Of course, if there are too many Celestials, the secret technique will allow you to sense this as well, allowing you to retreat early. After some testing, it was found that the sensing range of this secret technique exceeds the searching technique of the Celestials. According to the plans of the ‘Cultivator Alliance’, this cultivation technique is to be spread throughout the entire world of cultivation for free.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked, “Can it be used by monster cultivators?”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “Phoenix Slayer, let’s talk about this in private. There is a modified version for monster cultivators, which can strengthen a monster cultivator’s five senses to allow them to better sense Celestials. The effect is better, and the sensing distance is longer. @everyone, fellow daoists of the monster race, please send me a private message. The monster cultivator version of the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯ is different depending on your race.”

Monster cultivators were different from human cultivators, and there were many types of them. Therefore, there were separate versions of the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯ for the various monster cultivators. Venerable Yellow Mountain didn’t want to upload them one by one, so he told the members to send him a private message instead.

Tyrannical Song: “I don’t know why, but I feel like the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯’s real name should be ‘Hateful Celestial Radar Technique’.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: “The name ❮Hateful Celestial Radar Technique❯ is great, I like it. After a while, when I teach this technique to others, I will call it the ❮Hateful Celestial Radar Technique❯. War in the modern era is a war of information. If you can stay one step ahead of your enemies, you’ll have a great advantage.”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “…”

Medicine Master: “💊”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “…”

Song Shuhang’s fingers stiffened. Did I accidentally add to Senior Yellow Mountain’s fatigue value?

He immediately changed the subject. “Anyway, Seniors, when I was riding my immortal boat last night, I suddenly had an idea. I want to integrate a [core reactor], as well as the component of some Fifth Stage magical treasure, an [energy extractor], with my immortal boat. In addition, I also want to install a ‘pet-shaped manifestation core’ on it. Do Seniors think this is feasible?”

“It sounds quite awesome,” Fairy Dongfang Six said. “Little friend Shuhang, I’ll come look for you this afternoon. I’ve done a lot of research on modifying vehicles and immortal boats. Let’s work together in modifying your immortal boat.”

Song Shuhang’s heart trembled.

Would an immortal boat modified by Fairy Dongfang Six be reliable?

Wait, maybe it really was reliable.

Fairy Dongfang Six’s ‘off-road vehicle’ was modified by her, and it could move around without any problems. Although she was a road killer, she still had great skills in modifying vehicles.

“Okay, I will wait for Fairy Dongfang Six to come over this afternoon,” Song Shuhang replied. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and clicked on the group’s shared folder to download the ❮Hateful Celestial Radar Technique❯.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to explode.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator hurriedly said, “Thrice Reckless, don’t say such ominous things. Little friend Shuhang is allergic to the word ‘explosion’ recently. May good luck be upon you.”

—He had already told the other members of the group about the disappearance of the “safety seal” on Song Shuhang’s body.

Doudou Reborn: “Woof, I can’t use this ❮Hateful Celestial Radar Technique❯!”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “It’s the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯… In addition, Doudou, you can use it after you ascend to the Fifth Stage. When are you coming back?”

Doudou said, “I just arrived at Song Shuhang’s place. Let me play for a few more days.”

Yellow Mountain: “Didn’t you make an agreement with me to only be out for a day?”

Doudou laughed, and said, “Mm-hm, the agreement was only for me to play for one day. However, I’m a lying puppy, woof woof woof~ I finally got to go out this time, so I must play to my heart’s content!”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “…”

Upstairs, Doudou was quickly typing in the chat box. “By the way, when I was returning home on the immortal boat today, Shuhang said a line that was especially overbearing; it shocked me!”

As he got to this point.

[System prompt: Doudou Reborn, has been muted by the group owner for 5 days.]

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire said, “Stop chatting, come back early.”

Doudou: “…”

He hadn’t even gotten to send the message when he got prohibited from sending further messages.

Stupid Yellow Mountain, because of your actions, the entire ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ has missed on huge gossip.

This gossip shall not see the light.

I’ll be keeping it in my mind to only be enjoyed by me alone, I won’t share it anymore.

Meanwhile, after Song Shuhang downloaded the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯, he opened it and watched the lesson.

This ‘sensing technique’ was simply a modified version of the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯.

Song Shuhang had already learned the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯; it was a technique that allowed cultivators to use their mental energy to sense their surroundings. After ascending to the Fifth Stage, mental energy would be transformed into divine sense, causing its range to become extremely broad. After breaking through, Song Shuhang hadn’t used the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯ to its fullest yet, so he did not know how much and how far he could sense at the moment.

This ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯ was an extension of the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯. Once it was deployed, the divine sense of a Fifth Stage cultivator would only target Celestials, and at the same time, increase the sensory range.

Song Shuhang followed the method described in the document and managed to master the secret technique after several attempts.

With his body as the center, his divine sense spread according to the method described in the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯.

The sensing method of the ❮Mental Detection Technique❯ was akin to a carpet search.

On the other hand, when he used the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯, it was as if countless invisible threads extended from his body, these threads only capturing the aura of Celestials.

In this way, the consumption of his divine sense was lower, and its efficiency was higher.

With the continuous extension of the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯’s range, Song Shuhang had his consciousness stretch out over five kilometers away.

Immediately afterward, six small dots appeared in his mind.

He had locked onto the coordinates of some Celestials.

Not only that, if Song Shuhang willed it, the ❮Celestial Sensing Technique❯ would also transmit pictures back to him.

It was a Celestial aircraft, docked in the air five kilometers away from him. It was currently patrolling aimlessly, seemingly searching for a target.

Song Shuhang quickly wrote in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. “I’ve found a target.”

Fairy Lychee asked, “Celestials?”

Song Shuhang: “Yes, I can sense a total of six Celestial signals, currently five kilometers away from me. Seniors, how should I deal with them?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “If you are five kilometers away, then go with lightning techniques. Fifth Stage lightning techniques should be able to cover this range. Shuhang, which lightning techniques have you learned?”

Song Shuhang replied, “The Lightning Palm?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “…”

Are you being serious here? Are you not even the slightest bit embarrassed mentioning something like the Lightning Palm when you’re the renowned ‘first Sage in a thousand years’?

Song Shuhang added, “In addition, I also learned the Lightning Drawing Technique from the ❮Heavenly Master’s Techniques❯. I’ve just grasped the realm of ‘one bolt’.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Forget it, change the plan. There’s no point relying on your lightning techniques.”

Song Shuhang burst into tears immediately.

Medicine Master: “💊”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Thank you, Medicine Master, but I don’t need it.”

Fairy Lychee: “If you really have no other option, just use the sword controlling technique and send a sword over to chop those Celestials’ heads.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer added: “Taking the enemy’s head from a thousand miles away, this is the main purpose of the sword controlling technique. However, Shuhang is a saber user, so he has grasped the saber controlling technique.”

Song Shuhang said excitedly, “Alright, let me try.”

Ever since he’d learned the saber controlling technique, he’d never gotten to try taking an enemy’s head from a thousand miles away.

However, which saber would be best for this?

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