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Chapter 1535: I’ll let you run for 199 meters first

White Two already had an expression of dismay, but Wielder of the Will White wasn’t done just yet. “Do you have any suggestions for your little brother who might be born not too far in the future?”

White Two rubbed his face as he felt his head start aching.

But then again… if Wielder of the Will White could really make Netherworld White No. Two, then he truly would become a veteran ruler of the Netherworld.

At that time, I wonder if the fat ball would disappear?

Actually, it should disappear. After all, the fat ball was different from him.

However, in the depths of his heart, he actually hoped that the fat ball wouldn’t disappear—this was because if the fat ball remained, then things would stay interesting. He could work together with Netherworld White No. Two to torment the fat ball. Surprisingly, the scene felt rather exciting as he thought about it.

Besides that, he was honestly more interested in the formation process of a ruler of the Netherworld.

White Two was born from the very source of the Netherworld immediately after Wielder of the Will White became the seventh Wielder of the Will. When he appeared in the Netherworld, the previous ruler of the Netherworld, who corresponded to the Fellow Daoist Virtue, had already disappeared.

The moment he gained consciousness, the creation process was already over.

When the fat ball was born from the source of the Netherworld, he had been in a strange coma. When he woke up, the fat ball was already there…

As such, he was very curious about the process by which a ruler of the Netherworld was formed.

“What about it? Don’t say that I never gave you a chance. As long as you suggest something interesting, I will accept it with an open mind. Do you have any demands for your younger brother who might appear in the future?” As Wielder of the Will White saw the troubled look on White Two’s face, he felt gleeful.

White Two raised his head as the corners of his mouth curled upward.

He had thought of a good idea.

White Two slowly said, “If you aren’t worried about the future being chaotic and changing, then I want a little sister.”

“???” Wielder of the Will White.

For a moment, he was dumbfounded.

“Yes, I want a younger sister. As such, if you have the ability to fight for the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will in the future, you’d better give me a female ruler of the Netherworld,” White Two said as he sneered. Come, let’s both suffer!

Wielder of the Will White quickly recovered his composure, and fell into thought before saying, “I didn’t think that you’d want a little sister. After you became the ruler of the Netherworld, you really have changed a lot. Or perhaps you thought of those years as Little White? However, although Little White was beautiful, he was a boy. Actually… when I was sending little friend Song back to the main world just now, he used the line about Little White’s hair reaching his waist to test me. You even divulged our shameful past to little friend Song? Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“…” White Two.

When I get back, I’m going to kill Song Shuhang!

“However, this suggestion of yours is very interesting. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to try it out; perhaps I can really get you a little sister version of the ruler of the Netherworld. You just have to wait, if the next person to ascend the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will is female, then you need not have any doubts, it’s definitely me giving you a little sister. Of course, if it’s a male version, don’t be too disappointed. After all, it isn’t certain that I will be able to satisfy your wish,” Wielder of the Will White continued. “There’s one last thing I want to add—with our character, do you seriously think that we’d be worried about the future being chaotic and variable? Hahahaha.”

The more chaotic the future was, the more drastic the changes would be, and the more interesting it would thus be.

After his gaze retreated from the future, as long as he could do something that would alter the future, he would definitely do it without hesitation.

Wouldn’t an unchanging future simply prove determinism? He didn’t like determinism, as it made him feel exasperated and restricted. It made him feel like he was but an actor in a puppet show, with his fate wholly decided by others.

He wanted a future with unlimited possibilities.

White Two calmly said, “Yes, with our character, we really wouldn’t worry about something like the future being chaotic and variable.”

“Moreover, we might have the opportunity to choose a different future.” Wielder of the Will White stretched out his fingers, and said, “When I entered this state wherein I detached from the Heaven’s Will, it felt like my perspective was equivalent to a fish of a small stream leaping out. I saw that there were countless branches of the stream, converging into various large rivers. Perhaps each branch of the stream contained a different future. The future that I’m seeing might only be one among countless ones.”

White Two said, “This is the most popular excuse that divination masters, especially those fortune-tellers who are bad at divination, use. They always like using lines like ‘the future is ever-variable’ to fool people.”

“Hahahaha, but if the future really were to become a mess because of me, that would certainly be very interesting.” Wielder of the Will White smiled, and seriously said, “I must complete this separation. Once I return, I’ll start making preparations before I leave my position as the Wielder of the Will.”

White Two said, “I wish you success.”

In the next moment, the figure of Wielder of the Will White became illusory.

After he disappeared, a white horse took his place.

“Clip, clop, clop.”

The white horse raised its hoof and walked gently in the stone room.

Then, the white horse raised its head and glanced at White Two.

It nodded to White Two in a very human-like manner, then raised its foot, and opened a spatial channel before disappearing.

“…” White Two.

This white horse was, of course, not the white horse that was being ridden by the young man in green robes back in the desert… That white horse was merely an ordinary horse, so it had long since ceased to exist.

The white horse in front of him should be the product of experiments conducted by Wielder of the Will White while he was still the Wielder of the Will.

This white horse was not a real thing, and it did not have any life to it. It was the core of this [sealed space] and its management system.

Previously, it was also this white horse that had taken care of his left leg.

When Wielder of the Will White gazed into the future, he had attached himself to the body of this white horse.

After Wielder of the Will White’s ‘eyes’ left, the white horse went back to performing its own tasks and maintaining the ‘sealed space’.

“Was him saying [I’m a white horse] referring to this? Did he think that it was interesting to play word games?” White Two’s heart felt particularly stifled.

He clutched the sheets wrapped around him.

This sheet was the work of Fellow Daoist Virtue.

If this was the case, in honor of Fellow Daoist Virtue… he should go back and torment the Almighty Merchant a little.

He had gotten a heart-stifling feeling because of Wielder of the Will White, so he should naturally look for a chance to share this heart-stifling feeling with others.

There was no need to ask why. As he was the ruler of the Netherworld, it was only natural for him to do such a thing.

White Two stood up, and said, “Let’s head back. It’s time to return and mess with that fat ball. It… might disappear not too far in the future. Before it disappears, I have to make sure to leave an impression on it.”

He stretched out his hand and opened a spatial gate.

He raised his foot and stepped into the spatial gate, and the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle followed closely behind him.

In the next moment, White Two appeared on a grassland shrouded in gray mist.

He started walking and left the grassland along the straight path.

This grassland shrouded in gray mist was a buffer, as well as a protective layer, located between the ‘sealed space’ and the ‘main world’. This allowed for the complete isolation between the sealed space and the main world.

White Two moved very quickly.

Soon, he caught up with the Divine Lobster’s Chariot and Song Shuhang’s party.

“Hehehehe.” The corners of Senior White Two’s mouth rose.

I’ve found you, Song Shuhang.

Senior White Two deepened his tone, and gravely said, “Song… Shu… hang!”

Inside the Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

Using the secret sound transmission technique, the puppet maiden said, “I seem to have heard the voice of the ruler of the Netherworld. It was coming from behind us.”

Song Shuhang, who was in the salted fish sage mode, calmly replied, “Don’t look back. It must be a voice of temptation from this gray grassland. Before we left the spatial passage, that senior who was probably Wielder of the Will White said that we must absolutely not look back. Therefore, no matter what happens behind us or what sounds come from behind us, we can’t turn our heads back.”

Chu Chu, who was finally done sleeping, originally wanted to turn her head and look back as she heard Senior White Two’s voice.

However, after hearing Song Shuhang’s voice transmission, she steadied her head and did not look back.

Using the secret sound transmission technique, Chu Chu asked, “Teacher, what will happen if we look back?”

Song Shuhang calmly said, “According to standard plots, we might become stone statues or something of the sort as soon as we turn around. There might be something extremely terrifying waiting for us as soon as we turn around. As such, we should leave this place as soon as we can.”

After saying that, the speed of the Divine Lobster’s Chariot increased by a notch.

“…” Senior White Two behind him.


Kid, you dare to run?

Too naive.

Do you think that you can run from me? I’ll let you run for 199 meters first.

Then, I’ll let you have a taste of my 200-meter-long Holy Sword of the End!

Senior White Two really did bring out his sword.

The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure came out, and it quickly combined in his hand, turning into a giant 200-meter-long sword in the blink of an eye.

Senior White Two held the sword with one hand and visually inspected the distance between him and Song Shuhang’s party.

Senior White Two solemnly said, “Don’t say that I have not given you a chance… Since you dare try to escape, then have a taste of my sword.”

Song Shuhang shouted, “Don’t worry about the sounds behind us, we must simply move as quickly as we can!”

“…” Senior White Two.

You’re the one who asked for it.

You’ve moved 199 meters, it’s time to face death!

Senior White Two raised his sword vigorously and took a step forward.

On the Holy Sword of the End, terrifying energy began to condense.


Senior White Two suddenly lost focus as he thought of something—Wielder of the Will White had come in contact with Song Shuhang, right? But why did he get in touch with Song Shuhang?

He had observed Song Shuhang, and was sure that he was not the reincarnation or resurrection of anyone. Therefore, he shouldn’t be some backup left by Wielder of the Will White…

After Senior White Two slightly lost focus… He suddenly tripped.

With that, he fell down.


Senior White Two brought the 200-meter-long giant sword with him and smashed into the ground.

The ground collapsed, and the earth was genuinely rent.

Fortunately, Senior White Two awakened at the last moment, and retracted most of his strength.

However, even with only a ten-millionth of his destructive power, the pit that resulted from the fall of a ruler of the Netherworld was still comparable to doomsday-level damage.

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