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Chapter 1522: Second and third senior brother with hearts as stifled as their big senior brother’s

Regarding the blood demon core, Song Shuhang had once speculated that it could be recharged using the blood bone or blood pearls. However, he’d never got the chance to try it out.

And now, with this prompt that he got from the beam of light, it appeared that his speculation was spot on.

When he took out the blood demon core, blood bone, and blood demon pearls, they were simultaneously enveloped by the beam of light. The beam of light was like a processing machine. After the raw materials were input, it began to work.

Under the influence of the beam of light, the power in the blood bone and blood demon pearls was extracted.

The blood demon pearls had a structure similar to spirit stones. They were a product of Senior White, and could be used directly. The blood bone was what remained after the unfortunate blood demon had died, and contained a special power that belonged exclusively to cosmic demons.

The 10 blood demon pearls liquefied one by one, wrapping up the royal blood demon core.

The blood demon energy in the blood bone was also drawn out and joined the liquid.

Finally, under the processing of the light beam, the two were fused with the blood demon core.

The blood demon core, which was originally dim, began to emit a blood-red glow after being charged.

“Was it a success?” Song Shuhang reached out to grab the blood demon core.

The blood bone that had been drained of energy was released by the beam of light, thrown out as a waste product.

When the blood bone was about to be expelled from the beam of light… The virtuous lamia’s arm quickly stretched out to catch it before she stored it away.

The virtuous lamia had a habit of collecting treasures. In addition, the treasures that belonged to her would never be handed over to others easily. Before acquiring Scarlet Heaven Sword, the blood bone was one of her weapons.

After putting away the blood bone, the virtuous lamia disappeared again.

Song Shuhang grabbed the blood demon core, and prepared to leave the beam of light.

It was enough that the blood demon core was now fully charged.

As for that Super Song Shuhang thing, from its name, he treated it as something entirely uninteresting.

These days, adding “super” or “exceptional” to a word didn’t make it cool.

Adjectives such as super, exceptional, and so on all tended to be misused.

After all, he was no Super Saiyan.

It was names like “Tyrannical Song Shuhang” or “King Song Shuhang” that could still perhaps arouse his interest.

Furthermore, with his Resurrection Gold Coin still not off its cooldown at the moment, he didn’t dare try risking things.

What if he died?

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “I’m someone who will become especially worried and anxious when I don’t have several resurrection magical treasures on me.”

…If the resurrection cooldown on his body was down, there might be a ‘1 in 10,000’ or less chance that he would be unable to suppress the curiosity in his heart and try out what ‘Super Song Shuhang’ was.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

There was one thing which it was unsure of as to whether or not it should tell Song Shuhang about.

Thanks to its experience during the days when it was with him, it had recognized a pattern.

Whenever Song Shuhang happily received a resurrection magical treasure, it wouldn’t be long before he… died.

When it came to resurrection magical treasures that could only be used by those below the Fifth Stage, there was absolutely no chance for Song Shuhang to reach the Fifth Stage before using them.

And when it came to resurrection magical treasures that could only be used by those below the Sixth Stage, there was absolutely no chance for Song Shuhang to reach the Sixth Stage before using them.

Perhaps Song Shuhang had the ability to never waste a resurrection magical treasure.

As such, Scarlet Heaven Sword felt that if Song Shuhang didn’t have a “resurrection magical treasure” on his body, he might be able to live longer.

However, this was only a speculation, so it didn’t know whether or not it should tell Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang returned to the side of the puppet maiden.

Chu Chu curiously asked, “Teacher, what benefits did you get?”

She saw Song Shuhang’s satisfied look, and wondered what good the beam of light had done for him.

Song Shuhang nodded slightly. “This beam of light is a good thing. Because of it, my blood demon core is now fully charged. Right, fairy maiden, while the beam of light hasn’t dissipated yet, you should take Chu Chu over to it to see if you can get some benefits.”

The beam of light should be the reward provided by this ‘sealed space’ to Island Master Tian Tiankong. Since Island Master Tian Tiankong had left, and the beam of light hadn’t dispersed yet, they naturally shouldn’t be wasting this opportunity to gain some good things.

Freeloading was truly a joy.

Song Shuhang liked freeloading on others’ opportunities very much. This kind of joy was second only to freeloading on books in a bookstore.

The puppet maiden pondered for a moment, and then brought Chu Chu towards the beam of light.

As soon as they touched the beam of light, they were enveloped by the light.

Chu Chu’s decision to take Song Shuhang as her teacher was really timely.

After becoming Song Shuhang’s disciple, in just a single month, she got to enjoy dining at the Immortal Feast, which most practitioners in the world of cultivation could only dream of. After that, she got to experience the mirage dragon dream realm, and got to follow Senior White through the 33 palaces, acquiring immortal chef secret techniques. And now, she got to freeload on Island Master Tian Tiankong’s opportunity and have a go with this light beam.

Moreover, in the future, there was no need for her to worry about her life-bound magical treasure as Song Shuhang was already preparing for when she reached the Fourth Stage. At that time, he would go to Senior White Two to ask for some Eighth Stage ape tail hairs, and directly refine an Eighth Stage life-bound magical treasure for her.

For cultivators, there were two methods to improve their lives.

The first method was to get reincarnated, which was relatively more difficult than the other method. If one could be born to a good father or a good family, their life would be much easier than that of casual cultivators. It would be even better if they could obtain a body with exceptional talent for cultivation.

The second method was to find themselves a good teacher… If one could get a good teacher, the effect was definitely not much worse than a good reincarnation.

There were even some sly cultivators who were able to solve the headache that was finding a companion when finished with their apprenticeship.

Cultivators were different from ordinary people; they had long lifespans, and their appearance remained the same through the long passage of time.

For cultivators, as long as there was love, age and status did not matter.

Some time ago, the Daily Cultivator had interviewed a young cultivator called Geng Yidao. He was able to successfully propose to his master, Fairy Muddled (alias), becoming her dao companion, as well as his senior brother’s “master’s husband.” Things like this were rather entertaining to hear about.

In the entire article, the one who was in the most pain was the big senior brother whose name was not even mentioned.

His cute little junior brother had become his master’s husband over a single night! How could he possibly accept this easily?!

The big brother felt very tired… Fortunately, his name was not published in the article.

Together with the big senior brother, the second senior brother felt just as tired.

Of course, the same went for the third senior brother.

After all, Daoist Priest Geng Yidao was once their little junior brother!

It was even worse for them compared to their big senior brother—they weren’t even mentioned in the paper.

Similar things were happening more and more in the world of cultivation.

In short, with a long lifespan and a lasting youthful appearance, you could do whatever you wanted.

After the puppet maiden and Chu Chu were shrouded in the light, they remained within it for a long time.

Through the beam of light, one could vaguely see the puppet maiden receiving adjustments to her body. As for Chu Chu, she seemed to have fallen into a state of enlightenment.

It appeared that the two of them were gaining a lot of benefits.

That being said, it might take quite a while before they came out.

Song Shuhang brought out the Divine Lobster’s Chariot, sat on it, and began to study the ‘blood demon core’.

After the blood demon core was charged, it emitted a bloody glow, making it look very strange.

In addition, the sound of temptation became even stronger.

Song Shuhang softly said, “It’s useless, no matter how powerful your sound of temptation is, it won’t affect me.”

He was completely immune to this ‘sound of temptation’.

Afterward, Song Shuhang suddenly thought out loud, “This blood demon core should be something similar to a practitioner’s golden core. If this thing were to explode, how much power would be released? Compared with that core reactor, which would be more powerful?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword calmly replied, “If all the energy in it was completely brought out and turned into an explosion, it shouldn’t be a problem for it to destroy a small town. However, I don’t recommend you to use it in such a way, as that would be a huge waste.”

Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something. “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, should I put it in your body? Would it be able to provide you with some energy?”

“Don’t even think about it!” Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “Don’t just think about putting things in others’ bodies, okay? Swords have dignity too!”

While they were talking, the virtuous lamia appeared again. She reached out, grabbed Scarlet Heaven Sword, opened her mouth, and swallowed it.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

“Actually, I feel that this kind of weak core is too lowly to be put on me. After all, I am an Immortal’s divine weapon. Even in the worst case, I would only accept a core at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm,” Scarlet Heaven Sword said from inside the virtuous lamia’s belly.

The virtuous lamia tilted her head, and then returned into Song Shuhang’s body.

“Don’t, don’t go back! At least let me take in fresh air for a while longer!” Scarlet Heaven Sword’s voice echoed.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, your dignity has long been lost.

However, Scarlet Heaven Sword’s words just reminded Song Shuhang that it was the divine weapon of Daoist Scarlet Heaven.

He always felt that Scarlet Heaven Sword might return to Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s side at any moment.

It made him rather reluctant whenever he thought about it.

This was because he felt that he had become very close with Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword had a lot of knowledge, and could even help him use the “Heavenly Burning Flaming Saber Technique”, which was way more powerful than his own version.

Song Shuhang quietly let out a sigh before returning to studying the blood demon core.

During this time, he used the secret appraisal technique on the core to see what it was useful for.

However, the information returned by the secret appraisal technique was merely [This is a charged ‘royal blood demon core’].

Other than that, he didn’t get any other information.

After Song Shuhang pondered for a while, he tried to inject some spiritual energy into the royal blood demon core.

When practitioners studied things, they all used this method. With spiritual energy being very versatile, no matter what it was that they were studying, if they weren’t making much progress, they could make some of their spiritual energy enter it, and there was a chance that something would happen.

And this time, Song Shuhang guessed right.

Injecting his spiritual energy into the core did really create a change.

All those ‘low whispers’ from the blood demon core disappeared.

Afterward, a large blood-red light was released from the blood demon core, forming a large Blood Shrine in Song Shuhang’s eyes.

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