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Chapter 1496: Unexpected product, core reactor

He remembered that invisible man number three had the worst willpower out of all of them. After Song Shuhang sent invisible man number one and invisible number two flying, he collapsed and shot at Song Shuhang with a gun.

Song Shuhang thought, Could it be that this guy was actually a researcher?

However, giving it some thought, that would make sense. After all, researchers didn’t need too much in the willpower and endurance department.

People who were cruel to others and experimental products were unlikely to be able to be cruel to themselves.

There weren’t that many scenes that flashed past; only a few appeared.

Nevertheless, this meant that the blonde girl had undergone mechanizing operations on several parts of her body, and the operation process was relatively bloody and required support from holy light or dark technology.

In theory, the process of this operation was quite sound.

Song Shuhang wondered if the blonde girl had willingly accepted these modifications.

After a few scenes flashed, a memory file emerged—it was a short video hidden among the pile of messy ‘memory files’.

Oh, there’s actually something like a short video inside the E: Drive, it was hidden quite well.

“Are you sure that you want to implant this thing into her?”

“She is the most suitable one for this. If she isn’t able to adapt to it, there won’t be anyone who will be able to within the next 10 years.”

“I’m worried that this might be akin to nurturing a tiger and inviting calamity. If she becomes too powerful, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to deal with her.”

“You worry too much. I traveled around the world as a young man, and learned a brainwashing technique from a certain country. Just give me a year or two, and I’ll have brainwashed her into a loyal tool.”

The short video ended here.

He actively skipped the next short video.

This time, a scene where a dozen guys in sterilized suits were surrounding the blonde girl emerged.

“We’ve failed thrice. This is the last chance. If it fails again, her body will collapse. At this moment, her body has already been mechanized in over 40%, which is the limit of our current technology. If it fails again, her body will no longer be able to accept any more increase in mechanized area, and she will most likely become a vegetable.”

“This is our last chance, we can only do our best to increase our chances of success.”

The 10 or so people in sterilized suits began to get busy.

Finally, a member took out a watermelon-sized metal ball from a sealed box.

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but complain in his mind, F*ck, are you crazy? How are you supposed to put such a large thing inside a human body? Are you playing a joke?

That thing is the size of a damn watermelon, and a big watermelon at that. It’s three times bigger than her head! Where are you planning on placing it?

If you’re really planning on “installing” it, the only one that seemed barely viable would be her belly.

But after putting it in, wouldn’t she look like she was at peak of pregnancy?

That’s simply demented!

This kind of social scum all have to be pulled out from the roots…

Eh, wait.

Forget it, I should leave this topic for now.

Song Shuhang made his consciousness forcibly skip the topic for the time being.

At this time, after being brought out, the metal watermelon-sized ball in the scene spread apart as soon as it met with the air.

Similar to pulling a strand of silk off of a cocoon, the metal ball spun and turned into strings of silk thread.

After having completely been laid out, the core of the composition was revealed.

It seemed to be an ‘energy reactor’.

Even if he was merely looking at it from the other side of a screen, Song Shuhang could sense the vast amount of energy inside the core.

The object was entirely produced by technology.

Could this be the culmination of scientific research?

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Isn’t this just a real-life version of Iron Man’s energy reactor?

Had the department of science truly become this amazing? They’d even managed to procure such a thing?

This strange core was transplanted into the body of the blonde girl.

After the core was installed, the countless silk threads spread out, actively connecting with the ‘mechanized’ parts of the blonde girl’s body.

“Did it succeed?”

“No response, it is still unknown whether we succeeded.”

“There weren’t any failures… This is good news for us. Not having any failures is our greatest success.”

“If it fails, we will have to go through at least another 10 years. We must seize every minute and second, we can’t allow ourselves to waste any more time.”

“Moreover, this ‘core’ also has a limit to the number of times it can be transplanted. I can feel that it has become increasingly unstable along with the number of times it has been transplanted.”

“Hasn’t the method for the production of the core already been figured out?”

“Not at all… Dr. Yuelang who made this core reactor was blown to pieces by the explosion that was produced due to the experiment at the instant when it had been completed, giving his life to science. What is even more troublesome is that all of the records of the research were completely destroyed in that terrifying explosion… In addition, the personnel who assisted him in his research also died in it. The backup research records that we have are merely the initial records of Dr. Yuelang’s production of the core reactor. We didn’t manage to synchronize our records with the later ones. At this moment, it is very difficult for us to decipher Dr. Yuelang’s method of production for the core reactor.”

“I even suspect that Dr. Yuelang himself wasn’t clear on the process of producing the core reactor. According to the experimental records he provided, he originally wanted to design and create a shield that could actively defend. He wanted it to be able to normally shrink to the size of a fist, expanding into a shield when needed. However, after that violent explosion, the only thing left was this weird watermelon-sized core reactor.”

“In other words, this reactor might be an unexpected product that Dr. Yuelang accidentally conceived after the experiment failed and exploded?”

“A product of the explosion?”

“This really is headache-inducing.”

“Science always advances in explosions and sacrifices, which can be quite discouraging.”

“If we’re successful in transplanting this core reactor, we’ll be able to obtain more detailed data through this precious experimental body. In this way, we can identify the specific structure of the ‘core reactor’.”

“As long as we’re able to figure out this core reactor, we will have super energy technology that is ahead of our time by 200 years.”

“If we can integrate the core reactor and mechanized body technology again, our dominant position will grow even firmer.”

“The subject still hasn’t woken up, and further observation is needed.”

“From a preliminary point of view, the transplant of the ‘core reactor’ is stable, and there is no conflict between the reactor and the experimental body.”

“Close the laboratory and continue observing.”

The second short video ended.

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s consciousness withdrew from the E: Drive.

“It’s done.” Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows.

After thinking for a while, he stretched out his hand and lightly pressed invisible man number three, transferring him to the Inner World’s Palace of Winter, where he was imprisoned.

At the same time, the several sets of “invisible armor” on the ground were all transferred into the Inner World by Song Shuhang.

Whether it was the invisible combat armor or the ‘electronic chip’ hidden inside invisible man number three, they were the culmination of scientific research far beyond ordinary civilian technology.

Senior White should find them very much to his liking.

I’ll wait for Senior White to leave his seclusion and exit his statue mode, or for his clone to come back from exploring the secret realm, and then give these things to him. He will definitely be able to dig out more useful clues from these.

As for the invisible man number one and invisible man number two, there weren’t that many secrets on them, so they were thrown into the restaurant first.

Numbers four and five were still resting in the kitchen—in fact, they were both hiding in the kitchen, and did not dare to come out.

Should I just use the memory-erasing technique on them, and then have them leave?

Besides the invisible people…

Song Shuhang looked at the blonde girl who had shrunk into a ball under the cashier and refused to come out.

This one also needed a memory-erasing technique.

However, her body had many more secrets. Song Shuhang intended to let Senior White decide on what to do with her.

Under the cash register, the blonde girl’s eyes focused on Senior White’s stone sculpture.

She looked somewhat fascinated.

She had even forgotten about the shop owner and the invisible people who had come to catch her.

Song Shuhang came to the cash register, and knelt down to look directly at her.

“Shop owner, are you selling that stone sculpture?” the blonde girl asked. “I have a lot of money. If you’re selling, I will give you all my money for it.”

Song Shuhang stretched out his finger towards her.

Song Shuhang said, “This isn’t a stone sculpture; this is actually a respected senior. If you want good fortune, you can worship him. You might become luckier.”

The blonde girl stared at Song Shuhang for a while, and suddenly there was a hint of pity in her eyes.

She had only been looking at the stone sculpture, feeling increasingly fascinated as she continued to look at it, and hoping to be able to purchase it. Now she thought that Song Shuhang was very ill…

“Look at my finger.” Song Shuhang stretched out his virtuous finger and pointed it at the blonde girl.

The blonde girl froze. “Can you not erase my memories?”

“If I don’t erase your memories, it will make things very troublesome for me. Your body itself is a great deal of trouble. I keep on getting the feeling that the longer you stay with me, the more trouble will come my way. However… as you’re my first customer, after I erase your memory, you can stay in my store for a while,” Song Shuhang said, his virtuous finger releasing brighter light.

The blonde girl was overjoyed, and said, “Can I stay for a long time? Stay with that sister? Aaah! My eyes, my mechanical eye is going to break down.”

Song Shuhang took advantage of this opportunity to touch the point at the center of the blonde girl’s brows.

He then cast the memory-erasing technique.

The entire process went smoothly.

Song Shuhang entered the memory world of the blonde girl.

Other than the C: Drive and D: Drive which ordinary people had, the blonde girl was similar to invisible man number three in that she also had an E: Drive, which was an electronic chip.

In addition to the E: Drive… the blonde girl also had an F: Drive, which was another piece of equipment.

The little girl had a lot of drives.

But this time, Song Shuhang did not blindly enter the other drives.

He first entered the D: Drive, and deleted the blonde girl’s memory files from today.

After he finished deleting the memory files, Song Shuhang got ready to leave the little girl’s memory world.

However, at this moment, the recently deleted memory file in the girl’s D: Drive was restored…

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