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Chapter 1472 Song Shuhang feels relieved

Can I still use the Inner World?

If I can teleport to the Time City, I can reduce the time needed for the resurrection process.

In the upper level of the Time City, the flow of time was faster compared to the outside world. One year inside the Upper City was comparable to one month in the outside world.

Such being the case, after spending 10 years there, only 10 months would have passed in the outside world.

With this thought in mind, Song Shuhang decided to move his body to the upper level of the Time City.

This time, he didn’t lose contact with the Inner World, and the transfer was successful.

Speaking of which, the Time City was a perfect match for these resurrection gold coins.

With the Time City, his mother wouldn’t have to wait 10 years to see him.

Unfortunately, the Time City can only speed up the flow of time up to 12 times. Even with that, I would have to wait 10 months, which is quite a long time, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Moreover, one could spend at most 30 consecutive days (in outside world time) inside the Time City. After each month, they would have to get out and get back in again. Is there any other way to speed up the process?

Last time, when he was transcending the demonic tribulation in the Netherworld Realm, Senior White Two had modified the flow of time in the Time City. This allowed Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, who was forging his Combined Magical Treasure at the time, to finish her work much faster.

It seemed Senior White Two knew how to speed up the flow of time in the Time City.

Unfortunately, he was too busy messing with the fat ball right now, and Shuhang couldn’t get in touch with him.

Sigh, I’m about to faint.

His consciousness had started to fade.

It was over.

“Inner World, make sure to send me back to the upper level of the Time City each time I’m ejected. Let’s see each other in 10 months!” Song Shuhang gave the Inner World one final order.

Then, everything before his eyes became black.

[Hello~ The signal doesn’t seem to be too good. No. Tyrannical Song, are you there? My master is looking for you. The heavenly tribulation weapons are ready, but my master feels that their strength is still insufficient. As such, can you come over and provide some holy light and light of virtue to increase the might of the explosion?] A mirage dragon entered Song Shuhang’s Inner World through the channel that connected it to the world of the black lotus.

It was the same mirage dragon that Senior White Two had kidnapped at the Immortal Feast. It seemed it had already accepted its fate as Senior White Two’s pet.

The mirage dragon elder looked around after entering the Inner World.

After a short while…

“F*ck, No. Tyrannical Song is dead! Master, can you hear me? No. Tyrannical Song is dead!” The mirage dragon elder quickly got in contact with Senior White Two.

“…” Senior White Two.

He died again?

What’s wrong with Song Shuhang? Is he addicted to dying?

Senior White Two directly projected his body into the Inner World from the world of the black lotus.

“He really died, and he’s reviving as we speak.” Senior White Two observed the Time City. His eyes saw through the city, and found a gold coin in the upper level.

Song Shuhang’s projection could be seen above this gold coin.

“This resurrection method is somewhat amusing. It seems to involve luck. The resurrection time is… 10 years?” Senior White Two frowned.

Even if the Time City was taken into account, he would have to wait 10 months

10 months were too much!

The fat ball would have already fallen into his trap by then, and he would have no chance to add Song Shuhang’s holy light and light of virtue.

“In that case, let’s make some changes.” Senior White Two stretched out his hand, and started to rewrite the rules of the Time City.

“I’ll add a new feature called ‘Super Time Acceleration’. Unfortunately, the consumption of energy will be a bit high,” Senior White Two said.

The rules of the Time City were continuously altered.

At the living spring, Pavilion Master Chu opened her eyes and looked toward the Time City.

“That person has come again.” She sighed softly.

She felt the world’s most horrific and evilest aura.

This aura was enough to make her shiver. No matter how many times she experienced it, she couldn’t get used to it.

She was still unable to understand how Song Shuhang had managed to befriend such a fearsome existence.

Even though she was an Immortal and was this far, this person gave her a lot of pressure. How could a little guy like Song Shuhang withstand this fearsome aura?


Moreover, this fearsome existence seemed to care a lot about Song Shuhang.

As soon as Song Shuhang started reviving, he came over to help him shorten the time needed for the process to be completed.


Thunder-like noises came from the Time City. It was a sign that the city was reaching its limit.

The consumption of the ‘Super Time Acceleration’ feature was rather high.

Energy was needed for the Time City to function, and this energy couldn’t be produced out of thin air.

Around 10 seconds later, Song Shuhang opened his eyes in the upper level of the Time City. His body had been reconstructed, and he had come back to life.

“10 years have passed?” Song Shuhang stood up and moved around.

He was unconscious the whole time, so he felt nothing.

“Well, that’s fine, I guess. At least my mind didn’t have to be tortured for 10 years,” Song Shuhang said.

He had once lived as a green onion for hundreds of years, and passed countless years getting experimented on by a Wielder of the Will, so 10 years weren’t really enough to faze him.

However, he was no masochist, and if he could do without such an experience, he would gladly choose to do so.

After reviving, Song Shuhang waved his hand, summoning a set of clothes from the Inner World and wearing it.

After getting his hands on the Inner World, he had started to move his personal stuff into it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had any clothes to wear right now, and he would have been forced to wear his Saber Intent Armor or Black-Iron Armor before going out.

“One year should have passed in the outside world. I wonder what happened while I was away. Are the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group safe and sound? Did Senior White grow up, and did he arrange his monster tree to take my place? Did Sixteen and Soft Feather break through? Did Yu Jiaojiao come out of the Dragon King Palace? I said that I would help her find the secrets of the Dragon King Palace, but one year has passed. I wonder if she went looking for other clues by herself. There is also Young Master Hai. Did he break through to the Fifth Stage? If we meet again, I should be able to beat him with my three cores.” Song Shuhang pinched his chin and wondered.

Speaking of his three cores…

“Shiet. Now that I think about it, my body exploded because I revised my (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique), and then tried to test it out.” Song Shuhang looked inside his body.

The fat whale golden core was leisurely swimming in his original dantian.

In his second dantian, the little golden core was moving up and down, and the [Forever Impregnable Holy City) on it was shining slightly.

In his third dantian, the colorful monster core was enthusiastically moving around. The painting of the World-Ending Holy Sword) on it was lifelike, and it felt as if the whole picture was moving.

In his fourth dantian, a golden crystal was hovering in midair, perfectly still.

It seemed there was nothing wrong with his three cores.

Actually, wait a moment…

What was that thing inside his fourth dantian?

“Isn’t that the golden diamond ball that the virtuous lamia produced after drinking the Mother-Child River water? When did that thing enter my fourth dantian?” Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

This golden diamond ball was different from the little golden core and the colorful monster core as it wasn’t ‘birthed by the pregnant whale core. Did it qualify because it was birthed by the virtuous lamia?

“Anyway, am I now a quad-core cultivator?” Song Shuhang looked at the sky. He really wanted to try out the multi-core version of the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique), but after giving it some thought, he decided against it.

There was definitely something wrong with this multi-core version of the technique as his body exploded when he used it.

It would be foolish to use it again before fixing whatever was wrong with it.

Although he still had 11 other gold coins, he didn’t want to waste them all.

Later, I should ask Senior White to help me fix the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique).

With this thought in mind, Song Shuhang left the Time City and returned to the Inner World.

He wanted to take a look at how his disciples were doing after one year.

As he came out of the Time City, he saw Senior White Two sitting on a mirage dragon, his arms and legs crossed. The mirage dragon had increased its size, taking the shape of a chair. “Oh, you’re finally out,” Senior White Two said.

“Eh? Senior White, what are you doing here?” Song Shuhang asked in surprise.

“I was looking for you to get some light of virtue and holy light, but when I got here, I saw that you were dead. Did you fall in love with the feeling?” Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang had been dying a lot recently. Senior White Two felt that resurrection magical treasures were no longer enough to satisfy Song Shuhang’s needs.

At this point, only the ‘bone of eternity’ in the hands of the fat ball could satisfy Song Shuhang’s craving for death.

The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. “How could I fall in love with such a feeling? It was an accident! Something went wrong as I operated my cultivation technique.”

“Isn’t the cultivation technique you practice the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique)? That’s a pretty normal cultivation technique.” Senior White Two sized up Song Shuhang.

He needed but a glance to see the changes in Song Shuhang’s body. “Did you revise the cultivation technique?”

“Yes. Then, when I activated the cultivation technique, my body exploded.” Song Shuhang looked at the sky.

“…” Senior White Two said, “It’s not easy to be this creative when dying.”

“It took me 10 months to resurrect. Senior White, do you still need the holy light and the light of virtue?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Hehe.” Senior White Two pointed at himself. “I’m the ruler of the Netherworld! Since I’m here, there is no way you’d need 10 months to resurrect.”

Song Shuhang nodded vigorously. Every time Senior White Two said the sentence ‘I’m the ruler of the Netherworld’, he felt relieved deep down in his heart.

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