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1362 I don“t even get the minimum benefit? Senior White Two is heading to the main world?

Isn’t a ruler of the Netherworld unable to enter the main world?

Even if he forcibly entered the main world, he would be blasted back by the heavenly tribulation, wouldn’t he?

Back then, the liquid metal ball had used every single method it had to sneak into the main world, but it was only able to appear and say a single sentence before the heavenly tribulation turned it into ashes. If it hadn’t been for Fairy Skylark’s body, it would’ve still been playing with mud in the Netherworld Realm.

But now, Senior White Two’s real body was actually headed to the main world?

The liquid metal ball appeared, and said, [Impossible, how can you open a path to the main world?!] It even set aside its previous focus on ‘suppressing the bone of eternity’ to say this to Senior White Two.

The real body of the ruler of the Netherworld couldn’t go to the main world. This was the rule, and it could not be changed. Unless…

“It’s very simple. It’s because my ‘only chance to go to the main world’ had not been used up,” Senior White Two said without looking back.

Every ‘ruler of the Netherworld’ had a chance to go to the main world after being born!

The liquid metal ball said, “You haven’t used it? How is this possible? You became a ruler before I did! For so many years, have you always been staying inside the Netherworld and never used that chance? After you became the Wielder and were reborn, did you not have anyone that you wanted to take revenge on? Or perhaps to conclude a certain matter? Or something you wanted to deal with?”

Senior White Two said, “I’m not like you. I was very popular back then. Everyone loved me, and I did not have any mortal enemies. Even if I’d had any, I would have killed them before becoming the Wielder. Therefore, my opportunity to go to the main world was unused.”

Becoming the Wielder? Opportunity to go to the main world? Only one chance?

When Song Shuhang heard these words, he felt a little uneasy—Senior White Two only had one chance to go to the main world, yet he was actually going to use this only chance to give him more dragon patterns?

This price made him feel anxious.

From a logical point of view… There was no reason for Senior White Two to pay such a high price for him. Even if Senior White Two wanted to reward him for forging the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure, using his only opportunity like this was unscientific!

The liquid metal ball cried, “Impossible! I don’t believe it! If you had this opportunity, how could you resist using it for so long?”

At this time, Senior White Two’s main body had already stepped into the main world. “Still, it is a fact that I have not used this opportunity. Like I said, I am different from you… The first thing you did after becoming the Wielder was to kill your way into the main world and flatten the scholarly faction. As for me, I felt that there was nothing worthwhile for me to use this opportunity on. As such, I saved it. Later, you became the new Wielder and monopolized the Heaven’s Will. As such, I no longer dared to carelessly use these two privileges of mine.”

The liquid metal ball asked, “Then, why are you using the opportunity now?”

Senior White Two replied, “Because in order to change a cultivator’s core patterns, our authority alone is far from enough; I will need to use the authority of the Heaven’s Will. The most important part of this is that the current Wielder has entered a passive state, so as long as I don’t do anything stupid, I shouldn’t draw its attention.”

Therefore, I can do as I wish~

While he said that, Senior White Two entered the main world.

The main world he entered was not planet Earth, but a world of strange plants somewhere within the universe.

There were towering plants as far as the eye could see in all directions.

Senior White Two pointed his finger at the sky, and said, “With this body of the Netherworld, I exercise the Heaven’s Will’s authority. Specifically, with the range of the authority limited to the Plant Spirit World.”

After Senior White Two’s voice fell, his body began to change.

The black windbreaker on his body turned into a white immortal garment, and dignified holy light shrouded his figure, making people not dare to look at him directly.

The wind moved, blowing off the flower petals on the trees.

The flower petals became like rain, falling down one after the other, and seemingly welcoming Senior White Two’s arrival.

Senior White Two stretched out his hand to fiddle with the flowers and smiled slightly.

When he smiled, everything in the world was suddenly eclipsed.

[This feeling…] Song Shuhang was very familiar with this.

In an instant, Song Shuhang felt that the entire world, whether it was the Plant Spirit World or the Demonic Tribulation Realm, had all become black and white.

It was only Senior White, who had his hair flowing in the air and smiled slightly, that retained his color.

The entire world—no, the entire universe—was centered on Senior White, setting off his infinite charm.

“You even used up your opportunity to ‘exercise the power of the Heaven’s Will’… Just who is this little cultivator that is worth this much to you?” The liquid metal ball stared at Song Shuhang viciously.

…Its ‘only chance to go to the main world’ had been spent on the scholarly faction.

Meanwhile, its only opportunity to ‘exercise the power of the Heaven’s Will’ had been used on the ancient Heavenly City.

However, never did it expect that ‘White’ would use his two opportunities in such a way.

Senior White Two sincerely replied, “He is a fellow daoist that I have just known for over two months.”

The liquid metal ball said, “Two months? What a joke… Wait, is he good at telling jokes?”

Senior White Two said, “No, his jokes are terrible. Ever since I’ve gotten to know him, he’s only been able to tell me a single joke that could barely pass, and I laughed very reluctantly. It was even worse than his monster pet’s cold jokes.”

“Then why? Is it related to who he was in his previous life?” the liquid metal ball said in disbelief.

Senior White Two shook his head, and replied, “No, he is not the reincarnation of anyone I know.”

The liquid metal ball said, “I don’t get it.”

Senior White Two said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t figure it out. Anyway, when this matter is over, you will forget about all this.”

He was now exercising the power of the Heaven’s Will. Although it didn’t allow him to kill the liquid metal ball, it was no problem for him to make it so that it lost a part of its memory.

“What do you want to do to me? I’m warning you, don’t even think about it,” the liquid metal ball said. It was still in thought—since this little cultivator was so important to ‘White’, then it had to look for a chance to kill him.

Senior White Two ignored the liquid metal ball. He then waved to Song Shuhang, and said, “Come here, I will give you nine dragon patterns.”

Song Shuhang was summoned to the ‘Plant Spirit World’.

As soon as he stepped into it, he felt that the entire ‘Plant Spirit World’ was extending goodwill to him. Moreover, something like ‘luck’ shrouded his body.

This was because Senior White Two was exercising the power of the Heaven’s Will in this world during this short period.

In this world, for the time being, Senior White Two was the Heaven’s Will.

“Come, I’ll first bring out your golden core.” Senior White Two laid a palm over Song Shuhang’s sea of ​​qi dantian.

The next moment, a lifelike ‘fat whale golden core’ emerged and appeared in front of Song Shuhang and Senior White Two. The golden core was wrapped in armor.

Senior White Two said, “Your golden core… is very unique.”

“Hahahaha.” Song Shuhang gave a dry laugh.

Senior White Two stretched his hand over the ‘whale core’, and the armor on it automatically receded, revealing three unusually thick ‘dragon patterns’ within.

Each dragon pattern looked as if it were obese.

Senior White Two reached out and stroked it again.

The fat whale golden core was then enlarged to the size of an ordinary person.

The three thick dragon patterns on the golden core were also enlarged.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “After counting, there are still only three. I originally thought that I could have at least five patterns, and after the addition of the great amount of virtue I have and the Sage Seal, I might be able to have seven dragon patterns. Unexpectedly, I only have potential worth a single dragon pattern.”

Although his will had already gotten him through this, he did still feel some disappointment.

Senior White Two asked, “Who said that your potential was worth a single dragon pattern?”

“Eh? Could it be that it isn’t a single dragon pattern?” Song Shuhang’s eyes shone.

In an instant, many possible answers emerged in his mind.

For example, the legendary invisible dragon pattern that would only emerge when one’s qi and blood rose to the peak.

Another possibility was that maybe the dragon patterns were so small that they couldn’t be seen, and needed to be magnified thousands of times to be visible?

Or maybe several dragon patterns formed one dragon pattern!

Or it could be that the dragon patterns could give birth to other dragon patterns?

All kinds of possibilities quickly surfaced in his mind.

“Of course not. Look, this dragon pattern is the result of your ‘Eighth Stage Sage Seal’ bonus. As a Sage Seal, it is eligible for this bonus. Um… to be precise, it gives you a dragon pattern together with something else.” Senior White Two’s hand pointed to the third dragon pattern.

In the next moment, this ‘dragon pattern’ changed, and finally manifested as a ‘Sage Seal’ that had something that looked like the virtuous lamia below.

This virtuous lamia had her delicate hands raised up high, and the Sage Seal floated between her hands, forming a dragon pattern.

[The Sage Seal + the virtuous lamia] only formed a single dragon pattern.

“As for the next one, this dragon pattern is also a combination of two forces.” Senior White Two’s hand pointed to the second dragon pattern.

This dragon pattern also changed, and eventually manifested into the appearance of an Ancient Holy Ape with a Scholarly Scripture in its hand.

This dragon pattern came from the two top-tier body tempering techniques, ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ + ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯, which Song Shuhang practiced.

“Is the cost of a single dragon pattern supposed to be this high?” Song Shuhang gulped.

Senior White Two said, “Normally, there is no need to pay such a big price. The Sage Seal and the materialization of your light of virtue, logically, should have each given you a dragon pattern. However, you can also see that your golden core isn’t exactly a golden core, but a whale core.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Then, there is the final dragon pattern.” Senior White Two stretched out his hand once more.

The last dragon pattern also revealed its true form.

It was a majestic wall, with a chariot at the gate of the city—it was a shrunken down version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure, the ‘Impregnable Holy City’.

The Eighth Stage life-bound magical treasure set gave Song Shuhang an additional dragon pattern. No matter which cultivator had crafted such an incredible life-bound magical treasure, their golden core would definitely receive an additional dragon pattern from it.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Song Shuhang panicked. “If these three dragon patterns all came from external forces… then does that mean that I, myself, am not worth any dragon patterns?”

This defied the principles of cultivation!

No matter how bad a cultivator was, they were at least guaranteed a single dragon pattern.

I can’t even manage to get that minimum benefit?

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