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Chapter 1351 I’m not listening, I’m not listening, blah blah blah

The Almighty Merchant couldn’t help but wrap the sheet tighter around his body… In this heart-stifling and heart-chilling transaction, only the thin sheet on his body could bring him a touch of warmth.

He took a deep breath.

The things that he was using to purchase the glove could all be redeemed from the Sea King when the time came. The Sea King was rich in assets, and the [Almighty Merchant] could see this at a glance.

The Sea King had inherited the legacy of a mysterious Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. As such, despite being at the peak of the Profound Sage Realm, its net worth was already much superior to that of most Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders.

In addition, the [Almighty Merchant] also wanted to get a certain treasure that was in the hands of the Sea King. That item was something that another one of his customers wanted. The silver glove could be used to trade for that treasure, as well as a batch of spirit stones, and maybe even some natural treasures on top of that.

However, the premise was that he could buy the ‘silver glove’.

Song Shuhang continued to blink his eyes and stare at the ‘Almighty Merchant’.

If this ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ was placed on the table with other cultivators, they would have already handed over the silver gloves. After all, space-type magical treasures were extremely coveted!

However, Song Shuhang already had the ‘Inner World’ and the ‘magical bracelet’ which Senior White had made for him.

Although the Inner World did not currently have the ‘short-distance teleport’ function, it might become available after a few more upgrades.

Currently, he could already change the coordinates where he exited the Inner World to be two to three meters away from where he entered it. As long as he entered the Inner World and quickly left it, he could also ‘teleport’, albeit the distance was much shorter. However, this wasn’t a problem, because the Inner World could still be upgraded!

As for its function of storing ten weapons, his magical bracelet and Inner World could both do the same and store much more, and switching was not troublesome at all.

In addition, his Inner World’s switching process was much cooler!

For example, when Song Shuhang had stretched his arms outward and had the heavenly tribulation nuclear bombs emerge from thin air behind him, how compelling was that?

The only useful thing about the [Ancestral Witch’s Blessing] for Song Shuhang was the Ancestral Witch’s Gaze, which was pretty much a magical technique to ‘seal’ magical treasures. This function could play an extremely vital role at critical moments during fights.

However, Song Shuhang felt that it would be quite a waste to give away the silver glove and let the Sea King complete its Treasured Crusader Armor Set just for this function alone.

Therefore, [Almighty Merchant], please continue your performance!

“This [Ancestral Witch’s Blessing] can be the foundation of our transaction. On top of that, does little friend Song have anything else that he wants?” the Almighty Merchant said with a professional smile.

Song Shuhang shook his head, and said, “I’ve just acquired the last three materials I need for the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure. I can’t really think of anything else I need right now. So, Senior, tell me what else you can add to exchange for my silver glove.”

It felt like he had no desire at all!

“The last three materials?” The Almighty Merchant wanted to bang his head against the wall.

These last three materials were the ones he had personally given up in the transaction with Song Shuhang just now… He only felt that they were some insignificant Eighth Stage items. When exchanging for the ‘silver glove’ with Song Shuhang, they indeed didn’t amount to much. However, he never could have expected that these three materials were key items.

His heart felt stifled again.

Was he being so negligent in his business today because of the interference he was experiencing?

Speaking of that, ever since he had projected himself to Song Shuhang’s side, he’d constantly been feeling that there was a pair of eyes staring at him in secret.

Eyes that were filled with greed.

The Almighty Merchant kept on feeling fidgety because of it.

The Almighty Merchant said, “Cough, little friend Song, I’ve got uncountable treasures in stock. I don’t know what you want. If you don’t mind, I could cast a magical technique on you. As long as you cooperate with me, I can assess what items might have some fate with you.”

Song Shuhang said, “Okay, I will cooperate with you, Senior.”

After that, the Almighty Merchant stretched out his hand and attached a ring of light to Song Shuhang.

After about ten breaths of time.

He waved his hand, and a screen appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

[Ancient Heavenly City Fragment, a small fragment of the Palace of Virtue]

[Life-extending golden pill—can only be taken by ordinary people, will extend their life by 200 years.]

[Cross of Resurrection, a rebirth-type magical treasure. A resurrection artifact of the Western Holy Light cultivation system, effective for those at and below the Sixth Stage. It will lose its effect after one passes the Sixth Stage.]

Behind these, there was a large list of items. The contents on that list were in a rune state which only the ‘Almighty Merchant’ could understand.

Only the first three items were listed in a way that Song Shuhang could read them.

“You can add any of the first three items to the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ in exchange for your silver gloves,” the Almighty Merchant said with a professional smile.

Sure enough, these are all things that I want, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

He had been collecting the fragments of the ancient Heavenly City; he could use the life-extending golden pill on his parents, relatives, and friends; and needless to say, the Cross of Resurrection was a life-saving treasure.

Recently, Song Shuhang felt that he was relatively weak, with him having used resurrection magical treasures one after the other. If he could have another resurrection artifact, he would feel more reassured when doing things that were considered reckless.

Now, if I can only choose one out of these three things, which should I pick?

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and pondered.

“Two kinds.” Suddenly, a voice came from within Song Shuhang’s body.

It was Ye Si’s voice.

The Almighty Merchant asked, “What?”

Ye Si’s voice replied, “What I mean is that you should let us choose two of the three, then we can trade. Otherwise, don’t even think about getting the silver glove that we have.”

The Almighty Merchant said, “You can only choose one of the three, otherwise I’m going to lose money.”

Ye Si said, “Shuhang and I don’t really want that ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’. That thing is rather bland for us. Honestly, the only reason we’re willing to trade the silver glove with you to begin with is because of giving you face, but for this to continue, you’ll have to let us choose two out of the three things.”

The Almighty Merchant still wanted to lower the price.

Business had always been a process of bargaining; it was a kind of psychological warfare to see who could understand the other party’s thoughts first.

However, just as he wanted to bargain, the feeling of being stared at by those ‘greedy eyes’ intensified.

He even felt a kind of power secretly attempting to follow his projection to locate his main body.

The Almighty Merchant quickly said, “Alright, you can choose two out of the three things.”

Ye Si said, “We want the small fragment of the Palace of Virtue’ and the Cross of Resurrection. As for the golden pill, our Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion can refine it as well.”

The Almighty Merchant readily said, “Okay!”

He handed the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’, a cross studded with diamonds, and a cloud of black mist. A small palace was wrapped inside the mist, and that small palace was the ‘small fragment of the Palace of Virtue.’ As long as the fog was dispersed, the palace would expand to its true size.

Song Shuhang took the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’, thought for a moment, and then placed it on his left hand.

When his left hand touched the magical treasure, the secret appraisal technique was activated.

In the next moment, blood spurted out from all over his body.

The Almighty Merchant was dumbfounded.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Fortunately, I can still bear the price.”

Information about the magical treasure flooded his mind.

[Ancestral Witch’s Blessing: Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender-level magical treasure (a part of the Ancestral Witch’s Battler Armor Set), usable at the Fifth Stage.

Enhances the user’s feeling of ‘space’.

Activating the magical treasure allows one to perform a short-distance teleport up to 500 meters.

The magical treasure comes with a small space that can store up to ten weapons, and it also comes with the function of switching weapons instantly.

Comes with [Ancestral Witch’s Gaze].

This skill is divided into two phases. Phase one: Activation of the spell and placement of the mark on a magical treasure. Phase two: Activation of the mark, which would lock the space where the magical treasure is located, rendering it ineffective for a short period. The mark can last forever.]

“Eh?” Song Shuhang was taken aback for a moment.

The ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ is also part of some Tribulation Transcender-level Battle Armor? In other words, it’s the same as that silver glove!

Hmm, this is interesting.

Will there be a day in the future when the Almighty Merchant comes back to me to purchase this Ancestral Witch’s Blessing for a high price?

This magical treasure could only be used by those at the Fifth Stage or above, but Song Shuhang was currently only at the Fourth Stage.

Luckily, Ye Si was at the Sixth Stage Realm, and was more than qualified to activate this magical treasure. Ye Si used her power to activate the Ancestral Witch’s Blessing, and had it leave a mark on the silver glove.

Afterward, the silver glove was given to the Almighty Merchant.

Song Shuhang said, “Well then, the transaction has been completed.”

“It was a pleasure doing business with you.” The Almighty Merchant put away the silver glove and quickly disappeared.

He left so quickly that it was quite clear that he didn’t want to stay there any longer.

Song Shuhang asked, “Strange, why am I getting the feeling that Senior Almighty Merchant was running away?”

Ye Si chuckled. “I got that feeling too. Anyway, Shuhang, I’ll see you again some other time.”

After saying that, she fell into a deep sleep once again.

Song Shuhang: “…”

You actually hadn’t finished absorbing your inheritance yet?

It seems like Ye Si has the special ability to wake up from a state of deep sleep brought about by inner demons, closed up cultivation, or even inheritances!

Inside the Time City.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue and the others had set the forging tables, and were ready to start forging the next magical treasure—the Divine Dog General’s Ring.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s figure came in enthusiastically. “Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue~”

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue raised her head and glanced at Song Shuhang. Then, she felt her chest become stuffy again, and she couldn’t breathe.

She might have caught the ‘Shuhang chest pain sickness,’ which caused her to feel sick every time she saw him.

“Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, I’ve collected a few more of the Eighth Stage main materials,” Song Shuhang said—he had finally finished collecting all 33 kinds of materials that he needed, so he couldn’t wait to share his joy with others.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue covered her ears, and muttered, “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, blah blah blah.”

Meanwhile, inside the Wielder’s small black room.

Fairy Skylark was reborn.

She smiled triumphantly, and said, “Hehehe, I’m free.”

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