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1322 Big shots stealing the limeligh “Everyone, go! Let’s get rid of these fake deities!”

“Kill those with big bellies first.”

“It feels quite strange to bully pregnant women.”

“Open your eyes wide and watch carefully. Most of the enemies aren’t pregnant women, but pregnant men. Pregnant men and pregnant women are of different breeds. Just kill them. If you can’t lay your hands on pregnant women, then allow me to do it for you! These fake deities must die. The debt they owe our Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect shall be paid in full today!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Don’t let them run away!”

The morale of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect was high, and the scene was very heated.

Over at the deities’ side, as most of them had become pregnant, their combat power was greatly reduced, and they were in a severely disadvantaged position.

Inside the main battleship, the bow-wielding old man stroked his beard, smiling slightly. “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song has contributed a lot to the success of this battle and the suppression of the fake deities. When this battle is over and the battlefield has been cleaned up, we must give him a good share of the spoils.”

Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song was a truly powerful helper!

According to the original plan of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, if they’d wanted to slay these deities, they would’ve had to pay a considerable price, so the members of the sect had prepared themselves beforehand.

For this battle of revenge, they were willing to throw away their lives and shed their blood.

But unexpectedly, after Song Shuhang entered the battle, most of the experts in the deity camp had lost the ability to fight.

As long as the deities had no way of dealing with the ‘secret pregnancy technique’, they were done for.

The outcome was already decided!

On the other hand, after Skylark used the ‘Mass Impregnating Gaze’, her energy was almost completely consumed.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, I don’t think I’ll be able to suppress the consciousness of that ruler of the Netherworld for much longer. I’ll see you again if fate permits it.” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark waved at Song Shuhang, and then her figure sped away into the distance.

Before the ‘liquid metal ball’ regained control of her body, she wanted to get as far away from this place as possible. After the liquid metal ball took control of her body, it would surely bring disaster to the surrounding area.

Skylark ran frenziedly as she shouted to Song Shuhang, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you should leave quickly. When that liquid metal ball regains control, it might head back here to make trouble for you.”

It was better to be prepared against this eventuality.

Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, “Senior Skylark, rest assured. The me over here is just a projection of energy, nothing will happen.”

“That’s for the best, then. Alright, if fate permits it, we’ll meet again.” After saying that, Skylark flew away and disappeared.

After Senior Skylark left, Song Shuhang held the ‘Skylark Eye’ in his hand and sighed.

The Sage’s eye had been taken away by Senior Skylark… Honestly speaking, the Sage’s eye’s ability to impregnate whomever it stared at was simply a marvelous cheat.

It was a pity that he couldn’t even enjoy it before it was taken from him.

I wonder what kind of ability this Skylark’s Eye has…

I should probably give this to Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. As Song Shuhang thought this, he sent the blue, crystal-like Skylark’s Eye into the Inner World.

Afterward, he sent ‘Feng Qiaozi’ a secret sound transmission. “Fellow Daoist Feng Qiaozi, I’ve fulfilled the purpose of my trip here, so I’ll be taking my leave first. I wish you good luck!”

Feng Qiaozi said, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you’ve contributed greatly to this battle. The elder said that after this battle is over, you’ll have a big share of the spoils. Is there anything in particular that you need?”

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and said, “I need materials for forging the ‘Thirty-Three Combined Magical Treasure’. It would be great if the materials that you give me are at the Eighth Stage or higher. I’ve already collected the materials for the whale, turtle, dog, rabbit, cow, elephant, horse, and goat departments. If you find any of the other materials that I need, send me one of… no, two of each! I need two pieces of each of the materials.”

Feng Qiaozi replied, “No problem, if there are any suitable Eighth Stage materials, I’ll make sure that they’ll be reserved for Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song.”

Just after he said that, he suddenly realized something.


What did he just say? He wants Eighth Stage materials for the ‘Thirty-Three Combined Magical Treasure’?

What is Profound Sage Tyrannical Song trying to do? Is he trying to forge a Combined Magical Treasure purely composed of ‘Eighth Stage materials’?

Whom is it for?

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is already at the Eighth Stage, so it would no longer be possible for him to wield the Combined Magical Treasure… Could it be that he’s planning on giving it to a disciple of his?

Having a master like him is really a huge blessing.

Song Shuhang added, “By the way… If you have a forging master who can forge Eighth Stage treasures, could you recommend them to me?”

He felt that it would be hard for Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue to forge the magical treasures all alone. If possible, he wanted to relieve some of the pressure by hiring other forging masters. In the worst case, they could simply assist Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue.

Feng Qiaozi replied, “No problem. If Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song needs it, we can provide you with a suitable forging master.”

“I am very grateful for this. Well then, Fellow Daoist Feng Qiaozi, farewell. I’ll be waiting for the good news of your victory. By the way, pay attention to ‘Senior Skylark’ who left just now. She is not herself right now. If she comes back, you must be careful and pay attention to your safety. At that time, you should avoid her as much as possible,” Song Shuhang warned him.

Feng Qiaozi replied, “Thank you for reminding us, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song. We’ll take note of that.”

Song Shuhang nodded and reached out to open the Inner World while getting ready to return to the main world through it.

But just as he stepped into the Inner World, a ray of ‘light’ suddenly shot through space, and slashed at Song Shuhang’s feet like a sword.

Scholar Song Shuhang’s right foot was severed.

Fortunately, he was just a projected body, so even if his right leg was severed, he didn’t feel any pain.

“Where did that attack come from?” Song Shuhang looked over to the spot where the light had come from.

His main body had constantly been monitoring the entire battle through the ‘live broadcast’, but he couldn’t find any sneak attackers.

In other words, this attack of light had passed through space.

Was it possible that one of the three deities with a Divine Kingdom had attacked him?

As soon as Song Shuhang turned his head… space split apart, and a huge rock the size of a small hill drilled out of the crack.

After the rock came out, it turned into a sphere, and an eye opened on the sphere.

After that, a cold holy light radiated from the sphere. The holy light carried a deathly aura and seemed to want to end everything.

The deities that were present sang loudly, singing what seemed to be a song of their Church in a strange language.

It’s an eye again. Song Shuhang’s scalp went numb.

The eye on the spherical rock stared at Song Shuhang and ‘smiled’ weirdly. At the same time, spatial runes flashed on the spherical rock.

Behind it, the projection of an even bigger figure had emerged, ready to break through space and descend.

Song Shuhang said, “It really is that guy.”

It was the primordial treasure that the Second Wielder of the Will had left behind, the big-eyed planet, the boss of the Church of the End, and the leader of all the deities.

This guy had actually been summoned over here.

“Don’t even think about leaving!” the big-eyed planet projection said in a dull voice.

Countless rays of holy light shot out and wove into a net to surround Song Shuhang and prevent him from escaping into the Inner World.

The big-eyed planet didn’t want to directly kill Song Shuhang. It wanted to obtain the whereabouts of the ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Sword’ from him and destroy the ‘small world’ that carried the aura of the Third Wielder of the Will before killing him.

“The spatial lock was broken. What is the origin of this thing?” In the main battleship of Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, the bow-wielding old man frowned.

They had set up a spatial lock in this nearby space so as to prevent the deities from escaping through spatial abilities. Besides that, it could also prevent the external helpers that the deities could have employed from entering through a spatial channel.

However, their spatial lock had not been able to stop the big-eyed planet. It was as if the lock they had placed was as fragile as a spider web before it.

Song Shuhang sent Feng Qiaozi one last transmission. “Get ready to escape. If this guy’s main body comes over, nobody will be able to deal with it. Its main body is the size of a planet!”

“The size of a planet?” Feng Qiaozi immediately passed this message to the bow-wielding old man.

As the ‘big-eyed planet’ had entered the stage, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect could only stop attacking the deities.

After Song Shuhang sent the transmission, his figure became transparent.

After the Inner World had been upgraded, entering it had become more convenient. Even if it was a lock formed by the cold holy light, it couldn’t stop him from returning.

This body was only a ‘projection’ made by Fairy Creation through a secret technique, and it wouldn’t affect Song Shuhang’s main body even if it died. Therefore, Song Shuhang took this opportunity to test out the new features of his Inner World to see how powerful it had become after its upgrade. He wanted to see if he could bypass the lock of the ‘big-eyed planet’.

The big-eyed planet saw that Song Shuahang was able to transfer himself through space despite its spatial lock. As such, it hurriedly shouted, [Command Spell: Space Death]

The power of the law was mobilized. Song Shuhang’s transparent body stopped abruptly. The space around him had ‘died’, sealing him in place.

The opponent was a ‘primordial treasure’ left behind by the Second Wielder of the Will. Sure enough, it had a way to lock space and prevent him from returning into the Inner World.

Song Shuhang thought, Experiment failed, I still need to continue working hard to upgrade the Inner World.

As the experiment was over, it was time for Fairy Creation to cancel the projection.

Over at the ‘Yellow Mountain Ceremony’, Song Shuhang’s main body turned his head to tell Fairy Creation to dispel the projection.

Things weren’t easy to predict, and everything was constantly changing.

Before Song Shuhang’s projected clone could vanish, the situation had changed once again.

In space, another spatial gate opened.

Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s figure had returned.

At this time, her right eye was red, and it was clear that the liquid metal ball had regained control over her body.

After showing up, Skylark clutched her left eye. “Damn it. This isn’t the part I was lacking, this isn’t what I wanted.”

After stepping out of the spatial gate, she stared at Song Shuhang with her right eye. “Tell me, where did you get the Scholarly Sage’s eye?”

Song Shuhang honestly replied, “In a dream.”

“You’re courting death!” Skylark roared. Her figure flickered, and she appeared near Song Shuhang.

At the same time, the ‘holy light lock’ the big-eyed planet had set up was activated and attacked Skylark.

Skylark solemnly said, “Scram!”

Before the light even got to hit her body, it was swallowed by endless darkness.


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