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Chapter 1311 On a hot summer day, only a heart-chilling sensation can make people feel a trace of coolness

Song Shuhang said, “Heavens! F*ck! Heavens!”

He had no idea that Senior White’s clone would take out its main body and throw it out as a hidden weapon. This clone was too crazy and unpredictable.

However, it had to be said that Senior White’s main body was indeed a powerful [hidden weapon]. One could simply look at the many beautiful craters he’d left on Earth to see how powerful it was.

Even more frightening was that this hidden weapon came with an ‘auto-tracking’ function.

No matter where the enemy was hiding, as long as the ‘Senior-White hidden weapon’ wanted to find it, they would not be able to escape!


Senior White’s main body maintained a cross-legged posture as it dropped into the sea with a huge splash.

The sound of the splash was ear-shattering, and it felt as if a powerful bomb had been set off on the surface of the sea.

Moreover, the height of the resulting waves was so high up that it looked like they would surge towards and fill the sky.

Senior White’s main body shot toward the seabed like a missile, and its speed was obviously shocking. After all, Senior White was the man who cared about speed the most in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.

While the sheep-headed demon hiding at the bottom of the sea was gloating over its ‘substitution technique’, it saw something appear in front of it.

A handsome, immortal-looking figure smashed into its hiding place.

Was I found?

Impossible! Did they see through my substitution technique?

The sheep-headed demon couldn’t believe it. Its substitution technique was difficult to detect even by those at the Ninth Stage, yet it had been found!

Senior White’s main body smashed into it, and the resulting shock wave was terrifying, to the point that it created a small tsunami.

It was a nuclear strike based on pure physical strength!

“Aaaaaah~” the sheep-headed demon screamed. It could no longer keep its fish form as its body was blown away by the shock wave directly to the surface of the sea.

It was bruised all over its body, and the fact that it was alive was proof of its incredible strength.

Senior White’s clone saw the sheep-headed demon, and calmly said, “Found it.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Even if Shuhang was standing on a black lotus above the sea, he could still feel the impact deep in the sea.

“Senior White, is it really fine to do this to your main body?” Song Shuhang gulped.

As if it were a matter of course, Senior White’s clone said, “The main body is me, and I am the main body. How could I not be fine with doing something to myself? Anyway, that guy was blown to the surface. Let’s beat it up!”

After saying that, Senior White’s clone grabbed Meteor Sword, moved next to the sheep-headed demon, and then stabbed it again. When he stabbed, the ‘guardrails’ on Meteor Sword automatically shrank and turned into gritty and malicious ‘barbs’.

This time, the sheep-headed demon was able to see it clearly—the sixth Sage in a thousand years, Sage White, had used ‘spatial energy’ when moving!

He had moved in an instant, crossing space to appear in front of it.

An Eighth Stage grasping spatial energy… How was that possible?

The sheep-headed demon had gotten injured when Senior White’s main body hit it. In addition, it was currently in a state of shock due to the impact, so it was inevitably going to get hit.

It could only grit its teeth and bring out its ‘death scythe’ to resist the incoming sword attack.


Meteor Sword met the death scythe, and the ‘barbs’ on the sword suddenly popped out, turning into sharp whale bones.

The whale bones mercilessly pierced the sheep-headed demon’s face.

“Aaaah!” the sheep-headed demon screamed in pain.

These whale bones belonged to an Eighth Stage whale, and they contained power of virtue that had been refined to the limit, which was exactly the nemesis of the sheep-headed demon. Even if the injuries were rather small, they still made it scream in pain.

What a malicious design!

Moreover, its hasty resistance could not stop the sword of Senior White’s clone.

And so, the death scythe was cut apart.

The tip of Meteor Sword firmly pierced the throat of the sheep-headed demon, opening up two holes with a single strike.

“Aaaah~” the sheep-headed demon cried out in pain.

However, for demons, their throats being pierced wasn’t something fatal.

At this moment, the sheep-headed demon no longer dared to think twice as it gritted his teeth and used a life-saving secret treasure.

Life-saving secret treasures were all fundamentally one-use items, so each one of them was very costly to use.

It activated a secret technique, and hundreds of bone hands condensed behind its body, rushing towards Senior White’s clone.

These bone hands all carried the power of a Tribulation Transcender. It was a demonic technique scroll with a Tribulation Transcender-level technique sealed within.

Senior White’s clone frowned slightly. He jerked his right hand and pulled Meteor Sword out, quickly retreating.

“Hooh~” The sheep-headed demon covered its throat and stared at Sage White and Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

It urged its Profound Sage energy, and the injury at its throat began to recover.

At the same time, its body began to recede gradually.

Before the effect of the ‘bone hands’ disappeared, it had to retreat far enough.

It stepped back a little bit and dove into the sea, preparing to escape through the water once again.

Just when half of its body was submerged into the water, its chest began hurting.

It turned his head and found a majestic empress swimming in the sea.

This empress had a flat imperial hat on her head, and a strange third eye shone on her forehead. It was precisely because of the effect of this third eye that the ‘bone claws’ failed to sense her.

The empress held a long sword in her hand and used it to stab at the sheep-headed demon.

On a hot summer day, it was only this kind of heart-chilling sensation that could make people feel a trace of coolness.

“Damn it!” The sheep-headed demon was infuriated. It urged a part of the ‘bone claws’ to move towards the virtuous lamia.

The virtuous lamia did not have the time to avoid them… so she didn’t bother.

As of late, the flat imperial hat had been used quite a lot, which resulted in the energy stored within to decrease rapidly. As such, the virtuous lamia had become very economical when using the flat crown.

Subsequently, two white bone claws pierced the virtuous lamia.

“Aaaah~” the virtuous lamia screamed in a male voice, and tilted her head to the side.

The sheep-headed demon gritted his teeth, and said, “Despicable trash who sneak attacked me, die!”

After saying that, it immediately moved to pull out the sword that had stabbed its heart—although a stab to its heart was not fatal for it, having a sword stuck in its body would weaken it.

But at this moment, the virtuous lamia spun her hand.

Consequently, the sword that was stuck in the heart of the sheep-headed demon twisted.

It was truly a heart-rending pain.

“Aaaah!” The sheep-headed demon’s face paled.

And at this time, it discovered that this ’empress’ wasn’t a living creature—it was a manifestation of light of virtue.

This thing was the most troublesome to deal with as it was immortal and could suppress it.

“Get lost!” The sheep-headed demon controlled the bone claws and hit the empress, flinging her away.

At the same time, its eyes turned to ‘Sage White’ and ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’.

In the next moment, its already aching heart almost jumped out of his chest.

In the distance, Sage White was holding another Sage White in his hand, and looked like he was getting ready to throw him.


Sage White yelled, “Hiyah~”

“F*ck!” The sheep-headed demon frantically urged the bone claws. Isn’t your clone going to break into pieces if you throw it like this?!

The sheep-headed demon thought that it was Sage White’s clone that was being thrown. After all, it had never heard of a clone throwing its main body as a hidden weapon.

However, the one coming at it was not ‘Sage White’s clone’ but countless ‘virtuous flying swords’.

Beside Sage White was a ring.

At this time, a tree demon and a lamp genie were holding bundles of ‘disposable flying swords’ and ‘disposable virtuous flying swords’ and loading them into the ring.

The monster tree was Senior White’s treasure-picking monster willow, Qing Wu, while the genie was Demon Venerable Lushan Street.

After the disposable flying swords were loaded into the ring, they would be naturally shot out.

As they were shot out, the effects of hundreds of auxiliary formations were added to them.

Acceleration, Acceleration Lv.2, Super Acceleration, Reinforcement, Sharpness, Energy Doubling, Energy Doubling Lv.2, Lightning-Fast Flash, Storm Cut, Chain Bombardment, Flame Boost, Lightning Boost, Wind Boost, Spirit Boost, Split Chain Attack, Energy Discharge, Blazing Boost… and many other auxiliary formations which the sheep-headed demon simply could not recognize.

After the formations were added onto them, the disposable flying swords shone like divine weapons.

The sheep-headed demon desperately slammed the ‘bone claws’ toward them to block them.

The bone claws were indeed powerful, and were worthy of being a Ninth Stage-level magical technique.

However, there were too many flying swords coming all at once. A single bone claw could handle 10 disposable flying swords, but not 20 or 30!

“Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack~”

Within two breaths of time, the bone claws were blasted apart.

In the following breath of time, the sheep-headed demon’s body was turned into a sieve.

This time, it did not get the chance to use the ‘substitution technique’.

The sheep-headed demon fell, and the vitality in its body gradually dissipated.

At this time, it saw the virtuous empress approach its body.

Is it going to give me the final blow?

He really is cautious, it looks like the final blow is also going to be dealt with the power of virtue.

While it was in thought, the virtuous empress squatted down and reached out to look through its body.

A moment later, she took several pieces of ‘Eight Stage spirit stones’ from him, as well as ‘demonic crystal’ that had similar value. There was also a spatial bracelet that was disguised as a piece of fur.

So it hadn’t come to give me the final blow, but to pilfer my corpse!

The virtuous empress picked up the loot and happily went back to Song Shuhang. She didn’t even care about the two gaping holes in her body.

The sheep-headed demon consciousness became more and more blurry.

“Senior White, does this guy count as ‘sheep’?” In the distance, the voice of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song could be heard.

Sage White replied, “It should. Although it’s of the Western demon race, it should still be a sheep. Look at its head. Which part do you need? I don’t think it has sheep hooves. If you want to use sheep hooves, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get them from this guy.”

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song said, “The horns would be great.”

Senior White’s clone said, “Then you can have the horns.”

Song Shuhang said, “Alright. Senior White can have the rest.”

After a moment, inside the Inner World.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue put down her hammers and got ready to rest.

Right then, a jingling sound echoed.

As she lowered her head, a pair of sheep horns appeared beside her feet.





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