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Chapter 1299 Maybe in your next life~ Ah, don“t be like this! If you have something to say, just say it!

Inside Song Shuhang’s Inner World, in the square of the ‘Palace of Summer’.

After his consciousness was moved inside the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior Glove’, Shuhang had repeatedly been trying to communicate with his Inner World.

Since Senior White Two had mentioned before that the Divine Kingdom was just a poor quality imitation of his ‘Inner World’, Song Shuhang felt that it should be possible to make use of his Inner World while inside that place.

As expected, it worked.

“Is this place also a Divine Kingdom? Are you also an experiment of the creation god?” the flaming eye said in shock.

This place seemed to be even more advanced than its Divine Kingdom. Could this be the superior version of the Divine Kingdom?

“Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Song Shuhang grabbed the flaming eye and slammed it into the square.

“Aah~” After losing the support of the Divine Kingdom, the tattered flaming eye became much weaker.

However, Song Shuhang was nearing his limit as well.

He could clearly feel his attack power getting lower, while his strength and speed were similarly weakening.

“Then, the final punch.” Song Shuhang said.

He focused, and all the strength in his body gathered in his fist.

The flaming eye shouted, “No, don’t kill me! Please, I beg of you, spare me. I can give you anything you want!”

It could sense how horrifying Song Shuhang’s punch was. It knew that it might really die if the punch came down.

“What can you give me?” Song Shuhang raised his fist up high.

The flaming eye yelled, “I can give you my Divine Kingdom! Right, I can even be your envoy. I will give myself to you, as long as you spare me!”


Song Shuhang did not hesitate to slam his fist onto the flaming eye. The incomparable force of the punch exploded on the flaming eye’s body, smashing it into fragments.

The flaming eye’s body was shattered like glassware.

Behind Song Shuhang, the 2346 holy ape projections hammered their chests as a sign of victory.

Song Shuhang said, “Although I don’t know what an ‘envoy’ is, it shouldn’t be different from a subordinate. Under normal circumstances, I would gladly accept a strong little brother like you… but you’re simply too frigging hateful.”

Just like it had said earlier, it was the most annoying and hateful existence in the world.

Just looking at it would cause one to feel extreme disgust, just as if they had stepped onto dog poop. As such, how could he possibly accept such a subordinate?

As for the ‘Divine Kingdom’, after killing the flaming eye, it would naturally fall into Song Shuhang’s hands. It wasn’t like it could run away.

After the flaming eye was slain, the Inner World slightly shook.

The projection of a lotus appeared, and it asked for Song Songhang’s permission to absorb the flaming eye.

Song Shuhang’s brow rose slightly; he nodded.

With Song Shuhang’s consent, a large number of roots extended out from the lotus projection, piercing in all directions with the aim of collecting the fragments of the flaming eye that had scattered around.

In the time it takes to blink twice, the fragments were gathered, and the flaming eye was pieced back to its original form.

What appeared before his eyes was a huge, eye-like rune.

The lotus projection placed the rune on the stone tablet amidst the ‘Palace of Summer’.

Then, a blazing flame started burning on the stone tablet.

A small ‘flaming eye’ had condensed on the stone tablet.

“Is something like this also possible?” Song Shuhang was a little surprised.

The newborn, mini flaming eye was very different from its previous self. It no longer exuded a ‘hateful’ aura and was just a flame.

Song Shuhang reached out to touch the ‘flaming eye’.

It had lost everything that it had in the past. Now, it no longer had a name, appearance, substance, or the breath of life.

It only existed as a part of the ‘Inner World’, and it did not even have the ability to leave this place.

But it was still a powerful weapon. If Song Shuhang transferred an enemy to the square of the ‘Palace of Summer’, this flaming eye could launch fire attacks at the enemy.

The virtuous lamia emerged from behind Song Shuhang and looked at the flaming eye. “It’s dead.”

Her voice was very nice to listen to; it was just like when she was in the ‘Jade Lake Realm’.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, you’re willing to speak again?”

“Cheng Lin, I love you.” The virtuous lamia blinked at Song Shuhang. This sentence was not spoken in her own voice, but rather it was Scarlet Heaven Sword who spoke for her.

Song Shuhang: “…”

He could not understand how the virtuous lamia and Scarlet Heaven Sword were able to form a tacit understanding. Scarlet Heaven Sword seemed to be able to read the virtuous lamia’s mind and speak for her.

“Cheng Lin might be still alive.” After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang began to comfort the virtuous lamia.

The virtuous lamia tilted her head.

Song Shuhang explained, “Just think about it. With Cheng Lin’s character, how could she possibly let herself die? Also, we overlooked the most important detail. Cheng Lin is the ghost spirit of the ***** (Second Wielder of the Will, Striped Dragon). Previously, when we encountered ***** Two, he gave us the task to bring back Cheng Lin and look for her fragments, so he must have a way to sense her condition. As such, there is always only one truth: Cheng Lin is still alive!”

Detective Song Shuhang had a point.

In conclusion, Cheng Lin must have been lying the last time.

To once again quote the mother of some man surnamed Zhang, the more beautiful the woman, the more likely she was to deceive others!

The virtuous lamia became serious, no longer acted cute, and sunk into contemplation.

As Fairy Waiting for a Promise had already regained most of her consciousness, she was capable of such a feat.

Song Shuhang seriously said, “Relax, if you want to find Cheng Lin, I will help you find her. Even if she is hiding at the end of the Earth, I will find her.”

The virtuous lamia suddenly stretched out her hands and clapped.

Did she understand what I said?

As long as the virtuous lamia has some intelligence, she would be able to understand what I just said, Song Shuhang thought.

At this time, the virtuous lamia took out a rope and threw it upward.

The fat whale was summoned in midair and bit the rope.

After that, the virtuous lamia skillfully tied a knot.

“What are you doing?” Song Shuhang was confused.

She removed the flat imperial hat from her head and deactivated the Empress Mode. Then, she grabbed the rope and put it around her neck.

“Aaah~” Song Shuhang’s pitiful scream sounded.

The fat whale flapped its wings and flew high up.

As a result, the virtuous lamia was now hung in the air.

She spat out her lovely little tongue and rolled her three eyes up to indicate that she was ‘dead’.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Is this her new way of playing dead?

Did you open that third eye so that you could roll it and play dead?

My liver really hurts.

He took out his phone with trembling hands and looked for Senior Medicine Master’s number. Should I book an appointment with Senior Medicine Master? I feel like I need to get my liver checked to see whether it’s still healthy or I have cirrhosis.

After dealing with the flaming eye, Song Shuhang left the Inner World.

When he left, he just so happened to appear within the ‘Divine Kingdom’.

Below him was that huge black river.

A black lotus appeared beneath Song Shuhang’s feet, supporting his body.

After losing the deity’s support, the Divine Kingdom showed signs of collapse.

If the Divine Kingdom collapsed completely, ‘ruins’ would be formed in the main world. One day, it would probably attract some practitioners, who would take risks and explore it.

“How do I shift this ‘Divine Kingdom’ into my Inner World?” Song Shuhang pinched his chin as he contemplated.

The Divine Kingdom was very big, and it was just slightly smaller than Song Shuhang’s current Inner World.

While he was in the middle of thinking, 2345 of the holy ape projections behind Song Shuhang got up and walked up to him.

After that, they raised their arms to salute Song Shuhang and disappeared.

The temporary cheat that he had borrowed from Senior White Two had expired.

After losing the 2345 holy ape projections, Song Shuhang only felt a feeling of weakness overcome his body.

His strength, speed, and physique were all degrading.

This feeling of a rapid loss of power caused him to feel stifled.

Even the expression ‘being thoroughly hollowed out’ wasn’t enough to describe Song Shuhang’s state!

Song Shuhang softly said, “Losing power really feels uncomfortable.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword responded, “That is why you can’t indulge in ‘borrowed’ power too much. Once you get used to the ‘borrowed’ power and indulge in it, you’re done for.”

Song Shuhang confidently said, “I know, rest assured. I won’t indulge in power.”

Don’t underestimate my will!

The more powerful the borrowed power was, the more he looked forward to achieving such a level.

Song Shuhang clenched his fist and reassured himself, “Someday, I shall achieve such strength by myself. 2,000 holy ape projections? I can do it!”

Scarlet Heaven Sword responded, “Not trying to attack you or anything, but if you’re only going to rely on yourself, you’ll be able to condense at most 100-200 holy ape projections as you reach the Eighth Stage. You might as well just prepare a few funny jokes and contact that mysterious senior when your physique is strong enough, getting a few hole ape projections in exchange for the jokes.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, where did you learn to encourage your juniors like this?

Also, don’t you know that my talent for telling jokes is as bad as my talent for swordsmanship? Although we’ve been using ‘jokes’ to seal our deals, the only jokes that really moved Senior White Two were the ones I got from True Monarch Yellow Mountain. Moreover, even those jokes barely reached a score of 60 points.

Song Shuhang said, “I might as well find some interesting treasure and exchange that with beep, beep, beep~.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword coolly said, “What happened to your will? I only mentioned the exchange as a form of temptation. I was just testing you, but you took the bait immediately. With this kind of willpower, you’re still thinking of condensing 2,000 holy ape projections? Maybe in your next life!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

The virtuous lamia appeared, grabbed Scarlet Heaven Sword, and swallowed it into her belly.

Scarlet Heaven Sword shouted, “Ah, don’t be like this! If you have something to say, just say it! If you fly into a rage for so little, how am I supposed to chat with you in the future?”

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and continued to look at the ‘Divine Kingdom’.

How do I transfer it into my Inner World?




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