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1289 Thousands of plans coming together all at once

At this time, on a moving iceberg in the polar region, a valiant and heroic-looking guest was welcomed.

This iceberg was the headquarters of the monster cultivator sect [Dog Sky Battalion].

The Dog Sky Battalion was a mixed-type sect. Not only they had techniques for monster cultivators, but also for divine beasts and demonic beasts. As such, monster dogs, demonic dogs, and divine dogs could all be found within this sect.

Halfway up to the mountain where the [Dog Sky Battalion] was located, there was a circular castle.

At this time, a valiant-looking woman in a white suit let out a breath of relief. Since the temperature was very low, her breath immediately turned into white mist.

Afterward, she strode towards the castle. If one were to look at her strides carefully, they would notice that they seemed to have been measured with a ruler given how precise and consistent they were.

The defensive formations that were in place in this old castle did not hinder her in any way.

In this manner, she reached the fourth floor of the castle.

There was a blond man with a thick book in his hand sitting by the window, slowly flipping through the book.

The woman in the white suit did not even bother knocking on the door and simply went in, staring at the blond man.

The blond man slowly closed the book and raised his head. “You’re here.”

“Sure I am,” said the woman in the white suit as she gnashed her teeth. By the way, this damn place is really cold…

“You’re late,” the blond man said slowly.

The woman in the white suit said, “What do you mean? Isn’t the wedding tomorrow?”

“The wedding is already over, you’re late,” the blond man said readily.

The woman in the white suit asked, “What game are you playing?”

“You can go back. There’s no longer any point in trying to replace me at my wedding.” The blond man stood up and placed the thick book on the table.

The woman in the white suit froze for a moment, but after thinking for a short while, she laughed, “Eldest brother, you’re lying.”

The blond man turned his head and said, “I’m serious, go back.”

The woman in the white suit proudly said, “The wedding hasn’t started yet. I confirmed it with a friend before I came. You can’t fool me! I’ve come to stop the wedding.”

The blond man rubbed his eyebrows and asked, “So, what are you planning to do?”

“Eldest brother, I gave the matter quite a bit of thought for the past few days and finally found a solution.” The woman in the white suit stepped in front of the blond man and said, “Eldest brother, how about you and I get married?”

The blond man rubbed his eyebrows vigorously.

The woman in the white suit shouted, “Eldest brother, marry me. I feel like I really like you!”

The eldest brother said in a serious tone, “No, leave.”

Fairy Fleeting Life said, “Eldest Brother, don’t be shy! You and Doudou are simply not suitable for one another, so marry me instead. I feel that I’m quite charming. Eldest Brother, we’ve known each other for so long, so we don’t even have to start from zero.”

The eldest brother stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows again.

After a while, he sighed and said, “I already have someone I like, so it’s impossible between us.”

Fairy Fleeting Life asked, “Who is it?”

“In fact, I went to see True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s Doudou a few days ago.” The elder brother sank into his memories. “It was a lovely Pekingese with nice fur and a good personality.”

While speaking, he placed his hands behind his back, walked to the window, and stared into the distance. “As such, the wedding will not change. You don’t have to keep on thinking of ways to mess things up. You won’t be able to stop me.”

Fairy Fleeting Life: “…”

The atmosphere between the siblings stiffened.

The eldest brother no longer said a word. He simply kept his hands behind his back and gazed at the scenery outside the window.

Fairy Fleeting Life was anxious but did not know what to say.

All the plans she made over the past few days to propose to her eldest brother were now useless. So, she was trying to think of something new.

She went behind her eldest brother, and her eyes suddenly fell on that thick book.

For some reason, she reached out and grabbed the book, casually flipped through it.

As soon as she saw what was inside it, she became angry.

There were many photos in the thick book… and all the photos were of a cute Pekingese.

This is the monster dog Doudou?

Eldest Brother was actually looking at his photos when he was sitting by the window with a dazed look a while ago?

Fairy Fleeting Life closed the book and took a deep breath.

The book was very heavy, which was due to how thick it was. In addition to that, the spine was fixed with a metal plate, which looked extra durable. The book looked not too different from a brick.

Fairy Fleeting Life grabbed the book and looked at her eldest brother, who still had his hands behind his back and was staring into the distance.

Due to her anger, she swung the thick book with all her power, violently smashing it onto her eldest brother’s head.


“Ah~” The eldest brother screamed and turned around. “Stupid girl, what are you trying to do?”

“Stupid brother, eat another one.” Fairy Fleeting Life felt that the thick book was really easy to use. And so, she operated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, which caused her spiritual power to soar, and then she smashed the thick book on her brother’s forehead.

The eldest brother was caught off guard by Fairy Fleeting Life’s sudden move, and as he had not activated any of his defenses, he was hit directly.

“Ah~” The eldest brother screamed once again, falling backwards as blood began streaming from his nostrils.

Fairy Fleeting Life murmured, “Tsk, now I’m back to the starting point.”

She waved the thick book and felt that it was very handy.

“Sure enough, Master was right. Knowledge is the best weapon for cultivators. Thick books seem particularly good at smashing people,” Fairy Fleeting Life said as she put the book in her cosmos bag.

I’ve got to confiscate this.

My dignified eldest brother was actually dazedly looking at a book filled with pictures of a cute male dog… This is too spicy to the eye, this book must be confiscated!

After confiscating her brother’s book, Fairy Fleeting Life began to search the room.

Soon, she found several different styles of bridegroom clothes in the closet.

“Stupid brother, there’s no way I’m letting you marry Doudou.” She crouched down and placed six seals on her eldest brother before tying him up with a rope and stuffing him into the closet.

After she finished doing so, she clapped her hands and took the bridegroom clothes to the next room to try them on.

The clothes were based on her elder brother’s figure, so they were all a bit too large.

However, this did not really pose much of a problem to her.

She was quite tall, and she would have no problem wearing these clothes after she changed them up a bit. Her needlework was great, so she could easily change the size of these several articles of clothing.

And so, Fairy Fleeting Life took out needle and thread and began to modify the size of the clothes.

Meanwhile, at a rental house in China.

The handsome monster fox named Dugu Bai was rapidly typing on a computer.

He was using chat software that had just been released this month and was said to have been developed by a wealthy cultivator.

At this time, he was chatting in a group called [Dog Catching Gang].

Dugu Bai: “Has anyone gotten the route that True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s Doudou is going to take during the wedding?”

Monk Five Poisons: “I have. True Monarch Yellow Mountain wants this event to be big, so news about his dog’s wedding can easily be acquired after asking around a bit. I will send the route to everyone.”

Dugu Bai: “Well done, let me study where it would be best to kidnap the bride.”

White Blade Swordsman: “Are you really sure that your teacher ‘Fairy Fleeting Life’ is the one who’s going to marry Doudou?”

Dugu Bai: “Knowing my teacher’s personality, coupled with the fact that she went to look for her eldest brother today, I’m certain that she will knock him out and marry Doudou in his stead.”

Monk Five Poisons: “Then, why do you want to study the route Doudou is going to take? Shouldn’t you kidnap Fairy Fleeting Life instead?”

“No, I’ll aim for Doudou.” Dugu Bai proudly said, “I want to tie him up and then replace him in marrying my teacher. Hahaha.”

Monk Five Poisons: “…”

White Blade Swordsman: “…”

Fairy Fallen Flower: “I’ve studied the route and have found six good places for ambushes. However, True Monarch Yellow Mountain has a lot of friends. When Doudou gets married, he might be accompanied by experts. If so, it would be quite difficult for you to kidnap him.”

Dugu Bai: “No matter how big the obstacle in front of me is, I have to give it a try. Otherwise, I can only watch as my teacher marries someone else! Also, if I fail to kidnap Doudou, I still have a plan B.”

Great Master Dreamteller: “I got news from the [All Night Cultivation Group] next door. Among the guests of True Monarch Yellow Mountain this time, there may be Eight Stage Profound Sages. You must be prepared when you act.”

Dugu Bai: “Is it Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?”

Great Master Dreamteller: “Not only him, but the sixth Sage in a thousand years, Sage White, will be there as well.”

Daoist Green Jujube: “I heard Fairy Lychee mention that Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue also has a good personal relationship with True Monarch Yellow Mountain. In this case, there might be three Profound Sages present at the wedding.”

Dugu Bai said, “F*ck me.”

Daoist Green Jujube: “So big fox, are you still going to move forward with your plan to crash Doudou’s wedding? I feel that if you were to directly go and propose to your teacher, you would have a higher success rate.”

‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li: “Hey, what’s with all this? Can you not talk about crashing Doudou’s wedding in my group chat? It’s really embarrassing.”

Dugu Bai: “Who is this fellow daoist?”

Zhou Li: “I’m the founder of the group, heavens.”

Monk Five Poisons: “F*ck, it’s Zhou Li. Anyway, big fox, Zhou Li is True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s right-hand man. He’s also the one who’s in charge of taking care of Doudou.”

Dugu Bai: “…”

Great Master Dreamteller: “…”

Daoist Green jujube: “…”

White Blade Swordsman: “…”

Fairy Fallen Flower: “…”

Zhou Li: “You should all go to another group. If not, I’m going to know about all your plans to crash Doudou’s marriage. Wouldn’t that just be embarrassing?”

Go to another group my ass! We’ve already talked about our plans; now we have to change everything! Dugu Bai burst into tears.

At the same time, Zhou Li pinched his chin.

So the bridegroom’s sister knocked out the bridegroom to marry Doudou in his place? I see… No wonder True Monarch Yellow Mountain willingly agreed to marry Doudou to a male dog. It turns out that his real goal was Fairy Fleeting Life.

But, doesn’t it mean that Doudou is going to marry a cute female dog?

Thinking about it makes my heart feel slightly stifled.

Should I do something about it?

However, just as this thought emerged in his mind, Zhou Li violently shook his head.

“If Doudou’s marriage goes smoothly, it’s going to be good for me as well.”

If there really was a female dog who could control Doudou, wouldn’t he finally be free?


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