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Chapter 128-Where is the Moonsabre Sect?

Su Clan's Ah Shilu body was heavily wounded, and simply couldn't chase after that ball, a dog and an uncle. She grit her teeth, and used Song Shuhang's phone to call Ah Qi. Pick up the phone now Ah Qi!

In the sky, the ball that Devil Monarch Anzhi had transformed into was chased relentlessly by the Pekingese dog. This demon dog had an unknown origin, and had great power.

Devil Monarch Anzhi felt very gloomy. He himself didn't agitate that dog. When the Pekingese dog appeared, it had suddenly charged at him to attack him.

When Devil Monarch Anzhi had tangled with it before, they hadn't been able to determine who was superior between the two.

He calculated that even if he went all out, it would take a massive battle of several days to have confidence in disposing of this demon dog. Also, he didn't know if this dog had any suppression techniques.

He was occupied with important things now. Where did he have any spare effort to get entangled with some demon mutt?

I can't afford to provoke you, but does that mean I can't hide from you? Thus, Devil Monarch Anzhi sped up, hoping to increase the distance between him and the demon dog.

Song Shuhang was grasped by that invisible hand. While riding on the clouds and flying on the wind, Song Shuhang felt as if his internal organs were being squeezed out. What an unexpected calamity!

How unfortunate!

Behind, the adorably foolish uncle was giving his all to give chase.

He had previously been hiding in a secret place, continuing to tail Su Clan's Ah Shiliu. He had been thinking to wait for backup from the Immortal Farming Sect, and try to catch Su Clan's Ah Shiliu alive again. He didn't expect a Devil Monarch Anzhi to suddenly descend from the sky and use smoke to envelop Ah Shilu and Song Shuhang. Then he grabbed a figure and flew away.

Indistinctly, the Immortal Farming Sect uncle heard a 'Su Clan descendant' and ' would you go on a trip with me'.

Su Clan's Ah Shilu was snatched away? How dare you! Without Su Clan's Ah Shiliu, how could their Immortal Farming Sect deal with Su Clan's Ah Qi?

And thus, without thinking, the Immortal Farming Sect quickly shot towards the ball of black smoke and the pekingese demon dog. The uncle had a very one track mind… He didn't even spare a glance at the person on the ground, and chased after Devil Monarch Anzhi.

While chasing, he even used a Thousand Miles Sound Transmission talisman. He contacted the helpers from the Immortal Farming Sect, and let the helpers arrange an ambush in front.

"Ambush that ball of black smoke! We must obtain Su Clan's Ah Shiliu!" The uncle grit his teeth.

They had to suceed this time! Failure was not accepted! They needed to obtain Su Clan's Ah Shiliu!

At this time, at a remote region not far from Jiangnan City. The air was filled with ghost Qi, and the ghastly ghost Qi had formed a temporarily sealed off space.

In that sealed space, Su Clan's Ah Qi stood with his hands clasped behind his back. The magical sabre on his body magically produced a dense sea of sabres, akin to the Milky Way.

And next to him, was a dense and uncountable number of vengeful ghosts with incomplete bodies. They reached the thousands upon thousands, and all had been slain under Ah Qi's sabre.

"[Myriad Ghosts Devours Grand Formation]… that's quite the ambitious plan." Ah Qi said in a low voice.

This was a grand formation based on the idea that when there were enough ants, even an elephant could be bitten to death. It had illustrious fame in the cultivation world, and had stalled him for a total of three hours!

The opponent had come with preparations, in order to stall him. Their target was Ah Shiliu? Thinking this, his rage soared.

Before Ah Qi, was a white clothed female who was the one who had set up the [Myriad Ghosts Devours Formation].

Her body was wrapped up tightly in bandages, and seemed like a mummy from ancient Egypt. Only a pair dark of red eyes could be seen. Also, her body constantly gave off the smell of a rotting corpse.

This was an innate constitution she was born with, and she could innately attract ghosts to come and store them within her body.

In ancient times, these were the kinds of seedlings evil sects who cultivated the path of ghosts liked the most. With this constitution, it wasn't necessary to tiringly search for various types of vengeful ghosts. The ghosts themselves would take the initiative to come to them. A ghosts cultivator's strength could thus soar to the heavens.

Because of such a constitution, this female didn't need the help of a magical treasure such as the Myriad Ghosts Banner. Just relying on her body, she could release over ten thousand ghosts, and form the [Myriad Ghosts Devours Grand Formation].

"What a pity. For an existence like you, this [Myriad Ghosts Devours Grand Formation] can only stall you a bit." The female's voice didn't seem to have a single fluctuation of emotion.

"Hmph." Su Clan's Ah Qi coldly harrumphed, and with a horizontal sweep of his magical sabre, sabre Qi swept out. An invisible barrier in the air seemed to be shattered by this sabre Qi.

Without the support of the ten thousand ghosts, the [Myriad Ghosts Devours Grand Formation] finally broke apart. The cold ghost Qi in the air dissipated. The remains of the vengeful ghosts that filled the ground turned into particles and dissipated into the heavens and the earth.

That female groaned. She had used her body instead of a Myriad Ghosts Banner to activate the grand formation. Now that the formation had been broken, she naturally suffered a backlash.

When the formation was broken, Su Clan's Ah Qi disappeared from his original position and appeared behind the female.

The sabre in his hand was pressed against the back of her head.

Ah Qi didn't want to kill her. He wanted to get information from her.

And that female perhaps knew she had no chance of escape, and thus showed no intent to run away.

Also, without waiting for Su Clan's Ah Qi's questioning, she calmly said, "Elder told me to tell you, that if you want to find Ah Shilu, go to the Moonsabre Sect. My mission is to stall you. Then, while I stall you, Ah Shilu would be taken away by the elder's men."

Su Clan's Ah Qi was enraged. What the heck was this Moonsabre Sect? Why did he have to search for it? Such a small sect, he had simply never heard of it before. "Where is the Moonsabre Sect?"

That mummy female shook her head. "I don't know. I've never been to the Moonsabre Sect before. My mission is completed. It's up to you if you want to kill me or dismember me."

"Your mother! You're mentally retarded!" Ah Qi unhesitatingly chopped the sabre onto her head, and fresh blood spurted out.

The female fell limply onto the ground, her life force extinguished.

They didn't even know where to go, and yet they still asked him to go to some Moonsabre Sect? If this wasn't being mentally retarded, what was?

But the enemy had snatched away Su Clan's Ah Shiliu…

Ah Qi angrily stamped his foot onto the ground, forming a small crater.

At this moment, a music pleasant to the ears began to play… No, this wasn't a system sound effect from defeating a monster and levelling up. It's just a hand phone ringing.

Ah Qi took out his phone, and discovered it was an unknown number calling.

Was it those Moonsabre Sect bastards?

He received the call.

However, the voice that sounded through the phone was Ah Shiliu's instead. "Hey? Ah Qi, you finally answered the call!"

At that moment, Ah Qi's gloomy expression disappeared.  The clouds that seemed to be hanging over him cleared up. "Ah Shiliu? You're alright? I was being stalled by someone. Where are you now? Did you get attacked?"

"Jiangnan University City, the school's East Gate. I did get attacked." Su Clan's Ah Shiliu paused. "Then, they caught the wrong person, Shuhang instead. Anyways, you'd better come here first."

The people from the Moonsabre Sect… really were mentally retarded?

"I'll reach immediately. This time I'll definitely make it with five minutes!" Su Clan's Ah Qi grit his teeth, the magical sabre transformed into a streak of light, pulling Ah Qi into the sky. It was as fast as if it was lightning.

When five minutes hadn't passed yet, Su Clan's Ah Qi had already reached Jiangnan's University City's East Gate.

He retrieved the streak of light, and dispelled the concealing spell cast on him. Descending in a  corner with nobody there, he quickly rushed to Ah Shiliu's side.

"Ah Shilu!" Ah Qi gave Ah Shiliu a forceful hug. Only after checking her from head to toe did he hiddenly give a sigh of relief.

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