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Chapter 1260 Anti-laser fog defense

F*ck, a map-clearing cannon!

The map-clearing cannon forcibly entered the Inner World along the spatial channel made by the ‘cold holy light’.

It had to be noted that Song Shuhang’s current Inner World had already expanded a fair bit. It consisted of the Inner World’s main body + the fragments of the ancient Heavenly City. In addition to the Inner World’s main body and the fragments, there was also a dark void that seemed to have no end. It was an area that Song Shuhang could not touch or control.

However, when the opponent’s map-clearing cannon descended, not only did its shot envelop the entire main body of the Inner World + the fragments of the ancient Heavenly City, it even illuminated the dark space right outside the Inner World.

This was truly an attack that could destroy worlds. This single shot was probably enough to plow through an entire planet.

Even the ‘flat imperial hat steel hands empress form’ was powerless when facing an attack of such a level.

We’re done for!

Song Shuhang’s heart felt cold.

The power of this shot was simply too terrifying; it was no different from the wheel of a car rolling towards a cute little mantis.

Under an attack of such a level, each of them seemed so small.

The Inner World’s lotus swayed wildly. It seemed like it was soon going to break. It frantically propped up its defenses against this world-destroying attack.

However, anyone could see that the Inner World’s defenses would not be able to resist the attack at all…

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Shift us out!”

At this time, they could only abandon the ‘Inner World’.

As long as people were still alive, the Inner World could be rebuilt.

They could only first escape to the Beast Realm to avoid the attack.

Song Shuhang urged for all living beings inside the Inner World to be transferred out. In addition to the few of them, the Inner World also had the group of ‘invisible sword insects’ that had been raised by Venerable White as well as the Fighting Beast Kangaroo.

However, the transfer failed.

The light beam seemed to have its own space-locking function.

The space they were in was frozen, and nothing could be transferred out.

…In fact, when those at or above the Tribulation Transcender Realm used a sure-kill technique, the technique would also often prevent their opponent from using spatial means to escape. As such, it wasn’t strange that they couldn’t transfer out of the Inner World.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth. “F*ck.”

“Heavens, my master~ It appears that this old turtle will be leaving the world before you do,” shouted the sea turtle. Its realm was currently sealed, and the seal wasn’t something that could be undone in a short time. Otherwise, with its strength at the Ninth Stage, it could use all its power to resist the light beam! But now, it could only hope that its turtle shell was hard enough to block the terrifying attack.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry,” cried Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue. She believed that this was all her fault—if she had not gone to Song Shuhang’s side, or if she had simply left and did not forge a magical treasure for him, then he wouldn’t have been dragged into the mess between her, Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, and this big-eyed planet.

“Little friend Song, if I survive, I’ll definitely look for Scarlet Heaven to avenge you,” said Scarlet Heaven Sword… but even it was not sure of being able to survive this attack despite its identity.

The virtuous lamia raised her head; a solemn look could be seen on her face.

Right beside her was a virtuous fat whale.

The poor white-haired beast cultivator had been in a comatose state just now, and was awakened by the energy fluctuations that had emerged in the outside world. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the world-destroying attack descending upon them through the body of the virtuous fat whale.

“My life is over!” The white-haired beast cultivators eyes went white, and he passed out once again.

Song Shuhang’s steel hands clenched tightly.

He still had a ‘life talisman’, so there was still a chance that he could resurrect. But even so, he did not want to die like this.

Unfortunately, the Inner World has yet to finish upgrading, Song Shuhang thought.

If the Inner World had finished upgrading, he could have connected with Senior White Two whose strength was unfathomable. If he, the ruler of the Netherworld, were to make his move, then he might just be able to save the Inner World.

His Inner World was a transfer station that Senior White Two could use to go to the main world. As such, Senior White Two would definitely not be willing to watch it be destroyed.

It was just that the Inner World was at a critical juncture in its upgrade process at this time. Moreover, this upgrade process was something irreversible, so he couldn’t just stop it for a while—he did not have such an option at all.

“Since you’re so intent on killing me, before I die, I’ll at least make you bleed.”

Song Shuhang extended out his hand and made a hand seal.

In accordance to his will, more than half of the Inner World’s heavenly tribulation guided missiles, heavenly tribulation nuclear bombs, heavenly tribulation hydrogen bombs, and even one of the unnamed strategic weapons that had been grinded by Senior White were all transferred out by Song Shuhang.

If possible, Song Shuhang would have wanted to use all of the heavenly tribulation weapons in a single go. Since they were all going to die, why would he be afraid of going out with as big of a bang as he could create?

Unfortunately, due to him being limited by his realm and mental energy, he was only able to control a little more than half of the heavenly tribulation weapons. This was his limit.


As he was using all his power and mental energy, Song Shuhang’s body couldn’t even maintain the steel hand form. His body broke apart into his original liquefied state.

At this time, the roof of the Palace of Winter turned transparent.

Through the roof of the palace, one would be able to see that there was an overwhelming number of heavenly tribulation weapons in the sky above the Inner World.

The liquefied Song Shuhang condensed his body into two small hands, and quickly used those hands to form a series of hand seals.

He was using the unsealing technique that was prescribed for the heavenly tribulation weapons.

The seals unraveled.

“Crack, crack…”

The defense propped up by the Inner World was finally unable to handle it and shattered.

As the Inner World was still in the middle of its upgrade process, it was very vulnerable; it wasn’t easy for it to keep its defenses up until now.

With the defenses of the Inner World down, the world-destroying light came down upon them.

At this time, the heavenly tribulation weapons had also been unsealed. They locked on the world-destroying light and took the initiative to meet with it.

The two seemed to be inherently hostile with one another, and Song Shuhang did not need to do anything.

He was overjoyed that they were so hostile to one another!

With the two sides being so hostile to one another, in a short while, the heavenly tribulation weapons were sure to explode.

Song Shuhang involuntarily roared, “Don’t let me down, explode as violently as you can!”

“Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!”

A magnificent display of countless fireworks burst out in the sky.

Song Shuhang: “…”

It had already proven that except in the world of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and the Netherworld Realm the weapons would not explode, but would only turn into fireworks. The Inner World was no exception.


Song Shuhang was distressed to no end.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue asked, “Are these fireworks for our burial?”

The sea turtle said, “Heavens, so beautiful.”

“Are we dying?” Song Shuhang sighed.

There was nothing else he could do.

To be honest, this was not the first time he had experienced ‘death’. In the scholarly faction’s ‘world of the golden lotus’, he and the members of the scholarly faction had died again and again.

Death was no longer something new to him.

But it was also because of having tasted death that he really did not want to experience it again anytime soon.

The virtuous lamia made her move and flashed behind him. She shrank to two meters in size and opened her arms to protect Song Shuhang.

Although doing so would remove her from her empress form, guarding her master was still her main duty as his ‘light of virtue’.

Now it seems I can only rely on the life talisman, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue suddenly said, “Strange…”

At this moment, the sea turtle followed suit, and said, “Eh? Why am I still okay?”

After the world-destroying beam broke through the Inner World’s defense, it should have instantly destroyed them.

However, even when a long time had passed, they were still okay.

Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue asked, “Has the attack hit us already? Are we already dead?”

The sea turtle said, “There wasn’t an attack, I can guarantee this.”

The liquefied Song Shuhang looked up at the sky above them, which was still shrouded in the explosions from the heavenly tribulation weapons.

After detonating, the heavenly tribulation weapons would turn into pure spiritual energy and spread out.

However… After the fireworks spread out, a thick gray fog appeared in the sky.

Song Shuhang involuntarily said, “Is this the legendary anti-laser fog defense?”

The attack from the planet with the big and small eyes was a beam of light, and the main attribute of the said attack was ‘light’.

The gray layer of clouds that had formed after the explosion of the Heavenly Tribulation weapon was like smog.

“Were you trying to use this fog for defense?” The corner of the sea turtle’s mouth twitched, but the world-destroying attack was inexplicably blocked.

Anyway, it was definitely not some kind of anti-laser fog defense. It was probably just that there was some special power contained in the batch of ‘heavenly tribulation weapons’ that could resist the power of the ‘big-eyed planet.’

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue asked, “Are we going to survive?”

“That laser seems to be blocked for the time being, but it’s definitely not going to be so forever,” said the sea turtle. As long as that terrifying attack was still there, they would not cease to be in danger.

Song Shuhang frowned, and he tried to transfer everyone out of the Inner World once more. However, the space was still disturbed.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Turtle, can you directly open a channel with your spatial energy?”

The sea turtle replied, “I’ve already tried. If I were to forcibly open a spatial channel right now, it would only end up in one place…”

It then stretched out its forelimbs and pointed to the passage formed by the ‘cold holy light’ in front of them.

Due to strong interference, once the space channel was opened, it would directly send everyone to that big-eyed planet. At that time, they would have simply thrown themselves into its net.


At this time, Song Shuhang’s Inner World shook as a whole.

It was like an earthquake.

“Is the upgrade about to be completed?” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

At this time, a lot of roots were extended from the lotus projection of the Inner World.

It needed a lot of energy to complete the final step of the upgrade.

Song Shuhang spread out his senses a bit and found that the evil energy of the Netherworld that he had accumulated from the infected in the ‘Beast Realm’ over the past few days had been swallowed by the Inner World.

In order to speed up its upgrade, and in order to resist the attack of the planet with the big eye, it had to consume a lot of energy.

However, the question was, where were they supposed to get more energy right now?

His spatial equipment full of spirit stones, which he’d borrowed from Senior White, had been exchanged for the flat imperial hat on the head of the virtuous lamia.

Besides that, the evil energy of the Netherworld had also been exhausted.

Song Shuhang wondered, Should I try to contact Senior White Two?




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