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Chapter 1253 The launch of the competition for the Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue

At this time, in Song Shuhang’s mind, the three clues left by Slow-Witted Song emerged one by one.

The secret text hidden in the book of the ‘All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family’.

The ‘decoding technique’ on the scroll.

The content of the ‘auxiliary book’.

They successively appeared in his mind. The combination of the three meant that even without Song Shuhang decoding it himself, the secret text would automatically get translated.

The contents of the complete version of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ continuously appeared in his mind, including the complete text of the cultivation technique, the 33 auxiliary secret techniques which were all similar to the ‘Whale Swallowing Technique’, and the method for forging the 33 kinds of life-bound magical treasures.

At the moment, Song Shuhang did not pay attention to the text of the cultivation—in fact, his version of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts ‘Technique❯ had long not been the original version, but rather a version perfected for him by Senior White.

Therefore, Song Shuhang did not feel much when seeing the ‘Version 1.9’ and the ‘Version 2.0 upgrade package’ suggested by Slow-Witted Song in ‘Step 48’.

He believed that Senior White’s revised ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’ was likely not to be any worse than the Version 2.0 that had been mentioned by Slow-Witted Song.

After he got the complete ‘cultivation technique’, he could simply take it back to Senior White and ask him to modify the cultivation technique if it was possible.

What he was mainly concerned about was the forging technique for the 33 kinds of life-bound magical treasures.

Song Shuhang was still in a state of drunkenness, and even if he desperately wanted to keep himself awake, his body was just not quite something he could control right now.

The information related to the ‘Combined Magical Treasure’ and the forging technique completely emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

He instinctively searched for the information on the life-bound magic treasure that suited the Huge Whale Chapter.

Soon, he found exactly what he was looking for.

[Defiant Whale Warrior], this was the name of the life-bound magical treasure for the Huge Whale Chapter of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’.

From looking at the description, this was a pair of glove-like magical treasures.

Disciples of the Divine Beast Department who practiced the Huge Whale Chapter generally chose to practice fist techniques.

Even the content of the Huge Whale Chapter was accompanied by a fist technique called ‘Huge Whale Spout’. Not only was it a fist technique, it was also a body tempering technique.

‘Whale Eight’, who had rounded up Chu Chu, was someone who used this move.

Song Shuhang had already practiced the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯ before he came in contact with the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’, and was very close to the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm back then. Because of the better attributes of the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯ body tempering technique, he never got to the point of actually practicing the ‘Huge Whale Spout’.

The complete forging technique for the [Defiant Whale Warrior] appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang thought, If I successfully forge the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’, can I do without the Swordsman Wooden Ox’s gloves of passion?

While he was in thought, Kindness’ voice sounded. “Senior… Senior Tyrannical Song, what’s happening to you?”

At this moment, Kindness had already stopped practicing.

However, there was still a faint connection between Song Shuhang and her, and so, through the connection with her body, the three clues in Song Shuhang’s mind were combined and the complete translated text of the cultivation technique appeared.

Song Shuhang replied, “I am forging.”

The good girl nodded, and said, “Does your body transform into two large arms when you start forging?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

My body transformed into two large arms?

He subconsciously wanted to look down at his body, but then he found that he couldn’t aim his head downward.

Song Shuhang said, “Heavens~”

Even in the muddled state that he was in, he could guess that there was a problem with his body.

At the side, the sea turtle yawned, and said, “There’s no need to look, your current state is that of two strong black iron arms. This is the appearance you wanted to have when forging things?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Mm-hm, It just so happens that I have all the materials I need to forge the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’, so I’m going to try to forge it.”

His reasoning told him that he was in a strange condition right now, and it was not the best time for him to forge the ‘life-bound magical treasure’. However, while he was in this pseudo-drunk state, his behavior did not appear to be something that he could control.

The sea turtle yawned, and said, “I guess you do have a lot of materials now, so there really isn’t a problem even if you fail.”

Kindness curiously asked, “Senior Tyrannical Song, what kind of magical treasure are you going to forge? Are you going to forge it here?”

According to her understanding, most cultivators who forged treasures needed special forging rooms, preferably places with sufficient spiritual power.

It was best to also match it with an undying earth flame, as well as special spring water for quenching.

There were even some magical treasures that needed to be buried in a special spiritual source and cultivated 49 or 81 days before being able to take shape.

Senior Tyrannical Song’s room is just a place for guests to rest. It only has ordinary spiritual energy and doesn’t even have forging tools. Is he really fine with forging here?

Song Shuhang replied, “Relax, I have my own special refinery.”

He had the Palace of Winter which was fully equipped with everything he needed. There were alchemy rooms and refineries.

Soon after, Song Shuhang began to pick out the materials he needed for forging.

In his mind, he recalled the steps and the forging technique for the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’.

After a while.

Song Shuhang’s hands were completely still.

He had never tried forging anything before.

As such, even if he did have a detailed guide on how to forge it, he did not know how to start.

This was especially the case with the terminology present in the guide that was specific to the field; it was something that Song Shuhang could not understand.

The sea turtle doubtfully asked, “You still haven’t started?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

At the same time, as the translation of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ was finishing up in his mind, Song Shuhang’s brain began to clear up.

How embarrassing.

“Cough!” Song Shuhang coughed softly, and said, “I’ve thought about it carefully, and I feel that today is not—”

[Hello~ Am I talking to ‘Seven Daoist Names’?] At this time, a voice sounded in his mind.

What the hell is with this ‘Seven Daoist Names’? Also, I’ve already given away the daoist name ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’, so now I only have six daoist names!

[Hey, can you hear me? Is the signal bad? It’s me, Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue. Little friend Seven Daoist Names, where are you?] The sweet voice of a woman resound in his mind.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue? Is this Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue’s senior? The blonde woman?

Song Shuhang had a deep impression of her. She had beautiful blonde hair and each of the strands was as dazzling as a golden wire. After that, she had a tendency for sadism. The cute ‘Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue’ was ruthlessly kicked just because it blocked her path.

Song Shuhang replied, [Senior Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, if you really can’t remember my daoist name, please just call me ‘little friend Song’ or even ‘little friend Shuhang’.]

[No problem, Seven Daoist Names. Anyway, where are you right now?] Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue continued to ask.

Song Shuhang replied, [I should be somewhere in the Beast Realm right now. Senior, is there a reason you’re looking for me?]

Moreover, how did the Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue contact him and directly transmit her voice into his mind?

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue asked, [Beast Realm? I see, no wonder the signal is so bad. I’m currently conversing with you through the feature of the contract scroll of the primordial treasure ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber’. When are you going to return to the main world?]

Song Shuhang replied, [I’ll be going back in two or three days at most. What happened?]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue Road replied, [Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue is already transcending his tribulation, it’s going relatively smoothly, and the tribulation is soon going to end.]

Song Shuhang’s eyes brightened up. [Then send my congratulations to Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [Anyway, after Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue is done, regardless of whether he succeeds or fails, the ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber’ will choose a new owner. That is to say, little friend, you who have signed your name on the ‘contract scroll’ in the past will be a candidate for a period of time. I’m just here to tell you about it so you can prepare.]

Song Shuhang said, [So that’s the case, I understand.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [Note that this matter should not be disclosed. Otherwise, I won’t be responsible for any trouble.]

Song Shuhang said, [I got it, I won’t mention it to anyone.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [You got this, little friend Seven Daoist Names. In fact, among the many people on the contract, the one I am most optimistic about is you. I believe that you have a high chance of becoming the Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue.]

Song Shuhang said, [Thank you for your support… In addition, if Fairy feels that ‘little friend Song’ and ‘little friend Shuhang’ are not that easy to remember, it’s alright for you to call me Tyrannical Song!]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue suddenly said, [No problem, little friend Seven Daoist Names. By the way, if you are in the Beast Realm, make sure to bring me some souvenirs when you come back.]

Song Shuhang was stunned for a while; the atmosphere had simply changed so quickly.

At the beginning, they had been seriously discussing things related to cultivation, yet it somehow became a modern online-shopping-themed talk in the next second.

Song Shuhang said, [Fairy, what do you want? To be honest, I haven’t been in the Beast Realm for that long, so I’m not too clear on what special things they have here.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [I’ll give you a list, you should know a few of the items.]

After saying that, Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue quickly read out a long list of shopping items.

After she finished reading them out, she asked, [Do you remember everything?]

Song Shuhang honestly replied, [I do remember everything, but… I don’t know any of the items on the list.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [You don’t know even a single one of them? Many of these things are common items in the world of cultivation and are essential for alchemy. Your knowledge of the world of cultivation is truly too weak.]

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, [There’s nothing I can do about that. After all, I’ve only been cultivating for about four and a half months. Although I’ve been trying to stock up on all kinds of knowledge, the time is still quite limited.]

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue: […]

After a while.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said, [Forget it, I’ll just directly go to the Beast Realm and buy the stuff myself. Don’t move from where you are, I’m going to use you as the coordinates for the spatial teleportation.]

Song Shuhang: “?”

He remembered that ‘Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue’ had once reached the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm, but later she failed to transcend her tribulation. Since then, her cultivation was fixed at the Sixth Stage Realm due to the ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber’.

Could she perform spatial teleportation in such a state?


While he was in thought, the space around Song Shuhang fluctuated.

In the next moment, Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue squeezed out of it.

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue gritted her teeth, and said, “It hurts. Sure enough, this kind of spatial teleportation is simply too unreliable.”

She borrowed the power of the primordial treasure ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber’, and then used Song Shuhang’s signature on the contract to locate him and perform the spatial teleportation.

The principles used here were similar to the ones Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue had used to summon Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue’s main body.




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