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Chapter 121-I have half a Fasting Pill, do you want it?

Su Clan's Ah Shilu turned her head, too embarrassed to look at Song Shuhang.

Looks like she didn't prepare amy food or water.

Asking others was never as good asking yourself. Song Shuhang checked his body, and found a bottle with six Qi and Blood Pills, one Stink Pill, several treasure seals, money and his handphone.

But these things couldn't be eaten as food, and Qi amd Blood Pills couldn't alleviate hunger.

"Hmm? This is…" Song Shuhang finally came up with a pill.

It was a Fasting Pill used before! A few days before senior Medine Master had casually given it to him for lunch. He had only used it once, and had kept it afterwards.

Luckily, he didn't randomly eat it in the past few days.

Song Shuhang had a look of satisfaction as he popped the Fasting Pill into his mouth. A delicious taste spread through his mouth, and his stomach's hunger completely vanished. After his stomach felt slightly full, Song Shuhang took the Fasting Pill out, gingerly wiping the saliva away.

This could perhaps still save a life in the future if it was kept, Song Shuhang thus thought.

Gugugu…this was the weird sound made by a stomach?

"Huh? My stomach is already full, why is it still rumbling? The Fasting Pill wouldn't have already expired, right?" Song Shuhang rubbed his stomach in confusion. It was full, and there weren't any problems!

Gugugu…there was another chain of rumbling sounds.

Song Shuhang suspiciously looked at the miss Su Clan's Ah Shilu who had proclaimed that she "could fast". Ah Shilu turned away in embarrassment, blushing.

Song Shuhang thought about it, testingly offering the Fasting Pill in his hand. "If you don't mind, do you want to try it?

"No need, I can fa…" Rumbling sounds interrupted Ah Shilu.

Immediately, Ah Shilu grit her teeth. "My realm is different from yours. Even if I completely swallow this half a Fasting Pill, my hunger would only be slightly alleviated."

"Then you eat it." Song Shuhang said. Otherwise, if her little stomach kept rumbling, Song Shuhang would feel uncomfortable all over.

Ah Shilu accepted the Fasting Pill, and after thinking it through. "When we're past this danger, I'll repay this Fasting Pill to you a hundred fold!"

"Alright alright." Song Shuhang acted as if he was dealing with a child as he pacified her.

Ah Shilu sighed. She popped the pill in her mouth like she would do with medicine. With this pill to fill her up, her little stomach would finally stop chanting all those 'gugugu' sounds

Song Shuhang took out his phone to open the chat software, and wanted to log into the Nine Provinces Number One group to take a look. Roughly by now, Su Clan's Ah Qi should have hurried over here, and he could send over a distress call.

But when he opened it, he realised he didn't have a signal.

"Huh? There's no signal?" Song Shuhang asked suspiciously.

"Of course there's no signal. If it didn't block off all messages, how could it be a secret room?" Ah Shilu answered.

Then, she saw Song Shuhang's phone interface, and saw a familiar chat group in Song Shuhang's table of groups. She said in surprise, "Nine Provinces Number One group?"

"Huh? You didn't know? You didn't take note of the group in this past few days?" Song Shuhang asked back.

"I ran away from home…going onto the chat software would expose my position. I didn't even bring my phone out, or else Ah Qi would come find me. It's very troublesome." Ah Shilu responded as if this was obvious.

No. Even if you don't go online, Ah Qi can still find you. Song Shuhang ridiculed in his heart. Senior Ah Qi was already on the way to the Jiangnan area now.

Because there was no signal, Song Shuhang silently switched off his phone. He didn't plan to tell Ah Shilu that senior Ah Qi was already coming over to the Jiangnan area to find her. It was still safer for Ah Shilu to be brought home quickly.

"Did you guess my identity? Did Ah Qi request everyone on the group to help him?" Ah Shilu suddenly asked. If this man was a new member of the Nine Provinces Number One group, then he would likely have guessed her identity already.

 "…" Song Shuhang's face went stiff, trying to decide whether to fob her off with a white lie.

"No need to deny it. You're definitely not suited to lie. Your expression has already told me the answer." Ah Shilu sighed.

"…" Miss, you're not Zhou Yaya alright? Don't just casually guess the correct answer from someone's expression! It's so rude! I'll have no more face if you do this!

"Will you say that I'm here to Ah Qi?" Ah Shilu wrapped her arms around her knees, asking softly.

"…" Probably?

"Someone as rottenly good as you, will definitely tell Ah Qi." Ah Shilu answered her own question.

If you're going to say everything I have to say, what do I get to say?

The two sides quietened down

After a while without words…

In the end it was Song Shuhang who broke the silence, asking, "Why did you run away from the Su Clan? Wouldn't you be able to get a better treatment at the Su Clan?"

He remembered that on the day of the Heavenly Tribulation, Su Clan's Ah Qi had said on the group that Ah Shilu had only suffered some slight wounds, which could be recovered when she went back to the clan. If that was so, why did she run away? And why did she have to regularly get injections?

"Because, I'm about to die…In about twenty days, I will die." Ah Shilu said peacefully, as she hugged her knees. "Su Clan records have no methods to save me. Ah Qi also can't. My injuries aren't just from the Heavenly Tribulation, but also some cultivation deviation I had before. This time's Heavenly Tribulation just worsened my previous injuries."

"Let's change this topic. I hate this topic." Ah Shilu suddenly stopped explaining. "You may know my name already. My name is Ah Shilu. This is also my Daoist title. What about you? You haven’t introduced yourself to me yet."

"Song Shuhang."

"Daoist title?" Ah Shilu asked.

"Daoist title… I don't have one temporarily. I'll think about it in a few days?" Song Shuhang sighed. This had to be quickly settled. Or else once all the seniors recognised him as Great Pressure of Mt Books, it'll be hard to make them change it.

"You'll think of it yourself? Which senior in the group are you apprenticing under? Your master isn't giving you your Daoist title?" Ah Shilu asked suspiciously. Formally accepted disciples would always be given their Daoist titles.

And for a disciple that would be introduced to the Nine Provinces Number One group, it must be one greatly favoured by that senior. How could he have no Daoist title?

"About that, the process I joined the Nine Provinces Number One group with was rather…coincidental." Song Shuhang scratched his head, and began to narrate how he had joined the group to Ah Shilu.

Song Shuhang quietly explained, and Ah Shilu hugged her knees as she listened quietly.

It's roughly something like that." Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders, saying.

"You…chose yourself to be a cultivator?" Ah Shilu looked at Song Shuhang. "Could you not be aware of the dangers? Like, the Heavenly Tribulation I met, and much more! There are uncountable dangers!"

"I know. When I chose to be a cultivator I already knew about the Heavenly Tribulation you met. Actually, I even witnessed that Heavenly Tribulation lightning that formed." Song Shuhang said calmly.

"The why did you choose to become a cultivator?" Ah Shilu opened her eyes wide, staring at Song Shuhang.

"Why?" Song Shuhang thought about it. He answered, "Perhaps, I wasn't satisfied with living this life ordinarily."

"Before becoming a cultivator, the only thing that made me happy in this world, was to put my all into helping people. If I didn't meet the Nine Provinces Number One group, perhaps I'll live an ordinary life like normal people. But, that is not the life I want…I don't have much ambitions, but I like a magnificent and exciting life. Even if there are the terrifying Lightning Tribulations, even if there are the calamities brought forth from evil cultivators, I will never ever regret my choice."

Song Shuhang realised he was unable to use any appropriate phrases to describe what he felt. All he wanted to express was that the path of cultivation was one he would never regret!

Ah Shilu rolled her eyes. "I suddenly feel that there is something very off about you when you act passionate. But…it's quite interesting. Prepare, we're about to leave."

Her pain from her injuries had subsided even earlier. Now, her body had accumulated some small amounts of True Qi, enough to deal with the Immortal Farming Sect Uncle!

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