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Chapter 1104: System and power of virtue
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Honestly, if this ‘Learning God System’ weren’t created by Senior White… Song Shuhang would have definitely chosen to uninstall. It really gave people a strong feeling of unreliability.

Fortunately, it was still in beta stage and was in need of a great number of modifications; this version definitely could not be given to Tubo.

While he was thinking about it, the wheel in front stopped at the [Language of the Ancient Era] option.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Well, for him, the Language of the Ancient Era was a relatively useful option. Perhaps he could make use of it when exploring some secret places and ancient immortal caves.

[Learning God System: enter into learning mode?]

[Yes,] Song Shuhang replied.

In the next moment, a crackling current appeared in his mind. The electricity finally assumed a humanoid form.

The electric figure said seriously, “Next, we shall start learning the ‘Language of the Ancient Era’. Today, we will learn 10 sentences.”

Song Shuhang nodded silently.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to learn 10 everyday phrases.

Since they were commonly used in everyday life, they should be something like: hello, good morning, good night… What’s your name? Have you eaten yet?

The figure began to speak. [First, let’s learn the ancient era’s version of the classic ❮Thousand Characters❯. The sky was black and earth yellow. The universe, vast and limitless. The sun rises and sets, the moon full or parsed. Stars and residences spread all over. Cold and heat come and go. Autumn’s harvest, Winter’s keep. The time fixed to a year. Everything attuned to balance…

These ten sentences are read in the Language of the Ancient Era this way: ¥@#×,)(%~.%&?$ …]

Song Shuhang: “…”

WTF, why am I being taught how to speak the ❮Thousand Characters❯ classic, and why is there a translation of it in the Language of the Ancient Era? Why has the pronunciation become so obscure?

Song Shuhang felt that the first 10 sentences of this ❮Thousand Characters❯ had all become like the name of the virtuous lamia. He couldn’t pronounce the sentences no matter how hard he tried.

[Now, the host ‘Path-Seeking Scholar’ should review these 10 sentences of the ‘Thousand Characters’,] the figure said seriously.

While it spoke, the electric current crackled, leaving Song Shuhang really uneasy.

He remembered a terrifying army, the Tesla Troopers from Red Alert.

The figure stared at Song Shuhang. After a while, it again said, [The host’s learning ability is too low, beginning to reduce the difficulty of learning. Requesting the host ‘Path-Seeking Scholar’ to follow me: ¥@#×,)(%~.]

Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched as he was looked down upon.

He took a deep breath. In fact, with the powerful memory of a cultivator, he had already remembered the pronunciation of the ancient era’s language.

However, it was the same as the name of the virtuous lamia. Song Shuhang could remember the pronunciation of her name, but because the pronunciation was so difficult, even though his tongue curled up and tangled up, he still couldn’t pronounce her name.

After the figure finished reading this time, Song Shuhang steeled himself as he rolled his tongue and attempted to read: [¥@#×,)(%~] He felt that he had read most of the syllables correctly, albeit with a lot of difficulty.

[Pronunciation error, commencing with the punishment.]

There was punishment as well?

Senior White’s concept of ‘learning’ still maintained some of the ideologies from hundreds of years ago. For example, if you made a mistake, you would be punished. In ancient times, when students made mistakes in the recitation of articles, the teacher wouldn’t say anything and simply pick up a ruler and slap their arms with the ruler—just like how Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman taught on that island of indigenous people.

Was this figure going to hit his palm? While thinking about it, Song Shuhang saw the electric creature raise his hand.

The opposite party then threw a thunderbolt.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The thunderbolt landed on him, crackling.

Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched, feeling the current rushing through his body… but after sensing it carefully, he realized that it was actually an illusion. His body was not harmed by the electric current; it should have only been an illusory attack.

For Song Shuhang, who experienced the bombing of the heavenly tribulation, such a level of electricity wasn’t something that could even tickle him.

[The punishment is over, requesting the host to follow me again. The host will be taught until he finishes learning, and the punishment will continue until then.] The humanoid then began to recite the ❮Thousand Characters❯ in the language of the Ancient Era.

Song Shuhang sighed, gritted his teeth, and entered into learning mode again.

The [Learning God System] was still in its beta version, and there were still many unreasonable points. Song Shuhang’s task was to experience this system, find out what was wrong with it, give feedback to Senior White, and strive to modify it into a version suitable for ordinary people.

If it were used by ordinary people, the ‘Language of the Ancient Era’ option must be removed, Song Shuhang inwardly said. Learning that language was simply too frustrating.

Every word he spoke had to be accompanied by the continuous rolling of his tongue. With every word, his tongue would go numb. It was really hard for the forces in ancient times to communicate… No wonder there was the ‘secret sound transmission’ technique. Perhaps it was invented because the language of ancient times was too inhuman?

Besides the ‘Language of the Ancient Era’ option, the punishment should also be appropriated. It would be more meaningful to force compulsory exercise onto the host, such as 30 push-ups or a 500-meter sprint—these would at least be better than an electric shock. After all, the Learning God System aimed to develop a balance in moral, intellectual, and physical areas rather than developing a Pikachu or lightning user.

All of these would be part of the feedback he was going to give to Senior White.

Other than that… While the opening interface of the “Learning God System” did have its good points, it still had some problems. However, the interface wasn’t really a priority; changing it would really depend on Senior White’s mood. If it wasn’t changed, there wouldn’t really be a big problem.

As Song Shuhang was thinking, he was also studying the Language of the Ancient Era earnestly.

One day, I will roll my tongue and learn how to call out the virtuous lamia’s name! Song Shuhang secretly swore.

Song Shuhang didn’t know how many times he had been shocked.

He rolled his tongue nonstop as he finished reading the 10 sentences of the Language of the Ancient Era version ❮Thousand Characters❯ with much difficulty.

[Completed Daily Language Task, learning 10 sentences of the ‘Language of the Ancient Era’. Awarded 5 Learning God Points]

[System Tip: Learning God Points can be used to purchase skills to assist learning. For more details, please enter the “Skill Shop”.] Senior White’s bland voice sounded.

The benefits from the painful studying had finally come.

Song Shuhang thought about it and entered the ‘Skill Shop’ to see what skills White Senior had prepared to assist him in learning.

[System prompt: Host ‘Path-Seeking Scholar’, Level 1, can view Level 1 Skill List]

[Level 1 Skill List]

Temporary Memory Enhancement (10 uses): 1 Learning God Point. After activation, the host can enhance their memory for the next three hours, and basically have ‘eidetic’ memory. 12 hours must elapse after each use to allow the body to rest. Can be purchased repeatedly.

Temporary Clarity (10 uses): 1 Learning God Point. After activation, the host can keep their mind absolutely awake, allowing them to understand and master complicated knowledge. It lasts for one hour, with an interval of 12 hours necessary after every use. Can be used together with ‘Temporary Memory Enhancement’. Can be purchased repeatedly.

Temporary Physique Strengthening (5 uses): 1 Learning God Point. After activation, the host can strengthen their physique in all aspects, including endurance, strength, and speed. The duration is 30 minutes, and the interval between uses is one hour. Can be used repeatedly.

Summon Iron-Level Teacher (1 use): 1 Learning God Point. After activation, the host can summon an Iron Teacher of a corresponding discipline to come and provide one-on-one personal counseling to solve the host’s doubt. No cooldown. Can be purchased repeatedly.

For the time being, there were only four skills in the Skill Shop.

Temporary Memory Enhancement, Temporary Clarity, and Temporary Physique Strengthening should all be the effects of some minor techniques. However, could Senior White cast them from afar through the icon of the ‘Calabash Brother’? Or were the effects already stored in the ‘tattoo’?

Looking at Senior White’s formation and rune proficiency, the latter was more likely.

But how was it possible to summon an Iron-Level Teacher? Did Venerable White also hire a large group of teachers that were ready to be called at any time and place? Or did Senior White make a lot of copies of himself?

Should he try this skill out?

Song Shuhang was getting ready to use it.

However, after thinking about it, he temporarily withdrew from the ‘Learning God System’.

In the class, the professor was still giving lecture.

Looking at the time, the class would end before long. The time he’d spent in the ‘Learning God System’ space was basically the same as the amount of time that passed outside.

Song Shuhang thought about it, and transferred a note to Senior White. [Senior White, this Learning God System’s basic framework is fine. In addition, I have a few points of feedback.]

Then, he wrote the feedback he wanted to tell Senior White about on a note.

After writing the feedback, he transferred the note to Senior White.

Soon, Senior White replied, [Okay!]

Such a simple reply… Was Senior White about to start grinding the heavenly tribulation again?

[Also, Senior White, are you investing a lot into making this “Learning God System”?] Song Shuhang asked. He suddenly thought of this problem—if the Learning God System was heavily invested into, but didn’t give any benefits back…

[Not that much, this is merely something that can be done casually. In addition, the benefits aren’t small,] Venerable White replied. [If this plays out well, it can gather some power of virtue and the will of all beings. The power of virtue is very beneficial for cultivators, and while the will of all beings can be used only by aboriginal deities, it has some uses for cultivators as well as it can be used to produce some magical treasures.]

Power of virtue? The will of all beings?

[I’ll explain it to you after I get out of this place. You can continue to try it out first, and give me feedback on what I should improve. Then, just give me some time to modify it. It would be best to launch the official version before I finish the heavenly tribulation and become an Eighth Stage Profound Sage. I want to test something out,] Venerable White said again.

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