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Chapter 110: Shush, A Wild Uncle Appeared!


From that half-sentence that Mt Yellow True Monarch said, one could only deduce that White True Monarch was incredibly charismatic and gendered male. The other true monarchs had not had time to provide more information.


In the end, why did White True Monarch who was “generous with money, respected by the group’s members and a role model for his juniors” so feared by numerous seniors?


It can’t be that someone died? Song Shuhang began to worry a little.


“Whatever, nothing will come out of thinking too much. I’ll naturally find out when the time comes!” He shutdown his computer and crawled onto his bed.


He slept dreamlessly until the sky brightened.


There were no nightmares — It seemed that this time, Altar Master was finally completely dead.



The next day, morning.


It was the last day of the sports festival, and the last day of final exams.


After today, the bitterly suffering high school students would finally be released from the prison of final exams. Then… those joyful kids would enter another hell called “waiting for results” and continue to suffer various forms of torture.


“Shuhang, let’s go to sign up!” Tubo who had returned in the early morning called as he rushed towards Shuhang.


That’s right, yesterday he and Tubo had agreed to sign up for driving lessons today…


Jiangnan University Town had a subdivision of the Automobile Management Bureau(AMB) which specially serviced students looking to obtain a driver’s license.


There weren’t many students who came to register in the early morning. Shuhang and Tubo first approached the front desk to queue up. Finally, they filled up a form and registering at an AMB lady’s booth.


Then they underwent measurement tests, hearing tests and physical examinations. After that, a few profile pictures were snapped before they headed back to the front desk to pay their fees and collect their materials.


The big sister at the front desk kind-heartedly helped Shuhang’s group out by explaining, “Tomorrow, Monday, there are will be two theoretical lessons on driving cars at 8am and 1pm. After you have participated in theoretical studies, you can sign up for the theory part I exam at any time. However, you’ll only have two chances for that exam and you’ll have to resubmit the registration fee if you cannot pass. So don’t squander your chances.”


“Thank you,” Song Shuhang smiled bashfully.


In the recent two years, China’s administration work had become simplified.


It was said that five to six years ago, anyone who wanted to learn to drive could only arrange to undertake theoretical lessons ten to fifteen days after registering for the course. After one completed the lesson, he would have to wait another ten to fifteen days before he could take the exam… Even thinking about it made his liver ache for those seniors who had learnt to drive back then. The prime of your youth had been wasted through waiting.


Now, the process had become very simple. As long as one felt that he had already mastered the theoretical knowledge, he could take the exam immediately afterwards with no issues. If he failed, he could register for another try immediately, until he eventually passed.


Once the theory part was over, he could proceed to the second practical part at any time he wanted.


If he was lucky, he could get his license in just one or two months.


“You’re fine with the theory exam, right? Shuhang?” Tubo asked. He had long since taken to heart all these traffic rules and knowledge.


“No problem. The moment we finish the theory course, let’s sign up for the first exam straight away!” Shuhang replied.


He had not rubbed against all those books in the bookshop for nothing. All the theoretical knowledge was printed firmly in his heart.


“Ok, after the exam, we can register for practical lessons straightaway. Let’s try to get our licenses as soon as possible,” Tubo rubbed his hands together. “I’ll ask around our school as to which instructor is the best so we can just learn from him when the time comes.”


“Isn’t the instructor assigned randomly?” Shuhang questioned.

“Of course it’s assigned “randomly”. No worries, leave it to me,” Tubo chuckled.


“Sure,” Shuhang laughed.


Hm… after he received his driver’s license, should he go and learn to pilot an aeroplane? The ability to soar in the air on the gleam of a sword’s blade was still so far away from his current level; the only way for him to circle around the sky was through an aeroplane.


Hm, well there was no rush. He would take it slow and think about it after he received his license.


Just then, Tubo casually asked, “Shuhang, I want to take a stroll around Luoxin District and buy some snacks. Wanna go together?”


Shuhang thought for a bit. With the exception of his training, he did not have anything else to do today. Taking a stroll would also not be too time-consuming.


Let’s go together. It just so happens I also need to buy some things,” Shuhang smiled.

Luoxin District was known as the good food street, and also one of the places where his fortune had taken a massive turn!


If it wasn’t for this Luoxin District, he would not have had the chance to run into Soft Feather, no way to receive the two boxes of Body Tempering Fluid. That would mean losing his chance to come across the cultivation world!


Shuhang felt that Luoxin District was definitely his lucky place.




Good Food Street.


After Shuhang and Tubo had walked around for a while, Tubo had already bought plenty of things in shopping bags of various sizes. It seemed that he was planning to hermit in the dorm for a few days? Had he come across some game that would keep him up all night again?


Shuhang only whimsically bought some snacks to eat as he walked.


After strolling around like this for a bit, the corner of his lips twitched suddenly as his gaze fixed onto a figure not far away.


Misfortune, hello! I see you everyday!


On the streets near him, there was a working-class man in a suit rushing along. After he had walked a brief distance, he then sneakily hid behind a corner while shrinking his body into a ball. Who knew what he was doing?


How should I put this, the world is so wide — According to a rough summary, last year in 2018, there were already almost 8 billion people on our planet. A theatre containing 5 thousand people was already enough to give a vast overwhelming feeling. If 8 billion people stood together at the same time, that would truly be an ocean of people!


But still, the world is so tiny. Because a string called fate winds around us, causing two bodies to meet each other again and again, even amidst a staggering 8 billion people.


Song Shuhang had seen this uncle more or less everyday for a few days now.


Regardless whether he was in an alley, in the subway or hospital, even on the Good Food Street right now, he would always run into that man.


Song Shuhang was immediately suspicious. Could it be that there were numerous “uncle” clones or reproductive duplicates scattered around Jiangnan University town and the surrounding areas? Was that why he ran into this man so often?


Fine, regardless. Misfortune was still misfortune!


Since I ran into him today, I won’t let him off the hook so easily anymore!


Song Shuhang started to rotate his shoulders and exercise his muscles.


Tubo stared at him confusedly and asked, “Shuhang, what are you doing?”


“Haha, don’t mind me. I saw someone I know so I’m going over to “greet” him!” Song Shuhang replied between gritted teeth.


“Oh? Then, I’ll go into this shop to buy some things. Come find me after you’ve greeted him,” Tubo nodded before turning around and entering a shop beside them.


Shuhang bared his teeth and crouched down, displaying the standard pose for a 100 meter sprint — I’m coming, uncle!



“Su Clan junior, let’s see how you’ll wriggle out of my clutches this time!” The uncle said coldly.


After losing track of the “junior from Su Clan” last time, he had been depressed for a long time. Today he had finally found Su Clan junior again! The uncle quietly trailed his target, preparing to find an abandoned place to grab them!


At this moment, the uncle suddenly rather uncomfortable from head to toe. His cultivator’s sixth sense told him that some trouble was approaching him.


The uncle’s eyes were as keen as an eagle’s as he turned around to check and very quickly pinpointed the source of the discomfort — Not far away, a delicate youth was shooting towards him at the speed of a 100 meter sprint!


It was him!


That super troublesome swindler!


That guy had bothered him for so long and was still unwilling to let him go! The last time, Su Clan’s junior had escaped because of this swindler. This time, he had come to foil his plans again?


But this time, I’m not going to hide anymore.


The uncle’s gaze was resolute. This was the moment of revelation!




As the two people’s eyes met, Song Shuhang realised that the other party had noticed him.


Then let’s do this face-to-face!


Song Shuhang covertly clenched his fist and controlled his strength, preparing to throw a punch at the uncle and beat him into the ground. Then, when he admit defeat, they would have a good “chat” about respecting the private space of other people..


With the speed at which he was running, he soon rushed right in front of that uncle.

“Uncle!” He grimaced and wound his right hand into a fist, preparing to attack!


At that moment…


A “Peengg!” resounded.


Shuhang felt his left eye blacken as a fist slammed into his eye socket… before a wave of intense dizziness swept over him!

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