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Chapter 1097: Calling the roll

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The buying process went very smoothly. Song Shuhang bought a phone that had just come out this month, getting a white and a black version.

He would keep the black version, and give the white one to Senior White.

Once he was finished grinding the heavenly tribulation, Senior White would then magically modify the phones.

In the meantime, he could still use them to make calls and go online to chat.

After buying the phone and paying, Song Shuhang left the store.

Ordinary people had rather normal lives, and generally speaking, the possibility of encountering robbers, explosions, or terroristic attacks while buying a phone was extremely low. Some people wouldn’t ever experience these things in their whole life.

Song Shuhang inserted the SIM card into the phone and switched it on. The phone was working just fine, and there seemed to be no problem with it. The SIM card was somewhat damaged, but it was already a miracle that it had survived the heavenly tribulation.

Then, Shuhang found a deserted place and rode his flying saber again, returning to Medicine Master’s building.

On his way back, he passed through that park again.

Instructor Li was nowhere to be seen. It seemed he had already finished his morning exercise, returning to his home.

Who knew… If he didn’t give up, he might even become a martial arts expert specialized in sword, saber, staff, and fist techniques, becoming a legend in the Jiangnan area!

Hours flew, and it was soon time for the morning class.

Song Shuhang arrived at Loli Shi’s room to wake her up.

“Shi, get up. We have to go to class,” Song Shuhang said as he patted her face.

“Hmm… no, I don’t want to… I want to sleep some more…” Shi turned around and cuddled the quilt. She didn’t intend to get out of bed.

Song Shuhang sighed and patted her gently. “Get up, alright? If you are really that sleepy, you can take a nap after class, okay?”

“No!” Shi’s tiny legs kicked the bed. “I want to sleep some more… I don’t want to get up. Senior Brother Song, please.”

“…” Song Shuhang said, “What if I bring you there on the flying saber?”

“No, I don’t want to go to class. I don’t want to get up. Senior Brother Song, I hate you…” Shi said in a low voice, shrinking her head under the quilt.

‘I hate you…’

“Alright.” Song Shuhang forced a smile, and said, “In that case, keep sleeping. I’ll wake you up in the afternoon to eat.”

“Hmm… Senior Brother Song, I love you.” Shi immediately changed her stance. Then, she rolled in the quilt and assumed a more comfortable posture, continuing to sleep.

‘I love you…’

For disobedient children, love and hate were so simple!

In the end, Song Shuhang had to go to class alone.

Today’s first class was math.

Professor Yang, who was in charge of the subject, had a bad habit to casually call the roll. For example, while teaching or when he was done explaining something.

Moreover, the attendance frequency would influence the final score of the examination.

This habit of his wasn’t really liked, and a lot of students hoped that Professor Yang would change it. However, the professor didn’t seem to care, and stuck to his own way of doing things.

Today was no exception. Halfway through the class, Professor Yang started calling the roll.

“Here we go again.” Gao Moumou rubbed his face. Luckily, he was filled with energy as of late, and he hadn’t skipped class. He stretched out his hand and poked at the sleeping Tubo. “Wake up! Old Yang is calling the roll again.”

Tubo wiped the drool away and looked in front of him in a daze.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. Shi and True Monarch White Crane weren’t present.

Although they had come here just to gain some experience and didn’t really care about grades, it wouldn’t be good if they attracted Old Yang’s attention.

While he was in deep thought, Professor Yang had already started calling the roll, reaching his name. “Song Shuhang.”

“Here,” Song Shuhang replied.

Old Yang looked at him and nodded, satisfied. He had a good memory, and could always associate the name and appearance of the various students.

This was one of the reasons the students hated him this much. This way, they couldn’t let someone else answer in their stead.

At the university, one would call the roll only at the start to get to know the students. In some universities, no one even called it in the first place. Yet, Old Yang insisted on being this pedantic.

“Gao Moumou,” Old Yang called out.

“Here,” Gao Moumou replied. His name was rather peculiar, and the professor had immediately remembered his appearance.

It wasn’t only Professor Yang—it was the same for the other professors as well. So, whenever they called the roll, they would recognize him immediately, which made it impossible for Gao Moumou to have another person answer in his stead. Each time he thought about it, he felt rather aggrieved.

As such, one’s name was very important!

“Song Shi?” Professor Yang called out. He remembered this little girl clearly as well. After all, she was a genius.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and pinched his throat, saying, “Here!”

When answering, he used the shapeshifting brooch, which influenced Professor Yang’s sight.

He had influenced Professor Yang alone, and he was still Song Shuhang in everyone else’s eyes.

Therefore, when he replied while holding his throat, Tubo, Gao Moumou, and Yangde looked at him in disbelief. Had Shuhang gone crazy today? He actually dared to answer in someone else’s stead during Old Yang’s lesson? Moreover, he pretended to be ‘Song Shi’ who was someone easily recognized?!

However, something shocking happened.

On the platform, Professor Yang pushed his glasses up with one finger and looked at Song Shuhang. Then, he nodded, satisfied, and ticked on the roll book.

In his eyes, Song Shuhang was apparently not Song Shuhang, but Loli Shi.

“???” Gao Moumou was puzzled. Had Old Yang gone mad today?

He wasn’t the only one… The surrounding students thought the same.

The roll continued.

“Yangde!” Old Yang continued to call people.

Yangde hurried to reply. “Here.”

“Lu Fei.”

“Over here.”



“Bai He!” Professor Yang called again.

Then, under Gao Moumou, Tubo, Yangde’s dumbfounded gaze, Song Shuhang moved to another seat, and, after pinching his throat, said, “Here!”

Old Yang raised his head and looked at Song Shuhang.

Everything seemed alright.

Old Yang nodded his head again and ticked on the roll book.

The surrounding students were dumbfounded. What the hell was going on? Had Old Yang become blind? How did he fail to notice that Song Shuhang had answered three times?!

“Did Old Yang wake up in a strange state today?” some students whispered.

“Perhaps he wore the wrong glasses and can’t see properly?” someone else said.

“Maybe he’s not feeling too well, and has no idea what’s going on?”

“Right, Zhu Tao didn’t come today. Should we answer in his stead since Old Yang is half-blind today? Maybe we can fool him,” a student with a strong build said in a low voice.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Brothers, don’t. Old Yang isn’t half-blind today, he isn’t wearing the wrong glasses, and he isn’t ill, either!

“Nan Xinqiong!”

“Over here.”

“Zhu Tao!” Old Yang finally called Zhu Tao’s name.

Then, that roommate of Zhu Tao raised his head in all seriousness and said, “Here!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

If possible, he really wished to lend his shapeshifting brooch to that guy, but it was too late. In addition, he hadn’t studied illusory techniques, either, and he couldn’t suddenly make him resemble someone else.

Song Shuhang could only look at him apologetically.

Professor Yang pushed up his glasses and stared at Zhu Tao’s roommate. “Are you Zhu Tao?”

“Umh…” The roommate felt that there was something wrong. Things weren’t supposed to go this way!

“In that case, who was that Xiong Donghua from before?” Professor Yang said gravely.

Not only the professor wasn’t blind, but his memory was also perfect.

Xiong Donghua felt like crying. If he could express his feeling with an emoji, it would definitely be this: 😭

“Student Xiong, it’s a good thing that you value friendship this much, but you shouldn’t say ‘here’ when I’m calling someone else.” Professor Yang pushed his glasses up, and continued, “But since you are such a good person, let’s consider your friend ‘Zhu Tao’ present today.”

Xiong Donghua’s eyes immediately lit up.

Old Yang was actually being reasonable?

He hadn’t expected that Professor Yang had this side. It was truly great.

“However, Xiong Donghua will be considered absent,” Old Yang said calmly. He stretched out his hand and ticked Zhu Tao’s name while crossing out Xiong Donghua’s.

Xiong Donghua wanted to cry himself to sleep…

At the same time, many students turned their heads and looked at Song Shuhang.

How had Song Shuhang managed to fool him just now? He answered for three people, and the professor didn’t notice anything amiss!

Bribery? Some unwritten rule? Or was Song Shuhang Old Yang’s secret son?

Gao Moumou got closer and, in a low voice, asked, “Shuhang, what happened just now?”

“What?” Song Shuhang blinked.

“Don’t play dumb. Just now, you answered in Shi’s and Bai He’s stead, but Professor Yang didn’t say anything!” Gao Moumou gritted his teeth.

“Because I used a small trick,” Song Shuhang said.

“What trick?” Gao Moumou asked in puzzlement.

“Money,” Song Shuhang said. “As a matter of fact, Song Shi and Bai He are rather special, and the reason they could transfer to this university in the first place is money. When it comes to money, teachers will also close one eye and pretend not to notice some things.”

“…” Gao Moumou.

What about moral integrity?

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the sky. Just now, he shouldn’t have influenced Old Yang alone, but should have asked the virtuous lamia and Lady Onion for help.

He should have let the virtuous lamia assume White Crane’s appearance and change Lady Onion into Shi with the shapeshifting brooch. That would have been the best thing to do.

Too bad that it didn’t cross his mind.

Moreover, it was better to learn some illusory technique as soon as possible.

Knowing some simple illusory technique would save him a lot of trouble when dealing with ordinary people.

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