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Chapter 1017: Surnamed Song, you will definitely die today!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

As long as the binding spell holding back True Monarch White Crane disappeared, along with its actions being restrained, Song Shuhang was confident that he could remove the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body by using the lotus roots.

“You have an idea? Then go ahead and give it a try,” Fairy Dongfang Six said. After all, her ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯ couldn’t hold back White Crane for long. The previous time, during that incident in the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization, little friend Song Shuhang had said that he had the means to deal with the evil energy of the Netherworld. However, Fairy Dongfang Six had never seen Song Shuhang use this method, so she was quite curious about it.

At this time, Song Shuhang stretched his hand out, and pressed it against his chest, projecting out a lotus flower.

The illusory lotus flower was both real and unreal, its beauty comparable to a piece of art.

Moreover, along with Song Shuhang’s nucleus beginning to become a ‘world’, the petals of the lotus flower he had projected were now covered with mysterious patterns, which had concealed within the profound mysteries of small worlds and space.

Although Fairy Dongfang Six couldn’t understand those patterns, with her instinct as a cultivator, she couldn’t help but turn to look at them.

Dongfang Six couldn’t help but exclaim, “How beautiful!”

The lotus flower was both real and unreal, with beauty comparable to a piece of art. Then, she remembered Song Shuhang having a ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’ ability, which was also very beautiful and delicious. It seemed that there was fate between lotus flowers and little friend Shuhang.

Just as Fairy Dongfang Six’s exclaimed… that real and unreal lotus flower suddenly had a change, and its roots suddenly rose. Its tens of thousands of roots waved in the air, and then stabbed towards True Monarch White Crane!

The originally beautiful painting suddenly turned into a hentai one.

The corners of Fairy Dongfang Six’s mouth twitched, and her scalp turned numb. In all honesty, she wasn’t very good at dealing with root and tentacle-shaped things.

Having been influenced by the ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯, True Monarch White Crane remained motionless, and the tens of thousands of roots pierced it without facing any resistance. There were simply so many roots that True Monarch White Crane’s tiny body was instantly buried under them.

Without the obstruction of the binding spell, the roots that were both real and unreal directly penetrated True Monarch White Crane’s body, and began to extract the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ crazily.

Fairy Dongfang Six got goosebumps all over her body. It felt painful to look at all those lotus flower roots pierce someone’s body. With such queer lotus roots, would little friend Shuhang still be able to find a girlfriend in the future? Fairy Dongfang Six was worried.

At this moment, Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Dongfang Six, how long will you be able to hold on?”

The tens of thousands of lotus roots worked together to extract the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ from True Monarch White Crane’s body, transferring it into the Inner World. Part of the evil energy of the Netherworld changed into the foundation of the Inner World, allowing the area of the Inner World to grow. Another part changed into the spring water in the [living spring], which possessed the ability to prolong one’s life by 50 years.

“I can at most last another half a minute,” Fairy Dongfang Six estimated.

“Half a minute? That’s enough,” Song Shuhang said.

Shuhang had even emptied out that fearsome, ferocious beast made of evil energy in the Jade Lake Realm. Therefore, 30 seconds were more than enough to turn True Monarch White Crane into a dried crane.

Time passed by.

Fairy Dongfang Six could sense that the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ in True Monarch White Crane’s body was getting weaker and weaker. The berserk aura emanating from its body seemed to be beginning to fade as well.

“Success.” Fairy Dongfang Six breathed out a sigh of relief.

In this way, there was no need to worry about the crazed True Monarch White Crane losing control and making a big mess in the Jiangnan area. Truthfully speaking, if a Sixth Stage True Monarch were to really lose control and attack the city, then it would simply be akin to a natural disaster.

Along with the evil energy of the Netherworld being removed from its body, True Monarch White Crane gradually regained consciousness. However, it was still unable to freely control it due to the effects of the evil energy of the Netherworld.

After regaining consciousness, True Monarch White Crane first felt out the state of its body.

Subsequently, it sensed a sudden numbness in its scalp due to the lotus roots wrapped around and piercing its body. However, it could sense that the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body was crazily extracted by these roots.

Which fellow daoist is cleansing the evil energy of the Netherworld in my body? True Monarch White Crane wondered inwardly. Although the method was rather scary, it undoubtedly produced good effects.

Regardless of the method, it was fine as long as it got rid of the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body. It could simply treat it as falling ill and then going to the hospital to get a few injections.

“Little friend Shuhang, good job.” Fairy Dongfang Six sensed that True Monarch White Crane’s aura had already returned to normal.

“There’s still one last bit left to get rid of to avoid future trouble!” Song Shuhang said.

After sensing Song Shuhang’s thoughts, the roots of the projected lotus flower worked even harder to extract the remaining bit of evil energy of the Netherworld in True Monarch White Crane’s body.

However, this last bit of evil energy of the Netherworld seemed to be especially stubborn.

At this moment, True Monarch White Crane, who was wrapped in roots, suddenly cried out, “Ah, that hurts. Wait, something’s coming out!”

As the last bit of evil energy of the Netherworld was being extracted, True Monarch White Crane could sense that another thing was also coming out of its body—it was something that had pierced its body during the last attack of that magical cannon the demon of the Netherworld was wielding.

No wonder the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body couldn’t be suppressed, and continued to increase instead. It looked like it was this thing that had pierced into its body that continued to produce the vile energy.

However, how had this demonic object pierced into its body? It neither hurt nor itched, and there wasn’t even a wound on its body. Wasn’t it a bit too strange?

“Senior White Crane, grit your teeth and hold on, the evil energy of the Netherworld can’t be left behind! It must be removed in a single go,” Song Shuhang called out.

“No, wait. This demonic object isn’t made of energy but of material substance. If you forcefully extract the evil energy of the Netherworld, the object will break out in my body. Slow down and let me free first. I’ll see if I can separate the object from my body,” True Monarch White Crane said.

Song Shuhang heard that and temporarily stopped extracting the evil energy of the Netherworld. Then, he turned to look at Fairy Dongfang Six.

Fairy Dongfang Six nodded her head. “Let Fellow Daoist White Crane go for now. He’s already conscious, and no longer shows any sign of being berserk. Furthermore, if there’s a problem, there’s still Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman to bring up the rear.”

Just as she finished speaking, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman pushed the door opened and entered––Senior Seven Lives Talisman, whose flying sword seemed to have been caught in a traffic jam, had finally arrived.

“Sorry, I saw a strange fellow while I was on the way here, so I lost some time.” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman held a talisman in his hand, and waved at Song Shuhang with a smile. This was the talisman he was talking about, the one that would be able to temporarily place True Monarch White Crane into a coma. If True Monarch White Crane were to go berserk once again, the talisman could at least prevent it from destroying the surroundings.

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and with his will, all the lotus roots in the sky were retracted. However, the lotus flower projection did not disperse; it remained suspended in the air, ready to take action.

True Monarch White Crane looked at the lotus flower projection in front of Song Shuhang’s chest in surprise. It didn’t think that it was Song Shuhang taking care of the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body.

However, it wasn’t the time to think about this. It brought its hand to its right side of the waist, where the demonic object was located.

Just as Song Shuhang retracted the lotus roots, the demonic object began to once again crazily produce the evil energy of the Netherworld. It was unknown what that object was, but it was unexpectedly still able to produce evil energy of the Netherworld.

True Monarch White Crane stretched out its hand and lifted its robe, revealing its sensual and petite waist—it was currently in its female form.

Afterward, it reached out and took out a knife, stabbing into its waist and cutting a hole in it. Blood overflowing with holy light dripped down its waist toward the ground.

Every drop of blood shone with light, just as though there was an embedded shining effect.

The nearby Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman revealed a pained expression after seeing this scene.

Of course, Palace Master wasn’t showing pitying the petite White Crane…

“What a waste,” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman lamented. “This blood is a good, hard-to-find material for drawing talismans. So much blood would be at least worth several spirit stones of the Fifth Stage.”

It was the blood of a Sixth Stage True Monarch that possessed the bloodline of the ancient divine beast White Crane. If it was given to him to draw talismans, he could definitely create several top-quality talismans out of it.

“…” True Monarch White Crane.

“Senior White Crane, don’t you want to collect the blood?” Song Shuhang subconsciously asked after he heard that it was worth several spirit stones of the Fifth Stage.

True Monarch White Crane looked at him disdainfully.

Then, it took a deep breath, operated the spiritual energy it had recovered, and said after gritting its teeth, “Come out!”

In the next moment, red blood gushed out from the wound.

Palace Master’s face looked more and more pained—so much blood was being wasted.

“Ah!” True Monarch White Crane gritted its teeth and shouted again. Afterward, a bullet-like object came out of the wound on its waist.

True Monarch White Crane raised the knife and chopped at the bullet-shaped object, separating it from its body.

The bullet-shaped object was now stuck to the knife, emanating evil energy of the Netherworld.

True Monarch White Crane stretched its hand out, and threw the knife into the air. “Quickly seal it!”

Without needing True Monarch White Crane to say anything, Fairy Dongfang Six and Palace Master Lives Talisman had long been prepared.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman brought out a talisman, sealing the knife in place. At the same time, Fairy Dongfang Six brought out a jade box, and prepared to seal the knife and the bullet-shaped object inside this jade box.

But right at this time, the projection of the lotus flower in front of Song Shuhang’s chest automatically made its move… It couldn’t help but stretch out nearly a hundred of its roots, just like a hungry ghost that hadn’t eaten for a month, quickly wrapping them around the knife and the bullet stuck to it.

In the next moment, the extremely pure evil energy of the Netherworld was sucked into the roots.

Song Shuhang’s body slightly shook.

After absorbing the evil energy of the Netherworld from that bullet-shaped object, his Inner World seemed to have just broken through a ‘critical point’.

The Inner World’s volume began to soar.

The original location of the [living spring] began to expand. The [living spring] no longer had the size of a spring mouth—it was now the size of a small pond.

Along with the changes taking place in the [living spring] and the Inner World, a pure stream of energy was transferred into Song Shuhang’s body from the Inner World.

…During the Third Stage Realm, Song Shuhang had had two great supports for breaking through the four great mysterious meridians. One was his ghost spirit of Fifth Stage Realm, Ye Si, who had used her spiritual energy of the Fifth Stage Realm to help Song Shuhang open up his four great meridians, and the other was the energy that the Inner World and the living spring had fed back to his body.

In the next moment, the innate liquefied true qi in Song Shuhang’s body began to seethe.

“Hey! Little friend Shuhang, wait!” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman sensed the changes happening to Song Shuhang’s body. “Quickly stop and suppress the true qi in your body!”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman himself was approaching his heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage, so he was very sensitive to the aura of the heavenly tribulation. He sensed that the liquefied true qi in Song Shuhang’s body was boiling and continually flowing from the original dantian to his four great meridians.

If this were to continue, the true qi in his four great meridians would erupt and resonate with heaven and earth, bringing down the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and hurriedly operated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ to control his true qi and make it stop boiling.

Fairy Dongfang Six took a step forward, and place her hand on Song Shuhang’s body, helping Song Shuhang calm down the boiling true qi. “Don’t be nervous, just let yourself calm down. You’re currently only a bit away from the heavenly tribulation. A single thought could lead to the descent of the tribulation.”

Song Shuhang sighed.

He was currently in a very precarious state—he had already reached the peak of the Third Stage Realm, and his liquefied true qi had already reached its limit. As Fairy Dongfang Six said, if he were to become a little too excited, the heavenly tribulation would come down.

As long as emotional fluctuations such as excitement, anger, surprise, and so on went past a certain point, the true qi in his body would immediately begin boiling again, attracting the heavenly tribulation.

His cultivation realm had taken two small steps forward overnight, which had directly put him on the verge of transcending the heavenly tribulation. Song Shuhang began to wonder if he could hold on until Demon Monarch Nirvana’s arrival, who was going to come over to prepare those tailor-made ‘tribulation-transcending formations’ for him.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman bitterly laughed, and said, “I feel like it would be better for me to leave first.” If he were to continue to stay near Song Shuhang, their heavenly tribulations would attract each other, causing them to die. He then said, “Little friend Shuhang, Fairy Dongfang Six, Fellow Daoist White Crane, I’ll be going first.”

True Monarch White Crane said weakly, “See you, and thanks.”

Before Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman left, he suddenly said, “Right. Fellow Daoist White Crane, do you want to keep that blood that gushed out earlier? If you don’t want it, can you give it to me?”

“…” True Monarch White Crane.

“Ahaha, I’m just joking. Your blood has already fallen to the ground, so I wouldn’t be able to use it even if you were to give it to me.” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman laughed and waved at them. “Goodbye, everyone.”

Now, he prepared to leave the Jiangnan area and return to his own place to arrange his tribulation-transcending formations.

Venerable White had already closed up. Fortunately, he finished revising his tribulation-transcending formations before doing so, so he could just directly deploy them once he had carried out the modifications.

“It’s too late for you to leave now.” At this moment, an old man blocked the way out of Song Shuhang’s house.

There was a strong aura of death on the old man’s body, which was a sign that his life span was about to come to an end.

Besides the aura of death, the old man’s realm was the same as Song Shuhang’s—peak Third Stage Realm and about to attract the heavenly tribulation at any moment.

“Surnamed Song, you will definitely die today,” the old man said in a grave tone.

Who is this?! Song Shuhang completely had no idea as to who this old man was…

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