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Chapter 3: Birth Diagnosis!

After a careful check up, Lan Luofeng and Ling Lan were sent back to the VIP ward. There, Ling Qin had long prepared a specialized a full infant body data diagnosis instrument.

"Madam, allow me check young master's data." Ling Qin's heart felt slight disappointment.  Even if Major General Ling Xiao's inheritance was successfully obtained by the young lady, this generation's Ling family would not be able to obtain the Federation's ultimate weapon – god-class mecha!  The same mechanized armor that Ling Xiao received.

The seemingly prejudice federal law where only males could obtain military inheritances was, in fact, made on certain factual basis – in all of known god-class mecha pilot, there was not one single female one.

The requirements to pilot a god-class mecha are extremely high – not only must the pilot have a high degree of spiritual power, but also are required to have a strong and powerful body.  Because god-class mecha requires spiritual power to coordinate with the body to control, a lot of extremely dangerous and complex battle techniques will reflect back onto the pilot.  These movements will cause rebound proportionally in strength back onto the body.  Without a strong body, perhaps just doing a basic action will cause injury to the controller.

Boys and girls from birth have differing physical body qualities.  Perhaps these differences might not be obvious while piloting ordinary mecha; however, on god-class mecha these differences manifest vividly.  No woman has ever been known be capable of enduring the biteback.  Even if they train to become extremely strong and buff, they still would not be able to withstand it.  Birth dictated body differences in the face of god-class mecha piloting has no hope of being made up1.

Let us explain the military inheritance.  This, in fact, refers to the Federation's willingness to allocate great amounts of resource for cultivation of the inheritor; it means the state is willing to use countless amounts of money and manpower to train these heirs.  Their ultimate goal – the people that they worked hard to cultivate will one day be able to pilot god-class mecha and become the ultimate weapon of the Federation.

Consequently, due to continually being incapable of achieving this, girls were directly given up on by the Federation.  According to those politicians, they can't waste the taxpayer's money, right?  So when this clearly prejudiced federal law openly appeared, there was no public opposition.

Of course, the current Ling Lan did not know any of this.  Right after birth, she howled twice after delivery before settling down to practice.  She realized that at the moment of birth, the qi she had been cultivating carried a kind of majestic surge.  Even if she didn't completely understand what was happening, she knew that this was a golden moment.  Thus, she happily began to practice without regard of where she was.

Naturally, the reason Ling Lan acted so boldly was because she was just a newborn infant.  In addition to sleeping and eating and eating and sleeping, she basically couldn't do anything else.  Thus, even if she went into deep cultivation, others would only assume she fell asleep and not cause a fuss.  Even more importantly, those words that she heard during birth revealed to her that her mother in this life would certainly protect her, so she relaxed and began to cultivate at full force.

Lan Luofeng carefully handed Ling Lan to Ling Qin and watched as he slowly placed Ling Lan into the transparent oval capsule.

Just as Ling Qing withdrew his hands, the transparent capsule closed.  Rays of red and green light swept towards Ling Lan's body.

Suddenly a harsh warning whistle came from the transparent capsule….

"What's happening?"  Lan Luofeng's half reclined body suddenly jumped up, her already pale face from childbirth became even more ashen.  She was frightened, afraid that something had gone wrong with her child.

Not only was Lan Luofeng frightened, Ling Qin was also surprised by this unexpected alarm sound.  However, before Ling Qin could rush over to check the situation, the alarm suddenly stopped and the detector returning to normal.  

Everyone was alarmed, but no one dared to stop the diagnosis and instead waited patiently for it to finish.  At that moment, in the unaware Ling Lan's mind, a child's voice giggled: "Luckily, I responded quickly, otherwise my host's secret would’ve been revealed.  Next time I greet the host, I have to make sure she praises me…hehe!"

Finally, the detector reported the diagnosis.


Physical Quality: S Level!

Spiritual Power: Second Level!

Potential: S Level!

Concluding evaluation: Excellent, recommend full effort cultivation.

This information shocked Ling Qin.  He could not believe what he heard and rushed to the machine, picking up the printout to look over once more.

Black words on white paper, clearly revealed that he had indeed heard correctly.

A physical quality of S level, even for a male infant, only appeared once or twice within a thousand.  Of course, this was not surprising because Ling Lan's father's birth physical quality achieved SS level – a one in ten thousand born physical genius.  Ling Qin surmised that Ling Lan's good physique should have been inherited from her father.

However, even more surprising was the fact that Ling Lan was a natural born level 2 spirit person.  This meant that in the area of spirit cultivation, she was blessed.  That was an existence that could only appear once in every tens of thousands…

Ling Qin trembled excitedly.  Even their own Major General Ling Xiao, Ling Lan's father, was born with a spiritual power level of only one.

Potential S-level, this was the same initial evaluation as Ling Xiao.  However, their Major General Ling Xiao was a god-class mecha pilot…Ling Qin's trembling grew greater as tears began to well.  It couldn't mean that a female god-class pilot would appear from the Ling family?

If this was true, it would be a great slap to the entire Federation's face!

Although Lan Luofeng was shocked by Ling Lan's diagnosis, she was a mother.  Her first urge was to think of how to protect her child.  Her expression became serious: "Mr. Qin, Ling Lan's information must be sealed."

If Ling Lan's information became public, the state would most certainly request to take over Ling Lan's cultivation.  If Ling Lan had been a boy, Lan Luofeng wouldn't have cared.  However, Ling Lan happened to be a girl, she absolutely did not want her daughter to suffer such a hardship.  Also, with the government sending over people to help cultivate, Ling Lan's secret as a girl would be easily revealed.  This was the other reason as to why she wanted to seal Ling Lan's information.

In fact, before Ling Lan's birth, Lan Luofeng had already made up her mind – to let Ling Lan live carefreely.  She did not want Ling Lan to inherit her father's life and walk the road of a soldier.  Lan Luofeng was very clear, as long as Ling Lan did not commit high treason, relying on her father's military sacrifice and inheritance, Ling Lan could easily live whatever life she wanted without worry.  So even if Ling Lan wanted to become spoiled playboy2, Lan Luofeng would not oppose.

Lan Luofeng's guiltily yet lovingly gaze fell upon the detector holding Ling Lan, in her heart: I'm sorry, Ling Lan baobao3, your mother is making you live such an abnormal life…Because you're the daughter of Ling Xiao.  I will not allow anyone other than you, to enjoy the honor and inheritance of your father's sacrifice.

However, you are my daughter.  Your mother loves you dearly, so the burden of the Ling family, your mother selfishly does not want you to bear.  From now on, your mother will not ask you to do anything.  Whichever path you wish to go, you are free to.  Even if you become a spoiled playboy, your mother will support you.

It can only be said, Lan Luofeng is an extremely protective mother.  If later, Ling Lan wanted to completely obliterate the Ling family.  Lan Luofeng, I'm afraid, would most happily help make plans.

Translated by somnious, unedited

1 The actual term is "后天彌補" (hòutiān míbǔ – day after make up).  Although it sounds smooth in Chinese, it doesn't translate that well to English.  In this context, it means that base ability can’t be made up after fetal development.

2 wánkù zǐdì "紈绔子弟": I couldn't really come up with a proper english word to equate it to right now, but it essentially means the son of a rich/powerful family that doesn't do work and just eats and plays.  紈绔 is literally translated as 'silk trousers' and 子弟 is 'son'.

3 bǎobǎo "寶寶": Precious, baby. 寶 means treasure, precious and the double form is often used as endearment for children and babies.

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