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Zhou Ya was silent for a moment, before saying measuredly, "Senior Li's smile is indeed very warm and genial, but I become nervous whenever he smiles. Maybe it's because it's my first time interacting with Senior Li, so I'm unused to him ..." Zhou Ya's expression seemed somewhat conflicted.

Before Zhou Ya had finished speaking, Han Yu was already clapping his hands together and saying, "See! Zhou Ya feels the same way I do ..."

These words made Zhou Ya smile wryly. Actually, he himself could not say why he was nervous around Li Lanfeng, but it was definitely not like Han Yu was saying, that Li Lanfeng's smile was very fake. Li Lanfeng was obviously a kind and gentle senior — why was Regiment Commander Han Yu so against the other?

Of course, no matter how doubtful Zhou Ya was, he would not say anything, because the antagonism and strife within the upper ranks usually did not have much reason to it. Oftentimes, just for the sake of an extra share of power, one party would push another party into hell ... while this current situation was just a blatant dislike so far.

However, Zhou Ya did not mind this situation. Han Yu's behaviour was in large part helping him clear out a path to become Wuji's military adviser. It should be known that within Wuji, Li Lanfeng was the publicly acknowledged strategist of the mecha clan, holding extremely high esteem among its members. Without Han Yu's help, relying on himself, he might have to wait until Li Lanfeng graduates and leaves the academy before he would be able to take on the role of adviser.

As an ambitious person, Zhou Ya did not want to dawdle within the military academy for 2 to 3 years. He yearned to ascend the skies in one step, craving the chance to display his full abilities, and desired the respect and admiration of the clan members.

And so, Zhou Ya kept his silence, as if tacitly agreeing with Han Yu that he too felt something off about Li Lanfeng ...

Having left the Wuji box, Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng did not know what was happening inside the box. They walked till the end of the hallway, where they happened to bump into the Li Shiyu and Yun Xiu who had also departed from their box.

When the four met, they were all startled ...

A trace of confusion appeared silently on Li Shiyu's handsome face. This masked youth before his eyes, who was radiating such a warm and gentle aura, seemed somewhat familiar ...

Li Lanfeng was the quickest to regain his bearings. He smiled and gave the other side a cadet's salute, and then said, "Li Shiyu, dux of the military medical research specialization, I've heard such great things about you 1 ."

"Erm, hello, have I met you somewhere before?" Li Shiyu's brow creased and he could not help but ask.

"Well, no, but I've seen you before!" said Li Lanfeng with a smile.

"Oh? When?" Li Shiyu pursued the question. His memory had always been good — this person across from him had such a strange sense of familiarity, he just could not believe that he really had not met him before.

Smilingly, Li Lanfeng was about to answer when Zhao Jun beside him asked with a quirked brow, "Lanfeng, so this is the so-called direct descendant of your Li family? That genius Li Shiyu you mentioned?"

Li Shiyu jolted at these words, blurting out, "You're a Li family descendant too?"

Li Lanfeng nodded and said, "Yes, but I'm just a branch descendant. However, I was previously lucky enough to be in the same school as Young Master Mulan. It's just that Young Master Mulan dropped out later due to illness, and I've not seen him since then ... I wonder how Young Master Mulan is now. Is he well?" asked Li Lanfeng with a face filled with concern.

Hearing this, Li Shiyu's mood dipped. "Cousin Brother Mulan's body is indeed not well." However, very quickly, Li Shiyu rallied and said confidently, "However, I believe Cousin Brother Mulan will definitely get better."

A strange light flashed through Li Lanfeng's eyes, and he nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master Mulan will definitely get better."

Li Lanfeng's words put Li Shiyu in a good mood instantly. Within the Li family clan, this was the first time he had heard another Li family member willing to believe that his eldest cousin brother would recover. This made Li Shiyu extremely grateful, naturally feeling a sense of kinship with Li Lanfeng.

"You're going back?" Li Lanfeng continued to ask.

Before Li Shiyu could respond, Yun Xiu had piped up from beside him, "We're going to go see Shiyu's younger brother 2 , that Li Yingjie who fought second for the New Cadet Regiment."

A trace of surprise rose on Li Lanfeng's face. "So Young Master Shiyu is also planning to go see Young Master Yingjie ... I was just prepared to go check on Young Master Yingjie's condition myself. Why don't we go together?"

Zhao Jun cast a thoughtful glance at Li Lanfeng — mind you, when they had stepped out of the box, the other had not mentioned anything of the sort. However, he had always respected Li Lanfeng's decisions, so he quietly played along.

Li Shiyu hesitated for a moment, but then nodded. Based off the other's good will towards his eldest cousin brother alone, he could not refuse the other 3 .

Just like that, the four of them hurried to the treatment centre. The moment they entered its doors, they could see that the large hall had been split into two factions, each staking out one corner, dutifully ignoring the other.

These people were very easy to tell apart. One side was all dressed in the green freshmen uniform, so it was obvious they were first years. Meanwhile, on the other side, there was green and also blue, but the age difference clearly marked them as upper year students. It went without saying that these two factions were respectively the people from the New Cadet Regiment and the Leiting Mecha Clan.

The moment Li Shiyu's group of four stepped into the treatment centre, they drew the gazes of everyone inside. After all, three of them were dressed in the blue uniform of the elite, while Li Shiyu was even dressed in the white uniform of a dux. This colour would draw attention no matter where he went.

However, the first years of the New Cadet Regiment very quickly averted their eyes. The age of the four newcomers clearly marked them as seniors; the members of the New Cadet Regiment did not think that these people were here for them. After all, they did not know such impressive seniors, so these people could only be from the Leiting Mecha Clan.

On the other hand, those from the Leiting Mecha Clan were in a state of confusion. Several sharp-eyed people had noticed Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun, who they knew were from the Wuji faction. Moreover, Li Shiyu was also an influential figure within the school. The Leiting Mecha Clan may dare to offend everyone and anyone, but they would never dare to offend any student from the military medical research specialization. This was because, in future, those people were very likely to be the ones responsible for their lives ... no one wanted to gamble with their lives.

The treatment centre fell under the jurisdiction of the military medical research department. Seeing the dux of the department in charge of them personally here at the scene, the staff were instantly nervous. One of the leaders of the staff in the treatment centre came forwards to ask, "Dux Li, may I know what instructions you have for visiting us at this time?"

Please don't let there have been any mistakes in the treatment plans submitted by the treatment centre ... a layer of sweat formed on the forehead of the team leader. If that was truly the case, that meant that they might very likely lose their jobs here at the military academy, be dismissed from service, and be sent back to their homes ... Mind you, in the Federation, the social status and treatment of military personnel were of the highest calibre — the workers really did not want to lose the honour of being a soldier.

"I heard that in this wagered fight, many people were injured, and the injuries were very serious, so I specially came over to take a look." Li Shiyu's words let the team leader of the treatment centre instantly release a sigh of relief.

"Can you give me an overview of the patients' current conditions?" Li Shiyu continued.

The team leader of the treatment centre quickly said, "Yes, Dux Li, please come this way ..." He led Li Shiyu over to the healing pods of one of the upper years, and then continued to say, "This student's condition is especially severe. The bones of his entire body display different degrees of breakage, but strangely enough, such wide-scale traumatic impact did not deal any fatal injury to the inner organs. It's clear to see that the one who did this has extremely precise control on his application of strength. When we first saw it, we were all extremely stunned and awed by it. Even though the opponent had shown mercy, not dealing any fatal injury, for this patient to fully recover in less than ten months is impossible."

The team leader peeked carefully at Li Shiyu, then said softly, "Unless we take out the special medicinal agents the military medical research specialization has developed, then perhaps the time could be shortened."

Li Shiyu merely nodded but said nothing. He naturally knew how the other had been injured — that youth had brought it all on himself. Thus, he had no interest whatsoever in helping him. Besides, the other was also the adversary of his younger cousin's party. Regardless of how much he looked down on that jerk of a cousin of his, he would not allow others to bully a member of their Li family ...

The team leader saw Li Shiyu keeping silent, and sighed softly, but said nothing further. After all, the special medicinal agents of the military medical research department were extremely precious. He had only brought it up earlier to try his luck — if Li Shiyu had truly been moved to help, then it would have been a blessing upon this patient.

The team leader then led Li Shiyu's group of four to another healing pod. This healing pod held a first year. The surrounding youths saw them approach and all revealed stern and nervous expressions as they stared at them, as if on guard against any sign of intended harm to their companion.

Seeing this, Li Lanfeng nodded mentally. This New Cadet Regiment was more united than he had imagined — it looks like they really could not be underestimated.

The team leader pointed at the healing pod and said to Li Shiyu, "This is a first year student. Multiple wound-sites on his internal organs and meridians ... it can be said that he was pretty much half dead, but his body's regenerative ability is extraordinarily strong. In tandem with the recovery agents here, he should be back to normal in three months."

Li Shiyu approached and took a look, and found that the one lying in the healing pod was that tenacious youth who had fought after Li Yingjie. That brutal match had stirred even him ... he had initially thought that the youth's wounds would take at least half a year to heal, but surprisingly, he would be okay after just three months. It looked like this youth's physical constitution was truly exceptional.

The team leader then pointed at the healing pod next to this one and said, "That one is also a first year student. His injuries are also very severe — his left scapula 4 is shattered — he won't be recovered till 2 or 3 months later."

Li Shiyu walked closer to see, and as expected, it was Li Yingjie. He was lying in the healing pod with a tortured expression of pain, and Li Shiyu could hear some vague moaning coming from him. In contrast, the other first year student beside him who was injured much worse was able to tolerate the pain stoically without any change in his expression.

Li Shiyu was instantly in a bad mood. He sniffed coldly and said, "Just a minor injury and you're behaving so disgracefully. You're really losing the face of the Li family."

Li Yingjie heard a familiar voice coming from outside the healing pod and forced his eyes open, only to become instantly wide-eyed with shock. He stared at Li Shiyu — hells, why was his second elder cousin brother 5 here?

Back when Li Shiyu had gone against his grandfather's orders, choosing to give up on his identity as inheritor, even though Li Yingjie did not know the full story, he had heard a thing or two about it. Still, he just could not figure out why this incomprehensible second elder cousin brother of his would appear within the military academy, and wearing the white uniform he admired so much to boot. This meant that Li Shiyu was definitely the dux of one of the specializations, and this was no easy feat.

Even the proud Li Yingjie had already given up on his goal of becoming dux, because Li Yingjie knew that the dux of their year's mecha specialization would be none other than Boss Ling Lan.

久仰你的大名: The original phrase translates more literally to 'I've long looked up to your great name', referring to admiring someone's good reputation from afar. It's a little awkward to use as it is though, hence this final more natural sounding version. :p The author uses the term for 'younger brother' here, but Li Shiyu is actually cousins with Li Yingjie. T/C: Aww, Shiyu's such a softie. i.e. shoulder blade It's such a mouthful, but I felt it necessary to show the relationship between the cousins. It is very common in Chinese culture to call their relatives by the title of their relation. For example, my dad has 8 brothers. When I meet my uncles, I don't ever call them by name. Instead, I call them by relation; for example, 'second elder uncle' and 'seventh younger uncle'. My dad's the 6th boy, hence the 7th uncle has to be called younger uncle. It took me a while to remember everyone and the rules of address. Reunions are a blast. xP In any case, I'll shorten this to just 'cousin brother' later on when appropriate now the full relation has already been mentioned.

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