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Chapter 1: There's a Soul After Death?

Ling Lan died!

As she floated in the air overlooking the scene below her, she already knew she was dead.

Ling Lan passed through the solid walls.  Outside the intensive care unit, she watched her parents cry.  On her brother's face hung a heavy expression; when no one was looking,he let out a sigh, as if suddenly relieved of a heavy pressure.

Ling Lan wasn't angry.  She was very clear that she had dragged this family down for more than 24 years, almost causing the poor household to collapse.  If it were not for the fact that her illness was too peculiar and required research – allowing her to receive free treatment and medicine from the state – perhaps she would already have bid farewell to the world as early as ten years ago.

Even with all the delay, she still could’t escape death; however, she didn't expect souls to actually exist.

Looking at the darkness of the distant night sky, her mind wandered.  Could this world really have an Ox-head and Horse-face?  Or maybe, like in an anime, a self-declared god of death would soon pop out in front of her, ready to lead her to the underworld?

She suddenly laughed at herself.  Ling Lan had spent a majority of her bedridden life reading books and watching anime; death gods came from Japan, how would they appear in China?  There was a higher probability of Ox-head and Horse-face showing up.  Or maybe her emissary would be a kid wearing an ancient traditional costume?

"Idiot! How can humans have souls?  This is your spiritual body, if you don't come back, you'll really dissipate into the world and turn into energy!"  Suddenly, an angry childish voice exploded in Ling Lan’s ears.

Immediately, before she could acknowledge what was going on, a huge vacuum force pulled Ling Lan backwards.  As her consciousness began to fade, she seemed to hear that childish voice celebrating.

"Phew, finally caught up.  I almost thought my host couldn't be saved!"

At that moment, the national level hospital that Ling Lan was in, along with the entire capital and the surrounding provinces, suddenly plunged into darkness.

Never had the capital city and the surrounding areas suffered such a large scale power outage, causing a stir in the air of the quiet night.

Fortunately, the power outage wasn't for long – it was only three minutes.  After that, all the cities quickly returned to normal, with only the National Power Company in an uproar.  The reason – within three minutes, not only did all the power that was sent to the city mysteriously disappear, it appeared as if they didn't send any power at all.  However, the company data showed during that time, they had output over trillions of times their normal supply – more than ever before!

This matter was quickly taken over by the National Security Bureau and investigated for several months.  Finally, the public answer was that the power company's power monitor was tampered with by hackers, causing an interruption in the output – thus creating the power outage phenomenon in the capital city and the peripheral provinces.  In this way, the original noisy clamor over the power outage event came to a close.

Eventually, the event was proclaimed top-secret and sealed by the government.  In the security file, the survey results impressively read: This phenomenon cannot be explained; the power disappeared into thin air, as if it was the doing of a god!

Star Calender, Year 4731

At the entrance of Star of Anta's star harbor, soldiers on their way to the battlefront gathered in front of a collection of ordinary starships and warships.  In front of the highest commanding level mothership amongst the crowd of people bidding farewell was a couple.

"Ling Xiao, you must come back alive."  Lan Luofeng pleaded with watery eyes.

Ling Xiao nodded.  He did not expect, after two months of marriage, he would have to rush back to the battlefield.  However, the enemy was extremely aggressive, putting the motherland in an unfavorable position, not allowing him time to indulge in love.

"Luofeng, everything at home will depend on you."  Ling Xiao, who was about to leave for the expedition, worried for his newlywed wife.  Once he set off, he could only rely on this soft woman in front of him to deal with the troublesome problems in the family.  Would she be able to fend off those greedy people? Heavy worry knotted his heart.

Lan Luofeng spoke firmly, her eyes reddening. "Rest assured, Ling Xiao.  I will take good care of our home."

She held Ling Xiao's hand against her abdomen, her voice shy. "In another eight months, you will be a father."

"What? We have a baby?  That's great!"  Thunderstruck by this good news, Ling Xiao picked up his wife in ecstasy, spinning her in a circle as his face overflowed with joyful laughter.

Lan Luofeng clung to Ling Xiao nervously, but did not stop his excitement.  After a moment, Ling Xiao let her down, hugging her tightly.

"Luofeng, thank you!"

"What are you thanking me for?  I'm your wife, and the child, is also yours."  Lan Luofeng's expression turned warm as she gently held her abdomen, unable to contain the joy in her heart.  "I want to ask you, what do you want to name the child?"

Hearing this, Ling Xiao began seriously considering.  Looking at his cheerful wife, his eyes suddenly lit up. "I've decided, regardless of female or male, our child will be called Ling Lan! The child is both of ours, so will have both our surnames." Lan Luofeng was an only child, perhaps this name could make his little wife happy.

Sure enough, Lan Luofeng was very happy.  She nodded and spoke. "I agree."

The tears in her eyes burst forward and began to fall, rendering Ling Xiao unable to do anything.  He could only look anxiously while helping her wipe away her tears.

At this time, the farewell platform sounded its last boarding reminder.  Lan Luofeng quickly calmed herself, rubbing away her tears.  "Ling Xiao, the things you promised me, you must fulfill them!  Ling Lan and I will wait for you to come home."

Ling Xiao nodded.  "I promise I will certainly do it!"

Like this, Ling Xiao left with the news of his future child.  Under the blurring eyes of Lan Luofeng, he boarded the last mothership.  The ship closed and quickly began to start.  Under the direction of the starport, it exited the dock, slowly rising.  Gradually, it left the Star of Anta while leading numerous warships, flying towards the depths of outer space.

Due to the countless warships leaving at once, the people focusing on the departure did not notice a huge, unexpected energy quietly causing tremors in the star space – some spaces even exhibiting warping.  Suddenly, out of thin air, particles almost invisible to the naked eye traveled at light speed towards the Star of Anta.

Abruptly, the still worrying Lan Luofeng felt a sensation of hot and cold invading her abdomen.  She cried involuntarily, subconsciously holding her stomach.  This action alerted the old housekeeper who had been standing by as a statue.

"Little lady, are you alright?"

Lan Luofeng closed her eyes and felt her body, sensing nothing out of place.  Relaxing, she replied, "Mr. Qin, nothing's wrong, I was probably just too agitated."

Ling Qin sighed in relief. "Little lady, since young master has already departed Anta, we should return home.  This place is a bit too chaotic and may not be good for your body."

Lan Luofeng was not a stubborn person and thought Ling Qing's reasoning was very considerate.  Nodding, she responded, "I'll listen to Mr. Qin."

The two mounted the suspension car and quickly left the airport, heading home.

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