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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 32, Desperate

Linley and Haydson stood there in mid-air, staring at each other from over a few hundred meters apart. Naturally, they used battle-qi to speak to each other, and their voices were very loud. The viewers below could hear their words clearly.

“How arrogant!” Wharton frowned.

“F*ck his grandmother, when his Lordship beats him to the point of being unable to fight back, this Haydson will know how ignorant and sheltered he is.” Gates cursed unhappily.

Although most of the spectators below felt Haydson was arrogant, they also knew…that Haydson had the power to be arrogant. After all, he was the Monolithic Sword Saint, famous for his defense!

In mid-air.

The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, finished his words, and the area around him became covered with those earthen swirls of energy. The density of that roiling energy had reached a terrifying density and power.

“Force you to draw your sword?” Linley’s lips curved upwards.

“Bang!” A dense azurish-black battle-qi exploded forth from Linley’s body, surrounding Linley like a thick black swirling fog. But compared to Haydson’s, the protective energy around Linley actually made one’s heart rate change. It contained within it some sort of strange vibrational pulse.

“Oh?” Staring at Linley’s Pulseguard Defense, Haydson’s eyes lit up. He immediately stared carefully at Linley and laughed, “Linley, I didn’t realize that when you dueled with Olivier, you had been hiding this ability. I confess…you are qualified to make me draw my sword.”

Haydson was extremely experienced.

Although Linley’s Pulseguard Defense was different from his, the power of his defense was definitely not any inferior than Haydson’s. Just based on this astonishing defensive power, Haydson had to draw his sword!

“Clang!” Haydson drew his earthen colored heavy sword from the sheath on his back, staring steadily at Linley.

With a flip of his hand, that adamantine heavy sword appeared in his hands, glowing with that faint blue light. He immediately adopted a ready position, prepared to deliver a fierce blow at any moment.

“He drew his sword. Lord Haydson drew his sword.”

The heartbeats of the millions of spectators increased in speed. Olivier frowned. “Linley’s defense. It seems…to be rather special. I didn’t expect that he had been hiding this ability.”

Delia was so nervous that her forehead was covered with sweat, but she didn’t notice it at all.

One was surrounded by earth-colored energy, while the other was surrounded by azurish-black energy. The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, looked like a wargod of the earth, while Linley looked like a demon from another dimension, making those who saw him feel fear.

“Careful!” Linley let out a cold shout, then he moved.

“Boom!” The gentle wind suddenly transformed into a howling tempest which filled the skies. Linley’s body suddenly blurrily merged with the wind which began to blow around the entire Mt. Tujiao. “Crack!” A tree was shattered in half by the force of the wind, and many other trees began to bend as well. Leaves were blown everywhere into the sky, and countless leaves and pebbles were swirling about in the air above Mt. Tujiao.

Everyone below scrunched their eyes, carefully watching this oncoming battle.

“He’s actually reached such a high level of understanding with regards to the Elemental Laws of the Wind.” The wind-style Grand Magus Saint, Longhaus, sighed quietly in praise as his eyes lit up.

The others all watched the battle with baited breath.

The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, wielding his earthen heavy sword in his hands, stood arrogantly in mid-air. He seemed as stable as a mountain, despite the wind howling about him. Linley’s body could be blurrily seen at multiple places throughout that wild wind.


Suddenly, a bizarre, bestial howl could be heard as a black blur suddenly charged towards Haydson. Haydson’s face changed. Linley’s speed was simply too fast. Because his speed had reached a certain limit, the wind itself had howled in rage.

The only thing Haydson saw was Linley’s two dark golden eyes. They stared at each other.

“Hrmph!” Haydson wasn’t afraid at all.



Two angry roars rang out at the same time. The adamantine heavy sword howled with the wind, carrying tremendous force as it chopped down towards Haydson. But Haydson’s earthen heavy sword seemed to carry the force of a mountain as it swung towards Linley.

The two swords collided!


It was as though two mountains had collided. The terrifying power of that collision produced waves of energy that one could see with the naked eye. Those waves of energy were knife-sharp, and the trees directly beneath the battle on Mt. Tujiao were split apart. Some boulders were chopped into rubble, while countless rocks and pebbles blasted in all directions.

“Your Imperial Majesty, careful!”

A boulder actually smashed down directly towards Emperor Johann’s direction. Immediately, warriors charged towards it, kicking that ten-thousand pound boulder away. One powerful warrior after another protected each of the nobles. Many of the spectators were powerful warriors, and some were magi.

“Everyone, be careful!” Those spectators were all stunned.

This power was simply too terrifying.

“Linley!” Seeing Linley’s Dragonblood Warrior transformation and his astonishing strength, Delia felt pride for the person she was in love with.

Linley and Haydson both retreated nearly a hundred meters.

“What astonishing strength.” Linley felt shocked. When he had dueled against Olivier, Linley had only used Bloodviolet and therefore had not shown off his incredible strength. After all, Dragonblood Warriors were famous for their strength! When using the adamantine heavy sword, he was able to put his terrifying, earth-shaking power on full display.

“Dragonblood Warriors live up to their reputation as Supreme Warriors.” Haydson laughed loudly. “But Linley, just now, I only used pure strength and none of the Laws. You need to be careful of my next attack.”

For example, that ‘Worldbreaker’ attack Haydson had used last time contained the insights he had gained into the Laws of the Earth.

The power of that attack had increased tremendously as a result.

“With my next technique, I too shall use my Profound Truths of the Earth. You be careful as well.” Linley looked calmly at the distant Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson.

In this battle, he definitely couldn’t hold anything back. If he held back but the opponent didn’t, he would probably die.

“His Lordship is about to use the Profound Truths of the Earth.” Barker, his brothers, and Wharton all grew nervous. Bebe and Haeru both exchanged glances. Haeru had shrunken his size dramatically today, which was very rare for him.


While everyone stared upwards into the sky, Bebe and Haeru scurried towards Mt. Tujiao, moving as fast as lightning. These two magical beasts quickly arrived at the tip of Mt. Tujiao, and in the blink of an eye, Bebe and Haeru hid within some of the wild grass at the mountain top.

“We’ll watch from here. If the Boss wins, that’s fine. If the Boss loses and that Haydson continues to go full force on him, then it’ll be time for us to charge.” Bebe stared evilly at the mid-air Haydson.

Haeru nodded as well.

Last time, Olivier had nearly lost his life. Haeru and Bebe didn’t want to see that scene repeat itself.

Linley was wielding the adamantine heavy sword while the battle-qi in his body began to rise rapidly, and his power quickly grew. The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, was building his power as well.

The two experts were preparing to use their ultimate techniques.

“Boom!” “Boom!”

Terrifying sonic booms rang out as two blurs slashed through the air. In the blink of an eye, those two experts slammed into each other like two massive colliding meteors.

“Profound Truths of the Earth – Hundred Layered Waves!” Linley’s dark golden eyes grew even colder, and his adamantine heavy sword floated as agilely as a soft breeze, having attained a bizarrely fast speed, as though it was passing through reality itself.

“Worldquake!” Haydon’s face was very solemn, and the light covering his earthen heavy sword grew even more concentrated, and the heavens and the earth in the area around them began to congeal and solidify.


The earthen heavy sword collided against the adamantine heavy sword. This collision was very strange. Linley was smashed downwards from the skies like a meteor, falling downwards at extreme speed. Only after falling several hundred meters did he manage to somersault and then halt his descent.

Linley could sense that the flow of blood in his body had been disrupted and was roiling about.

“What terrifying attack power.” Linley stared in amazement at the mid-air Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson. Linley’s Pulseguard Defense was extremely powerful, several dozen times more powerful than the normal battle-qi armor which protected most Saints. Such a terrifying defense was generally immune to the attacks of most Law-based techniques of peak-stage Saints.

Linley’s defense was not one bit weaker than Haydson’s.

But despite that, Haydson’s Worldquake technique was simply too terrifying. It was as though the weight of an entire enormous mountain had concentrated itself onto Haydson’s sword as it chopped down against Linley. It had broken through Linley’s Pulseguard Defense, exhausting the majority of its power as it did so, but Linley was just barely able to defend against that remaining amount of power via his draconic scales.

“This Monolithic Sword Saint’s attack power actually contains a hint of similarity to my Profound Truths of the Earth.” Linley could sense that Haydson’s Worldquake technique actually carried a bit of vibrational power as well; only, there was but a single vibrational wave.

A single vibrational wave was only capable of causing the blood in Linley’s body to be roiled and disturbed.

“His insight into the Throbbing Pulse of the World is quite low.”

The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, didn’t actually focus on the Throbbing Pulse of the World when training in the Laws of the Earth. He had gone a different way.

“I imagine Haydson isn’t feeling too well right now either.” Linley stared upwards at Haydson.

“Urgh!” Haydson’s body trembled, a hint of blood leaking out from his lips as he stared down at Linley in astonishment.

When the adamantine heavy sword had intersected with his earthen heavy sword, at first he hadn’t felt any force at all. But then, a strange vibration passed into his body through the sword, and Haydson felt as though countless warhammer-like blows were smashing into his internals. In the blink of an eye, he had been struck by a hundred vibrations.

“Fortunately, I’ve reached a certain degree of mastery into the ‘Massive’ aspect of the Laws of the Earth, which fortified both my soul and my internals. Otherwise…this attack by itself probably would’ve taken my life.”

Haydson’s defense was very powerful indeed.

Not only was his external defense formidable, his spirit and his internal organs were protected as well. After all, the earth was the mother to us all. The path Haydson had chosen was a path of extreme defense and extreme offensive power.

If Linley had used fifty layered vibrational waves to attack Haydson, he probably wouldn’t have been able to injure Haydson at all. But Linley had used the Hundred Layered Waves attack. No matter how strong Haydson’s defense had been, he had still been injured.

One stood in mid-air above Mt. Tujiao. The other stood in mid-air, halfway down Mt. Tujiao. The two stared at each other, both sensing how powerful the other was.

“What a terrifying attack.” Haydson felt terror in his heart. This was the first time he had experienced such a bizarre attack.

“What astonishing defense, and what terrifying strength.” Linley, seeing that the opponent had received his ‘Hundred Layered Waves’ head on without dying, also felt stunned.

Below them was a sea of silence. Nobody knew what the result had been between this clash of experts.

“Haha…Linley, wonderful. You are the first Saint to cause me to be heavily injured.” Haydson’s voice rang out brightly, but then it grew seriously. “But now, I’ll no longer hold back anything. Prepare to receive my Worldbreaker attack. If you die, don’t blame me!”

Watching from below, Olivier’s face changed. Last time, it had been the Worldbreaker technique which had nearly taken his life.

The Worldbreaker technique was far more terrifying than the Worldquake technique.

“It remains to be seen who shall be the one to die!” Linley said coldly, his voice also ringing in the skies.

In truth, Linley had already reached the level of being able to generate 132 layers of waves. Just then, Linley had only utilized the Hundred Layered Waves, but that wasn’t Linley’s limit.



Two sonic booms once more split the air, as these two ultimate experts charged towards each other in mid-air. One flew upwards at high speed, while the other charged downwards. These two experts collided with tremendous force at the outskirts of Mt. Tujiao.


Profound Truths of the Earth – 132 Layered Waves!

The absolute most powerful attacks of these two experts!

“Bang!” Linley’s body was actually slammed into the side of Mt. Tujiao itself, creating a giant crater. “Crack!” “Crack!” Instantly, the entire mountain began to crack, and with a rumbling noise, countless boulders began to fall and trees began to split apart. As the boulders came tumbling down towards them, many of the spectators below immediately began to block them.

“Boom!” Linley came charging out from within the deep crater. His body was stained with blood, and even parts of his draconic scales were shattered.

The power of the Worldbreaker technique was many times higher than the Worldquake technique. Linley had taken this attack head on, but despite being protected by two layers of defense, the Pulseguard Defense and his draconic scales, he had still been heavily wounded and vomited blood.


Haydson’s throat convulsed, and he vomited out a large mouthful of fresh blood, his face instantly turning white. Both of these mighty Saints were now covered with blood.

The battle had reached a desperate point!

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