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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 7, Dragonblood Continent

Within the Yulan Plane, there was no one whatsoever who could kill Linley. No longer under any pressure, his life naturally was quite carefree.

More than three hundred years quietly passed in this peaceful manner. Three hundred-plus years was an extremely long period of time for mortals. During this period of time, countless mortals had died, and countless more had been born.

Dragonblood Castle, however, stood virtually unchanged.

In the world of Deities, the passage of a thousand years was naught but a twinkling.

“Linley, your mood seems to be excellent today.” Delia was taking a walk with Linley through their rear flower gardens.

“Today, I made a slight breakthrough in my training.” Linley smiled.

“Oh? You fused three types of profound mysteries from different Laws?” Delia said in surprised delight.

“No, not that quickly.” Linley shook his head and laughed. “The Throbbing Pulse of the World, Circular Softness, Dimensional Attack; although I’ve trained to the last part of fusing these three, I’ve reached a bottleneck. This final bottleneck will be very hard to break through.”

The more profound mysteries were involved in a bottleneck, the harder it would be to break through.

For example, the bottleneck for fusing six profound mysteries. How many experts had become stuck there, unable to become Paragons?

“Then what sort of breakthrough do you mean?” Delia said, puzzled.

“It was in the Profound Mysteries of ‘Explosion’, of the Laws of Fire. ‘Explosion’ is very hard to fuse, but today, I managed to fuse it with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “However, I must say, I trained much more slowly during the past three hundred years than I had thought I would.” After all, after becoming a Sovereign, he had an ocean of faith energy to support him.

His visualization and comprehension speed was definitely far faster than in the past.

These past three hundred years were probably comparable to nearly ten thousand years, pre-Sovereign.

“No rush. Your time is unlimited.” Delia said with a calm laugh.

“You are in no rush, but what about Grandpa Beirut and Bluefire?” Linley suddenly stared into a gate of the rear flower garden. He saw a short haired youth laugh while walking over. This youth seemed 60%-70% similar to Linley in terms of looks; it was Linley’s son, Wade.

“Father. Mother.” Wade laughed. “Today is a day of a grand celebration for our Dragonblood continent. Aren’t you going to go?”

“Dragonblood continent?” Linley was startled, but then he laughed and said self-mockingly, “I forgot that today is the day of the Dragonblood Festival.” Shortly after Linley became a Sovereign, he had a conversation with Beirut and Bluefire. When they just so happened to discuss the ‘Yulan continent’ and the ‘Bluefire continent’, Linley, in a fit of excitement, created a continent of his own; the Dragonblood continent.

These three large continents formed a perfect triangle.

Back then, Linley had even exerted his Sovereign power and made it so that the small islands around the Yulan continent and the Bluefire continent were all moved within the Dragonblood continent. The population of the denizens of the islands, all combined, was close to ten million. In addition, Linley also moved many magical beasts and other living creatures over.

During these three hundred years, because of the vastness of the continent, and because the magical beasts had been released by Linley into the western part of the Dragonblood continent, the humans here faced no natural enemies.

In three hundred short years, the human population thus exploded from ten million to over a hundred million. But of course, during these three centuries of development, the Baruch Empire had provided a great amount of assistance, such as through the sea trade between the two continents. Although it was described as ‘trade’, in reality, they were providing assistance.

The people who had been moved over to the Dragonblood continent had decided upon September 24th as the day of the ‘Dragonblood Festival’

“Linley, the citizens of the Dragonblood continent all worship you. They treat you as a true divinity. Can it be that you aren’t even going to go take a look at their Dragonblood Festival?” Delia laughed with pursed lips. “Although the population is just over a hundred million, which isn’t that much, the size of the Dragonblood continent is somewhat larger than the other two continents. This sort of nonstop rate of growth will make it so that in a few thousand years, the population here will surpass that of the Bluefire continent.”

“Father, quite a few people in our clan are going over.” Wade laughed as well.

“Fine, we’ll take a look.”

The Yulan continent. The Bluefire continent. The Dragonblood continent. The distance between these three continents, to ordinary mortals, was fairly significant. But to Deities, or even to Saints, they were fairly close. There was only a distance of roughly five thousand kilometers of ocean between each of the three continents. Linley and Delia, in the blink of an eye, left the Yulan continent and arrived at the Dragonblood continent.

The number one city of the Dragonblood continent: Baruch City. This city shared the same name as the imperial capital of the Baruch Empire. This city was close to the eastern sealine of the Dragonblood continent, and was also the closest city to the Yulan continent.

Because it bordered the sea, it developed very quickly.

This number one city had flourished, developing into an extremely large city with millions of citizens. Today was the Dragonblood Festival, and so Baruch City was extremely lively. Large numbers of countryside dwellers had also flocked to the cities, wanting to partake in the festivities. It wasn’t just the plazas in front of the temples; even the streets of the city were filled with oceans of people.

Linley, dressed in an azure robe, and Delia, dressed in a white robe. They were walking through the crowded streets. Although the streets were crowded, nobody touched Linley and Delia; in fact, nobody even noticed this odd occurrence.

“This place is becoming more and more crowded. There weren’t this many shops the last time I came.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Last time you came was more than two years ago.” Delia said.

“Two years? That was just a short while ago.” Linley’s current mentality had already begun to change.

“Right. When are you going to make your own divine plane?” Delia asked, puzzled. “Last time, Grandpa Beirut said that the process of creating a divine plane involves joining your soul with the plane that you are creating. You will gain a clear sense of the Laws, which will be beneficial to you increasing your power. Aren’t you at a bottleneck, right now? Why not try it?”

Every single Sovereign had the power to create their own divine planes.

Upon doing soon, they would also gain insight into a portion of the Laws.

For example, a water-type Sovereign who created a divine plane would end up creating a water-type divine plane! During the creation process, they would gain insights into some of the Laws of Water that were involved in the creation of this plane. Creating the plane once, or creating it a hundred times, would involve the exact same portion of the Laws; there would be no differences. In addition, creating a divine plane exhausted a great deal of spiritual energy, Sovereign power, and time.

Thus, generally speaking, Sovereigns would only create a single plane.

“The creation of a divine plane isn’t something which can be completed in just a year or two. Based on Grandpa Beirut’s experience, it will require nearly two thousand years.” Linley said with a sigh.

A plane was simply too vast.

Even Sovereigns would need to spend significant amounts of time creating one.

Beirut had created one, but Bluefire had not. This was because Bluefire had already become a Paragon. He had a thorough understanding of the profound mysteries of the Laws of Fire; even if he created a divine plane, he wouldn’t benefit much.

“A thousand years is, indeed, quite long.” Delia nodded. “When, then, do you plan to go create your divine plane?”

“Soon, after making some preparations.” Linley said with a laugh. “Like Grandpa Beirut, I will create a plane next to the Yulan Plane.”

While chatting, Linley and Delia reached the wide plaza of the main temple of Baruch City. The plaza before the main temple had a circumference of tens of thousands of meters, and it was currently filled with a thronging horde of people who stood there. Right in front of the plaza was the Holy Emperor of the Dragonblood continent, who was preaching.

“In the name of the almighty true divinity, ‘Linley’…”

A sonorous voice echoed in the air above the temple, and instantly, everyone in the plaza before the tunnel fell silent. Countless worshipful eyes stared ardently towards the Holy Emperor.

“The charismatic power of a religious sect truly is astonishing.” Linley himself truly did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Previously, he had created the Dragonblood continent and moved so many little islands over. Afterwards, he had allowed the descendants of his Baruch clan to take responsibility for everything else. This so-called church and what not? It had all been developed by the descendants of the Baruch clan. However…Linley was indeed qualified to be worshipped like this.

After all, Linley was already comparable to a Chief Sovereign.

In addition, it was extremely easy to spread his religion, because something like the creation of a continent, in the eyes of mortals, was completely inconceivable. It was an almighty miracle, in fact, and it was countless times more formidable than the ‘Angelic Descent’ miracles that the former Radiant Church had been capable of.

“Linley, the Dragonblood Festival is about to reach its most fevered state.” Delia laughed.

“Just like before! During each Dragonblood Festival, here in the Dragonblood continent, we will select a hundred elites to be sent to the Yulan continent. These hundred elites will join the earlier elites and be trained, with some being weeded out. Those who fulfill the qualifications will be permitted to join the Divine Guard of the Holy Land, ‘Dragonblood Castle’!” An armored, bearded man who stood by the side of the Holy Emperor spoke out in a clear voice. “Now, let the selection tournament begin!”

Seeing this, Linley couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.

“It was Taylor who came up with this thing.” Delia laughed as well.

Dragonblood Castle was where Linley lived. That place had many Highgods, Gods, and Demigods; it was definitely the place in the Yulan continent with the most Deities. Even the guards of Dragonblood Castle had become known as the Divine Guard. If you wanted to join the Divine Guard, you would have to participate in the frenzied competitions. After all, if one had the chance to interact with Deities, one might easily be greatly benefited or be given tutelage.

Occasionally, a divine artifact, a divine spark, or a Golden Soul-Pearl would be released from Dragonblood Castle.

Dragonblood Castle was definitely a place which was far more attractive than any institute.

“The selection process for the Divine Guard is far more strict than the student selection process of the former Ernst Institute.” Linley let out a sigh. “Back then, we were sent to the Institute in batches of a hundred. Although this selection process also results in a hundred candidates, it requires everyone to gather in the Yulan continent and spend tens of years in the training and elimination process…”

It must be understood that the members of the Divine Guard of Dragonblood Castle would only be changed once every century. Candidates, however, were selected every year. Countless people would go berserk for this chance.

“Actually, there is no need to change the Divine Guard at all.” Delia said with a sigh. “All members of the Divine Guard are experts of the ninth rank, with lifespans of nearly five centuries. They can absolutely stay in the Guard for two or three centuries.”

“Joining the Divine Guard is, after all, the fastest way to become a Saint.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “That group of people living within Dragonblood Castle is completely made up of Deities. Although quite a few became Deities through using divine sparks, given the understanding they have regarding the profound mysteries, if they can provide just a bit of guidance, those members of the Divine Guard might become Saints.”

“Eh?” Linley lifted an eyebrow.

“What is it?” Delia asked, puzzled.

“Someone came to the Yulan Plane.” Linley laughed. “One of ours.”

In the distant north of the Yulan Plane. The Arctic Icecap. The teleportation array at the top of that mountain of ice.

A blurry light was glowing, and four figures slowly emerged.

“Greetings to the four of you, milords.” The current Planar Overseer of the Yulan Plane, although still a God, had been changed to a beautiful golden-haired woman.

“Mm.” The leader of the four gave her a glance. “Let’s go.”

The four figures rose into the skies, flying towards the south.

“Elder Brother, do you think the words of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction are true or false?” The only woman amongst the four, a lady with long, fiery red hair spoke out. This person was the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan of the Four Divine Beasts clan.

“Consider the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s status. How could he possibly deceive us?” The White Tiger Patriarch laughed as he spoke.

“That’s not it. Only…I still can’t believe it.” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch said hurriedly.

“Not just you; even I find it hard to believe.” Gislason let out a sigh. “But the Chief Sovereign of Destruction can’t possibly be lying. But…Linley, a Sovereign? This is too…”

“Enough talk. Whether he is or isn’t a Sovereign, soon we shall know.” The deep voice of the Black Tortoise Patriarch rang out.

“Have you found Linley through your divine sense yet?” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch said, puzzled. “I’ve searched all three continents, but have found no trace of Linley. I have, however, found quite a few of his family and friends.”

“I can’t find him either…can it be that Linley truly has become a Sovereign?” Gislason and the other three looked at each other, all still feeling bewildered.

This news was simply too astonishing, after all. Otherwise, the four clan leaders wouldn’t have hastened all the way to the Yulan Plane.

The four clan leaders all moved extremely quickly, and they soon arrived within the borders of the Yulan continent.

“There are many experts in the castle up ahead, and quite a few are descendants of my clan. That should be Dragonblood Castle.” Gislason said, and then the four transformed into four blurs, streaking towards Dragonblood Castle.

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