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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 12, The First Display of Power

Although he was shocked, Teresia then only let out a cold laugh. He sent out through divine sense, “Haha, Beirut, Linley, and that crimson-browed fellow. What, the three of you actually dare to leave the Yulan Plane? Do you now have something up your sleeve that allows you to go dare battle the Chief Sovereign of Light?” Teresia wasn’t afraid at all.

He knew that Beirut had, in total, four Sovereign sparks!

The three in front of him were merely Lesser Sovereigns.

He, Teresia, was a Lesser Sovereign of Wind. Sovereigns of Wind were skilled in speed to begin with, and he was also a Paragon! Amongst Lesser Sovereigns, it could be said that there was no one who was faster than him.

“The only one amongst these three who is comparable to me in speed is that Sovereign of Fire.” Teresia was absolutely confident. “If they join forces, they are indeed stronger than me. Unfortunately, if I want to escape, they won’t possibly be able to catch me.” With this self-confidence, Teresia was naturally in no rush to flee right away.

“The Chief Sovereign of Light? Naturally, we fear him.” Beirut smirked, then sent back with a laugh. “However, you aren’t the Chief Sovereign of Light.”

“Hmph.” Teresia laughed coldly.

At the same time, Teresia sent his divine sense to the number one expert of the Divine Wind Plane, the ‘Chief Sovereign of Wind’. “Chief Sovereign, Beirut is leading two Lesser Sovereigns and charging towards me. From the looks of it, they harbor ill intentions.”

Sovereigns flew at a speed that was hundreds of times faster than Paragons.

Even in a place as vast as in the Infernal Realm, Sovereigns could traverse the plane in half a day. From this, one could imagine how fast they were. A hundred million kilometers? To Linley’s group of three Sovereigns, less than five minutes would be necessary!

“Linley, Teresia seems quite confident.” Bluefire chortled as he spoke mentally. “He actually isn’t fleeing.”

“There is no one amongst Lesser Sovereigns who exceeds him in speed.” Linley sent back. “However…that was in the past!”

“Now that you, a Fusion Sovereign, have appeared, you have destroyed all the previous rules. If Teresia had immediately fled, there might be hope for him. But now, there won’t be enough time for him.” Beirut chortled as well. Clearly, they all felt as though they could already see Teresia’s end.

Right at this moment…

“Beirut, why have the three of you come here!” A cold, icy voice rang out in the minds of Beirut and the other two.

“Lord Diya.” Beirut immediately sent back.

Linley was intrigued. The speaker should have been the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya. According to legend, the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was a divine beast; a Jadewing Goldlight Hawk! Jadewing Goldlight Hawks were wind-type divine beasts that were born with tremendous innate speed. After becoming the Chief Sovereign of Wind, his speed had reached a truly monstrous level.

Those who had been able to acquire the eleven High Sovereign sparks in the past were all tremendously powerful. The likes of the Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction were born with tremendous, incomparable power. Others were comparable to Paragons as soon as they became Highgods. The eleven Chief Sovereigns all had their own unique strengths.

“Beirut, you are also one of my Sovereigns of Wind.” That cold voice rang out. “I don’t wish for internal warfare to begin amongst my Sovereigns of Wind.”

“Mr. Diya.” Linley sent back. “Teresia tried to act against me on multiple occasions. Back then, if it hadn’t been for Grandpa Beirut and Bluefire, I probably would have died. This time, I have come for revenge. I am only a Lesser Sovereign as well. I trust that this doesn’t violate the pact between Sovereigns.”

The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, hesitated momentarily, but then sent back with anger, “Linley! You have just recently become a Sovereign. You had best act more properly and in accordance with the rules! This is the Divine Wind Plane. I am the master here!”


Linley sent back with a smile, and then he stopped paying attention to the angered rebukes that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was delivering.

Beirut sent to Linley, “We are still two million kilometers away from Teresia. We should arrive soon.”

“Teresia truly is bold!” Linley swept his gaze forward.

Atop an island mountain. Teresia’s slitted gaze turned cold, and he cursed softly, “Beirut’s group of three is truly insane. Although they won’t be able to catch me, I can’t just wait here for them to attack. Hmph. I’ll first let them be smug for a period of time. Soon, the news that they have appeared in the Divine Wind Plane will definitely make its way to the Chief Sovereign of Light. By then, it’d be strange if Augusta didn’t come!”

When the two were a million kilometers away from each other, Teresia finally fled!


A ray of light shot towards the southeast at high speed! The speed at which it moved vastly surpassed the pursuing speed of Linley’s group. Linley and Bluefire, after all, had to accommodate Beirut, who was the slowest of the three.

“Haha, Teresia, so you aren’t a fool after all.” Beirut sent with a smirk and a laugh.

“Hmph, Beirut, you can be smug for now. In a short while, you won’t even have the chance to cry.” Teresia replied disdainfully.

Linley and the other two, in hot pursuit, exchanged a glance. Beirut sent mentally, “It’s about time. Linley, time to move.”

“Linley, we’ll just watch from over here.” Bluefire sent as well, laughing.

“Don’t worry.” Linley was completely confident, and his speed suddenly increased.

Right at this moment…

“How can this be?” Teresia’s face changed. “Linley is even faster than me? But I’m a Paragon, he…right, he’s a Paragon as well. But how could he be so fast?” Teresia pondered momentarily, but then he guessed at a possibility…

“Can it be? Beirut, you madman…you let Linley fuse both of the Sovereign sparks by himself?” Teresia was now truly frantic.

Generally speaking, if a Sovereign was to fuse with two Sovereign sparks, even though the Sovereign wouldn’t be able to use fused Sovereign power, the Sovereign’s soul would gain another portion of Will.

“He was a Paragon to begin with; given that he has fused with an additional Sovereign spark, he definitely is a bit stronger than me.” Teresia was now panicked. He fled at high speed towards the southeast. There was a teleportation array in the continent to the southeast, and by traveling through it, he would be able to flee at high speed. However, they were still more than a billion kilometers away from the teleportation array.

Linley, however, was only a million kilometers away from him.

In addition, the distance of a million kilometers was rapidly shrinking.

By the time Teresia had flown an additional ten million kilometers, Linley had already appeared within his line of sight.

“Chief Sovereign!” Teresia sent frantically.

“Linley, you want to kill a Sovereign in my Divine Wind Plane?” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, said angrily.

Linley just sent two words back. “I apologize!” And then, not slowing down at all, he continued the pursuit.

In reality, Linley was still hiding the majority of his true power. If he were to use his fused Sovereign power, his speed would be much faster.

“Beirut is insane, and this Linley is also insane!”

Teresia could tell that he wasn’t going to make it. He let out a low curse, and then slashed one hand backwards…

“Crackle…” An enormous tear in space appeared, and Teresia immediately charged into the spatial rift.

“Hmph.” Linley immediately charged straight into the exact same spatial rift.

From this, one can imagine how close the two were to each other!

Beirut and Bluefire, seeing this through their divine senses, shared a laugh.

“Let’s go take a look as well.” Beirut chuckled as he slashed open a spatial rift, then entered chaotic space alongside Bluefire. Within the void of chaotic space, they were able to effortless find Linley and Teresia through divine sense.

Within the void. Countless flows of energy of random colors fluctuated randomly.

At the moment, one Sovereign was in pursuit, while the other was fleeing!

“Linley, don’t go too far.” Teresia bellowed angrily through divine sense.

“What, you’ve forgotten how far you went in the past?” Linley snickered. If it hadn’t been for the Bloodridge Sovereign and the others, Linley probably would’ve died long ago. Even now, Linley was just toying with Teresia. He had only revealed part of his power, but despite that, he was still able to have Teresia right where he wanted him.

And yet, in the next instant, Linley instantly caught up to Teresia!

Feeling a figure draw close to him from behind, Teresia grew frantic!

“So what if you fused with two Sovereign sparks? I refuse to believe that you are much stronger than me.” Teresia bellowed, and that enormous sickle appeared in his hands. He delivered a reverse-handed blow towards Linley. Silently, soundlessly, the sickle-blade tore through the surrounding space.

A Lesser Sovereign who was also a Paragon was indeed terrifying.

Faced with this heaven-shattering blade, Linley casually launched a chop backwards.


Linley had fused five of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and had developed quite a few techniques. Since he normally wished to hide his power, he naturally would end up using these techniques now.


“Rumble…” The giant sickle in Teresia’s hands trembled, then began to shatter, inch by inch. Teresia himself was knocked flying away by that while explosion of power.

A single blow from the sword had shattered a Sovereign artifact?

“Ugh!” Teresia was shaken so badly that he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

“This is…impossible!” Teresia stared at Linley in disbelief…and then his gaze locked upon the jade longsword in Linley’s hand. That holy, sacred aura that emanated from the sword caused one’s heart to tremble. Teresia instantly identified this weapon for what it truly was, and Teresia all but screeched, “OVERGOD WEAPON!!!”

And then, he stared at Linley in terror.

“Right. This is an Overgod weapon.” Linley smiled as he looked at Teresia.

Teresia stared at Linley in terror. He immediately said, “I understand. It was you! You definitely acquired all three of the Overgod talismans. You accomplished the mission of the Overgod of Life, which is why you received an Overgod artifact.” Teresia had previously wanted to make a fight out of it, but upon seeing the Overgod artifact, he fell into despair.

Even if they were equal in strength, the side that had an Overgod artifact would hold an absolute advantage.

In his case, he was weaker than Linley to begin with.

“Linley, in the past, I was the one at fault. Now that you have acquired the Overgod artifact, I no longer pose a threat to you…” Teresia now, finally, wanted to beg for mercy and ask for forgiveness.

“Linley, no need to waste words with him. Hurry up and eliminate him.” Beirut’s voice echoed in Linley’s mind.

Linley didn’t hesitate at all. His face sank slightly, and the Life Overgod Sword in his hands shot out like a blur, stabbing straight towards Teresia. “Bang!” In the direction where the Life Overgod Sword was pointing towards, a spatial rift suddenly appeared that was only as thick as a fist, but which was infinitely long.

As for Teresia’s head, a small, fist-sized hole appeared within it.

Laws of the Earth – World Disintegrator!

Teresia’s eyes were still filled with disbelief, shock, and rage. And then, he powerlessly toppled over and his Sovereign artifacts fell out. Without the protection of his Will and his Sovereign armor, his corpse was instantly reduced to dust by the chaotic streams of energy. A semi-translucent jewel floated out, emanating a faint green light in every direction.

A Lesser Sovereign spark of wind!

“I’d best fuse it right away. If I delay, other variables might come into play.” Linley’s expanded divine sense had already discovered that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, along with other Sovereigns of Wind, had entered chaotic space. However, those Sovereigns of Wind were still quite far away from Linley.

Those Sovereigns had clearly discovered that Linley had just killed Teresia as well.

“Linley!” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was angry now.

Linley paid Diya no attention. He immediately made a drop of blood fly out from his finger, then drift towards the wind-type Sovereign spark.

“Linley, you…” These Sovereigns of Wind were all rather angry now. He had killed a Sovereign and was now about to fuse with his Sovereign spark? This sort of behavior was simply going too far!

Right at this moment, the chaotic energy flows around Linley began to change. A limitlessly dense gathering of wind elemental essences began to condense, and large amounts of ‘green liquid’ began to manifest and swirl about Linley. In this moment, Linley had already changed into his divine wind clone, and the wind-type Sovereign spark slowly sank into Linley’s forehead.

The fusing of a Sovereign spark was extremely fast.

Those Sovereigns weren’t able to stop it at all.

“Haha…” Beirut and Bluefire, who had already flown over, simply laughed.

“Previously, Linley was already comparable to a Chief Sovereign, thanks to his Overgod weapon. But now, after having refined another Sovereign spark, Linley’s power should have surpassed that of the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Beirut and Bluefire were both incredibly happy. They now no longer feared even the Chief Sovereign of Light; what, then did they have to worry about?

Finally, the three Sovereigns of Yulan would no longer have to hide within the Yulan Plane.

Within the void. Just moments later, Linley, who had already fused with the wind-type Sovereign spark, smiled and opened his eyes. “Success. My Will grew stronger yet again, and my fused Sovereign power…is now much more powerful!”

By now, Linley had already fused three types of Sovereign sparks!

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