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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 58, Linley’s Power

The two corridors of the Stellar River. Rainbow light surged forth from them, filling the skies.

The soldiers belonging to the camp of the Divine Darkness Plane and the camp of the Divine Light Plane were now battling each other in savage earnest. If one stared into the skies, one would see how, at the two sides of the Stellar Corridors, one squad after another was flooding like dragons into the Stellar Corridors. The Stellar Corridor was a meat grinder. A meat grinder for Highgods!

In this wild battle, there was no way for a thousand men or more to move in unison. The only option was to use divine sense to organize, and make squads of a hundred soldiers act together.

Currently, Linley’s group of four was there as well.

In the sea of tens of thousands of figures, Linley’s group of four was very unremarkable, but some enemies still noticed them.

“Soul attacks! The target, those eleven who are thirty meters ahead of us!” The captain of this squad of a hundred soldiers gave the order through divine sense, and instantly, the eighty-two remaining survivors of the squad collectively launched soul attacks. Those translucent soul attacks flew out like dozens of white knives towards the eleven people in Linley’s area.

Reisgem just chuckled.

“They are looking for death!” Reisgem’s forehead suddenly emanated a violet light.

The violet light suddenly rippled out, striking towards that hundred-man squad. However, there were simply too many people packed in too densely nearby, and so Reisgem’s attack even affected two soldiers on their own side, as well as fifty three enemy soldiers. That was just half of an enemy squad; it was that hundred man squad.

From this, one could tell how tightly clustered the combatants were.

This single attack struck fifty five people, fifty three of whom immediately died and only two of whom survived.

Fifty three badges immediately fell.

“Badges!” Immediately, quite a few of the nearby soldiers began to fight over them, and in the blink of an eye, all of them were taken. Everywhere throughout the battlefield, badges were constantly falling, with the fall of each badge signifying a person’s death.

“Not good. Quick, let’s go.” The captain was so frightened, his face changed, and he hurriedly led his squad to flee in another direction.

“Pretty powerful.” Bebe laughed.

“Most of those weren’t even at the Seven Star Fiend level. Of course killing them is utter simplicity. The power of that attack of mine wasn’t that great; it was just meant for a group assault.” Reisgem said disdainfully. “Everyone, watch carefully. See who are the commanders! We can’t just stand here. We will draw attention to us. Just now, that was a single hundred-man squad. After we attract attention, most likely it will be a group of hundred-man squads who will join forces against us.”

Reisgem was very experienced. He knew that they couldn’t stay in one place for long.

“Follow me.” Linley said.

When Linley spoke, Reisgem, Bebe, and Reihom didn’t argue at all, immediately following by Linley’s side as they advanced.

Although the Stellar Corridor was filled with blood and savagery, Linley seemed to be strolling through a garden as he walked through it. Any squads that charged towards him suffered a powerful repulsive force that would push them aside.

“Reisgem, your Amethyst Space is really quite powerful.” A nearby laugh rang out.

Linley’s group turned to look. The speaker was Woodridge, who today was dressed in a long, dark golden robe. Woodbridge clearly moved through the chaotic battle with ease. He glanced sideways at Linley. “Reisgem. Take care of your friends. This place is quite dangerous! A Seven Star Fiend will die, just like that.”

After speaking, Woodridge turned into a blur and disappeared into the distance.

Woodridge moved through the chaotic battle like an agile fish in water.

“This Woodridge…what sort of vision does he have? He didn’t even notice that it was you, Boss, who set up the Gravitational Space.” Bebe snorted.

“Don’t mind him.” Linley stared to the front. “Up ahead is the center of the Stellar Corridor. This is the place where the battle is the most savage. I’ve found quite a few enemy commanders up ahead already. Let’s go.” Linley was as calm as ever. One’s mental fortitude was linked to one’s strength.

The weak would be nervous and edgy, advancing carefully. For example, those ordinary soldiers; they could die at any moment.

But for the strong, such as Woodbridge, they felt relaxed and at ease. As long as they were careful not to draw too much attention and wary of enemy commanders, and as long as they weren’t attacked by massive groups, they would be fine.

And, for someone on Linley’s level, it was as though he was going out for a walk.

“Linley, look up ahead!” Reisgem suddenly called out in surprise.

Linley turned his gaze over. Several kilometers away, he saw a black-robed man actually attract a joint attack from more than a thousand soldiers from the Divine Light Realm’s camp. The combined soul attack thundered down, and there were some who used their innate divine abilities as well. The combined attack of over a thousand figures rained down, and although the black-robed figure dodged quickly, he was still hit by over a hundred attacks.

The impact on him wasn’t that great…but right afterwards, the thousand-plus soldiers launched a wave of material attacks.

“Rumble…” This group attack from more than a thousand Six Star Fiend level experts, along with some Seven Star Fiends, was like a tempest of annihilation as it swept towards the black-robed man. The black-robed man immediately transformed into dust, and some of the ‘innocent’ surrounding bystanders were reduced to ash as well.

A divine spark, a black necklace, an interspatial ring, and a blood-red badge fell down.

Linley, watching this from afar, secretly shook his head.

“This fellow Naboth [Na’bo’te] truly is unlucky.” Reisgem snickered mentally towards Linley and the other two. “He definitely must have drawn the attention of the enemies, but Naboth himself didn’t realize it. Given how many people are on the side of the Divine Light Plane, it was easy to muster ten squads of a hundred men to launch a joint attack against him. In just two strikes, one spiritual, the other material, he was annihilated! Although he had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, it was of no use.”

Soul attacks and material attacks were all extremely fast.

Generally speaking, no matter how fast most commanders were, they were far from being as fast as a soul attack or a material attack. They would only be able to dodge one or two meters. Only Highgod Paragons, who were able to dodge several dozen meters in a single movement, and even cause space to twist and distort, were unafraid of group attacks.

“It’s quite dangerous for commanders in the battle as well.” Bebe said with a sigh.

Whether in the Netherworld or in the Infernal Realm, it was quite hard for a thousand Six Star Fiends to be summoned to one event and launch an attack. But here, in this battle, everyone was a Highgod, and so it was quite easy to link up a thousand soldiers to launch a joint attack. Thus…one couldn’t be too impressive. If you attracted attention, you had to immediately flee!

“Forget about others.” Linley’s gaze was locked on someone in the distance. “I found an excellent target!”

“Oh?” Reisgem, Bebe, and Reihom looked over as well.

“Them!” Reisgem’s eyes lit up, and a savage look flashed through them. “This time, we can’t let them escape!”

“Kill them all!” Bebe stared furiously at them as well.

Roughly three kilometers away from them, three figures were chasing at high speed after a gray-robed figure. Two of them were familiar figures; one was a golden-robed ‘Oman’, while the other was a violet-robed ‘Chegwin’. The person by their side was Ramson, who had joined with them.

Although Ramson was a commander who controlled a military camp, when the savage battle began, the hundred-man squads would move by themselves. There wasn’t much point for their commander to stay with them. He had one of his subordinates take charge of the squads, while he himself went with his two friends to go hunt and kill enemy commanders. Oman’s three-person team was very confident in their power.

“Haha, you want to run?” Ramsom flew over at high speed.

“Swish!” A golden light shot out from Ramson’s finger, and space instantly tore apart as the light shot towards the fleeing gray-robed figure. “BANG!” The gray-robed figure’s body instantly erupted with a black light, and he launched a vicious return punch against that golden light before continuing to flee.

But in the instant he had paused to strike back, Oman and Chegwin had surrounded him.

“You won’t be able to escape!” Oman laughed loudly, his body blazing with a white aura as his spiked mace smashed down towards the gray-robed man.

“Clang!” The gray-robed man raised his arms together, smashing head on with his two arms against the spiked mace.

But immediately afterwards, the spikes atop the mace shot out towards the gray-robed man’s skull. With a metallic clanging sound, they drove into the gray-robed man’s face, but didn’t strike a lethal blow.

“Bang!” A golden light then pierced through the gray-robed man’s head.

Ramson stretched his hand out, and the golden light flew back to his hand. This was an ancient, unadorned spear which was covered with strange magical runes.

“Haha, getting badges here is too fast. This is the third.” Ramson stretched his hand out and snatched the blood-red badge, while the nearby Oman said very confidently, “Ramson, who can stop the three of us united?”

“Oman, our old friend is coming.” Chegwin sent mentally with a soft laugh.

Oman and Ramson instantly followed Chegwin’s gaze, only to see four figures fly over, with Linley at the lead.

“That Linley didn’t die?” Oman was shocked.

“Haha…” Oman’s gaze turned savage. “It’s good that he didn’t die! The last two times, we weren’t able to kill him. This time, I’ll dispose of him!”

“Hand that Reihom fellow to me. Last time, I didn’t kill him. This time, we should end it.” Chegwin stared at the distant Reihom while sending mentally, “Ramson, you hurry up and leave. Go find Mr. Magnus. If you encounter Bebe, you will die. Of the four, Reisgem is the hardest to deal with. Ask Mr. Magnus to come; only he can deal with Reisgem.”

“Alright.” Ramson knew that Bebe was a Godeater Rat, and didn’t try to push it.

But just as Ramson turned to leave!

“There is no need to run!” A cold voice instantly echoed in their minds.

Ramson, Oman, and Chegwin stared in astonishment up in front. Linley, who had been flying alongside Reisgem, Reihom, and Bebe, suddenly sped up dramatically. “Whoosh!” Like a gust of wind, he moved through the densely clustered groups of people in the Stellar Corridor like a blur. Linley had arrived before the three of them!

“This…” Oman and the other two were stunned.

Reisgem and the other two were still far away, but Linley had already arrived. Linley’s speed was so terrifying…it was far beyond what they could endure.

Oman and the other two instantly thought back to what Hemmers had told them at the meeting. Hemmers was clearly referring to this expert of the Azure Dragon clan.

“Could it be him?” Oman’s group of three didn’t dare believe it, but at the same time, the three of them frantically used their supreme techniques!


Linley’s fist swept out, and it was as though the universe was pressing down upon them. 108 rays of black light swept out and surrounded them, sucking them in as a terrifyingly strong compressive force instantly reduced the speed of these commanders a thousandfold. They could only watch as Linley’s fist swept towards them, unable to block at all.

“BANG!” The fist smashed into Oman’s head.

Oman’s body trembled slightly. From the surface, it seemed as though he wasn’t injured at all, but…the insides of his head had already been shaken into pulp. A gold badge fell out from his body, while at the same time, his soul-protecting Sovereign artifact fell out as well.

“Linley, stay your hand.” A rebuking bark rang out in Linley’s mind.

“Magnus?” Linley’s lips curved upwards.

“Halt!” Magnus was frantic.

“Rumble…” Linley’s fist ground down inexorably. In the instant after he killed Oman, he also swept his arm towards the nearby Chegwin and Ramson. These two, also bound by that terrifying compressive force, weren’t able to resist at all.

Ramson’s body immediately collapsed lifelessly, and a gold badge fell out from his body.

As for Chegwin, his body suddenly trembled and he retreated explosively, staring at Linley in amazement. “He…how can he be so strong?!” Just now, when he had suffered that compressive power, he had the feeling that he couldn’t even resist. This caused Chegwin to feel tremendous terror.

“You live up to being someone reputed to have two protective Sovereign artifacts. Killing you really is tough.” Linley glanced at the retreating Chegwin, then collected the two gold badges.

“Boss!” Only now did Bebe, Reisgem, and Reihom arrive.

“We have two badges.” Linley turned and smiled towards Bebe.

“Boss, careful.” Bebe suddenly warned mentally.

Linley turned, only to see a bewildering blur advance at high speed, so fast that it was on par with Linley’s earlier movements. It was the infuriated Magnus! Magnus landed next to Ramson’s body, cradling it in his arms, so furious that the muscles on his face were twitching.

Magnus didn’t care that Oman had died.

But Ramson, that was his good friend! A true friend!

Magnus raised his head, staring coldly at Linley. In a low voice, he said, “Just now…I told you to stay your hand!”

Linley stared back calmly at Magnus. In a gentle voice, he responded, “If I want to kill someone…you are unable to stop me!”

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