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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 38, An Inch of Land, A Foot of Sky

“This space which compresses the enemy can change to be greater or smaller as needed. I finally mastered this technique.” Linley felt a surge of wild joy in his heart.

The piercing power of this sword was comparable to his original one, but the difference was a sort of binding, restrictive power! This would bind the movements of the enemy, and possibly make it so that they weren’t able to block Linley’s sword at all.

The Blackstone Prison vanished. Bebe immediately turned and ran over with surprised delight. “Boss, you spent nearly half a year coming up with this technique. Give it a try and see how powerful it is?”

“Fine. Let’s give it a test, then.” Linley was rather eager as well.

“Don’t hold back. My defense doesn’t even fear Highgod Paragons. Hit me hard.” Bebe raised his head and puffed out his chest as he stood there, even giving Linley a wink.

Linley knew how astonishing Bebe’s defense was. Nodding, he said, “Fine. However, there’s no need for me to Dragonform for now. Give it a try and see if you can use your weapon to block this sword of mine.” As Linley spoke, Mirage appeared within his hands, while that dagger appeared within Bebe’s.

“Come.” Bebe’s eyes were gleaming, and he focused his attention on Linley’s Mirage, staring at it.


Mirage suddenly became translucent and leisurely stabbed outwards. Bebe raised an eyebrow. He could clearly see 108 rays of earthen yellow divine power emerge from Linley’s godspark sword, Mirage. It was like 108 howling dragons that were engulfing him; before he even had a chance to react, the elemental energy of the world began to coalesce at high speed. 108 rays of divine power instantly merged into the surrounding earth elemental essence, forming a sphere that was five meters in diameter that had him trapped within.

“The constrictive power is quite great.” Bebe felt the tremendous pressure as well.

This was a gravitational force that most Seven Star Fiends would find hard to endure; it pressed down from all sides. Even Bebe felt uncomfortable.

Mirage was formless and invisible.

But the spatial ripples that it created impacted Bebe.

“Eh?” Bebe could clearly sense that Mirage was striking towards him. He immediately wanted to move his arm to use his dagger to block it. “This restrictive power really is troublesome.” Bebe felt as though he had a rope tied around his arm, making his speed much slower.”


A sword blow landed straight across Bebe’s chest, and Bebe’s body trembled violently.

“How is it, Bebe?” Linley laughed, then retracted his sword.

“The restrictive power really is pretty large.” Bebe nodded and sighed in praise. “Although it isn’t as terrifying as Bayer’s, it’s far more powerful than a single-direction gravitational force.”

Linley discovered as well that Bebe actually hadn’t been able to use his godspark dagger to block his own blow.

When experts exchanged blows, they generally used a weapon to strike against or block the other weapon. To use one’s own body to take the blow? Aside from a minority of people, most commanders weren’t capable of it.

“But the power isn’t strong enough. It just makes me itchy.” Bebe snickered. Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Bebe, I’m not in Dragonform! After I Dragonform, my power increases dramatically, and the power of this attack will increase dramatically as well! But of course…despite that, I still won’t be able to injure you.” Linley knew his own limits.

Bebe chortled. “I’m kiddin’, Boss. What’s the name of this technique of yours?”

“To compress the person within a small world, like an inch of land and a foot of sky…making him unable to dodge and thus be forced to receive my blow…right. Let’s call it ‘Microcosm’.” Linley selected a name for his most powerful sword blow.


Linley believed that in Dragonform, the power of this sword blow of his should be considered above average amongst commanders. Combined with the ‘restrictive’ force, this technique should be considered a high-class technique amongst commanders. Perhaps in raw attack pure, it couldn’t compare to the Sovereign weapons of others, but this technique of Linley’s…made it hard for the enemy to block.

For example, Oman. When he smashed down with his spiked mace, the power was great, true! But by relying on his godspark weapon, Linley was still able to block and just barely hang on. If Oman was capable of Linley’s technique, and to create a powerful restrictive force to make it impossible for Linley to block, he probably would have killed Linley with a single blow.

“Bebe, it’s time for us to go out and take a look.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

The Planar Battlefield was as calm and quiet as ever.

This was a place where there was never any sunlight. No warmth. There was only the endless, cold howling wind. Linley and Bebe quietly moved about the Planar Battlefield. However, after advancing for seven full days, they didn’t see a single figure. Clearly, the number of people roaming the Planar Battlefield had grown less and less.

“Boss, look. There seems to be someone up ahead.” Bebe suddenly said.

Linley carefully looked forward. That figure was still a few kilometers away from them, and the luxurious wild grass between them that was being blown about by the wind made it hard for Linley to see that person.

Moments later…

“Him!” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“It’s actually Hemmers.” Bebe stared as well. They both clearly remembered that freak who had such terrifying defense and attack power, as well as a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Hemmers…he was someone who had become a Sovereign’s Emissary as a Demigod!

“Haha, you two. Don’t run.” Loud laughter rang out.

Linley and Bebe just stood there, not moving at all.

“Bebe, later, just stay over there. Let me spar a bit with this big fellow.” Linley’s gaze was heated, and his battle-hungry blood began to boil. “Although this Hemmers is powerful, his speed is average, and he doesn’t know any distance attacks. He’s perfect for a spar and for me to test out my own might.”

“Fine.” Bebe chortled. “Boss, don’t lose face by fleeing after being unable to take more than a few blows.”

Linley and Bebe had both sparred with Hemmers before. If they wanted to flee, they would be able to.

Three meters tall. A body like that of a tower of steel. Wild gold hair. A towering nose. A tiger-like mouth! A pair of golden eyes which stared at Linley and Bebe. This was Hemmers. Hemmers frowned and snorted, “The two of you are quite bold. Last time, I let you two run off. This time, you actually dare to stay here upon seeing me?”

“Hemmers, I’ve made some slight improvements this time, and want to ask you to provide me with a few pointers.” Linley said with a smile.

“Provide you with a few pointers?” Hemmers rubbed his towering nose, grinning and revealing a mouth filled with golden teeth. “Letting me give you two a few pointers will cost you your lives.”

“Not us two. Just me.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “Hemmers, if you truly do want my life, then come at me.”

Hemmers furrowed his forehead, musing to himself, “Can it be that this kid wants to die? Screw it. If he wants to die, it isn’t my fault.” Hemmers didn’t waste any more words. He violently stomped the ground with his right leg, causing it to tremble. A golden glow sprang out from Hemmers’ entire body, and like a towering golden god of war, he charged towards Linley.

With a ‘bang!’, Linley instantly Dragonformed. He, too, kicked off powerfully from the ground, dodging at high speed.

“He’s increased in speed?” Hemmers instantly noticed Linley’s transformation. His increased insights into the profound mysteries had caused his speed to naturally increase as well.

“Still, he hasn’t increased enough!” Hemmers let out a growl, his legs suddenly flashing with an eye-piercing golden glow.

“Bang!” “Bang!” Hemmers stomped viciously against the ground, which cracked from his stomps. But because the terrifying power of this stomp resulted in a powerful counterforce, Hemmers increased in speed once more…but welcoming him was an earthen yellow aura that spread outwards. Blackstone Space!

Hemmers’ speed lessened dramatically.

Linley knew quite well that he wouldn’t be able to kill Hemmers; this battle between them was only meant for him to familiarize himself with his new supreme technique.

“Hemmers, taste this sword blow of mine.” Linley’s voice echoed out in Hemmers’ mind, and Mirage pierced out…

Hemmers turned to look. He saw 108 rays of earthen yellow light suddenly appear out of nowhere, surging towards him simultaneously. Hemmers just snickered. “Your sword is pretty special. It can actually go invisible.” Hemmers, through his divine sense, was clearly able to sense that Mirage was stabbing towards him at high speed.

But as Hemmers wanted to use his fist to smash it, he suddenly felt a powerful, uniform restrictive force. A semi-transparent earthen yellow sphere that was five meters long had suddenly enveloped him.

“What a powerful restrictive force.” Hemmers furrowed his brows.

Hemmers still swung his fist, slamming it towards Mirage. It had to be said that Hemmers’ innate gifts were inordinately powerful. His strength was truly endless. Even under such incredible pressure, his fists didn’t slow down too much. In the last instant, his fist, covered with golden light, smashed against Linley’s ‘Mirage’.

“BANG!” The full power of Linley’s blow finally exploded forth from the sword.

Linley’s most powerful sword attack…Microcosm!

“BANG!” A tear in space appeared.

Linley was knocked backwards, while Hemmers’ body trembled as well. And then, he lowered his head to look at his fist in astonishment. The metal-like skin atop his fist had already split apart, and a hint of blood was leaking out. However, it immediately healed.

Linley stood not too far away, his heart filled with joy.

Last time, when that golden light had shot out from Hemmers’ fist and struck against Mirage, Linley’s hand had been shaken so badly that his draconic scales had split open, while Mirage had been knocked back to chop against Linley’s own body.

“That time, it was just a golden ball of light. This time, it was with his actual fist! My power increased dramatically, but I only feel as though my hand is going numb. If I were to encounter that Oman again, I wouldn’t be in such a sorry state when I block his spiked mace.” Linley’s confidence surged.

“In addition, my full-force sword attacks are capable of causing the spatial walls of the Planar Battlefield to tear open now.” Linley rejoiced.

Hemmers raised his head to look at Linley solemnly. “You have indeed risen dramatically in power. You are capable of injuring me.” Hemmers knew very well that his fists had been utilizing the profound mysteries, and how much power they held. If even the skin on his fists had been broken open…if Linley’s sword had hit another part of his body, he would indeed have been injured.”

“But you aren’t truly wounded, right?” Linley’s eyes lit up. “Just now, you were actually able to block my sword. Again!”

Linley’s body suddenly disappeared, and a blur charged towards Hemmers.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

The two clashed repeatedly, and each time they exchanged blows, Linley’s blur-like form continuously moved to retreat, then advance! As for Hemmers, he just stood there; whenever Linley attacked, he used his fists and his two legs to block. Each time they exchanged blows, Linley was knocked flying backwards.

Neither Linley nor Hemmers used Sovereign’s Might.

“Boss, keep it up!” Bebe called loudly from the side.

But as for Linley, he became all the more aware of how terrifying Hemmers was. “Hemmers is absolutely too strong. It’s fair to describe him as possessing endless, inexhaustible might! Even with my restrictive force pressing down on him, he’s actually still able to just barely block my sword.” And in a situation like this, with each blow, the counterforce caused Linley’s hand to go numb.

The strength in those fists were indeed frightening.

“It’s not very likely that I’ll be able to kill this Azure Dragon clan kid.” Hemmers pondered to himself. “I don’t have a Sovereign weapon! Else, I would’ve disposed of him long ago.”


Hemmers suddenly shouted angrily, “Kid, if you are so tough, then use that sword of yours to take one of my punches head on! Stop using that restrictive power to affect me.” Hemmers felt very uncomfortable; while constantly under that powerful pressure, there was no way he was capable of fully releasing his power in his punches. If he were to release a punch under optimal conditions…

How could Linley be able to block so easily?

“I’m not that stupid.” Linley said with a loud laugh.

“As I see it, you two should just come to a halt!” A clear voice rang out, while at the same time, a fierce, powerful ripple shot towards them at high speed, striking simultaneously against Hemmers’ fist and Linley’s Mirage. This powerful force knocked both Linley and Hemmers back by a few dozen meters.

Linley and Hemmers both turned to look.

They saw that, not too far away, a white-robed man was currently strolling over. His crimson eyebrows drooped downwards, and his gaze was fathomlessly deep. He currently gave Linley and Hemmers each a glance.

“Where did someone so powerful suddenly come from? There’s nobody who is like him amongst the various supreme experts of the planes of the universe!” Hemmers’ face changed dramatically. He was very confident in his own power, but just now, he had actually been knocked backwards by the collision force.

“Mr. Leylin!” Linley couldn’t help but call out in delight.

“Bluefire?!” Bebe stared in disbelief, his eyebrows jumping upwards.

This person was indeed, Leylin ‘Bluefire’.

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